Adventures with Friend’s Mother

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The warm air hit my face like the heat from an oven, as we exited the airport. The warm Hawaiian breeze only made me more excited for this following week. My best friend and I just graduated highschool, being new 18 year olds, we were looking forward to the skimpy bikini girls on the beach. Little did he know, I was much more interested in someone else, and have been for a while.

I was on vacation with my friend’s family. Just the four of us were in Maui, Hawaii. Riley and I, and Riley’s parents. Mr and Mrs’ Taylor. I had a crush on Mrs Taylor for a while. Her soft and glowing smile, matched with her cute auburn hair was the ultimate milf fantasy.

I know her cup size from visiting her laundry bag too often, and what her snatch smells like. I was obsessed with Candice Taylor. Now with this whole week to spy on her in a bikini was a dream.

We first unpacked at the villa we were staying at. I was given my own room, while Riley slept on the sofa bed. Riley wanted to hit the beach right away but I had hardly slept over the last 24 hours. I sent him off on his own as I set an alarm for an hour or napping.

It slept through my alarm. I checked the time to see that it was already 4pm, 3 hours since we arrived. I went out into the hallway to see what we were planning on doing.

No one was in sight, I checked all the doors, before seeing out the window, Riley and his dad trying to surf the tide on the boogie boards, clearly with no skill or coordination. Not only that, just a few feet from the patio door, Mrs Taylor was suntanning in her white bikini. I had to bite my tongue to not groan as my dick grew instantly. She was facing away, laughing and watching her family play, in her hand was a novel, only a few pages deep.

I crept back a few steps and re-entered the bedroom. I unzipped the suitcase on the bed and rummaged around for Candice’s panties. I stopped my search when I saw through Escort bayan the bathroom door, her black yoga pants in a bundle on the floor. I headed over there and still entangled within, a pair of black panties. The edges lined with sexy lace, and the crotch a creamy white, stained with her sweet pussy juices from the plane ride. I peeked out the door and down the hallway. I had a good view of Candice’s ass from here. I could see the outline of her pussy lips when she spread her legs. I wanted to just pull the bikini aside and lick her clean. I had the next best thing in my hand though, I sniffed and jerked off with her panties. I could feel a heavy load building up. Quickly, I wrapped my cock in her panties and began emptying inside the pair. I had my eyes closed in euphoria, when I heard the door slide open. I snapped back into reality. I quickly pulled my pants up, but everything was a mess. I had her panties in my hands, clearly soaked in my creamy cum, i just tossed it back into the bathroom in a panic. Her luggage was still unzipped and clearly rummaged through.

I am fucked. I could her Candice call my name, I peeked my head out and flushed red when she saw me. I could only begin to stammer an apology before she began talking.

“What are you doing in there? Come out, its wonderful outside,” she exclaimed before walking towards the door. I slipped past her in the hallway, my nose twitched as I could smell the same scent on her that were on the panties. I ran into my room as she went into her room. I was losing my mind, and began to think of excuses or apologies. Nothing could come to my mind, and I accepted my fate. I headed back outside, but her door was closed. I checked outside and she wasn’t out there either.

*knock* *knock*

I opened the door to see Candice sitting on her bed, her face flushed.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Taylor,” I began to say before my butterflies Escort stopped any more words from forming. I could only look own to avoid her bright green eyes. I turned my head to the side. I noticed that the panties were gone. Picked off the floor where I threw them. I looked up and saw them bundled up in her hands.

“Look Justin, I know what you did with these,” she said as she held out the black pair of panties, ” why would you want to though, they are just underwear?” I couldn’t help to notice my creamy mess was gone. All that remained was a damp circle where my load used to be. I looked at her finger and saw the small remnants of my cum. I glanced back up just fast enough to catch her lick her lips.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking,” I mumbled out before quickly exiting. I prayed that she wouldn’t tell Riley of his father, or this is going to be a long week.

Right across the hall, Candice was sucking the last bit of cum off her finger before returning to her rubbing. She climaxed harder than she had in the last year. Soaking her bikini bottom, she changed into a dress, but not before she threw her bottoms into Justin’s room, and giving him a wink and a smile.

My erection sprung up again the instant I saw her face. Her white bottoms landed by my feet. When I went to pick them up, she was gone. The material was soaking wet. I had a small taste, before I collapse from a heart attack. I sit myself down and thought this through. I went back outside to catch Candice before she went outside. I quickly took her hand and pulled her back into the room. I lead her to the kitchen and we are silent for a minute. In clear view from the glass door, and her husband, I begin kissing her neck.

“Justin, what are you doing! Mark is right there,” she was sharply whispering. I crept up to her cheek, before attacking her soft lips with mine. She moans deeply Bayan escort as I bite her lip, and we dance with out tongues. I break free and spin her around. With her bending over the counter, I lift up her dress. Her cute butt was naked underneath. I give her a few forceful slaps on the cheeks, instantly reddening. I groped her snatch from below, while I kissed the back of her neck and took a good whiff of her body scent, Her pussy was easily soaked. I began fingering her and her body was shaking. She slaps my hand away, when I realize Mark walking back from the beach. I duck down, using the kitchen as a cover. I hear the door open as Mark walked in.

“What’s up honey? Where’s Justin?” he asked Candice.

“Oh, I was just about to make myself a cup of tea, and I think Justin is still sleeping,” Candace responded.

I was stuck here, while they began the conversation. Mark took a seat on the opposite side of the counter and I was getting bored. I couldn’t help myself as I took a peek up her short sun dress. Her pussy looked so tasty from here. I could see the streaks of her juices running down her inner thigh. I leaned in and licked them clean. She seemed to enjoy this as her legs spread wider. I re positioned myself and began to eat her out. Her small patch of brown hair tickled me as I licked her slits, I snuck a finger inside and had to go very slow to avoid any noise. I could tell she was close to cumming from her rolling body movements. She gripped my hair tight and shoved me deeper as she began to cum. Her juices squirted over my face and luckily, my shirt absorbed the majority of the wetness.

“Are you okay baby? Whats wrong?” Mark asked as he saw her buckle from her orgasm.

“Nothing, just my tummy seems to be hurting, maybe i should lie down. Go back to Riley, he’s waiting for you.”

I could hear a quick kiss before he got up and walked away. She pulled my head out from her dress, and began to kiss me. Soon we were lying on the kitchen floor half clothed. We had to clean up since it was getting close to dinner time. My cock was hurting after that encounter. I had to fuck her during this trip, but I am going to have to wait for now.

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