After Hours with the Manager Ch. 01

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For Jade, it was a long day at the shop but there was a bright side, her crush was working with her. However, today was different as both Jade and Alex were working in a different shop as the assistant manager of the shop had walked out on the manager and they needed cover so that they could keep the shop open.

Alex was going to be opening the shop and closing it. Alex begged Jade to come help him as the last time he had worked there, he was on his own and he had kept ringing Jade just so he had someone to talk to. It was quite a fair distance for both Alex and Jade to travel and as Jade didn’t drive, Alex had to come and pick her up and he was going to take her home as well. It was only the two of them in the shop at the moment.

Her crush happened to be Alex, the manager of the shop and her boss. Alex was a tall man with bright blue eyes and a shaved head, except for a short dark blond beard. He was slim and muscular. He also was a little mischievous as he liked to prank Jade occasionally which she would prank him right back. The two of them had a sibling relationship with a side helping of flirting. Unfortunately for Jade, he was in a relationship and had two children but Jade didn’t really care about that. She didn’t want to date him, She just wanted a taste of the Alex pie and to find out what he was like in bed. She didn’t care how it would happen, she just wanted it to happen. Hell, she fantasized about random scenarios every night on how they could end up having sex. Jade had met Alex’s girlfriend, Jane, and they got on really well. Unfortunately for Jade, Jane was so nice, Jade couldn’t hate her. She was, however, a little jealous of Jane as she got to have Alex every night but she never let on.

*And the person in the house that happened to be in the road behind her didn’t help. It had happened one night, Jade was heading to bed, having turned the light off in her room and she happened to look out her window and noticed that the window opposite had the lights on and the curtains were open. Obviously the occupant of said room thought that no one could see in because she was faced by a muscular man with nothing on standing in front of the window, facing in her direction. She couldn’t see his face as the top of the window stopped just below his neck but she didn’t care. The man in question was tall, slim but muscular and quite hairy. “Mm,” Jade purred, “something I don’t see every day but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” She added, taking in his body and especially his large cock that dangled between his legs. She could feel herself getting wet as she imagined him taking her up against the wall. However, she had superimposed the face of her crush on top of the body as moved to lay on her bed and fingered herself to a mind-shattering orgasm. Since that night, her neighbour had stood in front of the window every single night, almost like her knew she was watching and didn’t care. She still didn’t know what he looked like but she wasn’t interested in his face. *

Jade was a short curvy woman but what she lacked in size, she made up for it in sass. She liked to sass Alex and boss him about which he allowed as Jade was his favourite person to work with. He had told her numerous times that she was his favourite because she was reliable and would offer to help out if he needed her to on her days off. Jade was sure that he wanted her too, but he was restraining himself so he wouldn’t jeopardise their working relationship. Plus, Jade knew that if something happened between them, and if anyone found out about it, the other staff members would gossip and claim that Alex was favouring her because they were sleeping together. It seemed that everyone knew everyone else and what they get up to. Jade hated that fact but she couldn’t do anything about it.

The plus side was that no one knew them at this shop and what their relationship was so both of them could relax and flirt a little more with each other. Both of them were a little more touchy-feely with each other and they both found ways of touching each other without it seeming deliberate. Hell, at one point, Alex had squeezed behind Jade at the till and she could have sworn that he deliberately pressed his body against hers but she couldn’t prove it.

As there were no customers in the shop, Jade allowed herself to drift into a quick fantasy about what the two of them could get up to after hours. Alex locking the door after the last customer has left, he cashes up and she hoovers the shop floor so it is nice and tidy for the manager the next day, after they’ve finished, Jade and Alex are alone in the back room, and Alex tells Jade that she is awesome and he pulls her into a kiss, pushing her against the back room table, his hands roaming over her body as she unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular chest.

“Jade, would you like a coffee?” Alex’s voice broke into Jade’s fantasy, causing Jade to jump. He laughed at her reaction. “Nice thoughts?”

Jade smirked, not allowing her thoughts to show. “Yep, was just thinking that a coffee would be nice, thanks.” She was glad almanbahis adresi that he wasn’t a mind reader, or at least she hoped not. Occasionally, Jade would be thinking that she would love a coffee and he would make her one without asking.

“The usual way?”


“Oh, thanks for helping me today. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Anytime. I know that you just wanted someone to talk to.”

“Well, that as well but I wanted you to help me as you know how I think. Sometimes very scarily.”

“Are you saying that I scare you?”

“Of course not,” Alex answered. “Only if you don’t have enough coffee.”


“You’d worry if I wasn’t.” Alex said as he turned to head towards the kitchen. “Any problems, just yell.”

By the time Alex had brought Jade’s coffee, she had made twelve big sales totaling at around fifty to a hundred pounds each time. Alex handed Jade her coffee. “Thanks, you are a prince. You’re my best friend.” Jade said with a smile.

“No problem,” Alex said, moving to stand next to Jade in the cramped space behind the till. “How are we doing so far?”

“If it’s over five hundred, do I get a prize?” Jade asked cheekily. She had done the mental maths so she knew that it would total at least nine hundred pounds, adding on the sales from earlier.

“If it’s over five hundred, I’ll buy you lunch.” Alex promised.

Jade pressed the buttons so she could get the daily sales report so far and had a look at the printout. A smile grew on her face as she looked at the total at the bottom. They had made over a thousand pounds so far and it was only eleven o’clock in the morning.

“There’s a smile. Must be good news.” Alex said, as Jade handed him the printout. His smile grew. “I was only gone for five minutes. Nice job.” He smirked. “We’ve already beaten what they usually make in one day. Hell, that’s more than they made in the last few days.”

“Because we’re awesome?”

“You’re awesome.” Alex commented, bumping Jade’s shoulder with his arm.

Jade blushed. “Thanks.” The heat from his arm remained on her shoulder.

“Guess lunch is on me then?”

“Well, I would prefer it on a plate, but if you insist…”

“Cheeky.” Alex smiled. “When the afternoon shift gets here, we’ll go for lunch.”

Jade knew that the people in the shop would think that Alex and her were sleeping together but she didn’t care. Hell, it wasn’t like they knew them there or anything. “Sounds good. And thanks.”

Alex grinned at her. “No problem.”

A little while later, Alex and Jade went for lunch in a little cafe around the corner from the shop. Alex, as promised, bought Jade her lunch. Jade had chosen a salad as she said that it was too hot for anything else.

They chose a table at the back of the cafe, away from the window. Alex sat opposite Jade as they chatted and joked, poking fun at each other as they ate their lunch.

“Gee, thanks,” Jade commented in reply to a comment that Alex had made about Jade possibly being a supervillain in disguise. “I only use my powers for good.”

“So you say.” Alex teased as he stretched his legs and brushed against Jade’s legs. He then moved his legs again so they were tangled with Jade’s legs.

There was no way that was an accident, Jade rationalized. Alex was definitely playing footsie with her. ‘Does this mean that he wants to sleep with me too? How am I going to find out? Can it be today? Damn, I’m a horny bitch, aren’t I?’

“You ok? You’ve gone quiet all of a sudden.” Alex asked as he finished his lunch, seemingly unaware of why Jade had gone quiet.

“Yeah. Just wondering how much time we have left of our lunch.”

“About forty minutes.” Alex answered, after a look at his phone. “But as I’m in charge, I could say another hour or so.” He nudged Jade’s foot with his. “The perks of being the boss.”

“Being the boss comes with a lot of perks, I see.”

“You’d be surprised.”

“I bet.”

“And if anyone is the supervillain here, it’s you.”

“Damn, you found me out.” Alex teased.

“Takes a supervillain to know one,” Jade fired back.

“So you admit it then?”

“I admit nothing.” Jade finished her lunch and put down her knife and fork. “Thank you for lunch.”

“No worries.” Alex answered with a grin. “You aren’t in a rush to get back, are you?”

“No, Why?”

“Was thinking that we could go sit in the park for a bit. If that’s ok with you.”


“I’ll keep an eye on the time.”

A little while later, Jade and Alex sat in the park, watching the world go by. They were sitting closely together on a bench, their bodies pressed together. “This is nice,” Alex said in a low voice, leaning towards Jade.

“Mm,” Jade agreed, inhaling deeply, taking in Alex’s scent. She could smell his deodorant, a very masculine and musky smell and she could feel herself getting wet. ‘No, you can’t jump him right now,’ she silently admonished herself. ‘If he rejected you, it would be a very awkward journey back almanbahis adres home. And he wouldn’t want to work with you ever again.’

“You’re quiet again.” Alex said, his hand coming down to rest on top of Jade’s. His fingers entwined with hers. “You sure you’re ok?”

Jade nodded. “Yeah.”


I have to ask, why is it when I’m quiet, why do you think something’s wrong?”

“Because I know you and when you’re not your cheeky self, I think something’s wrong.” Alex smirked and gently squeezed her hand. “What have you planned for tonight?”

“Not a lot. I’m going to be on my own as mum’s gone to visit a friend. What about you?”

“Not a lot. I’m all on my own at the moment. Everyone’s away. Won’t be back for a few days.”

“So you can let it all hang out then?”

“If you mean that I can walk around the house naked, then, yes. I can do that.”

“Pics or it didn’t happen.”

“You’d love me to send you pictures of me naked.”

“You started it.”

“I did, didn’t I?” Alex smiled.


“Just for you then. However, you can’t show them to anyone.”

“As if I would. I will keep them hidden.”

“Good. You know, I’m glad that there aren’t any cameras in the back room of this shop.”


“Or in the kitchen or the bathroom or in the corridor between the back room and the kitchen,” Alex commented, giving Jade’s hand another squeeze. “I’m just saying.”

‘Is he saying what I think he is saying?’ Jade asked herself quietly. ‘Judging by the hand-holding and the thing at lunch, I think he wants to screw me. Hell, I’m up for that.”

All too soon, it was time to go back to work. On the way back, Alex kept a hold of Jade’s hand, only dropping it when they reached the shop door. “You can help me in the back room,” he said, once they reached the store room door.


“But first, I need to go to the loo.”

Jade looked down, and she could make out the beginning of an erection in his trousers. She inwardly smirked, pleased that she was the one to cause that reaction. “Ok. Not that I needed to know that.”

“Back in a bit.”


“I’m going to make a coffee. You want one?”

“Yes please.”

Jade grinned and went out to the till to ask the afternoon shift if they wanted a coffee too. And to collect the cup she had been using.

After she had asked everyone, she went into the back room and headed to the kitchen, which happened to be right next to the toilet door.

She filled the kettle up and switched it on. She allowed her mind to wander as the water heated up. Alex seemed to be flirting with her, sure he flirted with her when they were in their own shop, but it didn’t involve hand-holding or anything like that. Jade wondered if because they were in a different shop, and no one knew them there, he felt more at ease flirting with her. She wasn’t kidding herself. She guessed that it probably wouldn’t go beyond the flirting, but if it did, she knew that he wouldn’t suddenly dump his girlfriend to be with her. It would just be a fling.

The kettle clicked off and she went about preparing the coffees for herself and Alex. As Alex and her both took their coffee the same way, Jade had once accidentally taken a sip out of his cup. Alex had noticed, as he saw her do it, and deliberately taken a sip out her cup to prove a point. To be honest, it seemed like they both shared their coffees with each other at one time or another as they both had taken sips out of each other’s cups. So, technically, they had swapped spit, but not in a kissing way.

The toilet door opened and Alex stepped out, his face slightly flushed. He spotted the coffee that Jade had just made. “Did you take a sip of my coffee?” He teased as he accepted the cup that she handed him.

“Yeah, I took a big gulp,” Jade retorted, causing Alex to smirk.

Alex knew she was joking. “That means that I’ll have to have some of yours then.” He leaned into Jade. “Aren’t you glad there are no cameras here? I know I am.” He asked in a low voice.

Jade gulped at his teasing but decided to play him at his own game. “You know I am. It means that I can do this,” she added, letting her free hand trail up his arm, feeling the muscles under his shirt, and across his chest.

Alex caught her hand. “You’re playing with fire here.”

“Maybe I want to get burned.”

Alex leaned into her so Jade could smell his deodorant mixed in with a hint of sweat. “So do I.” He brushed his lips against hers in a brief kiss. “We better get back to work. But we will resume this conversation later.”

“Okay.” Jade said, as she followed him out to the back room. She licked her lips, tasting him. ‘Ok, so he does want me. Bring it on.’

The hours passed slowly as the tension between them was building. When it finally was closing time, and the others had gone, Jade offered to wash up the cups used while Alex vacuumed the shop and back room.

Jade had her back to the corridor that led from the back room to the kitchen almanbahis adres so she didn’t see Alex come up behind her, but she felt his body press against hers as she stood at the sink, finishing up.

“The thing that I like about here is that nobody knows us,” Alex said in a low voice, bending down so his breath tickled her ear, or possibly it was his beard, sending shivers down her spine. “Or our relationship.”

“Mm,” Jade mumbled, enjoying the feeling of his body against hers. “Everyone knows everyone at our shop.”

“True. Can’t keep a secret there.” Alex let his hand trail down her side. “So how long have you wanted to sleep with me?”

Jade froze as she had tried to keep that a secret. “What do you mean?” She bluffed. Inwardly she was cursing herself as she obviously hadn’t hid it well enough.

“Well, I didn’t realize until today…”

Jade didn’t answer as she didn’t want to admit anything, just in case he was teasing her.

“However,” Alex added, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but as you say, everyone knows everything at our shop. And I don’t want people to think that I favour you because I want to sleep with you.”

Jade grinned, as she had the same thoughts earlier. “So where do we go from here?”

“First, I cash up and then we talk.”

“Ok. I’ll be waiting.”

Jade waited patiently. While she was waiting, she tidied up the back room and wiped the sides down. Outwardly, she exuded calm but inside she was a ball of nervous energy. She had confirmation that Alex wanted her and a small part of her told her that it was a bad idea. What if Jane found out? If she did, it wouldn’t be from Jade. She squashed that part down. ‘It’ll probably be a once off. Just to get it out our systems and then we will get back to normal,’ she told herself. ‘Thank God, I shaved my legs and bikini line today.’

What seemed like hours, but was only twenty minutes, Alex came into the back room. He crouched down and put the money into the safe and locked it. “Finally done.” He stood up and stretched. “Now we can go home.”

“But first, I need the loo.”

“Me too. I mean, we have a long journey ahead of us. Ladies first.”


“Wait for me out here.”

After both of them had used the toilet, they found themselves standing in the kitchen in silence. “So,” Alex began, breaking the silence. “Just you and me now.” He leaned into Jade as she leaned against the side. He braced himself against the side, trapping Jade between his arms.

“Just us.” Jade leaned back and looked Alex in the eyes. “So now what?” She licked her lips, as they suddenly felt dry.


“I’m the tease?”

Alex bent down and pressed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss. Jade responded by kissing him back, deepening the kiss and pressed her body against him. She could feel the beginnings of an erection pressing against her. He then started kissing her neck, sending shivers down her spine and straight to her crotch. “Jade,” his voice rumbled against her skin.

Jade slid her arms around him and pulled his shirt from his trousers. She let her hands wander down his back, tracing random patterns along his spine. “Alex, please,” she sighed, as she moved her hands around to his chest.

Alex groaned as her hands brushed over his nipples and his cock hardened even more. Jade took note of that and deliberately brushed her hand back over his nipples. He trailed a hand down her front and his hand teased at the waistband of her trousers. He deftly unbuttoned her trousers and slid his hand inside her knickers, teasing the outside of her entrance before sliding a long finger inside, causing Jade to jerk in pleasure and let out a groan. “You’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you?” He asked as he deftly fingered her. Soon he was pumping her with four fingers inside her. “So wet.”

“Mm,” Jade groaned, sliding her hands down to his trousers and unbuttoned them. She slid her hand inside and grasped hold of his hard cock, which was as big as she had imagined both in length and width, and pulled it out of his trousers and gently stroked it. Precum soon coated her hand but she didn’t care. “Alex, please.” She moaned as she could feel an orgasm building, her whole body trembling.

Alex pulled her into another passionate kiss and lifted her onto the side. “I want to make you come on my cock,” he whispered in her ear, as he pulled her trousers down more. He lined his cock up with her entrance and slowly pushed his way inside her. When he was fully inside her, he slowly thrust his body back and forth, sending shock waves through Jade’s body as she matched him thrust for thrust. His hand came down and he teased her clit with every thrust.

Jade could feel an orgasm building and she groaned as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure and toppled over it, her walls clenching tightly around Alex’s cock, causing him to falter slightly in his thrusting.

Alex sped up his thrusting, sending Jade over the edge two more times before he let out a low growl as he spilled himself deep inside her, triggering another orgasm from Jade. After what seemed to be ages, he finally stopped filling her. He leaned against her and rested his forehead against Jade’s. “Sorry,” he panted, making no move to pull out. “It’s been a while.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32