After the Conference

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You come back to the hotel suite after a long day sitting through seminars. You open the door and see that I have been busy. The lights are dimmed. There is soft music playing. There is a fire in the fireplace. Candles surround the hot tub and give the room a faint vanilla aroma. There is an array of various fruits on the table along side a bowl of chocolate. There is also a bottle of champagne on ice.

As you enter the room and set down your bag I come up behind you and wrap you in my arms and cover your neck with soft kisses. I tell you that I have been waiting for you. I am wearing a pair of black silk boxers and nothing else. You turn around and your lips find mine as I kiss you deeply. My tongue pushes past your lips and entwines with yours. You return the favor and I take your tongue into my mouth and suck it gently.

My hands softly caress your back and move down and cup your firm ass. I massage your ass in my strong hands as we continue to kiss. My hands move up and find the zipper on your dress. In one smooth motion I slide your zipper down and your dress falls to the floor. You are left standing in your bra and silk panties. I take you in my arms and carry you over to the large bed in the center of the room. I lay you down and look deep into your eyes and tell you that tonight I plan to give you pleasure you never dreamed possible.

I etiler escort then resume to kissing your hot lips. I break our passionate kiss and begin to kiss my way down your neck. You sit up slightly as I reach behind you and undo your bra. Your nipples become hard as you can feel my breath against them. I take my tongue and slowly trace the contours of your breasts before moving my attention to your nipples. I take your nipple into my mouth and gently nip it with my teeth sending a shiver through your body. I then begin to suck on your nipple and flick it with my tongue. I alternate between each breast making sure that each nipple remains hard and sensitive to my touch.

After spending a long time with your breast I get up and grab the bottle of champagne from the table. I return to the bed and pour a little champagne on to your breasts. It slowly runs off your nipples and flows to your navel. I set down the bottle and begin to lick the cool champagne from your hot skin. Soon I am at the top of your panties. I can see that you are very aroused as your panties are already soaked through. I move my hands behind you and slowly remove your panties. The cool air feels wonderful against your hot wet pussy.

I move to your thighs and begin to kiss my way up to your pussy. Slowly licking and fatih escort kissing closer and closer. When I get to your pussy lips I slowly trace around them with my tongue. I can taste your wetness and feel my cock stiffen even more than it already was. I take my tongue and slowly slide it upward along your slit. I make sure to flick your clit with each upward lick. I begin to slide my tongue inside of your hot tight hole with each lick. Soon I begin to focus my attention on your clit. I wrap my lips around it and slowly roll it back and forth as I slide two fingers deep inside of you. I begin to move my fingers in and out as I start to suck on your clit. I make sure to flick it nice and hard with my tongue. I can feel it throb between my lips. Soon you are cumming. I feel your cunt close tightly around my fingers as you shake with a powerful orgasm. Your juices begin to flow heavily as you cum hard. I continue to suck on your clit as you come down from your orgasm.

As the last small after shock ripples through you I scoop you up in my arms and carry you to the hot tub. I set you on the edge as I climb in. I then take you in my arms and have you sit with your back to me on my lap. You can feel my hard cock press against your back. I lift you up and the head of my cock comes to rest against your hot fındıkzade escort pussy. Even in the hot water I can feel the heat radiating from your cunt. I lower you down slowly. My cock begins to sink inside of you. Soon I am buried all the way inside of your pussy. You squeeze your pussy muscles and my cock throbs in response.

You lean back and begin to move up and down. Sliding your pussy up and down my hard cock. With one hand I reach around and rub your hard clit. With the other hand I reach up and squeeze and massage your tits.

As we continue to fuck I move us around in the tub until there is a water jet shooting up between our bodies. The jets blasts hard against my balls and your clit as you lean forward and start to fuck my hard and fast. My hard cock strikes against your g-spot with each hard thrust.

With you in this position you ass is just begging to be played with and I am more than happy to comply. I take my finger and slowly slide it deep inside of your ass. This brings a low guttural moan of pleasure from you as your explode in yet another orgasm. As you contract your ass around my finger you also tighten your pussy around my cock. The feeling is overwhelming and I feel my own orgasm start to build. I yell out that I am going to cum and you tell me you want me to cum inside of you. I scream out as my cock twitches and then explodes shooting a huge load of cum deep inside of your cunt.

You continue to ride me as you lean back and kiss me deeply. Gradually you slow the pace and soon we are left still joined kissing passionately as the bubbles in the hot tub surround us. I break the kiss and whisper to you that the night has just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32