After Class

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Audrey let out a deep sigh. This was the most boring lecture she’d ever been to, and that was really saying something. As a Psychology student, Audrey had been fascinated by the idea of learning more about the brain and, in particular, human sexual nature. She had always considered herself a sexual person, right from when she’d given herself her first orgasm at 13 to the present. Today’s class, however, was about lobes of the brain. She silently thanked whatever higher power brought the end of the lecture.

Realising she should probably begin working on her assignment for another of her modules, Audrey reluctantly made her way to the campus library for some after-hours studying. The library was sleek and modern; they’d refurbished the entire building the year before she’d enrolled on her course. Shelves of books lined the walls and stood proudly in a corridor-like fashion all the way to the end of the ground and first floors. The second and third floors also housed books and journals but boasted tables and chairs as study spaces for students.

Audrey made her way up to one of the study desks. Luckily, most people went straight back to their accommodation after their classes finished so the library was fairly quiet in the late afternoon and early evening. She opened up her textbook on human sexual behaviour, readied her notebook, and began to read. She found herself on the chapter about lesbianism throughout history. As Audrey read on, studying the various historical pictures, she noticed a growing arousal between her legs. She tried to ignore it and focus on the knowledge, but the warm, ever-growing damp sensation became far too distracting. Without realising, her hand began sliding up her thigh over her blue denim jeans. It came to a rest over her centre as her toes curled inside her shoes. Audrey turned the page and was faced with a diagram of a vagina.

She couldn’t help but bite her lip, imagining the sensation of another woman’s thighs wrapped around her head, her tongue buried in hot, wet folds. Audrey’s hand had started to move in a circular motion over her crotch. She could feel her erect nipples pushing against the fabric of her bra, begging for attention. She wished she was at home, in her bedroom, where Maltepe Escort she could lay completely naked on her bed and please herself with her armoury of toys, vibrators, and dildos.

Suddenly, Audrey became aware of eyes on her. Her gaze darted up where she met the eyes of a gorgeous blonde sitting across the room from her. This beauty wasn’t on her course as she didn’t recognise her from her lectures. Audrey couldn’t help but notice the small smirk on the rosy lips of the blonde. Feeling her cheeks redden, Audrey quickly gathered all of her study paraphernalia into her backpack and speedily walked out, making sure not to look in the direction of her audience.

The women’s bathroom provided a safe haven for Audrey. She was overwhelmingly embarrassed at what had just happened. She looked up at herself in the mirror above the sinks and shook her head. How could she have begun to touch herself in the fucking library? She felt like a creep. The look on the blonde girl’s face, however, had made her feel shy and somehow even more aroused. Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened. Audrey panicked and turned around, but it was someone else she didn’t recognise. The girl went straight into a stall and Audrey relaxed slightly. Another person entered the room, however, and this time Audrey wasn’t relieved.

The blonde girl from the library very calmly walked over to the sinks and pulled out her makeup bag. She began to apply lipstick, not even looking over in Audrey’s direction. Her lips were full and round as she painted a dark shade of red onto them. Audrey imagined what it would be like to kiss them and to have the red lipstick smeared all over her face.

The previous girl left her stall, washed her hands, and swiftly left. Only the blonde and Audrey remained.

“Do you frequently masturbate in public spaces?” she asked. Audrey was taken aback and had no idea how to respond. A lump formed in her throat, but luckily, her counterpart continued speaking, “What were you looking at?”

“Oh, um, just my textbook.” Audrey replied nervously.

“You were masturbating over a textbook?” the blonde girl laughed, “Does mitochondria turn you on or something?”

Audrey chuckled, Maltepe Escort Bayan but still remained embarrassed, “No, um, I study Psychology and one of my modules is human sexual behaviour. There was, um, a chapter on lesbianism.”

“Lesbianism, huh?” the blonde turned to face Audrey, “Are you into girls then?”

Audrey swallowed hard and nodded.

“Good to know. I’m Louise.”

Audrey finally sighed deeply. “I’m Audrey. Look, I don’t make a habit out of doing things like this. I’m sorry you had to see that but truly, this is not a regular thing of mine. If I’m honest, I don’t know what came over me.”

Louise moved closer to Audrey. Her eyes were deep blue and appeared to be looking at Audrey’s lips. Audrey ran her tongue over her lips instinctively. “Did you cum?” Louise whispered.

Audrey gasped, and shook her head slowly as Louise approached just inches away from her. The blonde’s hands wrapped around the back of Audrey’s neck, stroking up into her brunette hair. When their lips met, Audrey’s stomach began to flutter. She kissed Louise with much enthusiasm, pushing her tongue into her mouth and running her hands up the back of Louise’s white shirt. Louise pulled away and pushed her hands up Audrey’s shirt, pulling her C-cup bra down to release her breasts.

Her thumbs ran over Audrey’s pink erect nipples, which Louise could no longer resist. She leaned down and began to lick and suck at Audrey’s firm breasts, taking delight in the brunette’s moans of pleasure. Audrey pulled Louise’s head back up and kissed her again, using her hands to begin to undo the blonde’s trousers. Eager to fulfil the fantasy that had triggered her arousal in the first place, Audrey pushed her hand down into Louise’s underwear. She was delighted to find the build-up of moisture that had already accumulated there. Her fingers slid around seamlessly until she found Louise’s opening.

One finger slid in and then another. Audrey began to pump her digits in and out of Louise’s dripping cunt. The blonde moaned in ecstasy and held on to Audrey as her vagina was ploughed by her brunette lover. Unable to take much more, Louise removed her trousers and underwear and sat up on Escort Maltepe the counter between the sinks. She spread her legs open, revealing her soaking pussy to Audrey. Without hesitation, Audrey kneeled down and buried her face between the blonde’s thighs.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she hissed, “just like that babe. Lick my pussy.”

Audrey needed no encouragement. She continued to lap at the beautifully smooth, silky vulva presented to her. Her tongue probed Louise’s opening before moving up to stimulate her swollen exposed clit. She swirled around the engorged jewel, revelling in Louise’s cries of pleasure. Audrey knew her lover was getting close to climax, so she pulled her clit between her lips and sucked gently, aware of how sensitive the bud would be. Louise’s hands clamped down on the back of Audrey’s head. “I’m cumming, oh fuck me, I’m cumming.” Louise cried out and ground her hips against Audrey’s face, leaving the brunette struggling for air.

As Louise recovered from her orgasm, Audrey kissed her firmly on the lips, gently stroking the blonde’s neck. Louise, eager to return the favour, slid her hand down into Audrey’s jeans and underwear. The sensation of the blonde’s fingers massaging her desperate clit was mind-blowing. Her growing sense of pleasure was unlike anything she had felt before. She knew it wouldn’t take long for her to have her own orgasm. Louise’s fingers entered her soaked pussy while her thumb remained pressed on her clit. Audrey’s hips began to buck against the rhythm of Louise’s fingers fucking her. Her moans grew louder and louder as she got closer and closer to climax.

Audrey kissed her deeply and bit her lip as she came hard onto Louise’s fingers. She gasped for breath and the explosion radiated from between her thighs all the way through her stomach and to her extremities. With her body shaking from pleasure, Louise retreated her hand from the brunette’s centre and stood back on the ground. Pulling up her trousers and fastening the button, she shot Audrey a dark smile.

“We should do that again sometime.”

Audrey was also making herself presentable again. “I’d enjoy that very much.”

Louise planted a kiss on her lips and went to leave the bathroom. “Think of me the next time you decide to touch yourself in the library.” And with that, Audrey was alone again, left only with the memories of her brief but breath-taking encounter with Louise. One thing she was certain was that as soon as she got home, she’d be making herself cum again, and she’d be moaning Louise’s name.

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