After the Movie

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He backs her into the room the minute they get in to the apartment. With one hand he unzips her jeans and tugs them down. The other hand slides between her legs and unsnaps her bodysuit, caressing and undressing in one swift motion.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do this?” His voice is quiet but intense. His eyes are locked with hers. She loves this part. Nothing needs translation here. They feel exactly the same way.

He peels her pants and shirt off of her ravenously. He is barely in control of himself and she loves it.

Once he’s stripped her, he pushes her down on to his messy single bed with his body. He stands above her, drinking her in, taking his time. His devilish smile and intensity bore down into her as he gets down to his skivvies. She beckons with her expression and he dives in next to her. His hands are everywhere at once, greedy and searching. His kisses taste like cigarettes and spearmint. It has become her favorite flavor.

He breaks his lips away from hers and bounces on top of her. Poised on his almanbahis adres arms, he pins her hands down. She cradles him between her legs, arching up against him. He presses his forehead against hers, she’s still trapped in his gaze.

“All mine?” he asks, grinning.

“No one else’s.”

His eyes, so proud, so happy.

He releases her and rolls on his side, kissing her deeply. His hands become more focused, pulling her closer, unhooking her bra. It’s off in a minute and then he’s back on top of her, kissing her neck lingeringly, descending until he reaches her breasts. She gasps and reaches down for him. He firmly pins her wrists against the bed up near her head, his mouth continuing to suckle her greedily. Not yet, he tells her without words.

It seems he’ll stay there forever, pressing her arms into the bed, getting his fill. It feels heavenly but she wants more. Her body twists under his, straining against him, struggling to move with him. He releases her hands and maneuvers his body scant inches away from her hips. His lips almanbahis adres and tongue work their way down the length of her, lingering on her belly. His thumbs hook the sides of her panties and pull them off effortlessly.

He continues down kissing, sucking, licking, at a slow, almost reverent pace. Her hands stroke his hair lovingly as she moans out her pleasure. She is almost paralyzed by it, she can’t move. She doesn’t have to. His fingers part her, moving slowly, rhythmically inside of her as he continues to use his tongue so well outside. He doesn’t stop until he feels her body go rigid with her climax, hears her cries.

He kisses his way back up to the pillow as she moves drowsily down his body. He’s already ready for her. She loves how her pleasure excites him. She takes him in her mouth all the way down to the back of her throat. He calls out her name like a dying man.

She works her tongue over his length, rapidly toying and sucking until she tastes the alkaline. She knows he’s on the verge. And then she stops. He whimpers almanbahis adresi high in the back of his throat. Then she goes back and does it again. And again. His breath comes in gasps, whispering her name over and over. His hands tangle and twine in her hair, frantic but never rough.

She slides up the length of him, guiding him up to a sitting position. He follows her blindly, reaching between her legs, rubbing and pushing inside of her with trembling fingers. She lets him linger there for a delicious moment and then gently moves his hand away. She straddles him and guides him into her. He fills her up and they both gasp. He kisses her, his face abject, desperate.

He clutches at her as they rock together, she riding the waves of her last orgasm to a second. His arms crush her body onto him, he’s suckling at her breast again. She grips the wall behind them to get greater control of their motion. She is dizzy; full up with sensation. There is nothing for her but the feeling of him inside of her, the smell of him surrounding her, the taste of his skin on her lips, the agonized sound of his voice.

Her climax shatters through her body, extending out to the tips of her extremities. He groans out his last, his body shuddering violently. He waited for her. He always does.

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