Adventures of the Photographer

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* * * * *

It was a day like any other. I had come to work and was fiddling with my equipment, checking shutters, lights, making sure my stuff was in proper working condition. I was one of the photographers at the studio, but we all had our own equipment since we often went on location often setting up a make shift studio on the spot.

Most of our clients were commercial accounts, although we did do weddings, parties, and family portraits from time to time. Today was slow, I was waiting for a shipment of hand tools to arrive to take pictures of for each tools packaging that it would be put in. It wasn’t too hard work, although I’d admit that it wasn’t what I went to college for, I had dreams of being a fashion/art photographer but I was making good money doing this so I wasn’t complaining. I always liked the shoots that had real models in them cause it was always more fun working with a real person than an inanimate object. My extension rang and I picked it up.

“Hello, CBA Photography, this is BJ,” I answered. A quiet sultry female voice asked if this was one of the photographers.

“It sure is miss, how can I help you?”

She asked if I ever took private family photos, and I told her that we did, but usually only when we were not busy. She asked if I or any of the other photographers did work on the side for extra money and I told her that depending on the work I was always interested in making money on the side. She told me her name was Erin and that she wanted to take some portraits and maybe some headshots because she was an aspiring actress. I told her I’d be happy to do that for her and we set up a shoot for the next day when I got off work.

She told me to do the shoot at her house, for there was a great backyard that she said would make a nice background. I drove out to her house around 3:00 pm, and after a short drive through the country I arrived at a small but nice looking ranch house off of a long driveway. Erin had been right, her property was very pretty, and secluded which was also quite nice. I got out of my truck and walked up to the door. Before I even knocked the door opened and a very cute young girl around 21 opened the door. She was about 5 foot 4, and had a nice sporty body.

“Nice to meet you Erin” I said offering my hand.

“Thanks for coming all the way out here BJ, I’ve been wanting some nice pictures for a while but didn’t want to go to some portrait studio with a bunch of screaming kids waiting in the lobby.” She said looking at me with her big blue eyes.

I laughed and told her that I’d just be a minute getting my equipment from my truck and where would she like to start. She told me the backyard would be good to start with cause it wouldn’t be sunny too much longer. I grabbed my stuff and headed around the Escort Ankara side of her house. We decided to do some full-length shots of her in a summer dress with out shoes. She looked great with the sun starting to go down and the light just bounced off her short blonde hair catching the red highlights. Erin had a nice body that looked good in her dress, showing off enough curves to entice but nothing too revealing. After a roll of film I asked her if she had any other outfits to try on before the sun set. She quickly ran into the house while I changed film and emerged in a wonderful one-piece bathing suit. She said that some modeling jobs wanted a swimsuit shot and this was the only one that was clean. I did admit that she looked great; the suit hugged her breasts and showed of her hips. Her legs were long and toned; she must be an athlete, maybe a tennis player or a swimmer.

She did some nice standing poses, then lay in the grass on her stomach and crossed her feet at her ankles up in the air. She arched her back, showing her amazing ass. It looked so tight! She gave me some great pouty looks, the camera was eating her up, and she had this sensual smile. I used another roll on her and by this point the sun was getting a little to low for the lighting I wanted. I suggested if she wanted anything more we should head inside and I would set up my studio lights.

She said she had a few more outfits to try on, so we went inside and I got out my lights and stands and started to set up in her living room. There was a lot of space in there and after moving some tables out of the way I had a nice space to work with. Erin gave me a beer and said she was going to change. I sipped away while I used my light meter and checked my lights to get a nice warm effect. Erin went into her room and changed, although I noticed she didn’t close the door. She emerged after a minute in a clingy red nighty this was getting interesting. The outfit was actually a sheer red material that went down to her thighs, underneath was a red bra and thong. The out fit looked gorgeous on her. She smiled when she saw my eyes pop out.

“I guess you approve, I hope I’m not embarrassing you, but I figured while you’re here I might as well get the most out of you. I’m rally proud of my body right now, I’ve been working out and I figure this is the best I’ll ever look, might as well get it on film.” She explained.

“Fine by me, I just want to say how great you look in that” I said.

“Thank you, but I think I look better out of it.” She said with a wink.

She then got down on the floor and did a number of sultry and sexy poses. I guided her through some, but most she came up with on her own. She was on all fours sticking her ass up in the air when I ran out of a roll. She said she was going to change while I changed rolls. After about five minutes of waiting, I walked down Ankara Escort the hall to her open bedroom door. She was standing there naked, her 36 b breasts stood perky and her nipples were hard. She was looking through her closet, she turned and saw me and smiled.

“I’m having a hard time deciding what to wear.” She said as she winked. “Why don’t you help me out?”

I walked over and looked into her closet, she stood in front of me so I checked out her sweet ass as she sorted through some lingerie. She quickly turned around and caught me looking at her ass, now I was staring at her perky tits, and shaved pussy.

“This must be tough for you,” she said, as she rubbed the front of my jeans.” I’d like to help you out if I could.”

Then Erin slowly walked me back and pushed me on to her bed. She grabbed my belt and unzipped my jeans pulling them down. She smiled as she saw my hard cock outlined through the boxer briefs I was wearing. I pulled my t-shirt over my head as Erin got down on her knees and removed my shoes and pants off my feet. Then she grabbed my briefs and yanked them down. My throbbing cock sprung forth and she quickly grabbed it in her small hands.

“Mmmm, this looks yummy!”

She quickly licked my 6-½ inches up and down. It felt amazing, her tongue licked my head slowly, and then she swallowed as much of my hard cock as possible. I was in heaven. She continued sucking me up and down, getting my dick extremely hard. With my dick still in her sweet mouth, she climbed on the bed allowing me to rub her body. I pinched her nipples, softly, then harder. She moaned while licking my hairless balls. I took one of her legs and raised it over my head so that she was now straddling my face. I licked her inner things and dipped my tongue into her wetness. She moaned as my tongue found her clit and began to work it over with slow methodic licking and sucking.

I alternated between her hot clit and slowly fucking her sweet pussy with my tongue. She tasted wonderful, and she was soaking. She began to shove her pussy more towards my outstretched tongue. My hands roamed over her tight ass, rubbing her cheeks and pulling her closer. She continued her deep throating, coming up for air only to let out purrs of desire. We continued our sweet 69 for several minutes culminating in a multiple orgasm outburst, as I got soaked in her wetness.

“Wow, that was great, but I want this big guy inside me now!” She yelled.

Erin quickly turned around and sat on my hard on. She slide my cock slowly into her wet pussy, it was so tight. She leaned in and kissed me deep tasting her own juices on my tongue. We slowly fucked like this for several minutes, kissing deeply the whole time. She rode me hard and deep; her pussy was tight and very wet. After she came again, she wanted to have me on top of her, so she rolled over and I spread Ankara Escort Bayan her muscled legs wide and slowly slide in and out so we could both see my dick penetrating her. My pace increased faster and faster, holding her legs wide.

“Oh god, yes give me that hard dick! Fuck me hard BJ! Oh god I’m gonna cumm…” She screamed and trailed off into a low moan.

“Oh you’re so tight, you look so hot and feel so good!” I whispered into her ear. “I want you to cum in my pussy!” She whispered back.

I let go of her legs and she quickly wrapped them around my body, my hands grabbed her ass as hers grabbed mine. I began to thrust faster and harder. My finger rubbed her tight asshole, and she did the same for me. I inserted and finger in her and she moaned loudly into my ear. She followed by doing the same to me and it was at this point when I felt an orgasm bearing down on me hard. She began to fuck my ass as I fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. Finally I could take no more and I came hard into her sweet pussy.

“Oh yes Erin, I’m cumming so hard, your sooo good!” I yelled.

“Oh me toooooo………….” She screamed.

I kept my cock jammed inside her tightness as we both came. It felt as though we were one person. We kissed deeply, out tongues playing with each other. We held each other for several minutes still inside each other. She asked if I wanted to take a shower, and we climbed into her large shower room. We quickly soaped each other up, each taking turns rubbing each other’s bodies. The warm water felt fabulous as we kissed in the steamy shower. She then rubbed my cock and surprisingly it came to life under her soft sensual touch. Her soapy hand rubbed both my growing cock and massaged my balls. She asked if I had ever tried anal. I told her I hadn’t but was curious. She quickly knelt on a padded seat that was in the corner of the square shaped stall. I got behind her and rubbed my now hard cock on her asshole. She pushed against my hard on and slowly took my cock inch by inch. The water ran down her back over her ass wetting my cock and her asshole at the same time. I slowly slide my cock deeper and deeper, she squeezed her ass muscle as she turned her head and winked at me. She was tighter than anything I’d ever been in. I was the best feeling my cock had ever had. I slowly slide back and forth while my hands pinched her nipples.

Erin kept pushing her ass into my dick, grinding into me. She had one hand to support herself while the other was playing with her clit. I finally got all the way inside her and soon felt another orgasm coming. I told her this and she said to cum deep in her ass because she was going to cum too. We both came at the same time again, moaning deep as the water ran over our naked bodies. I slipped out of her tight ass and she turned around and stood to kiss me deep.

“Thank you for that, it was amazing!” she said.

“No thank you, I’ve never had an orgasm like that.” I told her.

“Well maybe it’s just the first of many!” she giggled.

We dried each other off, and went to her bed where we curled up in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

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