After the Party – Even More

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This is the fourth in this series. To help understand how this chapter fits in, it would be best to go back to read the three previous chapters (all short – Catching up will not take long.), “The Party”, “After the Party”, and “After the Party – More”. But it’s up to you. Jump in here now if you wish, but understanding the beginning of this chapter will be clearer if you at least spend a couple of minutes reading “After the Party – More”.

WARNING – This chapter contains Foot Worship and Pegging. If you find those activities uninteresting or offensive, you may wish to move on to another story.


I’m left standing there with a fading erection. Two sexy mature women are lying on the bed legs apart, two beautiful cunts on display, cunts wet and open – a feast begging to be eaten! But their mutual oral indulgence has left them too sensitive to allow me even a sniff of their scents. I am let down – quite literally – seeing what’s happened to my cock.

But there are always other parts of the female body to admire and adore. Two quite important parts to me are feet and toes. My mind quickly changed my focus from their cunts to their feet and toes – toes painted my favorite color, bright red.

I knelt at their feet. I took Bonnie’s lovely feet into my hands. I held them together and buried my face against them. The scent of her skin soon had my fading cock reviving. The blood rushed in to revive a full erection. I admit I was somewhat surprised because the sildenafil (generic Viagra) I had taken a few minutes earlier had not had time to create that reaction. Bonnie’s feet and toes had done it with no chemical assistance.

I extended my tongue to taste her skin. I licked from her heel to her toes on her left foot and then repeated it on her right foot.

“Your feet taste wonderful!”

I planted kisses all over her feet – the heels, the arches, her toes, everywhere. God, that made my cock so hard. I could feel how wet my precum was making it. Precum then started to drip onto the carpet. Female feet can do that to me, and Bonnie’s were doing a spectacular job.

My tongue and lips were trying to be everywhere at once. My oral tribute to her feet was in a frenzy. I could esmer gaziantep escort not get enough. Her toes were exquisite – long and slim. I needed them.

Left foot toes in my mouth! So delectable. I sucked her toes all at once. Then I sucked them in groups of twos and threes. Then my tongue ran between and around her toes savoring the taste. Then individual toe worship – tongue licking all around each individual digit and ending each act of worship with a long suck. I started with the baby toe and finished with the big toe.

Her big toe was like a tiny cock. I sucked as I had done to cocks in the past, lavishing it with all the attention I could with my lips and tongue. When I moved on my knees to get a better angle on her toe my knees felt the wet spot my dripping cock had left on the carpet.

I repeated everything on Bonnie’s right foot.

I did all the same to Megan’s feet and toes. Kissing, licking, running my tongue around and between her toes. Sucking them, savoring the aroma and the taste of skin and toe, my cock dripping profusely onto the soaked carpet.

I spent enough time worshiping their feet and toes – long enough for the sildenafil to now assure my rampant cock would stay erect until I reached the crisis and ejaculated – orgasmed and spurted my cum again.

How I wanted to cum, and I could feel how erect my nipples were. I was like a taut bowstring with the arrow drawn back and ready to be released to fly at the target.

I stood up and holding Megan’s feet to form a faux cunt, I started thrusting my cock forward and backward as if I were fucking a real cunt. Her feet were wet and glowing with my precum, and my nipples were taut. I stopped fucking her feet lest I cum before doing the same to Bonnie’s lovely feet but took one foot in each hand and rubbed it on one of my nipples making my cock bounce.

I moved to Bonnie’s feet. I held them as another faux cunt and fucked them until hers were wet and slick with precum as Megan’s had been! I was drawing my mind to the Red Sox, then the Celtics then the Bruins, the Patriots draft, and even the Revolution’s early seasons woes to keep myself from cumming. Holding Bonnie’s feet against my nipples I was so ready gaziantep esmer escort to coat her pedal digits with hot semen!


Megan’s bold command and a smack on my face made me drop Bonnie’s feet and obey the command.

“Why?”, I asked. “I’m so close. I need to cum on her lovely feet. Look how they’re affecting me.”

Two sets of eyes moved from looking at my face to looking at the dripping erection jutting out from my midsection.

The women rose from the bed, and I noticed Bonnie’s hand holding a blindfold (Where had that come from?), which she then secured over my eyes.

They each took one of my hands and led me to lie down on the bed. I felt soft handcuffs on each wrist and found my arms stretched out and secured limiting their movement. I felt more movement on the bed and soon inhaled the scent of a sweet cunt as one of them sat on my face. While that distracted me, my ankles were soon also cuffed and my legs were secured leaving me with my legs spread and my feet somewhere near my head.

“Wait! Stop! You’re killing me. My back is breaking. I’m not a contortionist! I’m too old for this. Release my legs. What are you trying to do?”

On my back and totally helpless I’m begging them to stop. But only when my cock starts to fade do they understand my distress. The cuffs on both my hand and feet are released.

“You were going to peg me, weren’t you? I would like that, but there’s no need to secure me. Look.”

I removed the blindfold and turned over onto my hands and knees.

“Here’s my ass. Lube me. You do have some lube? You weren’t planning to shove a dildo up my ass without a good amount of lube, were you?”

I feel the lube being applied. A finger invades my rectum coating it with lubrication and starting to open me up. Then more fingers up me increasing the lubrication and opening me wider. These actions restore my erection.

I feel a hand on me and feel a dildo slide into me.

Bonnie joins me on the bed. She has a harness with a good-size dildo attached to it. She brings it to my lips.

“Suck it. We’re going to spit roast you.”

I feel movement behind me. The dildo in my ass slides out and instantly is replaced by what gaziantep esmer escort bayan must be Megan’s harness and dildo, this one wider than the one used to hold me open.

The fucking starts. Megan goes slowly at first. She moves it in slowly. It hurts a bit at first. Then she has it all in. She holds still letting me adjust to the intrusion. Then she withdraws a little and moves to fill me again. A little further back. In again.

Soon she is stroking in and out of me, my cock is dripping again, and I’m still sucking Bonnie’s dildo. I’m enjoying this. It feels so good!

Then I spit out Bonnie’s dildo.

“Stop. I want to see your tits bounce, Megan, as you fuck me! Let me get on my back.”

Megan draws it all the way out, and I flip onto my back. I hold my legs in the air and spread wide, and Megan slides back in. So nice!

Bonnie watches for a while until Megan draws it out again and Bonnie takes her place. I watch her erect nipples on her bouncing tits as she fucks my ass.

My cock is erect and drooling again. I love being fucked. I’m going to get my ass fucked again. This is going to be a regular thing for me.

“Megan, don’t just watch. Come over and touch my nipples. Tug them. Kiss them. Lick them.”

Megan leans over me. Her tits are in my face. I do to hers what she’s doing to mine while Bonnie continues reaming my ass. My hands are tugging, twisting, toying with Megan’s tits and nipples. I kiss them. I suck them. Megan’s reciprocal nipple play has my cock bouncing and dripping.

It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling. The experience is so new. But I feel like I may cum. If I touched my cock, I’m sure I would cum. But I don’t want to stop how I’m feeling. It’s like I’m being edged. It ebbs and flows.

It ebbs and flows until Bonnie draws almost all the way out and bends over to take me in her mouth. I feel her slip entirely out of me and her hands are on my balls as she swallows my cock.

That does it! My hips rise up driving my cock down her throat as her tongue rubs my frenulum, and I spurt my cum – once, twice, three times – Unnnngggghhhhhh! I lose count as I explode in ecstasy!

“I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!”

I’m done. I’m spent. I know my limits. I won’t be able to get erect again.

The ladies are content with what I’ve done for them and to them and what they’ve done for and to me. We lie together until I regain enough strength to make it to the shower to clean up before I get dressed and ready to leave.

We make plans for them to come down to visit me in Concord. They are still nude as we kiss goodbye. I go out to my car and drive home with a big smile on my face.

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