Afternoon’s Delight

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One day Sir Patrick took His girl Ella, his lover, by the hand and led her to a special room. Ella was his lover. He was older and played the daddy part well. Ella was a gorgeous, sweet faced, lithe, long, dark haired, mixed race, firm breasted beauty and a lovely piece of fuckmeat. Sir Patrick loved his younger girl and Ella loved him a lot too. This day was special for two reasons. Ella had never been fisted before and she was about to get the experience of a lifetime. The other reason it was special is that Ella was about to become Sir Patrick’s real life lover and this was His gift to her for this special day. Sir Patrick knew Ella would surrender to him totally and finally as he knew she would have no strength to resist his overtures after he was done with her this afternoon. She would be taken in fold and truly owned at days end, (Master Patrick had an evil grin.)

As Sir Patrick led his girl into his special playroom, he commanded her to strip off all her clothes. Ella knew Sir Patrick meant business when he was harsh and firm like this. She acted immediately as a good cunt should and started to remove her clothes quickly. Sir Patrick moved in close and kissed her on the forehead as she bent over to remove her panties. His eyes sparkled as he saw the target of his desire. It glistened in the dim lighting from her wetness exuding from within. She always got wet immediately when Sir Patrick was this way because she knew something very naughty and sensual was about to happen to her. She moaned even as she thought about what delicious things Sir Patrick would do to her, not knowing what it was, only knowing it would be magnificent in her exploding desire for it.

Sir Patrick watched as Ella’s titties exploded into view. He smiled and took on an evil grin as he saw her naked body ready to be used and used. He clenched his fist in anticipation. Ella looked up at Sir Patrick in wonderment and anticipation of her own desire for Sir Patrick to take her in any way he wanted. She smiled and said, “Ready Kartal Grup Escort Sir Patrick!”

Patrick took her by the hand and told her that this day was special.

Ella had no idea why and asked, “Why is it special Sir Patrick?”

“You will see soon, My lovely cunt,” said Patrick.

He told her to sit down and be still. Ella did as she was told. She was very obedient with her Sir Patrick now for a long time. Patrick went to the closet and took out something black that looked a bit ominous to Ella. She wondered what it might be but sat patiently, saying nothing. She forced a smile as she looked into Sir Patrick’s eyes. “What are you thinking, cunt,” said Patrick.

Ella said, “Nothing , just wondering what that is.”

“Nothing you should be concerned about, slut, what you need though,” said Patrick.

As Ella watched, Sir Patrick suspended the black thing on cables hanging from the ceiling. Finally she saw it was a sling, large enough to hold her. Now she knew she would be lying in this soon and smiled with a sigh of relief. Patrick saw her smiling and smiled to himself as well.

Now the sling was in place. Patrick walked over to Ella and held out his hand looking menacingly at her. That made Ella uncomfortable but her fears were unfounded and did as she was told. Sir Patrick had helped her overcome lots of fears in the past and she was sure almost that he would never really hurt her. He had made overtures to hurt her but had never actually hurt her except in good ways! She was thankful for that. Sir Patrick was far stronger than her. She stood up and followed Sir Patrick to the sling. Patrick helped her into it placing her in the center comfortably and placing her lovely legs in the loops at the end of the sling. This kept her legs spread wide apart for Sir Patrick’s exploration. He tied one arm to the head, end support and left the right arm loose. Ella expected both to be tied off and wondered when it would happen, but it did not. “Huh,” she thought.

Then Kartal Manken Escort Sir Patrick did something she hadn’t seen him do before. He put a latex glove on his right hand and began covering it with lots of KY jelly. Now she was really curious. Patrick walked over to Ella and buried his face between her legs. He started licking furiously and Ella started to moan immediately. With his left hand Patrick reached forward and twisted and pinched Ella’s nipple some back and forth. Ella winced, grimaced and made loud moans. She was very excited now and already cumming some. Then Sir Patrick stopped suddenly. He looked at Ella as she looked back at him in amazement. Patrick smiled that evil grin he always had when he was about to do something new and exciting. Ella’s heart started to pound.

Then Patrick took the gloved hand and inserted one finger into her pussy. He made small circling motions with it and then larger and harder motions. Ella could feel herself opening up to Sir Patrick’s actions. Then Sir Patrick inserted a second finger and continued his ever circling motions. Ella could feel herself opening up more and more and her desire for Sir Patrick’s entry was overwhelming almost. She wished for him to enter her with his whole hand now. What she didn’t know was just what was about to happen. Patrick now added a third finger, then a fourth, continuing to open up Ella’s soft, sweet, wet pussy. Ella was moaning loudly now. Finally Sir Patrick added his thumb and made a point with his fingers and thumb. He continued his motions, opening up Ella’s cunt more and more.

Now he felt she was ready and thrust hard with his hand into Ella’s cunt. Ella screamed in delight as she swallowed up Sir Patrick’s hand totally. What an awesome feeling she thought. But this was just the beginning. Now Sir Patrick’s hand was in a fist and making the same circling motions as before. But now Ella was in heaven and gushing cum like never before. Sir Patrick was teasing her clit with one Kartal Masöz Escort hand and fist fucking her with the other. She was cumming all over the place and screaming her head off, moaning woefully in between screams. These were screams and moans of absolute pleasure. Sir Patrick was happy to make Ella cum a lot.

He kept fucking her till she finally screamed for him to stop. Patrick looked up at her and continued his fisting. Ella finally settled back and just let it happen, screaming and moaning in delight. Finally she could take no more and screamed again for it to stop. Patrick stopped this time as he knew she really could take no more. Twice is the rule of thumb, then a woman is drained completely.

Patrick let Ella rest some before attempting to retrieve his hand. It was stuck tight. Now he caressed her breasts as he watched her in sheer heaven. Now he warned her that he was going to pull out of her and told her to relax as best she could. He pushed on her cunt lips surrounding his wrist. Finally he was able to break the vacuum and remove his hand as he eased out of Ella’s now tender pussy. His hand came out with a popping, sucking like sound and both laughed a bit. Now he took off the glove throwing it in the trash. He came over to Ella’s side and asked, “How ya doin’ baby?”

“Mmmmm,” said Ella, “so good, mmm!”

Patrick kissed Ella on the lips and she responded to him in a long sigh. He caressed Ella some more and let her lie there in dreamland. Then he went off to draw her bath water, something Ella had always done for Sir Patrick. She tried to get up, but almost couldn’t move. She was drained completely and fell back into dreamland. Sir Patrick came and picked her up out of the sling carefully. Ella could not even help she was so drained. Sir Patrick put her in the bath and washed her all over, then let her lie there to soak with incense burning and making the bath very sensual. Patrick readied their bed. Then he went back after a while, picked Ella out of the water and wrapped her in warm towels. He carried her to their bed, fed her soup and water with nutrients added to help get her body fluids back in balance. He dried her off good with finesse and crawled into bed beside her. He held her tight all night as she slept in blissful peace.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32