Against the wall

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I see you with your back pressed against a wall of brick, our bodies pressing hard against each other as we kiss. Our lips mash against each other, mouths working hard and furious, lip on lip and tongue twisting on tongue.

Our hands are wanders across bodies, the geography is new and lush under our touch.

Its dark and warm in our little enclave, your thighs part slowly, letting me settle between them, grinding myself into your mound, pressing your ass against the wall, you don’t complain and I think I’m too far gone to hear you if you did.

Your short black skirt, that one that trances me every time, rides up when your legs loosen, my hand reaching down that long distance of your body, feeling the swell of your breast beneath tight blue fabric, twisting waist of your squirming body. When I attain your hip your arms lock around my neck, pulling me even tighter, our body tensing into each other. The lust is thick in the back of my throat but I don’t forget my destination.

That black skirt. That swishing back skirt that I grab hold of and starts to inch up your long caramel thigh. It rises at my touch to wrap your legs around my hip, pulling us even maddeningly closer. Your hands have found their way into my shirt, short black nails grazing across my skin, sensations so heightened I can feel the jagged edges where you try not to bite and fail miserably.

One Escort Sincan of my hands follows suit into your own tight top, eschewing the bra totally and plunging underneath to trip and trespass across your breast, pinching the nipple. You moan heavily into my mouth, the heady fragrance of Jack Danials and cigarettes filling my head with toxic fumes that I hope never to escape.

I finally find my way under that maddening little skirt, cupping a naked cheek, a smooth skin that in my drunken lust want to dig my nails into. I haven’t had a drink all night but I feel not myself, never this weak to desire. You have had only your one drink but I can feel the same in you. From your humid breath, trembling heated skin and reaching hands.

My fingers seek between your legs. The moisture surprises, its like a fountain was turned on somewhere inside of her. After that I was truly lost!

Her hands, those clever hands that make me melt with a single, silvery touch find my fly and opens it, letting my swollen cock out. I don’t get a chance to feel the night air as both her hands wrapped around me in an excited grip, massaging me between her sweaty palms and nimble fingers.

Her hands lose contact when I bend a little to catch her leg in the crook of my arm. I stood up straight, lifting her leg with me, opening her thighs wider and wider. The head of my cock tapped Sincan Escort a rhythm with my pulse against the soaked crotch of her thong, the underside slipping and sliding against her juicy pussy.

Her booted foot dangled in the air, her only support, the wall, her one leg and me holding her in place as we ground against each other. Her hands had found me again but one reached down and pulled that dripping thong aside and before I knew it the head of my cock was slipping inside her, mumbled words that I will never remember slipped past my throat with the groans as I slowly slipped and slid into her.

I kiss and suck her throat, not knowing which feeling is better, sliding myself inside of her, feeling her open inch by inch, or the deep moans I could feel vibrating through her throat before they left her mouth. I pressed harder against her, digging myself as deeply into her wetness as I could. It thrummed and shivered around me in glistening heat. My hand holding her thigh slid to her ass again feeling it clench whenever her hips pushed against me, stroking her pussy onto me between gasping breaths. It was good but I needed more, I needed to be deeper.

I pulled out to bend down again and gain her other leg in my free arm. I hoisted her into the air, pressing her against the wall once more. Looking down I saw her underwear pulled aside and the dewy Sincan Escort Bayan lips of her pussy, pouting open in shades of red and pink that seemed to glow in the dim light. My cock seemed to find its way on its own as it entered her once again, dividing and spreading those lips around me. We met hip-to-hip, as deep as I could get into her, our panting breathes echoing down the narrow alleyway.

We started. Thrusting against each other, pelvis rolling and jarring against each other. Those long caramel legs locked around my back as we fucked against that alley wall, pushing each other harder and harder. I slipped my arms out from under her legs; they were locked tightly enough to keep her aloft between me and the wall.

I cupped those two gorgeous cheeks and squeezed them tight. I felt her starting to cum. I had never felt anything like this, this churning gripping of her flesh around me, as if trying to suck my cock into her as deeply as possible. When she came I felt her wetness increase, bathing my cock in her juices. The added slickness did it for me as I felt my cock bloat bigger and harder when I came. I don’t know if I came for a second or ten years but I never wanted it to end, just to feel this girl wrapped around me as I came inside her.

When the after shocks ended I tried to put her on her feet but they trembled and nearly spilled her on the ground. I knew how she felt, my own weren’t feeling to strong. When I had walked her to the mouth of the alley and we parted, this girl in the black mini skirt, this one I had known for years but never really knew till now. I wondered if I would ever get to know her like that ever again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32