After Hours With BJ

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I looked at the mirror. Yes, I definitely needed a haircut. And if I didn’t one today, it would get delayed for another two weeks, till I came back from my vacation. I picked up the telephone and dialed the hairdressers. A couple of rings and there was a sexy voice on the line.

“Good morning, Shear Delite. How may I help you?”

“Hello. This is Steve Renner. I would like an appointment with Betty Jo this afternoon.”

“Hmmm… I don’t know about today. Quite a few of our girls have taken the day off, and I think BJ is pretty much tied up. Anyway, let me check the register.” There was a pause before she continued, “I’m so sorry. Just as I thought. I’m afraid BJ is booked up right through the day. Would you like to be taken care of by somebody else? Or else, I could fit you in first thing tomorrow.”

“No, thanks. I have been having my hair done by BJ for years now. She knows me best. And I do need an appointment today itself. I am going out of town tomorrow. Listen, can I have a quick word with her?”

“Sure hon, just hold on. I’ll get her in a moment.”

I heard her put the receiver down, and yell out, “BJ, customer for you. Please pick up the phone.”

A few moments, she was on the line. “Hello, BJ here.”

“Oh, hi BJ. This is Steve Renner. I know you are tied up like crazy. But I need a haircut today itself. I’m going out of town tomorrow morning.”

“Gee, Steve, I am booked right through the day. My last customer gets done only by 8 p.m., and that’s when we close down. Can any of the other girls take care of you?”

“No BJ. You know how particular I am about my hair. I don’t want anyone else messing around with it. Listen, do you mind if I came in after eight. Could you stay back for me? Just this once? I would really appreciate it.”

“Okay, Steve, you are twisting my arm,. Remember, you owe me big.” I could almost see her smile. “So, I’ll see you at eight.”

I spent the rest of the day finishing up a number of last minute chores connected with my trip. Bills to be paid, tickets to be collected….. all routine mundane things. By seven in the evening, I was all done, and even my bags were packed.

Exactly at eight I was at the salon. When I walked in, BJ was still attending to her last customer.

“Hello Steve. As you can see, I am running a bit late. The other have all left, leaving me to close up after I am finished with you. Will you give me another fifteen minutes? I’ll be done with Ray here by then. Why don’t you take a stroll and come back?”

“All right,” I replied. Suddenly, I had a brainwave. “hey, have you had anything to eat? If not, I’ll pick up a couple of sandwiches, and something to drink. Would you like that?”

“Sure hon…. That’ll be great. You really are a sweetheart.” She flashed me another of her 100 watt smiles.

I stepped out and walked a block down to Jeffreys, a deli that served great sandwiches. I got a couple of pastrami on rye with Coleman’s mustard, some kosher dills, a bag of Cap Cod chips, two brownies, and four bottles of cold Heineken, dark. What the heck, if we were going to eat, might as well do it right.

By the time I got back, Ray had left and BJ was cleaning up. I sat down on a sofa near the reception area and put the bags of food on a glass-topped table. Twisting the cap off a bottle of beer, I took a long draught, and watched BJ tidy up her station. She was sweeping up the floor, pushing the fluffy piles of hair into a dustpan and depositing them into a trashcan. She then rearranged the table, putting the combs and scissors and the hair dryers in their proper places. Finally, she washed her hands and came over to where I was sitting.

She smiled, “that beer sure looks inviting.”

I handed her a bottle, and she sat back in her chair, taking a deep swallow. “That really feels good, Steve. Do you mind if I smoked?”

Without waiting for my reply, she opened her bag and took out a cigarette from a packet of Virginia Slims and placed it between her lips. I noticed she had full, sensuous lips.

I leaned forward and flicked my lighter for her. She dipped her head and cupped the flame with her hands as she lit the cigarette and took a deep drag. She had long slender fingers, and her fingernails were painted a crimson red.

“I really appreciate your staying late, BJ,” I said. “But you know how paranoid I am about my hair.”

“That’s cool, Steve. Actually I am a bit flattered when my regular customers insist that they get me. Anyway, you have now turned this into a sort of picnic. I am enjoying it after the hard day I’ve had. So I guess we are even.” She took another deep swallow from her bottle.

I opened up the brown bags and laid out the food on the table. I had brought extra napkins and extra packets of mustard in case BJ was also a mustard freak like me. Opening the bag of chips I offered some to BJ.

“Hmmm… delicious,” she said, munching nosily on the chips. For the next few minutes, the room was filled with the appetizing smell of cold cuts and condiments and the happy Yakacık Escort sounds of two hungry persons chowing down. I opened up the two remaining bottles of beer and passed one to BJ.

“Thank you hon, “she responded, after taking a deep swallow. With the back of her hand, she wiped her lips. “I didn’t realize how famished I was.”

BJ leaned back in her chair and stretched her legs. She was wearing a black sleeveless linen dress that stopped a couple of inches above her knees. It was buttoned down the front, and I could see the lacy, frilly edges of her bra peeking over the top of the low scalloped neckline. I observed she had large, full breasts. Her legs were long and slim and encased in shiny black pantyhose. On her feet she had black leather pumps, and there was a filigreed silver chain adorning one of her ankles.

We spent the next few minutes in desultory chat. She wanted to know where I was going on my vacation and shared the details of the last vacation she had taken with her boyfriend. With a final swig, she drained off her beer and put the bottle on the table.

“Well Steve, I guess it’s time to get to work.” BJ got up from her chair and beckoned me. I followed her to her station and sat down in the barber’s chair. She turned the chair around and tilted it so that my head was positioned over the sink. Turning the faucet open, she began spraying water on my head with a tiny porcelain handshower.

“Is the water temperature okay?” she smiled at me. “Hope it’s

not too hot.”

I nodded to indicate that everything was kosher. I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the sensuous feel of the warm rivulets of water coursing through my hair.

Opening a bottle of shampoo, BJ poured a little quantity into her right palm and started working up a good lather on my wet scalp. She was standing close to me, her legs touching mine, and her firm thighs occasionally rubbed sibilantly against the sides of my upper body. She was bent over my face, working the shampoo into my hair, her fingers massaging my scalp in a circular motion. Her breasts were moving in rhythm with the movements of her hands and they brushed against my cheeks and the sides of my neck.

I opened my eyes and the sight before me was wondrous. The neckline of her dress hung low and the upper moons of her breasts spilled out invitingly, straining against the black lace cups of her bra.

I shifted my face imperceptibly so that my cheeks were occasionally touching her cleavage. Her warm flesh felt incredibly smooth and silken. There was bulge growing in my pants, and I was hoping that it wouldn’t become too obvious. I was beginning to feel noticeably hot and flustered.

After a few more moments, BJ turned off the faucet and began to squeeze the water down from my head. Taking a towel from the cabinet, she started to dry my hair. This movement caused her breasts to jiggle and rub against my face. I was enjoying this sensation and moved my face closer to her bosom. I sensed BJ moving in a little closer so that her legs were now pressed tight against my upper torso. I could feel the heat emanating from her body as her thighs started rubbing deliciously against my right arm. My fingers were touching her knees and calves.

I opened my eyes and saw BJ looking at my face intently.

“You enjoying this honey?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She bent her body down so that her cleavage was now right in front of my face.

“Oh yes,” I murmured dreamily, and throwing caution to the winds, pushed my head forward, burying my face in the sweet valley of her bosom. She smelled wonderful, a mixture of damask rose and her own body fragrances.

I snuggled closer, my nose burrowing deeper into the warm folds of her flesh. My hand felt feverish against her nylon-clad legs. I slowly brought it up, rubbing the muscled calf and feeling the dimpled backside of her knee. I drew her closer.

Suddenly, she shifted slightly and swung one leg over and straddled me, with her legs on each side of the chair. She straightened up for a moment, unbuttoning the top half of her dress. Shrugging the dress down over her shoulders, she pushed it down to her waist so that her breasts were bared. They swung over me in all their magnificence, two lace encased peaks of ambrosia.

She was wearing a black underwire demi bra, and the wide circles of her ruby red aureoles were clearly visible. Her creamy white complexion was in stark contrast to the black silk of her designer bra, and her flesh bulged out succulently under the elastic material.

I rubbed my face against her breasts, feeling the smooth silk of the bra rasp against my stubble. With shaking hands I pushed one of the cups down and a long red nipple sprang into view. It was almost half an inch in length and the thickness of my little finger. I stuck my tongue out and flicked at it tentatively, coating it with saliva. The nipple felt warm and rubbery and I bit it gently.

BJ whimpered; almost a guttural moan. She put her hands behind Yakacık Escort Bayan her back and unhooked the clasp of her bra and threw the garment on the floor allowing me to feast upon the beauty of her bare breasts. They were magnificent; a creamy white in complexion and without any trace of sag. Holding one of those mounds under her left hand, she proffered it to me, like some precious bounty, while her other hand gently guided my head towards it.

With a contented sigh, I opened my mouth to accept the offering, taking the ruby capped cone between my lips and suckling on it like a contended baby. Her breast was soft and succulent, and with both my hands, I circled the base, pushing the pouting tip further into my mouth. I increased the pressure of my lips on her breast, drawing in the tip with some force and creating suction.

BJ gasped audibly as I drew in more of her tender flesh into my mouth, my tongue flicking her nipple in tantalizing rhythm. She settled down a little more comfortably in my lap and I could sense the heat emanating from her crotch as she rubbed against me.

I brought my hands up under her dress and caressed her ass cheeks. Clad in pantyhose, they were smooth and sleek to my touch. I squeezed the globes gently, my fingers tracing the steaming crack that separated them. Her pantyhose came up to her waist and through them, I could feel the outline of her panties. She was wearing hipster panties, the type with tight short legs. I brought my hands up till they reached the top of her pantyhose and made contact with her silken flesh. Her stomach was incredibly taut and smooth without an ounce of extra flab. With both my hands I encircle her tiny waist, bringing them slowly down over the generous flare of her full hips.

“Mmmmmmm… that feels very good baby,” BJ murmured dreamily. She bent her head down and kissed me on my lips. A wet lascivious kiss that left me tingling with anticipation.

Her tongue snaked into my mouth, dueling with mine. She drew her tongue into her mouth, sucking it hard. I responded by taking her lower lip between my lips and biting it gently. She gasped. I began to caress her lips with my tongue, tracing the smooth outline with its tip, and planting a wet kiss on the edges where her lips ended.

Bringing my face down I kissed the lower sides of her chin, tracing a wet path with the tip of my tongue to the base of her neck. BJ placed her arms on my shoulders for support, her head thrown back in ecstatic abandon.

I moved my head to one side, burrowing my face under her arms. The undersides of her arms were wonderfully smooth and soft. I pushed my head up, burying my face in the smooth velvet of her armpit. I inhaled the musky fragrance, a combination of a light floral deodorant and her body aroma. It was heady, almost intoxicating, and I snuggled closer, losing myself in the sensuous warmth.

“I like what you are doing, Steve,” said BJ. “You are making me very wet.” She moved around on my lap, pressing down on my crotch.

I shifted my face once again and started sucking on her enlarged nipples. With my hands I pressed her breasts together, so that her nipples were sticking out in front of my face. With rapid movements of my tongue I began to lick the nipples alternately in quick succession.

“Oh my God, Steve. It feels so wonderful. I feel so very hot.” BJ had her eyes closed and I could see the pink tip of her tongue running feverishly across her lips.

I increased the tempo of my tongue, flicking the rubbery nubs of her nipples with feverish ardor. I could feel the bulge growing in my pants. My cock was throbbing for release and BJ sensed it/ Hr hand crept down between her legs groping for my groin. With a grunt of satisfaction her fingers closed around my erection.

“Mmmmmm.. What do we have here,” she asked mischievously. “Somebody’s getting real excited. I like that.” She lifted up her body slightly to allow easier access for her hand, and traced the outline of my erection. Running her hand between my legs, she cupped my balls, her index finger probing the crack of my ass.

I released my hands from her breasts and brought them up under her dress once again, squeezing the soft globes of her ass cheeks. Her crotch was now wet with her juices, and her panty hose was soaked through.

I rubbed my fingers in her crack, smearing my fingers with her juices. I brought up my hands and rubbed my fingers across her nipples coating them with her honey. Bending my head I moved my lips to her breasts and started sucking on her nipples, savoring the tart flavor of her cunt juices.

“Oh God Steve, that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop honey. Bite me,” she urged. BJ was now panting with desire.

I rolled her nipples around in my mouth, nipping gently on the rubbery flesh. Her nipples were hard and erect and filled my mouth. I closed my lips around them and sucked hard and long, eliciting a squeal of pleasure from her.

With my teeth I drew one of her nipples out, stretching the satiny skin Escort Yakacık of her aureole while the fingers of my right hand were busy squeezing the other nipple. Meanwhile, with my left hand I continued to saw between her legs, feeling the incredible slickness of her nylon covered pussy.

“Oh Steve honey,” BJ murmured into my ear. “You can’t imagine what you are doing to me. I’m so wet, it’s not a joke. Let me get rid of this hose.”

BJ got up from my body, allowing her dress to pool down at her feet.. Her body glowed with perspiration and her breasts were shining wet with my saliva. She bent down and removed the silver anklet from her right foot and then unbuckled the straps of her black pumps.

Walking up to me, she pulled me by both hands out of my chair. “Now undress me completely, lover,” she ordered.

I got up from the chair and held her by the waist. Drawing her close to me, I kissed her once again, my hands moving to her ass cheeks. I slowly slid down on my knees so that my face was flush with her stomach. I brought my hands up to the waistband of her pantyhose and slowly began to roll it down. There was a powerful musky aroma arising from her crotch and it was making me giddy with desire. I pushed my head forward, burying my face in the steamy jungle between her legs. God, it felt good.

BJ put one hand on my shoulder for support as she lifted, first one leg, and then the other to help me remove the hose from her body. I tossed the damp, flimsy garment aside and turned my attention to her soaking panties.

She was wearing black hipster panties that clung to her undulating hips like a second skin. The gusset of the panties was made of satin and her mound jutted out sensuously like a silken invitation to paradise. Her alabaster skin played peeping tom through the lace material of the panties, adding to the erotic effect.

BJ spread her legs apart, and in the bright lights of the salon the satin crotch of her panties was shining wet with her juices. Smiling mischievously at me, she pushed her right hand inside the waistband of her panties into her pussy. I could see the outline of her fingers as they pressed into the wet folds of her cunt.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “that feels good. Steve, I’m so fucking wet. It’s like a river down her.” With a throaty laugh, BJ removed her hand from her panties and offered the wet shining fingers to me, tracing them across my feverish lips before plunging them into my waiting mouth.

I licked her fingers ravenously, savoring the pungent juices. It was more intoxicating than anything I had had in my life. With a grunt I raised my hands to her waist and tore her panties down. It was sodden with perspiration and juices.

BJ took the panties in her hands and rubbed it across my face and neck, smearing my cheeks with her slickness. For a moment she held the damp garment under my nostrils, making me inhale the strong scent.

“You like the smell babe,” she asked in a sexy whisper. “Does it turn you on? You want more of BJ?” She was now teasing me, driving me mad with passion.

I nodded mutely, licking the juices from the gusset of her panties. She finally took the garment from my hands and threw it to the floor beside her pantyhose. Pirouetting on her feet like a dancer, she thrust out her ass provocatively, posing for me like an artist’s model. She had a perfect ass, riding high on her legs. Her ass cheeks were firm and smooth without any blemish or stretch marks.

Again, she started teasing me in her sultry voice.

“Do you like what you see, honey?” Turning her back to me, she slowly bent down, spreading her legs apart as she did. With her hands she spread open the cheeks of her ass, laying bare her crack that was wet with juices. I could see the pink rosebud of her asshole, and below it a thick furry patch that ran up her legs.

BJ slowly stepped back so that body was now close to mine. She reached behind with her right hand, and with her long slender fingers started rimming her asshole. I pushed my face forward, inhaling the powerful smells. Her pubic hair was pearled with juices and her crimson pussy lips gleamed wet through the tufts of dark, shining hair.

“You have a very thick bush,” I murmured, burying my face in the damp patch. Burrowing my face under her legs I ran my tongue along the thick lips of her cunt. She tasted wonderful. Creamy and refreshingly tart like the filling of a lemon meringue pie.

I slowly turned her around so that she was now standing up with her crotch positioned against my face. She had a luxuriant growth of silken pubic hair that covered her entire lower groin like a thick velvet mat. I suddenly had an idea.

“Can I do something kinky?” I asked her. “Can I shave your bush? Shaving a woman turns me on.”

“Sure babe, if that’s what you want. Just make sure you don’t nick me.” BJ smiled at me and got on to the barber’s chair with her legs splayed apart. “Here, I am all at your disposal.”

I bent down and ran my fingers through the tufts of dark hair that were slick with her juices. I pushed my forefinger into her wet hole. It sank in smoothly like a hot knife ploughing in through butter. I added one more finger into the hot cavern and slowly began to twist both the digits around, my knuckles rubbing against the walls of her pussy.

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