Aged To Perfection Ch. 1

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Big Tits

Last week as I was checking my mailbox, I ran into the new property manager of my condo complex. She invited me over to her place that evening to meet her husband and have a drink. Being the good neighbor I am, I accepted the invitation.

I arrived at their condo at about 7PM and was greeted by Bob, the husband. He invited me in, poured me a drink, and we sat at the dining room table making small talk. Margie, his wife, who had extended the invitation, soon joined us. As the three of us chatted about the usual banalities – career, education, family life, etc – I learned that Bob and Margie had been in the property management game for over 25 years. They had 3 grown children and a couple of grandkids. Margie was 57 and handled the actual work of property management while Bob, who was 65 and semi-retired, helped out on occasion. On very rare occasions I guessed, since it was obvious that Bob was a drunk. While Margie and me were still working on our first drink, Bob slammed down at least 4 vodka tonics. The more he drank, the more obnoxious he got. Margie and I ignored him and continued to make small talk.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“35.” I replied.


“Nope. Single, and lovin’ every minute of it.”

It was hot that evening and I was wearing shorts. All of a sudden I felt something brush against my ankle. Margie had slipped off her pumps and was playing footsie with me under the table. Oh my god, this woman, old enough to be my mother, was putting the moves on me. I flashed her a surprised look, but when I didn’t protest or pull away, she winked and moved her foot higher up my leg. Bob, sitting at the end of the table, was oblivious to what was going on and continued to babble. Margie worked her foot higher, past my knee, and started up my thigh.

Noticing Bob’s glass was empty, Margie stood up and said, “Here honey. Let me freshen that up for you.” She grabbed Bob’s glass, headed for the kitchen, and motioned me to follow. Fascinated, I traipsed along behind her. Bob was so out of it, he didn’t pay a bit of attention.

Once in the kitchen, just out of view of the dining room, Margie quickly tossed together Bob’s drink, then turned to face me. “What are your plans for the rest of the evening?” she asked.

I told her I didn’t have any plans. Probably just go home, read for awhile, and go to bed early.

Margie looked at her watch. “It’s only 8:30 It’s still early. Stay awhile and keep me comany.” Fascinated by the way events were unfolding, I stood there, dumbfounded, considering her offer. Margie broke the short, tense silence that followed.

“You know, I’m horny as hell, and I’d like to try it with a younger guy,” she said matter-of-factly, staring at me, hands on her hips, waiting for a response. I told myself I should leave, right then, but I looked at Margie more closely and I started to get aroused. About 5’6″ and 160 lbs with an olive complexion, slightly plump, with short, curly salt and pepper hair, and thick glasses, Margie looked – well – like the middle aged matronly Italian housewife she is. On the other hand, her size 14 body squeezed into a size 10 dress with a short skirt accentuated her voluptuous build, giving her a faintly sexy look. I couldn’t help myself. I put my arms around her waist, pulled her to me, and we kissed.

“And I’d like to try it with an older woman,” I said, coming up for air.

Margie giggled and said, “So, stick around and we’ll make love after Bob goes to bed.”

“OK,” I agreed.

Bob began yelling for his drink. Margie said, “Give it 10 minutes and he’ll be passed out.”

We returned to the table. While Bob finished his drink, Margie and I flirted and played footsie. All of a sudden, just like Margie predicted, Bob placed his head on the table and began to snore.

“C’mon. Help me get him to bed,” Margie said.

Supporting him between us, Margie and I led Bob down the hall to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. I went back to my barstool while Margie undressed Bob and put a blanket over him.

A few minutes later Margie emerged from the bedroom and closed the door behind her. I noticed that she had changed into a short, sheer kimono that barely reached to mid-thigh. She walked to the couch, sat down, and I joined her. Sensing my uneasiness, Margie said, “What’s the matter? Nervous?”

“Kinda. Your hubby is asleep Ataşehir Escort right down the hall. And, I’ve never been with an older woman before, especially a lady with grandkids.”

“Forget about Bob. He won’t wake up till daylight. I’ve never been with a younger guy before either. But I think I’m gonna like it. Bet you will too. Now, let’s you and me have some fun.”

We embraced. As we kissed I slid my hands under the kimono and cupped Margie’s bare ass. As I fondled and played with her cheeks, Margie slipped her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked on her tongue as she worked my shirt over my head. I tossed the shirt aside and we sent back to kissing and fondling each other. I flicked my tongue inside her ear and rubbed the soft flesh on the inside of Margie’s thigh. She parted her legs and I moved my hand higher, stroking her pussy. She let her hand drift to my crotch and began to rub. As she rubbed my cock through the fabric, she felt me grow hard. She slid her hand inside my shorts and grasped my cock. I stood up and shucked the shorts. Margie stood and I undid the tie on her kimono. She shook her shoulders and the kimono fell to the floor.

Wow, Margie didn’t look so matronly now, I thought. In spite of her age, she looks damned sexy with her clothes off. Medium sized, pancake titties, kinda on the saggy side, with long, dark nipples and huge, mahogany colored areoles; a well defined but thick and chunky waistline; a slightly paunchy, round, soft tummy, perched above a dark, thick, well manicured bush; wide hips; a massive, soft, round, pillow ass; and thick, heavy thighs and legs. My girl friend is a slender, willowy type, with a runner’s body so the contrast between them added to the allure.

We were both raring to go and knew we had to relieve the sexual tension that had built up between us. Margie grasped my hand and led me down the hallway. We slipped into the spare bedroom, and I stretched out on the bed while she closed the door and opened the drapes. Margie slid onto the bed next to me. She lay back and I licked, sucked, and chewed on her nipples. As they grew taut, I stroked her pussy. I felt her getting wet and ran my tongue down her chest, across her tummy, and placed my head between her legs. She spread her knees and I pushed my face into her bush, parting her labia with my tongue. Her pussy started to open up like a spring blossom. As it did, I plunged my tongue inside and began to work it back and forth, in and out. She gave off the aroma of a woman in lust. Margie thrust her pelvis into my face and I picked up the tempo, licking and sucking on her clit. In less than a minute, she arched her back, gasped, and shivered in orgasm.

She recovered quickly and pushed me onto my back. She knelt beside me, grasping my cock. She licked it a time or two, then slipped the tip inside her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she worked at it, devouring it, till she had the whole thing in her mouth. Then she cupped my balls in her hand and gently massaged them while she sucked forcefully on my dick, all the while deep throating me. I lay back and moaned. When I felt like I was going to explode, I pushed her off and said, “Let’s fuck, baby.”

Margie giggled and said, “It’s about time. I thought you’d never ask.” She sat up and took off her earrings and glasses and tossed them on the nightstand. She snapped on the bedside lamp, tossed one leg across my torso, straddled me, and sat on my stomach.

“Want me to wear a condom?” I asked.

She rocked back and forth, rubbing her wet cunt on my midsection. “Actually, I hate the damned things. No need to wear one, sweetie, unless you want to. I went through the change 10 years ago, so we don’t have to worry about me getting knocked up. I haven’t been with anyone other than Bob since we got married, so I’m clean as a whistle.”

“I don’t like condoms either. I prefer bareback,” I said.

“Well then. That settles that,” Margie said with finality. Reaching around behind herself, she grabbed my cock, rose up on one knee, balanced herself on the opposite foot, and positioned herself above me. She sat poised like that for a second, stroked my cock a time or two to get it a little harder, then licked her lips, flashed a lewd grin, and lowered herself slowly onto my shaft. She grasped my cock by the base and clutched at it as she worked the head inside her pussy. I was Kadıköy Escort surprised at how tight she was. Even though I am only average in size, and we were both well lubricated from the oral sex and the foreplay, I thought she was never going to get it all the way in. Taking her time, she maintained her grip and pumped up and down with short, slow, rhythmic moves, working a little more cock in with each stroke. When she was almost there, she let go my cock and gravity did the rest. She gasped as she slid down the last inch or two. When I was all the way inside her, Margie flexed her pussy so that it grasped me like a fist. She thrust her pelvis forward and wiggled her ass from side to side until she got my cock positioned inside her just where she wanted it. “Mmmmm. God, this feels good.” Margie purred. I agreed that indeed it did.

I put my hands on the small of her back and pushed until Margie leaned forward far enough that I could get a tittie in my mouth. She started sliding up and down my cock, fucking me slowly at first, then gradually increasing the tempo. I sucked first one nipple, then the other. Margie’s nipples grew hard and swollen and she started panting. She fucked me harder, pumping up and down, heisting her ass high in the air, on the upstroke, and thrusting her pelvis forward on the down stroke. She pumped up and down harder and harder. Her panting turned to loud, guttural, huffing grunts. We were both getting hotter by the second. I grabbed her by the hips and thrust my cock into her as she humped up and down. Margie moaned and cried. She put her hands next to my knees and leaned back till her ass was pressing against her heels. Driving her hips forward so my dick was deep inside her, Marge squeezed her pussy tight and made circular motions with her ass, first in one direction then the other. She sat up, then leaned forward, and we locked mouths in a french kiss. She resumed her slow, deliberate, forceful humping. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and held on tight while she rode me.

Margie began to pant, moan, and whimper. Unnhhhhhh! Aaaaaaah! Ohhhhhhh! Yeeesssssssss!!! MMMMM! Ooooooooooh!” We were both on the edge of cumming, when we were interrupted by Bob’s yelling, followed by the sound of him bouncing off the walls as he stumbled down the hallway and fell. “Margie! Where the hell are you?” he demanded, slurring his words.

Well, the jig is up I thought, trying to conjure up an escape plan. “Aw shit! Goddamn it!” Margie exclaimed, sitting bolt upright. With speed and agility that surprised me, Margie dismounted, grabbed a robe of the dresser, threw it over her shoulders, and slipped out the door. She looked, back at me and whispered, “Stay put, baby. I’ll be right back.” I heard her pleading with Bob to go back to bed. Eventually, I heard Bob’s bedroom door shut, and in a minute or two Margie was back. She closed the door behind her, tossed the robe on the floor, and hopped back into bed with me.

“Son of a bitch, that was close,” I said.

“No kidding. Thank god for us he’s still shit-faced. I don’t think he’d take kindly to catching his wife fucking one of the neighbors. Don’t sweat it though. I gave him a pill that will keep out for at least 8 hours, so we won’t have to worry about that again. Now then, let’s get back to some of that good fuckin.”

Margie started to straddle me, but I stopped her. “I got a better idea. You like it doggy style, baby?”

“Oh yeah, I love it that way, hun.”

Margie flipped over, got on her hands and knees facing the foot of the bed, spread her legs, and hoisted her ass in the air, inviting me to penetrate her. Her pussy presented an inviting target, centered in the middle of her thick, dark, curly bush – swollen, pink, wide open, and sopping wet. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her toward me. Margie reached between her legs and grabbed my cock – wet, slippery, and dripping with pussy juice – and guided me in. As I drove my dick deep inside her, she thrust her ass backwards, grinding it against my pelvis until we were coupled tightly together.

“My turn to ride you for awhile, baby,” I laughed. I began to fuck her, slow at first, building up the intensity as we both got in the groove. She thrust her ass back and forth, really getting into it, as I slid my dick in and out of her. As she got more aroused, Margie swung her hips from side to side and Ümraniye Escort wiggled her ass, keeping time with the rhythm of my strokes. We were facing the closet door at the foot of the bed. It was covered with a full-length mirror so we got a bird’s eye view of ourselves as we went at it. That was quite a sight. Margie on her hands and knees, and me kneeling behind her, ball deep in her pussy. Her tits swirled in circles, and her tummy, thighs, and that big flabby ass rippled and shook, bounced and quaked, as I pounded away at her. Margie stared at our image in the mirror, fascinated. “Damn, watching us fuck gets me hot. I’d love to have a video of this,” Margie moaned. I told her that we would get together at my place next time and I’d set up my camcorder and tripod.

I slipped one hand around the front of her waist and onto her pussy, and found her clit with my thumb and forefinger. I worked her clit and pumped her pussy from behind. That got Margie real aroused. I could tell from her rapid panting and the frantic, frenzied thrusting of her hips that Margie was close to cumming.

“Roll over, baby,” I told her. As I pulled my dick out of her, it made a wet, slurping sound. Margie rolled over on her back, spread her legs, and drew her knees up against her tits. Her pussy was wide open and waiting for me. I knelt between her legs, guided my cock inside her, and dove in. Margie gasped as I hit bottom. I balanced myself over her in the push-up position. She wrapped her legs tightly around my back, just below my shoulders blades. We stared at each other for a second and I began to fuck her, real slow and deliberate. I took my time as I slid my cock almost all the way out, then worked it all the way back in, a little bit at a time. Margie responded by clamping her pussy around my cock, tight as a vice, and moving her ass in sync with my strokes.

We both got our second wind, and we talked and giggled as we fucked at a slow leisurely pace. Even though we had been fucking for nearly half an hour, Margie’s pussy was still tight and juicy. I told her, “Damn, baby. You’re tight as a virgin. I can’t believe you’ve had 3 kids.”

Margie grinned up at me. “I guess it’s tightened up from lack of use,” she laughed. “Bob and I do it maybe once a year, and it never lasts more than a minute. I can’t remember the last time he made me cum.”

“Uh huh. Well, that’s about to change. Starting tonight, I plan on using it on a regular basis.”

“Mmmmmmmm. I like that. You can have all this pussy you want, any time you want it.”

I began to fuck her harder and faster. Margie kept up with me, churning her hips and rotating her ass in semi-circles in time with my moves. It was hot in that room. We both began panting and started to sweat. One at a time, Margie tossed her legs over my shoulders and locked her heels around my neck. As she did so, her pussy spread wide open, and I really poured the dick to her. She arched her back, heaved to and fro, and yelled encouragement. The room was filled with the sound of our mating. The slap of our sweaty bodies slamming together; our grunts, groans, and squeals; and the loud, wet schlop-schlop-schlop sound my dick made as I plowed away at Margie’s gash.

By now we were screwing at a furious pace. Margie swung her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my back again, squeezing so hard, I almost lost my breath. Her lips drew back in a snarl, and I knew she was close to cumming. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, hoping that I could get off at the same time she did.

Perfect timing! Margie arched her back, squirmed, and squealed with delight. “I’m cuuummmmming! Oh baby, please don’t stop. Fuck me! FUCK ME!!” she shrieked. A couple of seconds later, I buried my cock inside her, and gasped as I hit bottom. I held that position and ground the head of my cock against the bottom of her pussy as I exploded inside her, filling her with gobs of cum.

Margie went nuts. As I skewered her there in the middle of the bed, she reared and bucked, and pounded her heels against my back. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead. She clawed and scratched at my back with her long nails and bit my shoulder so hard I cried out in pain. Suddenly, she went limp, and I collapsed on top of her. I rolled off onto my back and Margie snuggled up beside me.

“So, are you glad you decided to stay this evening?” Margie asked me.

“Damn right I am. Honey, you sure know how to fuck. You got some moves I never seen before. Man, you’ve got some good pussy,” I told her with a grin. She grinned and put her head on my chest. We fell asleep like that.

To Be Continued…

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