Adventures with Penny Ch. 08

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Chapter 08 – After Hours

The weekend passed, as most others did, uneventfully. The lesson that had been issued to Mindy on Friday night was still fresh in my mind as I headed to the office on Monday morning. As I sat there for the day and tried to concentrate on my work, I could not shake the images of Brooke and Leslie in my head. They really did a number on me and I wondered what Mindy was thinking of our game now.

I was startled at how fast the day went by. I was grinding through a boring presentation that was due in the next few weeks when my phone rang around 5pm.

“Hello,” I answered casually.

“What time will you be home,” Penny’s lovely voice asked pleasantly from the other end of the phone.

“I’m not sure,” I admitted, thinking of all the things I had not gotten accomplished that day. “It could be a late one tonight.”

“Ok,” was all Penny said in response before hanging up.

I put the receiver down and returned to the project in front of me. One by one, the members of my department said goodnight and headed home. I noticed it was after 7pm when the last of them waved and headed for the parking lot. I concentrated on my presentation for a while longer, until there was a knock at my door.

I was bağcılar escort floored when I looked up and saw Penny standing in the doorway of my office. She was dressed down, wearing a faded 49ers t-shirt and jeans with her ballet flats. Her hair was up and she looked adorable. I immediately became nervous because Penny never visited me at work before.

“Are you ok,” I asked hurriedly.

“I’m fine,” she giggled. “I just stopped by to see you.”

“Is everything alright at home,” I questioned. “Vivian is ok?”

“We are all fine,” she reiterated. “No big deal. I just missed you.”

She moved to one of the chairs in front of my desk as she shut the door behind her. She sat, staring at me with her crooked little smile. I tried to focus on my presentation, but Penny’s stare was intoxicating. I couldn’t help but look at her.

“Are you freaking out again,” I asked her plainly.

“No, I am not,” she replied sternly. “I am just being selfish and stealing moments with you.”

“You can tell me if something is bothering you,” I encouraged her.

“I know,” she confirmed. “The only thing bothering me is that I miss you.”

“I see,” I added. “I will be home soon.”

“I’ll bahçelievler escort wait,” she said casually.

“I would hate for you to get bored,” I offered, trying to get her to understand that I needed to finish some things and it would be much easier if she gave me a little time and space to do so.

“I won’t get bored,” she countered.

Penny stood from her chair and walked around my desk. She sat in my lap and looked me in the face. I stared back at her, wondering what she was thinking at that moment. She smiled devilishly and laid her head on my shoulder.

“If I didn’t have my period I would be fucking the shit out of you right now,” she revealed.

“Really, would that be part of the game,” I wondered aloud.

“Yes it would,” she growled. “It’s my turn.”

“I see,” I said. “Well, then I am sorry you have your period.”

“Me too,” she agreed. “But, take what you can get. I will play and you work.”

Penny jumped off my lap and undid my belt. She unbuttoned and unzippered my pants before lowering them past my knees. As I sat in my chair, Penny got on her knees positioned her head near my lap. She pulled my chair closer to her bahçeşehir escort and began licking my half soft cock. I winced as she ran her tongue along my limp shaft. My dick immediately began to respond by getting firmer. I could feel the blood rushing to my crotch as Penny slobbered on my member.

When I was fully engorged, Penny began taking my pole into her mouth. She worked my rod with her lips and tongue, swallowing my entire length repeatedly. I was in heaven and there was no way to concentrate on work. I quickly shut down my computer as Penny continued to suck me off. She bobbed her head up and down quickly, gagging on my tool as it hit the back of her throat frequently. She was amazing.

I breathed out heavily as she was stroking my shaft between suck sessions. Penny put my prick back into her mouth and began to devour me at a hurried pace. She grabbed the arms of the chair for leverage and really went to work. Her pace increased as she licked the underside of my shaft and my nuts before consuming my entire length once again. I grabbed her hands on the arms of the chair as I felt my climax near. Penny increased her speed again, determined to finish me off. She plunged her mouth down on my penis again and again until I burst in her mouth. I shot streams of seamen into her mouth and down her throat. Penny took all my juice and then released my cock from her lips.

She tucked my pecker back into my pants and zippered me up. Penny pulled me from my chair and hugged me tightly. She kissed me on the cheek and then led me out of my office by the hand.

It was time to go home.

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