Alana Ch. 01

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He stopped off to see Alana on the way home from the business trip to Australia, and they managed to spend a three day weekend together in Auckland. It was kind of hard to explain to her parents that she was going to Auckland to spend three days with this American who was almost as old enough to her father. She didn’t tell them where she was going, or what she was planning to do with this older friend.

“He’s a guy I met on the Internet years ago,” she told her mum truthfully. “We talk a lot and he gives me advice on a lot of things,” which was also true. She didn’t mention that some of the advice was on the best positions for anal sex, so that when she finally found a guy to fuck her in the ass, she would really feel his hard cock deep in her asshole. And she certainly didn’t mention her humiliating desire to receive a nice, warm and soapy but painful three liter enema, Or as soon as she expelled the water and cleaned herself up, to get fucked in her tight but still technically virgin asshole.

“Are you sure he isn’t a drug dealer,” her mother warned. “Be careful what he gives you to drink. He may try to slip you a Mickey Finn and then try something funny.”

‘Oh, my G-d,’ Alana thought to herself, ‘my mum is so out of it.’ This was quickly followed by ‘I hope he does give me something to reduce my inhibitions,’ and then Alana’s thoughts quickly changed to ‘I hope he likes me, or at least, doesn’t think I’m too too horrible.’

Over the years they had known each other, Alana had tried many diets, all without long term success. From their history together, and from her recent e-mails, Denis already knew she was a big girl, 5’7″ and well over 200 pounds. And like a lot of very heavy women, Alana was prone to self doubts. Denis also knew she possessed a strong desire to be both verbally and physically humiliated by a domineering lover.

The three days went quickly. During their daylight hours Alana showed Denis the sites and all the things tourists to when they come to New Zeeland.

The evenings were a totally different matter. The sex the first night was pretty conventional, with a whole lot of attention to her very large breasts as part of the foreplay. He teased her about putting clips on her very sensitive nipples, and at one point showed her the several pairs he had brought with him, but Alana had to settle for having her tits mauled and her nipples and the sensitive undersides of her breasts bitten, before they got down to some serious fucking. He did slap her on the ass a lot while he did her on her hands and knees, doggy style, her favorite position. And he did manage to push two fingers up her ass, bless his heart the dear man, just before he came in her pussy.

After a long second day, mostly museums and historic buildings Alana was amazed that Denis had any desired for sex. This time he did put the clips on her nipples, red plastic clips with serrated teeth, and the pain was much worse each time in pulled them off. After a few minutes, he would put them back on again. The third time, when he was about to pulled the clips off, Alana whimpered, begged him to stop, pleaded, “Please, dear G-d, leave the clips on.” Quickly, one after the other, he pulled off the clips and kissed her on the mouth to keep her from crying out as she climaxed from the pain.

Alana trembled for at least five minutes, experiencing a series of major and minor orgasms as Denis rubbed and caressed her swollen clitoris. After almanbahis şikayet the painful session of breast discipline, she sucked his thick cock till he was rock hard, and then relaxed as he lubed her asshole and proceeded to butt fuck her for the first time. Though still technically an anal virgin, Alana had been masturbating anally for years, and it was no surprise how easily he went in or how naturally it felt. First he hand her on her knees, going in very deep and very hard, rubbing her clit as he fucked her. After a while he pulled out and had her lay on her back, her knees up, so that he could see the look of her face as he continued to ream her asshole.

“Play with your clit,” he ordered, as he fucked her ass, not as deep as before, but with strong steady strokes. He only lasted three or four more minutes, enough for her to start to climax. Then his hot cum in her asshole pushed her over the edge. She vaguely remembered telling him how much she needed him, saying his name over and over, as she felt the last of his cum filling her rectum.

Alana didn’t remember falling asleep, and when she woke up her tits were still sore from the torture with the clips the night before. She was sleeping on her side, with his arm around her, his soft cock nestled between her very full ass cheeks. She sensed Denis was awake when she felt his cock start to harden. She was sure he was coming to life when he kissed her shoulder and then started to lick her earlobe.

“Mmmmm,” she whispered as she wiggled her ass against his stiff cock, and felt his cock getting even harder.

“Slut,” he teased. Then he began to rub her nipple.

“Please, don’t, I can’t bear it so soon after last night.”

“Just a little … the pain will help to get your juices flowing.”

The pain did get her juices flowing, along with his cock pressed against the grove of her ass. He shifted positions and without having to be told, Alana raised her leg so that he could rub his nice fat cock against her hairy pussy lips.

“Bend forward,” Denis suggested. “I want to get your cunt juice all over my cock – unless your prefer your morning ass-fuck dry and painful.”

Alana wasn’t ready for that, a dry stiff cock up her ass, and besides, his cock against her pussy lips and clit was very nice indeed.

Denis kept up the foreplay for a while, and then moved her to her hands and knees. He got up on the bed this time. Squatting, almost standing above her, as he pushed his cock against the pucker of her asshole. Automatically, Alana exhaled, and he was into her rectum the first two inches.

“Ahhhhhh, that’s so beautiful,” was all she said as she adjusted to his thickness. Then he bent his knees and dove the remaining five inches of cock into her rectum. He held the position, savoring the tightness of her asshole, feeling her warmth. It was as if his penis was being caressed by a warm velvet glove.

“My fat little girl likes to get her ass fucked, doesn’t she?”

Alana was silent. It was the first time he had actually said she was fat.

“Well, doesn’t she?” Denis demanded as he slapped her ass.

“Yes, Sir,” Alana whispered. The truth was finally known. She was fat, and she was his, his little girl, and yes, most off all, she did like to get her ass fucked.

Denis withdrew almost all the way from her ass, and paused for a moment, before he very slowly filled her rectum for the second time.

“Oh, my G-d,” Alana almanbahis canlı casino said softly, and then she moaned in pleasure. There wasn’t much lube on his cock, and just enough cunt juice to make him slick, so Alana could feel every inch of him scraping the walls of her rectum.

“It takes your breath away.”

“Yes, Sir, please more.”

“Fast or slow?”

“Just like this, slow, so I can really feel you fucking me.” Eight hours before she had been an anal virgin, but Alana was learning very quickly.

He kept it nice and slow for at least five minutes. All the while Alana played with her clit as Denis was reaming her. She was in an almost altered state of consciousness as he was steadily fucking her, filling her big sexy ass. Then he speeded up for a minute, and finally, with a burst of short, hard, almost violent stokes for almost 30 seconds, before Denis let lose the blast of his hot cum.

“Ahhhh, Jesus … Jesus Christ!” Alana moaned as her orgasm thundered. “Oh, my G-d,” was all Denis said as he climaxed.

After their orgasm finally subsided, Denis kept his cock buried in her rectum for another few minutes longer, savoring the tightness, savoring the warmth. As his cock gradually shriveled, he slowly withdrew.

“Don’t move, don’t move an inch. I’ll be right back.”

Alana was confused, but did what Denis ordered. He quickly stepped off the bed, naked, and walked to one of his suitcases. Quickly, he returned with a butt plug.

He showed the medium size plug to Alana, and she already knew what it was. “I want you to wear this all day. I’ll take it out tonight, and then I have something very special planned for the evening.”

Quickly Denis lubed the four inch long plug, and forced it into her gaping asshole. The widest part the plug was just a little thicker than Denis’s cock, and she gasped momentarily as he pushed the plug steadily into her. It was a relief when the fattest part of the plug had passed her sphincter muscles, and the wide flange was more or less comfortable nestled between the cheeks of Alana’s chubby ass.

Then Alana thought, ‘he said I have to wear it all day.’

“Denis, what if I have to go, you know, go to the loo?” Alana asked in a panic.

“You’ll just have to hold it – and the plug up your charming ass will make sure you don’t have an ‘accident’.”

Just the thought of that and Alana could feel her stomach starting to churn and cramp up. This was going to be a very painful day …

They took their morning shower together, and Denis seemed to have a knack for smacking the butt plug when Alana lest expected it, sending delightful shivers deep into her rectum.

“Please, we’ll never get finished and get out of here,” Alana protested, knowing they had a busy day planned. “And if you do that one more time, I’ll demand that you take the plug out of my ass and butt fuck me one more time.”

All she got for her protestations was another smack on the ass. Well, they did finally finish the shower, with much giggling and kissing, and a little bit of cock sucking on Alana’s part. As they were finally getting dressed, Denis told Alana not to wear panties under her skirt. She was much too busty to go without a bra, but the idea of being naked ‘down under,’ as Denis put it, was a turn-on.

“I want to feel your skin, to be able to touch you all day. I want to see how wet I can keep you for the next six or eight hours.” Alana almanbahis casino knew this would be no idle threat, that her lover would spend a good deal of time casually playing with her pussy as they continued to play tourist.

Denis had leased a hired car for his stay in New Zeeland, and he was just getting used to the right-hand drive when they set off on their drive into the country. They were going to see a sheep farm, and Denis joked “that I might want to borrow a pair of Wellingtons and try my hand at ‘mutton punching’.”

“I’ll not sleep with a man who consorts with barn yard animals,” Alana protested. “It’s not natural.”

“No more unnatural than consorting with a big buxom girl who likes to get fucked in the ass …” and they continued their discussion of buggery vs. bestiality for the next five minutes.

As they were making their way out of town, Denis announced that they need to make a quick stop, to pick up something he needed. “It will only take a few minutes, and if the directions are correct, it’s on our line of travel.”

A few minutes later Denis parked in front of a chemist’s shop in a seedy part of town. “They call him the Pumpkin Man, from some of the unusual goods he features.” Alana was perplexed. “Come on in with me, this will only take a sec …”

Alana followed Denis into the shop, and up to the front counter. The chemist was quite old, and seemed a little bit frail. Denis explained who he was, that he had called the day before to place his order.

“It’s for your pretty young niece, I’d imagine,” the chemist said with a smile, and Alana couldn’t help blushing. The old man went into the back of the shop, and returned a few minutes later with the package.

“I think we should show it to her. Tonight will be her first time, except for one of those chemical things they gave her in the hospital a few years ago,”

Slowly, it dawned on Alana what they were talking about. Her fears were confirmed when the chemist showed them the large orange pumpkin shaped enema bag.

“It’s natural latex rubber, and holds a comfortable two and a half liters. Not like those flat rubber bags that hold only a liter. This one is designed to deliver capacity.”

Alana stated to pull away when she saw the huge bag, but Denis grasped her around the waist and held her close.

“You’ve included the nozzle I’ve requested?”


Then the old man showed them the devise Denis intended to use for her initiation. It was of a white material, seven or eight inches long, and tapered. From front to back, it was thin, then thick, then thin again, and finally there was a wide flange where the hose attached. At the widest it was an inch in diameter, thinner than her lovers penis, and it had holes for the first few inches down its sides.

“The holes will insure very complete irrigation,” the old man said with a smirk. “I’ve included a delivery hose and clamp, some packets of Castile soap, very mild, and a neutralizing soda for your young niece for her second ‘treatment’.”

“Tonight will be her first time,” Denis confided, “but something my niece has wanted to try for years. And with all the rich foods she’s been eating the last few days, I think she may be a little bit impacted. But two liters should do the trick.”

By this time, Alana’s face was bright red, and the blush had descended down her chest and into the top of her bra. At the same time, there was something vaguely exciting about this, being on display, knowing that the old man knew she was going to get her first enema this evening. And the old man probably guessing that her ‘Uncle’ would surely fuck her in the ass, not for the first time, when the water finally ran clean.

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