Afternoon Delight

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It is just after noon, and I am just finishing my hair when I hear your car drive up. I look in the mirror, adjusting and crunching my hair to create the perfect tousled curl, and then I meet you at the door and let you in. Smiling, I wrap my arms around your neck and lean into you. Your hands are strong and warm on my hips. I lick my lips because I know you like to see me do that, and lean in for a kiss. Your lips are smooth and your tongue is warm and I lap into your mouth hungrily. For a brief second I wonder if my enthusiasm is too much, but then you press your hips hard against mine and I am reassured.

You want me too.

I pull away from the kiss with a smile and you smile at me too; I see the sparkling gleam in your deep brown eyes that makes me shiver, and my hair stands on ends along the base of my neck.

I circle you slowly, my hands on your shoulders, caressing gently. I rub my body against yours slowly, enjoying the friction…and the tease. Behind you, I press my breasts to your back, and wrap my hands around your waist. My hands go into your front pants pockets and I rub your thighs through the thin fabric of your work pants. I kiss the back of your neck lingeringly, tasting your salty skin and reveling in it.

I come back around in front of you and you kiss me again. This time it’s you who are more forceful, your tongue reaching into my mouth and meeting mine with a soft electric spark. Your hands are at the base of my neck, rubbing my hair and I press against you, the softest whisper of a moan on my lips. God I love when you do that.

Pulling away, I take you by the hand, leading you upstairs.

My face is warm and my heart beats fast. The contact of your hand in mine always has an electricity to it but today t it is even more powerful. You are behind me on the stairs, and I wiggle my bottom playfully as we climb up.

We are in the bedroom now, standing next to the bed.

“So tell me,” I purr. “What do you have for me tonight?”

You raise one eyebrow—so sexy!—and drop your pants to the floor. I look down at your erect manhood appreciatively. “Indeed..” I whisper, licking my lips again and enjoying the subtle twitch of your hard cock as you watch me do so. I reach out one hand and with fingertips only, I caress gently up and down your swollen shaft. You twitch under my fingers and I hold you firmer. A gentle squeeze near the top and your eyes close with a sigh.

I kneel in front of you and with delicate tongue I lave your shaft from base to tip, returning to the base again and again, with just the tip of my tongue dancing delicately on your firm cock. The last time up I put my mouth over the tip, and I allow myself to almanbahis adresi moan, hoping the vibrations feel good. Next I slowly take you all the way into my mouth and throat. imagining you are deep inside me, I make love to you with my mouth as I would with the rest of my body. I move my head slowly up and down, and when I get to the base I put my tongue out and lightly graze your balls before moving my mouth back up to the tip. Your hands on my head reach around to the back and I rise as you gently lift my hair up.

You trace circles on the skin of my shoulders with your soft fingertips, and when your hands dip down to softly tickle my sides, I get chills up and down my arms. You gently remove my tank top and take my breasts into your hands. All along I’ve been looking at you, watching your eyes as you watch mine. I close my eyes now and as your lips meet my flesh I feel warmth start to travel from my breast and slither down, across my abdomen, over the slope of my pubic bone and deep inside. I gasp as your mouth tightens, suction grows and I am suddenly aware that I am wet with longing the harder you suck at my tender flesh. You are marking me. I am yours as much now as you are mine.

You pull your head away and stand straight and we are face to face again. Your shirt comes off, my pants are gone and all I can think of is curling up on top of you and licking the sweet-salty skin of your chest.

I put my hands on your shoulders and gently push you down on the bed. You are on your back and I straddle you. We match up perfectly in height and our bodies naturally come together in all the right places. You press your pelvis up and I know you can feel my wet warmth around you, but you are not gaining access now…not yet. I lean forward, my lips traveling on the soft skin of your neck, my tongue licking eagerly on your earlobe and I hear you moan.

I smile and run my tongue gently around and in your ear. I know you like this, and I love the sounds you make when I do this. I move to kiss your mouth and you turn, rolling me onto my bak and rising up over me. You spread my legs with your knee.

I am on my back and you are over me, hands on the mattress on either side of the bed. Your cock is hard and warm against my warm cleft. You bring your mouth to mine and I feel your firmness begin to press into my wet and warm pussy. “Not yet,” I whisper, gently licking your bottom lip. “This kitty needs some special attention.”

I swear I feel your cock twitch again and I am emboldened. I reach my hands up on either side of your face and pull you down into a deep, long kiss. I run my tongue over your top lip and suck gently. I hear your sharp intake of breath. I am almanbahis adresi beginning to melt and your skin is just right against mine. But not yet…the tease is half the fun.

We come out of the kiss and my eyes open slowly. I smile archly. My hands are on your back, tickling gently in the way I know you love.

I lick my lips and smile. “So,” I say slowly. “What do you want to do next?”

You are smiling too. “I want to make love to you,” you say . “I want to be inside you, feel you tight around me.”

I nod. I want that too so much that I felt my inner muscles contract as you spoke. “Yes,” I say, drawing out the sibilance on the ‘s’. “I want that too, but first, tell me…who do you serve?”

“I serve you” Your answer is quick and sure.

“Who?” I ask, stopping the movement of my hands on your back and cupping your round buttocks. “What do you call me?”

“Mistress” you whisper.

“Better,” I say. “Now, boy…serve your mistress. Do it well and you will be rewarded.”

I am prepared to tell you what to do but you already know and in seconds my legs are spread, your head is between my thighs and your mouth…oh god when your mouth touches me I jump reflexively. I have the bedsheets crumpled in my hands to hold myself still.

I’m losing myself in the sensation…you lick me slow and straight, from top to bottom and when your tongue reaches down and around..past my clit and over my pussy and beyond into the rosebud area you have only just teased in the past. I jump again reflexively before feeling myself melting into the mattress. I never imagined it like that and you lick me again and again and I know this is your fantasy but I am just now realizing it is mine too.

Your mouth travels back to my clit and your tongue is wet and warm. I think I am purring. You put two fingers inside me and gently press upwards while sucking gently on my clit and I just about lose my mind with the sensation. I feel myself start to shake, my face is hot and I feel myself contracting on your fingers. I’m slippery wet and the feeling is growing…I don’t let myself cum though, I am saving that for when I am wrapped tight around your cock.

I urge you up and kiss you deeply, tasting myself on your lips and sharing with you.

I spread my legs and you position yourself over me…and then you stop.

I open my eyes “What is it? Why are you stopping?” I can almost feel the lubrication dripping out of me and the need for you is an aching throb.

“I’m waiting for you to tell me what to do next, mistress.”

I don’t know how it’s possible but I am even more wet with those words.

“Oh you good boy,” I say with a smile. “What almanbahis adresi do you want to do?”

“Anything you tell me” you say, and your words sound somewhat strangled. I can tell you want this…want me..and that holding back is as hard on you as it is on me.

“ that case..” I say, drawing the words out. “bring yourself inside me. Fill me up”.

You don’t need to be told twice.

I love the feeling of you entering me. I feel stretched, teased. And when you go slow like you are now, and then give an extra push when you are inside me all the way, you press against my clit in just the right way. And when I tilt my pelvis just press on the g-spot too.

I know I am making some sort of sounds, but I don’t care. The way you stroke my inner walls and press yourself inside me makes me lose control. I feel myself riding higher, giddy like the seconds before the first drop on the roller coaster.

I open my eyes and watch your face until you open your eyes too. There it is, the spark in your eyes.

For just a moment, I let myself relax into your eyes. The spark, the flame, I feel drawn closer and then you press into me just right and my eyes aren’t just closed, they are rolled back and feel the orgasm coming at me… a freight train of heat and warmth and release. I try to tell you when I cum, but I can’t tell if I actually get the words out Somehow you know, because you press and press and press and I feel myself gripping you through the spasms.

As I relax you begin to move again. Such a good boy, I want to tell you. You serve your mistress so well. But I have no words and I want you to have your reward now. I raise my hips to meet your thrusts, my entire concentration now on giving you as much pleasure as you have given me.

You are thrusting deeper now, and I involuntarily moan… this feels so good as you move across all my tender areas and set small fires along the way.

I feel you change now. Sweat on your back and your breathing deepens… you moan and I know that your own freight train is coming and this makes me tighten and sends electric shock through me. I feel you cum inside me in a warm splash, and your breath in my ear as you moan is music to me.

You lay on top of me and your face is in my shoulder. My hands caress your back and every once in a while you twitch inside me..sending aftershocks of pleasure that I meet with clenchings of my own.

“You did a very good job,” I whisper, as I effleurage your back. “Very very good”

I feel you smile against my shoulder. “Yes” you say.

My hands stop. “Yes..what?”

“Yes.. Mistress.” you say.

“That’s better,” I say contentedly, resuming my hand movements on your back.

You turn your head slightly and place soft kisses on my neck. I don’t tell you but that gives me chills of the best kind. I purr contentedly under my breath, a naughty kitty who has definitely been satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32