After The Party

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Balls Massage

Neil was bored and irritated. And feeling slightly frustrated, which was one reason for the boredom and irritation.

Neil was a nice guy. Everyone said so. He was Mr. Dependable. If you wanted something done, Neil was willing to help out. This time it appeared to have bitten him. The request was simple enough. A couple of friends, Janet and Heather, shared a unit near him and had asked for a small favour. They were going to a party on Friday night. A women-only party, but could he be an angel and pick them up at about 11:00. They would be having a few drinks at the party and wouldn’t be able to drive home. They didn’t want to walk home that late at night.

Not a big deal, Neil had thought. Just wander up, toot and then drop them off at their unit. So he had fronted up at 11:00 as requested but instead of coming out he had been invited in to sit and cool his heels while the girls talked. There were only the hostess, Brenda, his friends and one other woman still there, but they were nattering on and on about the things they’d had delivered.

It appeared that the unknown woman was Clarissa and she did sexy lingerie parties. Tonight’s party had been a delivery of previously ordered items and a chance for the girls to compare their loot and perhaps order more. Now that the party had wound up the girls were still wanting to discuss all their new frilly bits and pieces.

Janet was holding up a small bit of nothing and comparing it to a similar small bit of nothing that Brenda was holding, asking for relative opinions on the two items. Catching a mumble from Neil, she flashed a smile at him and asked if he wanted to comment.

Neil shook his head, but Janet noticed he was still muttering to himself about something. She winked at the others and decided to goad Neil a little, getting him to express his opinion.

“Come on, Neil,” she coaxed, holding the scrap of lace in place. “Tell us what you think of these.”

Brenda, seeing what Janet was doing, turned and spread her loot for him to compare.

Neil had had enough. If they wanted to play cat and mouse games, let them find out who was the cat and whom the mouse.

“They’re both very nice,” said Neil, keeping his face straight, “but to really judge them I’d need you to put them on.”

Janet stared hard at him. “Do you really expect us to put these on and then flash our knickers so you can judge them?” she asked sarcastically.

Neil shrugged. “Not really. You asked and I answered, but don’t worry, I realise you won’t do it. For a start you’d have to lift your skirts so that I can see them properly. Flashing me wouldn’t prove anything.”

Janet glared at him. Brenda nudged her and said, “You started it. Do we back down or call his bluff?”

Janet switched her glare to Brenda, then giggled at her quizzical look. “I will if you will,” she said.

At Brenda’s answering giggle and nod, the two girls turned slipped off their panties and put on their new lace flimsies. They turned back to Neil, lifting their skirts and waiting for his comments.

Neil looked the two girls over, face straight. “Very nice,” he said, a hint of doubt in his voice. “I notice you shave, Janet,” he added blandly, laughing as she flushed and quickly dropped her skirt.

“You don’t exactly seem enthusiastic about them,” said Brenda, having notice the edge of doubt he’d given his words.

“I have to admit,” said Neil, “that while they’re nice, they didn’t give me the urge to rip them off you and ravish you. Perhaps if you were wearing matching bras and I could see them together?”

“You do have the matching bras, you know,” said Clarissa. “It wouldn’t take you long to slip them on.”

“After that shaving comment, you expect me to put on the matching bra and give him a fashion show in my undies?” protested Janet.

“You started this,” Brenda whispered to her, “and I don’t feel like backing down in front of him or Clarissa. Let’s make it all or nothing. That’ll give us a legitimate out.”

“Clarissa,” Brenda said with a smile. “You’re wearing a similar bra and panties set. Why don’t you show him your set while I discuss this with Janet and Heather.”

As the three girls went into a huddle, Clarissa was caught in a quandary. On the one hand, she’d had two successful parties. On the other, while willing to model her outfit for the girls, doing it for a strange man was something else. She glanced over at Neil, who was watching her expectantly. He didn’t seem to be leering, just wanting to give an honest opinion. “He’s gay,” she realised. “That’s why the others don’t mind showing off to him.” She smiled at Neil and doffing her dress, she did a model walk across in front of him and returned, giving him an excellent view of her scanties and the superb equipment that they nearly covered.

“Up to you now, Heather,” said Brenda. “If you agree to model we’re all stuck with it. If you say no, we can cry off with dignity.”

Heather was giggling. “I didn’t really think Clarissa would do it. She makes a point of no men attending her parties. I didn’t buy undies, but Escort Etlik I did get that very short and sexy nightie. I’ll model that if you two do your undies?”

The girls excused themselves while they vanished into Brenda’s bedroom to change. Waiting for them to return, Neil chatted to Clarissa, who had made no effort to put her dress back on. He was a little surprised at this but didn’t say anything, just discussed how her party plan worked.

After a few moments Janet called out that they were ready, so Neil sat back to enjoy the show. Janet led the way, blushing at Neil’s scrutiny, very conscious of the fact that yes, she did have a shaved pussy and he could apparently see it well enough to know.

As Janet bolted back to the bedroom Brenda came out, danced across in front of Neil, laughing and doing a little pirouette before heading back. Last, Heather in her short lacy nightie, laughing at the look of surprise and appreciation on Neil’s face. Pausing for a moment in front of him, she pulled her shoulders back slightly, throwing her breast into prominence and causing her nightie to rise slightly, showing off the matching panties. The transparent matching panties Neil noted.

A few moments later the girls were all standing there, asking for his opinion, laughing. Neil laughed with them. “What can I say?” he asked. “You all looked truly delectable. There’d be no way I’d throw any of you out of my bedroom if you were standing there dressed like that.”

“If you had to pick one of us,” teased Heather, “which would it be?”

“Do you think I’m insane, to try to answer a question like that? Whoever I picked, I’d be offending the other three.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoilsport. Pick one of us and give us a reason why. We won’t get upset will we, girls?”

With general agreement from the girls and further pressing, Neil finally nodded.

“Ok. If I had the choice to pick one of you to finish undressing and, let’s just say entertain, I’d pick Clarissa. The reason being this would probably be my only chance to take her, whereas I know where the rest of you live and I’ll have more time to seduce you. Hopefully, when you’re wearing those bits of nothing.”

The girls laughed. “Isn’t he sweet,” said Clarissa. “If he wasn’t gay I’d let him take these off me here and now so that he could entertain me, as he so delicately put it.”

There was a short silence, then Heather spoke. “Really? If he wasn’t gay you’d actually let him fuck you now in front of us. Please forgive my crudity. I was just surprised that you would admit it.”

Clarissa laughed. “Seriously, I would. We could all get naked and you could enjoy the show. We’re all adults. Have I shocked you?”

The three friends looked at each other for a moment. Then Brenda spoke. “Ah, this is your lucky day, Clarissa. Neil’s not gay. When he said he’ll have more time to seduce us he meant just that. He’ll be trying to talk us into bed for months now and,” flashing a smile at Neil, “who can say he won’t succeed?”

“True, Clarissa,” added Janet. “Are you going to take your things off yourself or do you want us or Neil to help you?”

Heather laughed. “Really, Clarissa. You only need to look at that bulge in the front of his trousers to realise he’s not gay.”

Clarissa stood there, frozen, not knowing what to say. While not a virgin, she didn’t currently have a boyfriend and didn’t want one, nor did she want to fuck a man. Any man let alone one she had only just met, especially in front of other people.

“Don’t let it worry you, Clarissa.” Neil’s amused voice broke into her reverie. “I don’t know why you assumed that I’m gay but as well as not being gay, neither am I a rapist. I don’t take unwilling women.”

For some reason, the opportunity to back out with dignity offended Clarissa. He wasn’t going to take her? How dare he? She was just as capable as giving him a good time as the other girls he wanted to seduce. Hell, she’d fuck him so hard he wouldn’t even think of chasing the others. And she’d show the other girls how to service a man.

“Who said I was unwilling?” Clarissa protested. “I was just surprised. I thought from the way the others were showing off their new lingerie that it was because they knew you wouldn’t be trying to pounce on them.”

“Oh, they knew that I’d be trying to pounce, all right. They were just assuming that there was safety in numbers, and I have to admit there is. Otherwise I’d be ravishing the three of them right now.”

Janet giggled. “You just said that you don’t take unwilling women,” she pointed out.

“I don’t,” said Neil dryly. “I was talking about taking the three of you.”

This time Brenda and Heather giggled, while Janet muttered something rude about arrogant men under her breath.

Turning back to Clarissa, Neil again let her know that he wasn’t expecting her to put out just because of a few misplaced words.

Clarissa, however, had other ideas. She’d be damned if she’d let him back out after saying he’d like to fuck her. She found herself getting excited. She Etlik Escort may have opened her mouth and put her foot in it, but this could be an interesting experience. She’d never had a one night stand before, and she suddenly realised she wanted to. There was warmth low in her stomach and as far as she was concerned those butterflies down there could use their damned wings to fan the fire that was starting.

Reaching behind her, Clarissa unclipped her bra and slipped it off, showing that her magnificent globes had no need for help. Brenda was the next to move, unclipping her bra and tossing it to the side, while Heather lifted her nightie over her head. A quizzical look from Neil to Janet had her lifting her head and unfastening her bra, even while a blush glowed on her face.

Clarissa looked at the others and smiled. “Before we go any further,” she said, “we really should make sure Neil is ready.”

As one, the girls turned to Neil and moved towards him. Drawing him to his feet they swiftly undressed him down to his boxers, despite his protests.

Heather casually reached over and brushed the front of Neil’s boxes. “It seems to me that he’s ready,” she murmured.

“Now instead of us taking off our panties,” said Clarissa, “I think we should give that privilege to Neil, so that he can see what he’s not getting when he take off your panties.”

“That’s reasonable,” said Janet. “He can start with mine seeing he’s made remarks about me already.”

She stood in front of Neil, daring him to pull down her panties. Neil smiled lazily and knelt in front of her. To her shock he slid one hand down the front of her panties and the other down over her bottom, slipping the panties down as his hands moved smoothly over her pussy and bottom, gently rubbing and kneading them. Face flaming she moved away, hands dropping down in an automatic attempt to hide her nudity.

Moving on to Brenda, he divested her off her panties, eliciting a squeak from her when he tugged on her neatly trimmed fur, murmuring something to her that the others couldn’t hear. Brenda, her face flushed, moved over to join Janet and was promptly asked what Neil had said. “He told me to shave before he seduces me,” she hissed. “He likes a smooth pussy, apparently.” Pointedly ignoring Janet’s giggling, Brenda watched as Neil removed Heather’s panties.

With the other girls now divested of their clothes Neil moved towards Clarissa, who was suddenly feeling those qualms again. Instead of taking down her panties, Neil took her hand and placed it against his erection.

“This is your last chance to back down,” he warned. “Once your panties are gone you’re going to have that little thing you’re holding pay close attention to you.”

Holding his cock, testing its fullness, Clarissa damned her qualms. She was going to take this and enjoy it. Breathing harder, she took hold of the waist of his boxers and started working them down, pulling them out over his jutting cock and letting them fall.

“Not so little,” she said, stroking its fullness, feeling the heat and hardness of it, “but I think I can handle it. Do you have any condoms with you?”

“I do. There’s one in my wallet.” Neil reached out a lazy hand to scoop up his trousers and extract it. “Do you want to put it on for me?”

“I don’t think so,” said Clarissa, taking it anyway. “Volunteer to fit this on, please,” she called to the others. There was a moment of silence and then Janet stepped forward to take the condom.

“Hold still, Neil,” she said. She made a production of fitting on the condom, getting her vengeance for his teasing by taking her time, playing with his cock and teasing him in return.

Properly dressed for the occasion Neil now turned his attention to Clarissa. He reached down and started rubbing her pussy gently through her panties, feeling her warmth. Very shortly he could feel her pressing forward against his touch. Not wanting to stop his slow rubbing of her labia, Neil tossed an aside to the observers, asking Heather to remove Clarissa’s panties.

With her panties gone, Neil now drew Clarissa hard against him, letting her feel this hardness and heat pressing against her pussy and lower stomach. He held her, one hand in the small of her back pressing her against him while his other hand moved up to close around one warm breast.

As he deftly manipulated her body, slowly turning up the heat and stirring the fires of desire Neil flicked a glance at the other women. They were sitting watching closely, and he could see that they were all excited to a greater or lesser extent. He noted that both Brenda and Heather were absent-mindedly rubbing themselves.

“The big question now is how do you want me to take you? Any ideas?” Neil asked Clarissa.

Clarissa shook her head, breathing hard. She was feeling hot and bothered, and the cure was pressing against her. She didn’t care how she got her medicine as long as she got it, and soon.

“We have an audience. Maybe we should ask them?” Neil teased.

Clarissa looked shocked at the outrageous idea, Etlik Escort Bayan then laughed. “Why not?” she said, turning to address the girls. “Do any of you have a favourite position you want us to try?” she called.

The girls blinked, startled. Brenda spoke up. “Make it doggy style,” she suggested. Then we can get a better view of what he’s doing to you.”

“Alternatively, bend her over the chair and take her standing,” chipped in Heather.

“Try both and see which way feels more comfortable,” giggled Janet.

Clarissa shook her head. “Once you’re in me I won’t want any interruptions,” she said. “We’ll start as we mean to finish. Why don’t Brenda and Heather show us the position they favour. Then I can judge which one to try?”

Heather and Brenda looked at each other, not sure how to take this. Then Heather shrugged. “It’s easy enough,” she said. “You just place your hand on the seat of the chair and lean over the arm like this.”

As she bent over the chair Neil moved up behind her, pressing his erection against her pussy. “I see, and then I just press home?” he asked.

There was a nervous “Yes,” from Heather, followed by a shriek of “No!” as Neil obeyed the yes and pressed forcefully forward. Withdrawing again, he apologised.

“I’m sorry,” Neil said, regret dripping from his voice. “When you said yes I thought you wanted me to demonstrate how it would go in.”

“Liar,” hissed Heather, sotto voce. “You did that deliberately. Go stick it to Clarissa.”

“I will,” replied Neil quietly. “Just remember it as a reminder of what’s coming your way soon.”

“Brenda,” asked Clarissa, “do you want to demonstrate your position now?”

“Um, I’ll think I’ll pass for now. Maybe Heather might like to show you that position as well,” she added, tongue in cheek.

Neil eased Clarissa over to the chair, encouraging her to lean forward over it. His hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her swollen lips and gently teasing them apart, feeling her flower under his administrations.

Clarissa leant forward, both fearful and anticipating. She felt herself relaxing and enjoying the sensations as Neil played with her, easing her worries. She knew her lips were opening and started to tremble slightly as Neil brushed the head of his cock against her lips, edging between them and pressing against her hidden passage.

Neil could tell that Clarissa was nervous. Obviously not a virgin but still extremely nervous about what was happening. Sensing that she might panic if he moved too quickly he took his time, letting his cock edge in between her lips until it was pressing towards her vagina. Slowly leaning forward he eased his cock into Clarissa, edging up into her vagina, moving slowly but steadily deeper.

Clarissa found herself concentrating on this intrusion that was happening to her body. The gentle rippling sensations flowing out from the intruder were a balm to her soul, over-riding the fear and pain she had experienced the last time she’d been with a man. This time her body was accepting, softening and welcoming the incursion. She found herself relaxing fully, once again ready to enjoy sexual activity.

The groan of relief that Clarissa gave was clearly audible to Neil as he fully entered her. He wasn’t sure what had caused her reluctance but it was obvious that she’d been determined to overcome it and let him take her. Now that he was in her she seemed to have completely relaxed and to be enjoying the feel of him in her.

With Neil fully in her, Clarissa waited in anticipation for him to start taking her in earnest but found, to her surprise, that he seemed content to just hold himself within her while she adjusted to his presence. Feeling more confident (and hornier) by the moment she reached back to where one of his hands was holding her hip and pulled it up towards her breast. Taking the hint, Neil was quick to reach up and cup Clarissa’s breasts, squeezing them and rolling her nipples with his thumbs. Satisfied that the time was right, he gently pressed his cock even deeper into Clarissa’s warmth.

Feeling that extra surge deep inside her, Clarissa found herself pushing back against it, welcoming it. Outside distractions were forgotten. The audience was non-existent now as she started moving with Neil in the age old dance of life.

Moving slowly back and forth within Clarissa, Neil was enjoying the sensation flooding up from his erection. He was enjoying this and, glancing across at the girls watching, he was also enjoying having the other young women staring so fixedly at where he was driving in and out of Clarissa. He could see that all three were now rubbing their own pussies, albeit unconsciously.

Still taking it slowly Neil continued to thrust into Clarissa, building up the tensions between them, riding her with no intention of stopping. An idea crossed his mind and he smiled, turning his attention towards the others for a moment.

Janet was standing closest to the pair enjoying themselves, fascinated at watching Neil take Clarissa. While not a virgin, she was not overly experienced and had never actually seen another couple making love. She was vaguely aware that she was hot and bothered, ok, excited about what was happening. She didn’t notice Neil reaching out until she felt his hand close around her arm and draw her nearer.

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