Adventures of John and Pam

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Hi, my name is John. No that is not my real name but for sake of protecting those in this story I have changed the names of those involved. I am a 36 year old man who is married to a short and very skinny wife. My wife we will call Pam, she is also 36 years old and she is obviously a woman. I am 5′ 10″ and 180 pounds medium build. Pam is 5′ and about 100 pounds and a very small build. The incident I shall write about happened a few years ago on a trip we made.

Pam and I were on a trip that takes a little over an hour. I had woke up horny but Pam was not in the mood. I had decided to try and turn my wife on to where she would be so horny she would be willing to have sex. I started out by telling her what I was planning on doing.

I said, “Honey, you know I am horny and you know that during this trip I will try and get you so horny that you will be begging me to make love to you.”

Pam said in response “I am not in the mood and it won’t work.”

I started my plan by saying, “You know, there is a rest stop up ahead, we could always stop and use the rest room to have a bit of fun.”

I start holding her hand with my right hand and steering the van with my left hand. I then proceed to rub her hand and arm. As I go along she starts to adjusts her sitting position. Realizing I’m starting to change her mind maltepe escort I then proceed to expand my rubbing to her left leg. Then she starts to squirm a little.

I then say, “I know you are starting to get turned on, wouldn’t it be so fun if we stopped at that rest stop and had a bit of fun?”

“Be nice hun.” she say’s.

I say “You would love me to kiss you all over.”

Pam then squirms a bit in her seat as I talk

“I would start by kissing you on the lips, then move to your chin, followed by your neck.” I say.

“John, come on.” she begs.

Knowing I almost have her too horny to complain I say, “Then I would proceed to your shoulder and your tits, followed by kissing all the way down your chest and all over your belly.”

Pam said “you little shit, you are starting to drive me crazy.” She always calls me a little shit as a joke and I know she is enjoying herself.

While keeping my eye on the road I continue to rub her alternating from her arm to her leg. I occasionally brush her beautiful tits.

Then about five minutes latter she said “God you win, you little shit you got me going!”

Inwardly I smile and know she now wants me just as much as I want her.

She then reached for my hand and said, “OK! Lets go to that damn rest stop before pendik escort I go stark raving mad and practically rape you on the side of the road!”

As luck would have it the rest stop is just up around the corner. I pull in and am thankful that there are no cars here and we could easily get the mens room all to ourselves.

Upon coming to a full stop Pam gets out fast and say’s, “I can’t believe we are doing this!”

“Oh, come on you love it and you know it!” I say.

She responds by saying, “I know.”

I enter the Bathroom to verify it was empty and told her it was clear and she enters and locks the door.

We start to kiss and hug each other very tightly. I start massaging at the top of her back working my way down to her butt at the same time as she does the same to me.

I then break off the kiss and start to make small kisses down her body. When I reach her neck I unbutton her blouse and then unsnap her blouse. Proceeding with working my way down I concentrate on her small pert tits.

“Oh, yes.” she moans in a soft low voice.

It takes her only a couple minutes till she said, “Damn it, fuck me NOW!”

She then proceeds to remove the rest of her cloths as I hurriedly strip at the same time. A few seconds latter we both are totally naked with ümraniye escort my cock sticking out like a stiff board.

Pam bends over the edge of the toilet using it as leverage to balance herself. I slowly come up behind her and use the tip of my cock to frustrate her even more till she pleads me to put it inside of her.

I slowly insert the tip and taking a very slow time working it all the way in.

God you are so tight, it feels great!” I say to Pam.

Pam was so excited at this point she is moaning and saying “GOD, this feels great!”

I finally get all the way inside of her tight pussy and start to pump in and out of her.

It only takes a few minutes for her to start cumming and yelling “Yes! FUCK YES!”

I start to push my cock in a little faster as she screams “Harder! Fuck me HARDER!”

Hearing this excites me pushing me over the edge and I start to come right after she does. I pump in her hard and fast till my cock starts to shrink.

Then we quickly grabbed our cloths and got dressed and exited the bathroom.

I notice 2 ladies just leaving the woman’s bathroom with a funny look on their faces.

Once in our van I notice about 10 guys pull into the rest stop and proceed to the bathroom. I realize we almost had an audience.

Just after we get in the van she tells me, “Thank you very much, I needed that.”

I then say, “You are very welcome my darling!”

Pam then said, “That was very embarrassing when we left and those people were looking at us funny.”

I just keep my mouth shut with a big smile across my face.

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