After Finals

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Four exams in 6 days! It seemed cruel to have so much riding on her ability to recall a semester’s worth of material in four topics day after day. Julie’s mind was exhausted. It seemed like a month since she’d done anything other than read, memorize and recall. Knowing the importance of discipline, she’d forced herself to eat reasonably well and slept (or tried to, through the anxiety), but she hadn’t taken the time to work out like she wanted and certainly hadn’t cut loose at all. But now that the final test had been taken, she promised one of her study partners that she’d meet her at the Ice House – one of several college town bars where most everyone went after exams to let off steam . . drinking and dancing, washing away the anxiety.

It was dark by the time Julie had stopped by the apartment she shared with three other students and changed before driving to the Ice House. There were pockets of students and a few local businessmen gathered here and there, playing pool, shooting darts . . and the breeze, but not the crowd that Julie expected to see. Thinking that she’d wait to see if her friends showed, she ordered a beer at the bar. Just as it was set down, Julie’s phone rang. It was Angela, one of her roommates, telling her that the “gang” had moved on to O’Malleys because everyone was hungry as well as thirsty. Julie promised to meet them there as soon as she finished her beer.

As she sat there drinking, half annoyed for their not calling sooner, and struggling not to think about the last test – she noticed again that one of the “suits” also unwinding at the bar was rather openly admiring her. Early to mid-thirties, tall (though how tall, she couldn’t yet tell) she did find him attractive. His frequent smiles were not entirely unwelcome. Julie wasn’t one for casual pickups, but against her own will she did enjoy how this guy’s eyes made her feel. Almost unconsciously, she slowed the rate at which she drank her beer – suddenly not entirely in a hurry to leave.

After their eyes met two or three times, the “suit” stood up (damn, he’s tall) and came towards her. “Good evening . . . I am Cameron. . . may I? ” (nodding at the empty stool next to Julie). She nodded and the sat, close enough to for her to catch his cologne, almost close enough for feel his warmth. “Tough day?” he asked.

Smiling, Julie nodded “tough week.”

“Must be taking finals . . . and this late in the semester, I’d guess you are a grad student, right?” he asked as he took a drink of his beer.

“Yeah, medical. . . and the last exam, thankfully.” Julie admitted. Suddenly, she realized she hadn’t talked to someone outside school in weeks. Almost against her will she smiled at him “and what about you? What do you do?”

Cameron laughed “nothing nearly as noble as you – I develop real estate. You know these old buildings around here that are being turned into lofts? Some of them are mine – well, mine and the banks that have loaned me the money. So, Med school, huh? How far along are you?”

“Second year – and its about to do me in” Julie said, for the first time admitting how hard it was to a stranger. She really found it easy to talk to this guy.

“Do you plan to specialize?” he asked, his green eyes holding hers, clearly interested in her answer.

“I don’t know – I’ve thought several things but won’t really know until I get into residency. I just know I want to help people.”

They talked about school, Cameron shared some about his current projects, and Julie even let him order them another round. In a way, talking with Cameron was more relaxing for Julie than the partying her friends were doing at O’Malleys. Eventually, they both admitted that they were at the Ice House to distract their minds from the intensity of their week. “Ya know” Cameron smiled, resting a hand on her shoulder “there is something I do fairly regularly when I need to clear my mind”

Julie backed a bit, not moving his hand, but expecting him to hit on her now – “what’s that” she asked, suspiciously.

A wicked grin broke across Cameron’s face – knowing that his teasing flirt has set her alarms off . .intending for it to do so . . “Shoot pool . . . come on, lets go shoot a game” nodding at the table across the room.

“I . . . I don’t really shoot pool that much.” Julie admitted – feeling suddenly a bit shy.

Cameron squeezed her arm and then took her hand, pulling her toward the table “It’s not about being good – it’s to relax . . . c’mon – it’s on me.”

Knowing it would do no good to resist, and not really minding his attention, even his taking charge – Julie let herself be let to the pool table and watched at he racked the balls. “Really, Cameron, I – I’ve never really shot pool at all”

“I’ll tell you what, Julie – I’d enjoy showing you how to shoot a couple of shots, and its got to be different than what you’ve been doing lately – so the change will do you good – AND . . I’ll shoot left-handed, to make it more even . . ok?” mamak escort

Julie just nodded as Cameron lined up to break the balls, shooting left-handed. When none went in, Cameron handed Julie a cue “your turn.”

Julie looked at the table, knowing enough to see the easiest shot but not really sure how to aim. Cameron fidgeted . .”umm . .you might want to move the stick . . actually – would you mind if I showed you a little something?”

She looked at him. . not really falling for this slightly masked request for physical contact – but also finding herself wanting to feel arms . . his arms, around her. “Ahh . . I guess – sure – I AM a student, after all” as she threw him a smirk.

Cameron almost couldn’t believe his luck. He approached her slowly, trying hard not to focus on how attracted he was to the curve of her hips, the way her skirt climbed gently up the back of her thigh when she first tried to aim the cue. “Here . . ” delicately sliding his arm around her, placing his left hand over hers, his right hand around hers – showing Julie how to hold the cue. Not that he minded, but there was no way to do this without her body curving against his. “If you close one eye – holding the stick loosely in this hand (squeezing that hand gently) and letting it rest in this hand like this . . then just gently stroke it back . .take a breath – hold it – and breath out just as you take the shot”

Julie tried hard to focus on the shot – she liked being good at everything she did. But she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the feeling of his body pressed against her – and whether he meant to or not, his words carried suggestive undertones as well. She let her arms go a bit slack to allow Cameron to drive the shot. When “they” took it – his body leaning harder against hers – she nearly missed the fact that the ball went in the pocket as her mind was envisioning, fantasizing, about something she’d not enjoyed in way too long.

“Nice shot” Cameron laughed, backing away just a bit. “Now, would you like to try one on your own, or would you like a little help on the next one?”

Julie blushed slightly – as she walked over to the cue ball, seeing what her next shot would be – a long, across the table, shot. “Well, this one seems to be a bit more difficult, perhaps – if you wouldn’t mind – helping me aim it up right . .” she barely got the words out and blushed more as she admitted that she needed . ok . . wanted .. the help.

Again, Cameron came over and this time the shot required Julie, and Cameron, to lean a bit more. As his body slid against hers, Julie, almost completely subconsciously, pressed herself back against him. Both of them involuntarily moaned at the more honest, urgent contact . . and Cameron slid one arm around Julie’s waist – letting her know that he was enjoying the contact.

Both of them laughed softly when they realized the moans, the attraction, was mutual. Julie half turned, and their eyes met – before she leaned back down and took the shot – on her own, Cameron’s arm around her waist, his hand resting on her stomach. Barely missing the shot, she stood, and turning, was against Cameron, his arm still around her waist.

“You know” Cameron said softly, their eyes locked, bodies close “I’ve a pool table in my loft, just a few blocks from here.” His smile barely hid his thoughts “I could continue to help improve your . aim . . without .(his eyes indicated the other patrons drinking nearby) an audience.”

Julie’s mind raced as she held is gaze. She just didn’t do this type of thing – but she was so attracted to Cameron – and didn’t want this to end. She half smiled at Cameron, and he immediately left money on the table on the table, and – his hand in the small of Julie’s back – guided her to the door and down the sidewalk.

They’d only walked 1/2 a block when Cameron opened a small private door between clubs in the old historic district. Julie realized that this must be one of the buildings he’d renovated – perhaps he’d even renovated the building that housed the Ice House. This door led to a small private lobby that held only 3 mail boxes and an elevator.

“Not too far, huh?” Cameron smiled warmly, as he guided her into the elevator and hit 3 – the top floor. As soon as the doors were closed – Cameron drew Julie into both his arms and looked deeply into her eyes – before ever so softly kissing her. Not only did she not resist, but to her own surprise – Julie leaned into the kiss – sliding her own hands around Cameron – and was pleased to find that his body was solid – warm – and felt wonderful against her.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of the elevator doors opening into a large room – a very open space – with windows all around and a view across the street of the campus. The loft was massive – the whole floor and as big as most of the bars on that stretch – but decorated as Cameron’s personal residence. Various “rooms” ofise gelen escort – living, office, kitchen, dining, even his bedroom – were defined only by furniture placement. And true to his word, near the living room, sat a large antique pool table.

Cameron led Julie into the room – giving her a moment to take in the surroundings – before drawing her back into his arms and kissing her again – this time more urgently. His hands slid down the small of her back and grasp her ass through her short skirt, pressing her hips into his – grinding their bodies together. Julie halfheartedly pushed away a bit, breaking the kiss – but not really trying to get out of his embrace. .and looked into his eyes. Cameron took one of her hands, which had been resting on the side of his hip – and slid it between them, encouraging her to feel clearly what effect she’d had on him.

“I didn’t realize you enjoyed playing pool so much” she teased, squeezing his thick cock through his pants and realizing just how committed she’d become to having this – wanting to see if he was truly as large as he felt – and what that might feel like inside her.

Her squeezing was all the incentive, permission, Cameron needed. His mouth was back on hers instantly, one hand sliding across her breasts, squeezing – and then finding the top buttoned button – and releasing it, and the next one . . and the next. His other hand slid across her ass, gathering the fabric of her short skirt upward . . until his hand cupped her bare ass. Julie felt Cameron’s cock jump in pleasure and surprise when he discovered that she wore no panties, no thong – nothing, under that skirt. His warm hand caressed and explored her ass at will while their kiss grew more urgent.

Cameron pushed Julie back against one of the center support columns in the middle of the room – kissing his way down her neck as he slid off her blouse – releasing her bra – lips and tongue enjoying the taste of her shoulder, the top of her breast.

Julie could only moan – giving in, wanting this so badly that thoughts of stopping didn’t exist anymore. She just squeezed his cock harder, bucking her hips against his.

Julie’s mind nearly when blank when she felt Cameron’s warm mouth, tongue – take in her bare nipple that has just a moment to feel cool air before he sucked on it. Leaning her head back . . she never felt him remove her bra, or unfasten her skirt – until she suddenly realized that she as naked – and Cameron was guiding her from the column she’d been leaning against and toward his bed.

Though one level of her subconscious protested, she went willingly – letting Cameron lower her onto his bed – and lie her body back – kissing her – caressing her breasts. His fingers and tongue were everywhere and her mind melted into the sensations.

Suddenly, she realized his tongue was inside her – her legs spread wantonly – eager for anything he was willing to offer. And offer he did – exploring her greedily with his tongue and fingers, sucking on her clit, parting her lips – slowly sliding fingers in and out of her – building a bit of a rhythm.

She could only moan louder when he lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder – his tongue sliding lower. She shuddered when she felt his fingers, wet from inside her, slowly teasing her ass – parting her cheeks to allow his tongue to tease her there. This was beyond anything she’d allowed herself to imagine with a man, a stranger – especially this stranger. His fingers and tongue took turns stimulating her, licking her, probing her in every possible way – building level after level of arousal. Julie was nearly drunk with desire – lost in the moment, legs spread and lifted for Cameron.

In a moment of clarity, Julie knew what she needed. “Damn it . would you fuck me!” she blurted out – for the first time in her life. She’d NEVER asked for it like that before.

“Gladly” Cameron laughed – sliding his body between her thighs and burying his cock fully into her with no resistance. “OOHHH fuccck yeesss” echoed through the room. It was exactly what they both craved. Cameron took long deep strokes in and out of her – his body pinning her down deeper into his bed.

This was more than Julie could take – and she let go – her muscles milking Cameron’s cock as she climaxed – and climaxed. He never slowed down, never changed pace – he just fucked her. Julie began involuntarily bucking, fucking back . clawing his back .. alternately wrapping her thighs around him then spreading her legs wider. Cameron just fucked and fucked – taking her to new levels.

Through the fog of her repeated orgasms she sensed a change . . his sounds, his urgency. Looking into his eyes, she saw him staring into her face with such intensity, a mix of animalistic lust and intense desire – before she heard him groan out – and cum deep inside her – hard, wet – again and again – filling her completely. This sensation sent otele gelen escort her over the edge yet again – and they collapsed, bodies wet, spent – arms and legs wrapped into one another.

They lay there for a while, enjoying the warmth, relaxing. Julie was barely aware when Cameron slid from the bed – kissing her cheek and saying “I’ll be right back.”

She drifted back to her hazy state until she felt him, still naked, take her hand and urge her to follow him. She found herself being led to his bathroom, the only “room” in the entire loft – where he’d filled his bathtub, one of the largest she’d seen in someone’s home, and lit a few candles. They lowered themselves into the steaming water – side by side – kissing – letting the water rinse themselves. His hands explored her body – hers explored his – both of them just giving in to the pleasures. Their mouths and tongues explored, then they just chatted and watched each other touching – her breasts, his chest – face . . arms . . thighs.

Julie found herself so aroused that she was being so comfortable, open, with this man she’d met just a few hours earlier. Now here she was, naked, one leg lifted over the edge of the tub, allowing his fingers to explore her as she watched – and held his cock in her hand. His thick fingers were gentle, parting her lips, caressing her clit – finding different ways to pleasure her, excite her. It was clear by how hard he was in her hand that he loved giving this type of attention. Slowly drawing circles with her delicate skin, Julie found herself bucking gently and involuntarily stroking Cameron – giving in to natural urges.

When she felt Cameron’s lips move from her neck down to her breasts, she stopped him – bringing his mouth to hers and kissing him . . then whispering – “no – its my turn”.

She urged Cameron to kneel – rising his body half out of the water as she slid back . . then leaned forward, holding his cock at eye level. Sliding one hand under his cock, gathering his balls in that hand, tickling the skin underneath, she reached over and kissed his tip, licking him gently, looking up into his eyes, seducing him.

“Oh god Julie” Cameron gasp, his cock jumping in her hand. . letting her now how aroused this made him. She slowly took his cock in her mouth, licking, sucking – wanting to give him the pleasures he’d given her already. Soon she was lost in the act, and he grabbed her head, bucking against her, moaning, growling – growing harder in her mouth.

Julie couldn’t believe how much she wanted to make him cum. Squeezing his balls with one hand, cupping his ass with another, sucking and curling her tongue around his length . . she felt him tremble . . knew the signs . . and hummed, adding the stimulation. She felt herself growing wetter than she ever had when sucking a guy. When he cried out and let go – she took him deep – swallowing, then pulling his cock out of her mouth and letting him finish on her lips – feeling naughty, playful – wanting to tease him. She suddenly was doing all the things she’d read about, seen in movies – and was getting off being this naughty girl.

Cameron leaned back, spent – yet so aroused at the sight of Julie toying with him, his cum on her lips . . that he brought her up and turned on the shower, rinsing them both off. They kissed, bodies rubbing together, hands exploring. Julie’s kisses were urgent, with total abandon, as she was still aroused and feeling wild. The way her hands were exploring, Cameron easily picked up on her mood and became aroused himself.

When she ground her body against his reenergized cock, he lifted her bodily and entered her, pinning her against the cold tile as he fucked her into the corner. Her insatiable needs were driving Cameron insane with lust. His mouth was again on her neck, her breasts – her hands clawing his back, grabbing his ass cheeks. The fact that her nails were leaving marks only made him more eager. She was barely aware of his turning off the water, though she knew when he attempted to wrap a towel around them both as she felt herself nearly slide off his thick rod.

Her arms around his neck to steady herself, both his hands cupping her ass cheeks, fingertips teasing her lips where his cock entered her, and toying occasionally with her ass, he carried her out of the bathroom, across the loft and they both fell fully into his bed – a mass of skin and desire. His nearly rough positioning of her body so he could enter her again would have constituted force if she hadn’t also been eagerly opening herself to him, giving her body to his wants – her wants.

She wrapped her thighs around his waist and they rode each other – both desperate to please the other. Soon she pushed him over to ride on top – controlling the speed, depth and angle of his penetration – enjoying the look of lust in his eyes as she rode him. She knew that he was loving the view of her breasts bouncing, and caught him watching his own cock disappearing into her again and again. Her own arouse grew as he filled her, and their mutual need to climax was building.

Just as he sensed Julie approaching another climax . Cameron grabbed her hips and lifted her completely off his cock. “Turn around, ride my face” he whispered, though he was clearly strong enough to lift her into that position and was already doing so.

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