Agents of Pleasure Ch. 17

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In this chapter there will be a reference to high school students having sex. All the students mentioned will be 18+ years old.

The house was eerily quiet at 7:00 the next morning. Of course, her mother was in the kitchen prepping breakfast. “This is strange,” Paige said, “The kids are still sleeping?”

“You better go check on them,” Trudy said with a shrug and a smile, “Rod Serling may be lurking!”


“Never mind, but I would check on them.”

The little kids’ door was half open and Paige could hear Jamie talking to her doll. She stuck her head in, Jimmy was stirring; he turned his head and looked at her, “Hi kids!” Returning to the kitchen she got a cup of coffee and noticed her mom was making a chicken salad. “Oh, that’s right! Those guys start today!”

“Yes, and I’m making a garden salad too.”

“You forcing them to eat healthy?”

“If they don’t want it, we’ll have it for dinner!”

The two smaller children came in and sat down at the table. Paige got them some cereal, and said, “Okay, Mom, I’m going to research some listings. Tom said they’d be here by 8:00, so I’ll stay until 8:30 or so in case they need me for who knows what.”

“All good, Sweetie, don’t forget Olivia and Sophie are going over to the Ferguson’s this afternoon to swim.”

Paige sat down at her desk in the bedroom and picked up her weekly planner. Today was going to be busy. The first thing scheduled was the listing for the McCullers’ condo, “THAT ought to be a fun call!” she thought to herself. She flashed back to the threesome she’d had with Sara and Marie ten days ago, and that memory jarred her. “Oh my God! Before this summer began, I’ve never had a threesome in my life; now I’ve had three in the last ten days!”

It took some effort to refocus on business. She called the remote access to her voice mail and jotted down the calls that were relevant. Three new people wanted to list with Hannigan, and the fourth call was from an Ava Reed. She and her husband Mason were interested in the River Oaks neighborhood! Paige said it out loud, “I wonder if they know our little ‘swinger’ group?” She did a ten minute “look-see” on available properties; and just as she was about to pack things up for work, a pickup truck moved past the bedroom window toward the rear of the house.

She headed back to the kitchen, “They’re here!” she announced, “Now the real fun begins!” She set the little ones up with a video and by the time she got back, Tom Brecher was sitting at the kitchen table. She and Trudy sat down with him over coffee and hammered out the final details of how the work would proceed.

“I don’t see any real problems moving forward,” Tom said, “but one thing to emphasize is the safety of the little ones. They might want to explore what’s back there, and we don’t need any unnecessary trips to the emergency room.”

It was all set up in fifteen minutes, and as Paige left the house, she couldn’t resist a little dig at her mother, “Okay Mom, I’m leaving, stay disciplined and watch the kids rather than all these attractive men around here!”

“Oh, go on with you! I swear, where does your mind go sometimes?”

Paige just laughed and said, “See you at 4:30!”

When she walked into the office, there was a young couple waiting there. Jimmy got up from his desk, “Hi Paige, this is Wyatt Freeman and his wife Rebecca, they came in five minutes ago and specifically asked for you.”

“Well Good morning to you both, Wyatt…Rebecca!”

“Please, call me Becky!” said the wife, “We decided to just come on over and talk to you in person rather than call because we were having coffee in Polecki’s Bakery this morning.”

“Oh yes, I know the Poleckis, Jane and Adam!”

“That’s right, and Jane overheard us talking and said we should call you.”

Wyatt Freeman spoke up, “We just got into town last Thursday. It’s a long story, but we had to come to Rochester in an emergency type situation for my company. I work for Rand Manufacturing and the regional guy here died in an accident. Very sad, but they asked me to take his place.”

“That IS sad,” said Paige, “not the best of circumstances, I’m sure.”

“That’s for certain,” he returned, “the only positive from it is the really nice pay raise I got for agreeing to come here on such short notice.”

“They have us in a hotel for now,” Becky added, “but this is for the long term, and we might as well get the home buying process started as soon as possible.”

“What exactly are you looking for?”

“Well, we don’t have any children at the moment,” Becky replied, “which is one reason why they asked us to come; it would have been hard for most other couples to uproot things so fast. Wyatt and I have only been married for a year.”

“Are finances a problem?”

“Not really said Wyatt; I would say our ‘all-in’ is about $250,000.”

“Awesome! We’ll find you something very nice for that! Did you want a house, condo, townhouse, what?”

“A condo wouldn’t be bad, depending on the location.”

Paige handed Becky a pad of paper and a pen, “Okay then, write down the address Ankara bayan escort of Rand Manufacturing. I have three or four phone calls I have to make and then we can sit down and look at some possible listings.”

Back in her office, she checked her planner and returned three of the voice mail calls right away. For two of them, she left messages. The third one was a surprise! The man who wanted to list his house lived on the other side of her own block! She made an appointment for Thursday and ended the call.

It was then that an incredible thought hit her! The Freemans wanted a condo; what if the McCullers’ location would work? She went out, picked up the pad, and said, “Five more minutes you two, is that okay?”

“No hurry,” Wyatt replied, “Without an appointment, we’re relaxed enough.”

“Great!” Sitting back down she pulled up the map on the computer and looked at the address. Her heart skipped a beat, “Oh my God, I think this is going to work!” Sure enough, the map said Rand Manufacturing was only six minutes from Sara and Jason’s condo!

Since Sara McCullers was her next call, she picked up her phone…and FROZE! A call was coming in, from Charlie Green! That familiar shiver went up her spine and chill bumps broke out all over her. For two seconds she thought about letting it go to voice mail; but no. Trying to control her voice, she tapped the green answer button, “Hello Charlie!”

“Hi Paige! Busy?”

“Very, but that’s okay; what’s up?”

“Oh, not a lot; but assuming everything is still on track for next Tuesday, I wonder if you had time to meet me tomorrow morning?”

Paige shivered again! She knew what he meant but said it anyway, “Regarding?”

“I unexpectedly have the day off tomorrow.”

The redhead didn’t answer for a full five seconds, “That’s nice, and this appointment is for what exactly?”

She heard him snicker, “You’re funny, Paige!” When she couldn’t respond, Charlie added, “I know what you’re thinking; tell you what…I’ll text you my address, and if you can come by around 8:30, I’ll be ready.”

The redhead managed to say, “Okay, we’ll see.”

“Great! See you tomorrow!” He didn’t sound cocky, but he did sound confident!

Paige stared at her phone. When it pinged with his text, she kept staring at it for another minute. Looking at her planner, she saw tomorrow’s schedule could easily be arranged for this “appointment.” Even as she thought, “What in the world am I doing?” she knew she was going to meet him. For just a moment the memory of their encounter from days ago flashed across her mind, and an erotic shudder coursed through her! “Oh my God,” she said, “I’m fucking out-of-control!”

Forcing herself to stand and walk to the door helped regain a modicum of composure. “Wyatt, Becky… c’mon in!” When they took seats in her office, she said, “I may have found you the perfect place!”

“Already? Wow!” Becky’s face looked surprised!

“If this person is available, would you want to look at a place right now?”

“Absolutely,” said Wyatt enthusiastically, “We’re assuming this location is close to my work?”

“Oh yes, about five minutes. Let me call the owner.”

Sara McCullers picked up on the second ring, “Hello Paige! I was hoping you would call today!”

“Hi Sara! I have you on speaker, and guess what? There’s a lovely couple sitting in my office with me, and by happy coincidence, they’re looking for a 2/2 condo in your area!”

“They are? Oh my God, we haven’t even listed it yet. You’re working fast!”

“I’m small but I’m power-packed!” She heard Sara giggle. “Have you and Jason discussed an asking price?”

“We have, we thought we’d ask “$179,000.”

“That sounds like a good place to start! But say hello to Wyatt and Becky Freeman!” They exchanged greetings and Paige continued, “Sara, is there any chance we could do an impromptu walk-through right now? Wyatt and Becky are living in a hotel; they’re anxious to move on things.”

“No problem at all; my cleaning lady was here Friday and we didn’t mess it up too badly over the weekend.”

“We’ll be there in fifteen minutes, okay?”

“See you soon!”

As they were walking up to the McCullers’ building, Wyatt was effusive, “We passed the Rand building on the way here and I timed it…five minutes!”

Becky said, “I like this complex! Lots of trees and wide parking spaces!”

“You’re going to love the views from the fifth floor; wait til you see!” Paige added.

She introduced them to Sara, and Paige gave her friend a hug! Three steps into the foyer, Paige noticed Wyatt whispering something to Becky who shook her head, “Don’t say anything.” The redhead wondered what that was about but Becky immediately said, “I like the entryway; I don’t particularly care for walking straight into a room from the front door!”

“This place is great,” said Paige. “Everything is updated, certainly move-in ready, right Sara?”

“Oh yes, and Jason and I have recently decided to move into the new house and build the back quarters first. So we’ll be out of here shortly!”

The Escort bayan Ankara Freemans moved through the showing and got more and more excited. When they saw the large patio/balcony in the rear of the condo, it sealed the deal. “Don’t even list this place,” Wyatt exclaimed, “we’ll take it for their asking price!”

When they approached Sara, Paige said, “Congratulations, Sara! No negotiations necessary!”

“That is so awesome, I’m sure you’ll love it here, you two…we did!”

Wyatt was holding Becky’s hand and said, “We couldn’t be happier, thanks for letting us have it! But if you don’t mind,” with his wife’s lips pursed he added, “I couldn’t help but notice your pineapple statuette on the table in the foyer; is that what I think it is?”

Paige turned to Sara who said (rather mischievously,) “Oh yes, it’s definitely what you think it is! I just love pineapples!” The redheaded agent decided to let that one go, and set about finalizing the next steps for the purchase.

On the way down to the parking lot however, she said to Wyatt, “If I may, what was all that about ‘pineapples?'”

Wyatt smiled, “It signifies a certain, shall I say, ‘lifestyle.'”

Paige looked at Becky, “What lifestyle is that?”

Becky’s face said it all, “I think it means their marriage has very few limits!”

“Ohhh! You two knew that did you?” Wyatt smiled and shrugged; Paige laughed, “Okay, I’ll call you both in a few days when I have all the particulars finalized. Congrats!”

At 4:00 that afternoon Paige stopped at Mannino’s and spoke to the manager about scheduling the wedding reception. That didn’t take long as there would only be a maximum of fifteen people there; it took ten minutes to decide on the menu. So she walked into the house at 4:40 and was greeted by Jamie screaming at Jimmy, “Nooo! No Jimmmmmyyyy!”

Paige made a face at her mother, “Well, there are no ‘perfect’ days, right?”

“Guess not! You came close to one today?”

After putting the two toddlers into separate corners to cool off, she said, “It was a VERY good day! Made a sale and picked up three new clients! How was it with the guys in back?”

“Noisy, REALLY noisy! I think they spent most of the day with a hammer in their hand!”

“Great! Tearing it down leads to building it back up! How did lunch go?”

“Very well! Those boys were polite and appreciative. But we did come to the understanding that I would only do lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The kids being around is a bit much.”

Paige laughed and went to the bedroom to shower and change clothes. For whatever reason, taking her clothes off made her think of what would happen in the morning. Charlie Green…his big dick…those hands…Oh my God! When the shower water hit her, she shuddered…his fingers in her pussy, Wowww! An overwhelming surge of “YOU are fucking horny” hormones went crashing through her! When she took the handheld shower head and aimed it at her pussy, she had to fight with everything she had to keep from masturbating with it right then and there.

Later, (sitting on the sofa watching the two little ones who had since calmed down) she thought, “I should have just done it, this feeling is ridiculous!”

So she called Chad. “Hey Paige! How was your day? How are the guys doing over there?”

“My day was awesome! Sold the McCullers’ condo and picked up several referrals. The guys just left; Mom said they made a racket all day!”

“Of course! Some days will be worse than others!”

“How was your day?”

“Very good! Business is booming! If I include the Steadman and Green jobs, we have eight remodels in the queue. Not bad huh?”

“Not bad at all! But say, did you talk to Sylvie today?”

“Sure, we talk every day. She’s involved in these projects.”

“I mean, did you talk about yesterday?”

“Briefly, and her exact words were, ‘Paige is amazing!'”

The redhead giggled, “She’s pretty amazing too; you can tell her I said so!”

“I will definitely tell her that, but we did say it would be best to keep the personal talk to a minimum in the office. It wouldn’t be good if someone overheard us.”

“That’s good thinking; okay, I have to tell you something, but before I do…anything else?”

“Yeah, Sylvie wanted your phone number and I gave it to her.”

“That’s cool, I should expect a call?”

“I would think she’d text you pretty soon. Okay, I have to finish up some stuff here; what did you want to tell me?”

“Um, well, I’m meeting Charlie Green tomorrow morning, Hon.”


“Uh, no.”

“Oh my God! A ‘rendezvous’ huh?”

Paige laughed, “I guess! Although it would be safe to say it won’t be all that romantic!”

Chad chuckled, “You’re meeting him tomorrow, and I’m meeting him next week. I wonder how THAT will go?”

“Yes, we’re leading very interesting lives lately!”

“That’s for fuckin’ sure! I won’t be home until late tonight, will I see you tomorrow night?”

“I would like that! Why don’t you come over here around 8:30 and I’ll have drinks and Bayan escort Ankara a snack for us?”

“Sounds good, then you can fill me in on all of Tuesday morning’s activities!”

“No doubt, see you tomorrow! I love you!”

“I love you too!”

It took a while for Paige to fall asleep.

Tuesday morning she got dressed with some nice slacks and a short-sleeved blouse. She helped her mother with the kids, spoke to Tom briefly, and texted Jimmy about when to expect her. Then (with shivers hitting her every thirty seconds) left for Charlie’s apartment.

He answered the door barefooted wearing royal blue sweatpants and a white “Queen” t-shirt. “Morning Paige!”

“Hi Charlie! You like ‘Queen’ do you?”

“Oh yeah, basically I’m a metal fan…but ‘Queen’ is amazing! Adam Lambert is great, but Freddie Mercury? Damn!”

“Yeah, he died too young!” She walked in and looked around. Charlie’s apartment was modestly furnished and the walls were done with art that could only be described as “bizarre.” Like his wall clock had screaming human skulls as its theme. “Interesting decor, Charlie.”

“It’s not for everyone, but I like it! I’m a big fan of horror movies…wait til you see my bedroom!”

“We’re going in the bedroom, are we?” Paige teased him.

Charlie laughed, “Good one, Paige!” He motioned toward an overstuffed chair, “Wanna sit for a bit? Would you want a drink?”

“A bottle of water would be great!”

He disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two bottles of Dasani. They sat facing each other and Charlie said, “So, Paige, I guess we could talk about the plans for the house and all, but that might be a waste of time.”

The redhead studied his face; he didn’t look cocky or smirky or anything other than what she could only describe as “engaged.” After opening the bottle of water and taking a couple sips, she asked him, “May I make an observation, Charlie?”

“Of course!”

“You said you felt this ‘vibration’ in me; I wanna say you really REALLY get off on this ‘nerd’ thing. It kinda empowers you…would you say that?”

“Sharp analysis, Paige. Spot on!”

“So tell me about that, okay?”

“It’s simple really,” Charlie began, “I’m all about enjoying my life and helping others enjoy theirs. I hate playing mind games with people’s feelings that only end up in someone getting hurt. I do like to mess up a woman’s thinking, but only in a good way…a way that results in her having a great experience. Like our last encounter; did you enjoy it?”

She smiled, “Uh yeah! I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t!”

“Exactly! I like who I am, and I LOVED making you feel good! But about the ‘nerd’ thing? That’s a very long story; I could tell it to you someday if you like. Right now, I’ll give you the short version… if you want to hear it.”

“Actually, I do want to hear your story!”

So he said, “Yeah, here’s the short version. Pretty much from junior high through high school, the assholes and bitches of the world made all us nerds miserable. We spent our days literally looking over our shoulders and staying out of their way, just so we wouldn’t have to endure the bullshit and or get our asses kicked!”

“That is so sad!”

“It is, but in a weird sort of way, all the abuse pushed me in my studies. I wanted to get ‘A’s’ so my good grades would make THEM look bad! Strange thinking, I know!”

“Did it work?”

“Not in the way I planned; but in November of my senior year I got approached by one of the cheerleaders…a girl named Charlotte. An incredibly beautiful girl but easily one of the bitchiest females you’d ever want to meet. Anyway, with three weeks to go in the semester, her world history teacher told her if she didn’t pass the final, she would fail the course. When she told her cheer coach the situation, it ended up she would be ineligible for the basketball season.”

“I see, and so she asked you to tutor her, right?”

“Yep, her coach spoke to the history teacher and found out I was the best student in the class. I think Charlotte figured she could intimidate me into helping her.”

“I’m guessing you said no.”

“I did at first; I said, ‘You’re kidding! Why the hell would I help you?’ I actually told her to fuck off!”

Paige giggled, “I bet that didn’t go well!”

“On the contrary, she was so desperate she apologized for all the years of abuse…she was begging me!”

“Apologizing is hard for bitches, I have some experience with them myself. So then what?”

“I still said no. I admit it was for revenge; I wanted her to suffer! But Paige, it was then she did something that changed my life; when I said no, she said if I helped her she would give me a blow-job!”

“Oh my GOD, really?”

“Yeah, I had never even been on a date before! The only experience I had with sex was porn and masturbation…which I did a lot!”

Paige laughed, “She found the chink in your armor huh?”

“For sure,” Charlie replied with a grin. “She had a perfect body, big tits, blond hair…the works! But I didn’t trust her, so I said, ‘Blow job first and I’ll do it!’ After school she drives me over to her house (her parents worked til 6:00,) takes me into her bedroom and tells me to take off my clothes. I said ‘No way, you first!’ She tries to tell me that wasn’t part of the bargain, but I said…’Okay then, see ya later!’ She grabs my arm, calls me an asshole and starts stripping!”

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