Age Triangle

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A new look and a new start! Jess had secured a job and an apartment in a new town. The cold of Ontario had worn her down and now she was ready to break the shackles of old and get on with having fun in warmer climes!

Jess was a spunky girl at thirty years young. An age when teen angst had been left long behind. An age when the experimentation of the twenties is done and an era of confidence has arrived. An age when the looks are stunning and the body is holding its own. And Jess was up there. She had a gorgeous figure that she’d maintained with as much commitment to the gym and diet that she could muster. She’d be the first to admit that she wasn’t perfect – the burdens of family, work and study had held her back. But she looked at herself naked in the mirror to see smooth olive skin, a smiling face and brown sparkling eyes. She admired her new hairstyle – tresses lopped to shoulder length with a wavy style and auburn streaks.

She twirled her body from side to side, showing off her tattoos and reminded herself of how much attention they attracted. Some of the tattoos were inscribed as reminders of significant people and events. But most were purely for exhibitionism and in the dim glow of her lamp, she noticed how prominent they appeared. Jess was naturally shy in personality, but the tattoos told a different side to her. She had two stars emblazoned on her hip bones, and a large cherry blossom embossed on her back. They were intentionally copied from the tattoos of famous porn stars – if she lacked the courage to announce her slutty nature, at least the tattoos would advertise the fact.

In day to day life she’d cover up, but when she wore revealing outfits to clubs at night, she would always attract attention, and she’d be guaranteed to go home with a guy – usually a younger one who was into porn. Sometimes they’d even ask to play videos of those same porn stars and replicate the acts together. Provided that it wasn’t too perverted, Jess found it quite flattering and was willing to play along.

Jess poked her tongue out at herself in the mirror and caught glimpse of the reflection of the shiny silver bulb of her piercing. She continued to study herself in the mirror and admired what she saw. She would put this body to good use once she’d worked out the lay of the land in this new town. She might have little extra weight right now with a visible belly, but she pushed her breasts together, delighted in feeling her flesh and seeing the dark nipples grow hard and erect. And how could anyone resist a pussy like this? She was neatly trimmed and her cute vulva was endowed with long dark lips that led to a flappy hood, sheltering the sensitive tip of her clitoris.

She turned sideways to show off her butt. Pretty good, she thought, but it could do with thickening up. In fact she vowed that a new gym membership should be prioritized on her things-to-do list.

But looking past herself in the mirror she saw the mess that was holding her back. She had just moved into the apartment, shared with two other girls, and she had not yet unpacked. A pile of clothes, boxes and cases stared back at her. Standing around naked and celebrating her new life was just procrastinating. It was already late at night, but she set to the task with vigor – when Jess put her mind to something, you could be sure that she’d eventually succeed!

Jess had secured a job as assistant manager at a cinema. Jobs were abundant nowadays, and she was qualified for plenty of roles, but she was really seeking a job with flexibility, and this one ticked all the boxes. Mostly evening work, good pay and not much responsibility. It was a job that would pay the rent and give her plenty of time for other activities. And since Summer holidays had just commenced at the nearby university, the shifts would be quiet for a while.

The next day Jess consulted maps on her phone and identified nearby gyms. She planned out the route, changed into her spandex outfit, grabbed her helmet, caught the lift to ground and jumped on her bike. Another benefit of her new town was the ability to cycle year round!

When she arrived at the first gym, she didn’t even go inside to inquire. It was clearly a niche body building gym, with images of extreme bodies and ads for supplements on the front windows. Too intimidating, she thought and those kind of places attract aggressive or even violent types and that was the last thing she needed in her life!

The next gym looked more like it! It was a huge complex with inviting posters of people having fun in spin classes, yoga, aerobics, weights and more. Middle-aged moms were arriving after the school run, gym bunnies were already inside cooling down, and a stream of muscle bound guys were leaving weights sessions.

Jess strolled up to reception and met a bouncy girl in her early twenties who gave her the run-down on facilities and the costs of various plans. “But today it’s all access – everything is free for you to test it out!” A trial was going gaziantep jigolo to be critical she thought. The social side of gym life just as important as the classes themselves. Jess recognized that even though she was deep down a slut, she was actually pretty shy, and it would take a while to warm up socially, even with the help of a drink.

Cardio classes – that was her staple. Jess consulted the timetable and saw one just about to start so she darted to the studio, grabbed a towel and set herself up. She was all alone in the room thinking that she might have got the times wrong when four others filed in. The instructor strode to the front and introduced himself – gym instructors are always hot and Jason was no exception with fiery red hair and a cute freckled complexion. He had a strong jaw and even stronger biceps. The clients straggled in afterwards: there was one handsome middle aged guy and two middle aged women. Jess said hello and took up position in the back row.

Oh boy! She didn’t realize how much fitness she had lost! There were endless star jumps and she could feel the excess weight on her body jiggling in time to the beats. And it felt embarrassingly obvious that her boobs were bouncing – they felt almost like they were going to break free! The instructor set various timed challenges and Jess felt her muscles fatiguing. She felt despondent that she was having trouble keeping up, while everyone else in the class seemed to do just fine. Jess failed the final challenge and as a teasing punishment the instructor ordered that Jess do ten pushups for penance. The middle aged women sneered in superiority.

But when the middle-aged guy approached Jess, she knew that this gym would be OK. “Hi, I’m David” he said by way of introduction. “I’m happy to pump out these pushups with you.” Together they completed the set, sat back contentedly, and David congratulated her with a simple, “Well done.”

She expected David to pursue the conversation after class but he just smiled and headed to the exit. Jess wondered if he was partnered with one of the women in the class, but he simply went his own way towards the change rooms with a confident and determined swagger.

Jess signed up with the gym at the end of her session and vowed to continue with her new commitment. The next day at the gym was a rinse and repeat, or maybe slightly worse since her arms hadn’t the time to recover. Once again she failed the challenge, and was sentenced with additional pushups. And once more David offered to accompany her with the final exercise.

“This is becoming a habit,” David declared.

“Is it a good sort of habit?” Jess probed.

“Good habits, bad habits – they’re all a matter of perspective, aren’t they?” David responded cryptically.

This guy was interesting, she thought. “Do you have bad habits?”

“Well, I do like coffee. Would you like to join me for one now?” Jess would have preferred an offer for a nighttime drink at a bar, but whatever.

There was a cafe across the road from the gym and the new friends took up a small table sitting opposite each other. The conversation danced around each other’s past and David drilled into Jess’s background. “I’ve never even seen you around. Are you from out of town?”

“Yes, I’m from Ontario, and just moved in.”

“And what brought you here to our lovely city?”

“A few reasons. I have a new job here.” People move town for all sorts of motivations. Sometimes for work, sometimes to follow a partner, sometimes to avoid one. She decided not to be specific.

“And how about you. How does a guy at your age find time during the day to spend at the gym?”

“How old do you think I am!?”

“I don’t know. Forty something?”

“Good call. Fifty actually. Well I work in property. I negotiate the transfer and financing for developments on the outskirts of town. So my job is to visit the old-time farmers, and talk them into selling their properties for developments into new suburbs. Then I work on raising the funds for the developers. Have you heard of mezzanine financing?”

“Nope,” Jess shook her head.

“Fair enough. Not many people under forty have. You’re under forty right?”


“Dirty thirty, huh?” David smirked. “So it’s a bit like going fishing. I keep regular contact, but there’s plenty of time waiting, and that gives me the opportunity to come to the gym.”

“And your significant other?” Jess found herself fishing.

“Divorced. Twice. Too rash when I was young. So now it’s just me. Not good at commitment. I like the cardio classes — it’s a good workout, and I can do it in my time – it doesn’t have the commitment like team sports, you know?” Jess nodded.

It was at this first meeting that Jess instigated the game of “Hot or Not” that would remain a staple of their interactions forever. A blonde walked past the cafe in a short skirt and bikini top. Jess couldn’t help but notice David’s eyes jigolo gaziantep follow longingly. She piped up, “Hot or Not”?

“What’s that?”

“The girl that you were just looking at. Hot or Not?” David looked uncomfortable and Jess tried to decipher his face. Was it embarrassment at being caught leering, or was it a betrayal of his focus from her? Would he give an honest answer or try to diffuse the conversation?

“Hot,” he said, taking a position.

“I think so too,” agreed Jess.

“And what do you find hot?” asked David.

“Younger guys,” replied Jess. There, she had let the cat out of the bag. Fit young men – that was the focus of her desire. She noted that David was taken aback, almost like she’d delivered an insult. “I mean I like all types of people, but that’s just what turns me on.”

“I get it,” David relented. “So tell me, what do you like so much? What makes younger guys superior to the older variety?”

This could be a trap, but she opened up.

“I’ve dated both,” explained Jess. “Younger guys just have a happier attitude – like a playful puppy. Older guys tend to come with a bit more baggage. More cynical. I dunno — it’s hard to explain. But I can definitely sense it. It’s both physical and mental.”

David seemed almost defensive. “But I’m older. I’m playful aren’t I?”

Oh no. Was he offended? Was he trying to establish where he stood with her? She carried on.

“Yes, you are playful David. From what I’ve seen, you’re different to most men. But most older guys just don’t have the physical stamina of younger ones. Sex with a horny young buck is something unbelievable. A young guy, a hot body, a hard cock. Like really rock hard. They can stay hard and keep on fucking for ages. And even if they cum too soon – you know what? They get hard again so fast that it doesn’t even matter!”

David nodded. It was clear that he didn’t really know how to respond. Jess wondered if she’d overstepped the mark going into so much detail on their first coffee. But she continued anyway.

“But you know what I really like? New experiences. I love to experience new things myself, but I like to show boys new experiences too. Those younger guys watch a lot of porn and jack off a lot but you might be surprised how little experience they really get. Like most of them haven’t even done anal. And hardly any of them have experienced ass to mouth. But I can show them – I can be their first! Do you know how excited they get when they get lucky?”

“I’m sure,” said David. “You might be surprised how little experience some us old guys have too!” If David was hoping that the forthright lecture would end, he was wrong.

“On the down-side, they’re usually pretty broke. That’s one good thing about the older guys – all the attention and the gifts. But then they just assume that they’re the sugar daddy, and they presume they own you. It can get suffocating really fast. On the other hand, a young guy hangs around for a bit, then sooner or later gets a girlfriend and moves on. It’s a clean break. And when I see them around, with their new girl, I know that I was the first. First blowjob, first anal, first threesome, whatever.”

“Wow,” sighed David. “I wish I was 30 years younger. It sounds like you have an exciting life!”

“I didn’t mean to be confronting. You asked. And that’s just how it is. Animal attraction. You can’t control where the heart leads. For me, anyway.”

They sipped at their drinks and the conversation turned to less contentious topics, though David seemed to lack engagement. When the drinks were done, David consulted his watch and stood up. Jess noted that he subtly adjusted his cock and guessed that her earlier confessions had probably given him a hard on at the time. “Thanks for the coffee. We should make it lunch next time, depending on when the classes finish, that is. I really like talking to you, Jess”

The weeks went by and Jess enjoyed her routine of gym, lunch with David, work and lounging at home. She hadn’t expanded her social circles much, but she felt good in her body as her fitness returned and her tummy vanished. She sported the narrowest waist she could remember since high school and even her stretch marks had evaporated. She was hot! Hot enough to attract guys half her age – well not quite – but 18 plus!

With each encounter, Jess and David would sound each other out with their Hot or Not game.

Jess: “Sex in public. Hot or Not?”

David: “Definitely hot!”

David: “Water sports.”

Jess: “Not. Sorry David, it’s not my thing.”

Jess: “Gay sex.” This was a test! Would David approve, just to show that he wasn’t conservative in his ways, or would he qualify his answer? Whatever the response, it was sure to generate insights.

David: “Hot. But it’s never been my thing, personally.” Ah ha! A qualified answer!

It was not only cardio classes and lunch that they would share over those weeks. David would gaziantep escort occasionally surprise Jess with an invitation to extracurricular fun. Over burgers one day, David asked, “Girls with guns. Hot or Not?” Jess replied in a noncommittal way (muscles or firearms?) but that afternoon, David bundled her into his Lexus for a surprise trip. Jess was delighted when they arrived at an indoor shooting range, and enjoyed the satisfaction of firing live ammunition at paper targets.

Jess was enjoying their friendship for what it was, and found comfort in David’s presence. She had lost her close friendship group from Ontario, and David was like a safe space – almost like a parent, or at least fun uncle. But using her female intuition, Jess could discern that David’s interest was becoming more serious. It was nothing overt, but she could see lust emerging through his eyes. Every conversation they had was flirty, and they were continually sounding out each other’s’ desires through their “Hot or Not” game. Plus, Jess reminded herself, she was damn gorgeous!

After several more dates, Jess wondered if her own fondness was purely platonic or if she was gathering a romantic attraction. Of course she had the penchant for younger guys, but David was fun and had a great body. But that age gap! She mentally calculated, if they had a child together now, then when the baby turned 18 David would be an old man at almost 70! Her gaze wandered down her arm and landed on her most significant tattoo of all. She vowed that she was not going there again. One child had been enough and she was past those days now. Liaisons, she reminded herself, should be fun!

Summer rolled into Fall and the days began to cool, but nothing like the arctic conditions of Toronto. Jess arrived spritely on her bike for class one Monday, but David did not show. It was not that uncommon for David to skip a day here and there but he tended to flag when he would be away. But when his absence continued day after day through to Friday, she felt a little perturbed. Jess realized that she had become fonder of David than she realized, and she was missing his witty banter in class and their long discussions over lunch.

At the end of Friday morning’s cardio class, Jason the instructor announced his imminent departure. “Hey Peoples! This has been my last class. I’m moving out of town. If you’d like to celebrate with me, we’re having a quiet drink at Alfonso’s from 7pm. Staff and clients invited.”

Why not, thought Jess. She dined early with her housemates and then prepared herself. She chose a bright orange dress with a plunging neckline accompanied by black stockings that would showcase the elastics around her thighs – to anyone who looked up her skirt, that is! She expertly applied her makeup and finished the look with bright red lipstick and dark exaggerated winged eyeliner. She admired herself once more, turned her tattooed back to the mirror and then looked over her shoulder with her sexiest smile. If that’s not a siren, Jess didn’t know what was!

She walked into the bar alone, striding with all the confidence she could muster. People bunched in the same small social circles from the gym. There was a clique of young female staff downing pre-mixed bottles. A group of yoga ladies sat at the far end of the bar. And Jason was located in the middle surrounded by throngs of adoring clients, both male and female.

Jess targeted a cluster of gym moms that she thought would be the easiest group to socialize with. She soon discovered that the conversation was banal and they had little in common. Oh well – that’s what cocktails were for! She downed three in quick succession to numb her exposure to their introspective self-centeredness. She nodded occasionally and interjected with “Mmmm” at the right times, but she didn’t really listen.

Towards the end of the night, Jason appeared to break free from his fan club. He stood at the bar with an iced water at hand. Most of the gym junkies had already left, probably early bedtimes to be ready for tomorrow’s exercise, and the residual guests congregated in small drunken groups. Jess spied her opportunity and sidled alongside Jason at the bar.

“So,” intimated Jess. “Hello and goodbye.”

“So soon,” Jason replied tipping his glass.

“The end of a career at the gym. What’s next for you?” asked Jess with a smile and one eyebrow raised.

“Not sure,” he replied. “Something exciting. Something physical anyway.”

Jess responded, placing her hand on his. “No, I wasn’t taking about your next career move. I was talking about tonight.”

“So was I,” Jason replied.


David returned to cardio classes the following Monday. Jess saw him arrive through the foyer, unusually wearing a smart black business suit. She also noted the additional stares that he seemed to attract from the women at the gym. From the receptionists on the front counter, through to the yoga women chatting in circles, all eyes appeared to be on David.

They converged in the cardio room just ahead of class, exchanged a brief “hello” and “welcome back” but the class started before the dialog gained traction. After the class, Jess asked if he was still available for their regular lunch. He confirmed but said he had an urgent phone call to make first and slipped out of the studio.

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