After A Hard Day At The Office

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It was late, and I knew you probably wouldn’t be waiting up for me this time. You had been working long days and our schedules were never really jiving. But by your nature, you were understanding and I always seemed to make it up to you just by being at your side. I love being at your side and it was the true reward of a long day – coming home to you, the one that I loved the most.

2:21 in the morning and I pull up the driveway – there was a chill in the air, I guess because of the nature of that hour. Even being that late I felt some energy pumping through the blood stream – maybe because I longed for a warm bed and now it was my turn, whatever the reason I stepped inside. The house was dark with only the outside door light illuminating the entrance. I was barely able to get the key into the lock while carrying a stack of papers under my right arm – the spiral spring binder was digging into my elbow and was a bit of a distraction. I entered and closed the door and set my things on the kitchen table being careful not to wake you.

Time was not to be wasted – it had been 32 hours since I slept, enough said. The shoes were the first to come of, right by the TV in the living room… you hated that I took them off there – but I always did it out of habit… I knew that I’d catch hell in the morning, but I really didn’t care just then… the carpet was only one month old… an off white thick shag that felt great against the feet… making fists with the big toe would relieve a bit of stress and loosen up the dogs from a long day. It was just a quick fix – and never really lasted for very long.

Entering the bedroom I saw it was dark and hoping not to startle I flipped Escort Çankaya the light switch to the attached bathroom. There was enough light to see my way around, you were sleeping of course. I was wearing a suit these days and preceded to undress my self in casual fashion, socks next to the hamper, pants and belt on the wall hook – coat to the hanger in the closet and shirt on the floor. My tie usually made it’s way to my coat pocket during the long ride home, I hated those damn things. I ran the shower and cleaned up for some sleep… hell I even shaved, because of a two day growth was bugging me…

I put on some boxers and opened the door from the bathroom to the bedroom and there you lay. The light shown on the bed and you looked so beautiful just lying there sleeping. You were on your back with your arm across your abdomen and head was turned away from me… all I could really see was the out line of your body through the sheets. It was two days since we were together and it was two days too long — I said to my self, I’ve got to get some sleep… but at the same time you loved it when I woke you up in the middle of the night… what to do I thought… what to do…

I pulled the sheet back that was tightly tucked and scooted under careful no to disturb, but you turned a bit… not much, just enough to recognize something foreign. The sheets were wonderful – 350 thread count that were so tightly woven they felt cool to the touch even when it was a warm summer day… I loved that feeling… I had also noticed that you were wearing a special scent, another sign that you wanted me to wake you when I came home at night – those little messages or clues you Çankaya Escort left always added a bit of excitement. The mood was coming on strong now and it was killing me.

There you were lying in bed on your side with your back turned to me – a perfect spoon position to allow me to get close. I moved toward and smelled your hair and it gave me shivers. My left hand stroked your shoulder to your hip through the sheet – and you did not even awake yet. You were deep into some dream I thought. Just then you turned your head toward me and saw who I was – a grin came over you and with your sleepy eyes you blinked… I said hi, while putting my finger to your lips to keep you from talking. You rolled over onto your stomach as if to ignore me, you were still sleepy. I stroked your hair and whispered sweet nothings into your ear and took a full breath of what you were wearing. I slipped my hand underneath the sheet to run my hand from your neck to the small of your back and back up again. Then down again, with the light touch that you liked so much. Running a zigzag pattern over your spine was a good feeling for my fingers that had been away. Your skin was so smooth and buttery to the touch. I continued to caress and stroke the area just above your ass with small kisses and the warmth of hot breath against the skin. You were so relaxed. My lips made their way up your spine again to your lower neck with more small kisses and explored the area with the tip of my soft nose, all while tracing figure eights with my fingers on the back of your legs. You were so delicate, by allowing me to invade your space and get so close to you.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this – Çankaya Escort Bayan I was so tired, yet I couldn’t take my hands off of you… I was loving it. My hands were making love to you.

I explored your scalp with my fingertips through your thick hair and massaged your temples ever so lightly, tracing your ears to your neck. You rolled over now because I started to arouse you even though you probably weren’t sure if you were awake or dreaming. The sheet was getting in the way so I peeled it off and now you were exposed. I kissed your forehead, cheeks, nose and ever so lightly and lingered at your thin lips and you tasted so good. I made another circle and did that again.

Time for some more handwork I thought and continued to stroke your face and neck with my index finger. I moved between your breasts to your midriff and started with figure eights that became smaller and smaller with different patterns and shapes to keep the skin excited for more. I kissed above your patch of hair that was nicely trimmed while keeping my hands busy with your breasts. I used the soft part of the back of my hand to brush your nipples while applying a little pressure. You perked up and I moved my tongue into position and traced more patterns just around your nipple. I blew cool breath to add to the pleasure – you were still in a daze trying to figure out what was going on in your bed. I flicked my tongue at a slow rate and then picked up the pace while my hand was paying much attention to your other breast with more circles. I sucked and licked and licked some more and added soft kisses to the entire area that I was loving so.

I made my way down with more kisses to your love patch and then up between your breasts to your neck and to your lips… I felt your lips against mine – they were so soft – so I kissed you again and traced your lips with my tongue. . . and kissed you goodnight. I told you that I loved you… and turned off the light.

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