Afternoon Delight

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After a particularly satisfying session of afternoon delight – it was the Easter holidays and I took the week off to allow us to spend some quality time as a family. The baby still likes her afternoon naps and this allows us time to play together. We lay on the soaked sheets (the first days of Spring are upon us and even with the window open, it has been warm in the bedroom). Of course, our frenzied lovemaking has added to the rising heat in the room!

As we lay slightly separated to allow out breathing to return to normal, you roll over and reach into the nightstand drawer on your side of the bed and grinning, show me the newest toy in your collection. It is a long (perhaps 8 or 9″) slim anal vibrator. It is similar to your silver bullet that has given us many hours of enjoyment as I watch you masturbate for me. However, this one has quite another purpose.

You bring it to your lips and slowly suck and lick around the tip until it is glistening with your saliva. Never taking your eyes off mine, your teasingly lick it from its base to the tapered tip. It is as if your lips are running along my cock and I slowly grow in anticipation of what I think you have in that devious and adventurous mind of yours! You move closer and slide the now slick surface of the probe long the length of my stiffening Escort Keçiören cock as it grows harder and longer.

You move to your knees at my hips and with one hand, ease my legs upwards and apart. Knowing your plan, I grip my legs behind the knees and pull them towards my chest and spread as wide as I can. You lean down and run your flat tongue over my balls and up the underside of my exposed cock; I am now hard as a rock and the precum is easing for my tip and dripping onto my tummy. Your tongue slides lower and circles my pucker until I can feel the relaxation and slight opening invitation to you.

At first I think it is the formed tip of your tongue pressing lightly against my rosebud but quickly realize that it is the pointed end of the probe. Since it is so slim, I only need bear down ever so slightly for it to slip past my sphincter ring and enter the warmth of my anal channel. As you press a little firmer, inch-by-inch the slick bullet fills my ass. There is no pain but only immense pleasure since your mouth has moved to capture the head of my cock and pull it into that warm welcoming space.

As the vibrator sinks deeper into me, so does my cock slide deeper into your hot mouth until both have bottomed out. You have long since learned to bypass the Keçiören Escort Bayan gag reflex and with a concerted relaxation of your throat muscles, are able to take my full 7″ into the back of your throat without panic. As you do, your throat constricts as you swallow and my cock is milked so effectively.

After a few bob of your head – deep throating me on alternative downward trips – you press the anal probe the last two inches and rest it against my sensitive prostate gland. With a flick of your wrist, the vibrator is turned on to its only speed – high! – and you dive onto my cock and hold it there as I lunge upwards with my hips in spasms of a massive climax! The combination of the probe sending my ass over the edge and your throat sucking like a Hoover on my cock while your free hand squeezes my full balls is just too much.

I am thrashing around so much and biting my lip to keep from screaming and waking the baby as I fill your talented mouth with shot after shot of thick milky cum and I cum over and over again as I watch your throat muscles moving up and down as you swallow it all! I can taste blood as my head tosses back and forth on the pillow as I reach the point where I just can’t take it any more! The sensations have simply been too much to handle.

Licking Keçiören Escort your way up the length of my still hard cock, you clean every vestige of my cum from sight. Then, still in need of some satisfaction your self, you straddle my cock and guide it into your sopping pussy, lowering yourself until fully impaled. You reach behind you and start to fuck my ass with the vibrator – still running on high – as you start to slowly ride my cock and move your hips around to maximize the pressure on your clit against my pubes.

As you speed up your ride and plunge the probe again and again into my relaxed ass, I reach up with one hand to roll your nipple between my thumb and forefinger (first one beautiful tit then the other) and with the other, I slide my fingers to rub your clit each time it touches down harder and faster against my hips.

Your head is thrown by as you wail like a banshee with the onslaught of a wave of orgasms that finish you off. You pull the still shaking vibrator fro my ass and throw it behind you on the bed as you arms fly over your head and you collapse onto my chest!

Your lips find the side of my neck and then whisper breathlessly into my ear, “Thank you, darling! That was stupendous!” Without question, I agree and we lay with you resting on top of me as my cock softens and slips from your pussy. Your cum flows out and covers my thighs and the sheets but is ignored as we trade loving kisses and words of love. Soon enough, we will have to rise and tend to the babe who is stirring in her crib but for the moment, it is just the two of us..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32