Adventures of Jason, Teenage Stud Ch. 02

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The Adventures of Jason, Teenage Stud

Chapter 2

Second Time Around

By Western Tiger

(For sake of clarity, while some characters are in high school, all characters are over 18 and of legal age.)

The month of July 2012 could not have been going better if I’d won the lottery. I was in hog heaven. I was living the dream that every horny teenage male hope’s that he will have. For the past three weeks since 4th of July, I was getting laid on a regular basis. I mean daily and sometime more than once a day. I was fucking an older woman. She was going to be a sophomore in college, and I while I was only a year younger and supposed to be a freshman entering college. In reality, I was about to be a junior in high school.

I am not stupid or slow. I may not be the best student in the world, but the reason I was being held back was the death of my father. He died while I was a sophomore in high school and the emotional loss was very hard on both my mother and I and caused me to drop out of school. That was followed by another year of us moving around while mom looked for a job to support us. That is how I ended up in the backwater town in the middle of deep South Georgia entering high school again. Yet, since I had lost my virginity the first part of July, things were looking up considerably.

My current girlfriend, or maybe I was her current boyfriend. I had never had a girlfriend and I am not sure that I qualified as boyfriend material since I was just revenge sex for her. Her former fiancé Hank had gotten caught screwing a flat-chested young slut at work and was fired on 4th of July weekend. It had been that turmoil that led to the end of her relationship with Hank, and her involvement with me. Her name was Amber, and she was a 19-year-old sex bomb from the local college. She had gotten a job as a summer life guard at the city swimming pool working alongside Hank. That is how we first met. She was an amazingly beautiful girl that I had worshiped from afar when visiting the pool, and I visited almost every day. Just watching her walk around the pool gave me a hardon. She was older, sexy, beautiful, engaged and way out of my league.

Before Amber took me under her wing, or maybe between her thighs would be more accurate, I thought of myself as just a geeky shy boy who swam a lot and stayed to myself. My mom was working to support us at a local shipping company where she had gotten a management job. I had this gift of a very large physical endowment, but I thought I was a freak and wished I didn’t have it. Amber taught me different in a hurry. One night not long after Hank had been fired and she kicked him out of her life, Amber had gotten off work and was very upset over her breakup. I happened to be at the pool and tried to be a friend to her and listen to her. Somehow in her grief, she decided I was the one to flirt with to prove to herself she was still attractive. After some very innocent flirting and kissing, she managed to find out how hung I was. She immediately decided to seduce me (which was not hard to do) and gave me the most unforgettable night of my life. She assumed that I was more experienced than I did, but I was a total virgin and had no sexual experience at all. The sex had started kind of slow but by the end of the evening I was fucking her brains out and she apparently became hooked on my cock size and how I was able to use it to pleasure her. She doesn’t know that I am still in high school and thinks I am just working to save up money for college, and I don’t tell her any different.

Amber could not get enough of my huge teenage cock and of course, I could not live without her juicy pussy. We fucked before her shift, after her shift, on her days off; any chance that we could get together and I could stick my large stick up her sweet, tight pussy, and I was there. Mostly we did it in her car, but sometimes at her dorm apartment when her roommate was away, once at my house when Mom was at work, and a couple of times in the pump room at the city pool. This was the exact spot where Hank had actually been caught and fired for fucking the slut and it gave Amber a particularly sweet revenge to fuck me in the same place.

While Amber thought I was a fantastic lover, she did offer her own advice about improvements I could make. And I listened and learned. She taught me how to caress a woman, how to help her get more excited during foreplay, how to eat pussy, how to change rhythms while screwing to get maximum effect and stimulation. This stuff became invaluable to me in my future sexual conquests. It laid (pardon the pun) the ground work for everything that I was to learn on my long and pleasant journey of seducing the opposite sex. One of the most important things that she taught me was to look for the signs to know a woman was interested and how to go for the score, and more importantly, how to make that woman ready and willing to go right then. Of course, it all depends on the particular female, but these tips helped if the female was willing to speed the process up significantly. And I soon found, they worked!

While I was totally into Amber, she was hot, beautiful, horny and thought I was a stud. I also knew that I Bahçelievler Escort was just revenge sex for her. A way to get over Hank, who she had been set to married before he got caught fucking the flat-chested slut. So, it was both good for me and bad for me because I was developing strong feelings for her. I was getting laid every day, but I was still a guy with his “first” girlfriend. I was developing an emotional connection. Yet, I understood how quickly it could end when it did, so when the opportunity came for a late-night quickie with another girl, I did not say no.

So the night I am talking about, Amber and I had a sexual rendezvous planned for that night. Her roommate was gone for the weekend, so we headed to her place after her shift at the pool. It had been a very long session. I had eaten her pussy on the couch, she had sucked me off in the bathroom, I had taken her once in the bedroom, once doggie-style over the kitchen table, and finished with a spirited bout on the couch where I pounded her tight pussy through seemingly endless climaxes. As I dressed to go home, a smiling bleary-eyed Amber lay on the couch with legs widespread and cum dripping out of her overflowing cunt. She looked at me with glazed eyes and said, “God, I love your cock. You are always ready, and it never goes down.”

It was true. I had found out a lot about the gift that Mom and Dad had given me in the past month of fucking Amber. Where before her, I thought I was a freak of some kind, I now knew that I was really a physical marvel. My teenage cock was long and thick, I had incredible stamina, I rarely lost my erection even after ejaculation, my balls seemed to produce gallons of the creamy white stuff, and I was horny all the time. Part of that was because I “was” young! That is natural, but part of it was the genes my parents had passed down. Before, I had wacked off about 5 to 6 times a day because everything got me excited. Now that I knew I had Amber around, I could wait and enjoy the sexual game and tension. It completely changed how I thought of myself. In the past three weeks, I had changed from a shy young dude with no real interest or purpose to a confident young man with a swagger to his walk and unafraid to talk to people. I glowed with a new self-confidence, and everyone seemed to notice. Certainly my mother did, but other females as well. Females from teenagers to MILF’s seemed to suddenly see me and want to know more about me. My mother seemed to think it came from a successful move to a new town, but I think the women seemed to sense that it was more. My new self-confidence came from the huge rod in my pants, and my ever-increasing ability to use it well.

So, my quickie or my second sexual conquest (however you would like to look at it) took place that night as I rode home on my bike. I was thirsty after my energetic session with Amber and stopped at a market/gas station to get a drink. The place was just about to close, and I dashed in to get an energy drink. The place was empty, there was no one around and it gave me a spooky feeling to be in there. I went to the drink cooler to get my energy drink and crossed up to the counter. No one. I called out to see if anyone was there, again nothing. This was getting little weird. I was about to put some money on the counter and get out of there when I heard someone call out from the back, “I’ll be right there.” I waited a couple of moments, and boy, was the wait worth it! A tall young woman who seemed to be around early 20’s came out of the back. She was dressed extremely goth, especially for my small town. She had olive colored skin and long dyed raven black hair that was shoulder length on one side and was buzz-cut on the other. The long ends of her hair were tipped with blue and red. She wore an off the shoulder black top that showed off some nice cleavage and that stopped a few inches above the waist of her purple plaid micro mini skirt. Several inches of her taut tanned stomach were exposed, and a jewel flashed from her belly button. Her long legs were encased in a pair of black leather thigh high boots with three-inch platforms on the bottoms of them. Her lips were painted a pale white and she had on deep blue eye shadow. She had a deep-blue jeweled stud from a piercing just below her lower lip, and her left wrist and forearm were covered with an amazing flower tat that worked its way up toward her shoulder. While the parts individually may have not worked, put together they were stunning. Even though she was on high platform shoes, she seemed to glide across the room, her nice-sized breasts bouncing with each step. I was speechless. She was mesmerizing. I was totally in awe. Her sensuous movement hypnotized me as she moved. Her swaying hips, the movement of her breasts under the silky fabric of her top and the legs that seemed to go on forever. As she walked behind the counter, a heady perfume of lavender and something else filled my nostrils. She smiled and explained that she was in the bathroom. As she spoke, I noticed her tongue was pieced by a metal stud. “No problem,” I said as she rang my drink up. As she gave me the change, her hand accidently touched Bala Escort mine and an electric current seemed to surge through both of us. We stared at each other for a moment, not moving or speaking.

It was almost as if I was outside my body watching myself, as I realized that this was one of those moments that Amber had been telling me about. Since fucking Amber for the last month, I had come to believe that I was a fairly good-looking guy. I was no longer the skinny, squeaky-voiced runt I had been when Dad had passed, now I was an attractive young man with a swimmer’s build. At 6′ 1″, I had a toned upper body with abs, and defined arms and legs. This goth goddess seemed interested in me, and all I had to do was talk her into letting me fuck her.

With a false confidence that I really did not have, I withdrew my hand and smiled at her. Then I casually asked her about the tattoo on her arm and she was off and talking. For the next fifteen minutes, this wanna-be goth with a soft Southern lilt to her voice talked about everything in her somewhat boring life. How she dropped out of school, her ex-husband and marriage (she was 23), her wish to go to college, why she worked this crummy job, how she longed to be different, and how hard it was to be so different in a small town. I listened calmly and tried to be interested in what she was saying, yet the entire time I was really lusting after her incredibly tight fuckable body. Along the way, she also let it drop that she had more tats and piercings in several locations. I waited for what I hoped was a long enough time and politely inquired about her other tats and where they were. She smiled a devilish smile and turned to show me a Chinese symbol for passion on her left shoulder. Then she lowered the back of her skirt to show me the colorful tramp stamp that spread across her lower back. Then she looked around as if looking to see if anyone was coming in the door, and slowly unzipped her right boot down to her knee and pulled the leather back to reveal an old-time pinup girl on her inside right thigh. The entire time she was turning and moving to show me the different tattoos on her body, she was flashing me with everything she had. I saw down her top and realized she had no bra on. Both times when she showed me her pin-up girl and tramp stamp, she flashed her leopard print panties at me from under her ridiculously short skirt. In spite the fact that I had already cum three times that day, my cock was at full attention as I watched her bend and turn to display for me.

I already knew that this girl thought I was older than 18, and I was felt pretty positive she would fuck me. However, my challenge was to get her from wanting to fuck me on some future date to fucking me now. I didn’t want to date this goth, I just wanted to sink my long cock in what I knew would be her very tight cunt. I was still in “love” with Amber, but what young male with an over-developed libido could resist this lovely Southern belle even if she dressed like a circus clown?

After showing me her pin-up girl, she looked up at me with a come-hither look, and I could only ask the next obvious question, “Do you have other ones as well?” Goth Girl looked at me with a teasing look and mentioned that she “had another tattoo on her left calf, and two on the tops of her feet”. Then with a kittenish tone to her voice, she hinted she had one more major tat and three piercings “in places that she could not show me”. With that statement, she paused and just smiled at me seductively with her white lipstick covered lips. Now was the moment of major decision for both of us. Would I ask what I thought she wanted me to ask, and would she respond the way that I wanted her too? This was the tricky part, the part that separates the men from the boys. If I asked wrong, or pushed too hard, or acted like the typical teenager that I was, this was over. It was like leading a horse to water. You can lead it, but then you may have to coax it to drink. Unsure of how to proceed, I decided a bold and direct approach would work with Goth Girl.

“Will you show me those special ones?”

Goth Girl’s soft, dreamy look changed as though I had slapped her. Gone was the come-hither, fuck me look. I had pushed to hard too soon. She smiled a grim smile at me, and said, “I don’t know you well enough to do that.”

Busted! I had bombed out! I was done. I was toast. I should just take my false sense of self-importance out the door now and go home. I should enjoy my fond fantasies of Goth Girl while masturbating in the privacy of my bedroom. Yet, with nothing really to lose, I pulled a very old trick out of the hat. “If you show me yours, I will show you mine.”

“You have a tattoo?” She asked suspiciously.

“I have something better,” I said encouragingly.

Goth Girl looked at me for what seemed a very long time, then she looked out toward the parking lot to see if anyone had pulled up. Coming around the counter, she grabbed my hand pulling me deeper through the little store to the last row before the standing coolers. She looked around one more time, than dramatically pulled down her top exposing one full, round beautiful Balgat Escort breast with a hard pointed, dusky-rose nipple pierced by a metal stud. I swallowed hard. Her breast was almost nicer than Amber’s. My cock gave a huge lurch, and there was no way that she could have missed the very large tent in the front of my shorts.

“Okay, that is mine. Now show me what you got,” she demanded. I am not sure she was expecting for me to do what I did, but this was the moment I was either going to score or get arrested. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and underwear and pushed them both down. Goth Girl gasped as my giant rod came springing out. All of my almost twelve inches of rock-hard teenage cock was bouncing at a 90-degree angle to my body, and the large mushroom head pointed straight as her awe-struck face.

“Oh my,” was the only thing that came from her mouth as she stared transfixed on my jutting prick.

“I hope that equals what you showed me,” I said eagerly.

Goth Girl just stared at my cock for a long moment, then she stuffed her lovely tit back into her top and hurried toward the front of the store. I was scared for a second that she was going to call the police, but instead she quickly turned off the outside neon sign and put the Closed sign in the window. Next, she rushed towards the back of the store, hips swaying, tits bouncing, and gliding on those three-inch platforms. I knew right then she was going to be the fuck of my short love life. Amber knew lots of stuff, but this woman was “experienced”!

Goth Girl stood at the end of the aisle and yanked her top up over her head. Her two beautiful tits came spilling out both with metal studs through the nipples. I was wheezing with lust that turned me on so much. Then she unzipped her tiny little skirt and it fell to the floor. She was only wearing a tiny leopard skin thong and those black shiny leather thigh high boots. She was smoking!

I hurriedly removed all my clothing and proudly stood nude in front of her, my hard prick swaying with my movements. I swallowed and nervously walked toward her, and her eyes never left my swaying cock the entire way. I had her! She was hypnotized by my giant prick. I stopped right in front of her, and she raised her eyes to mine.

“I haven’t done this is a while,” she said.

I was taken aback. “Really? I would have thought you could have as much sex as you wanted.”

“I am not a slut. You’re right. I get five or six offers a day in this dump for dates or sex or whatever. But just because I dress provocatively doesn’t mean I am easy. In a small town, you have to be careful of the rumors. I want to be different, not a slut.”

Just then, my brain realized I was looking into the eyes of a human being and not a piece of ass. And I also began to fear that this encounter was going to go a completely different direction.

In spite of my worry, she looked down at my prick and taking my throbbing shaft firmly in her hand she stated. “But with this slab of meat,” she cooed while starting to stroke my towering monster, “I am happy to be a slut. Jesus, you are hung!”

To my delight, she sank to her knees. After several seconds of just admiring my big swinging dick, she began planting soft kisses all long my swollen prick as she moved down toward my bloated balls. When she reached the base of my cock, she took them into her soft hands, gently squeezing them. She looked up at me with wonder, “Your nuts are so heavy! You must have gallons of cum in these things!”

Goth began licking my prick like a lollipop making it jump and bob with excitement. She slowly worked her way up to the tip of my purple-headed monster licking up all the pre-cum that was flowing out of my piss slit. After her tongue danced along the top of my prick, she lowered her full luscious lips and engulfed me in her hot mouth. I could feel her tongue stud scraping gently along the length of my penis, and her mouth filling with warm saliva as she began to work up and down my shaft. It felt terrific, and she was clearly very experienced as she gave even better head than Amber. I could feel the pressure start deep inside of my balls as Goth worked her oral magic. She kept running her tongue stud over the gaggle of nerves on the underneath of my cock, and it wasn’t going to be long before I was going to fill her sweet mouth with my hot cum. With her tongue flicking back and forth on my shuddering cock and her warm hands softly squeezing my swollen nuts, she was taking me right to the edge. My breathing became ragged as the fire in my balls grew in its intensity. I felt it coming, building, and then the sweet release as the sperm came surging up my discharging cock and exploding into her mouth. I screamed out my pleasure as jet after jet of hot jizz shot into her hungry mouth, and she gulped each one of them down. My male juice was overflowing into her mouth, so over and over again she had to swallow to keep up with the deluge. Some overflowed the corners of her lips and fell in droplets onto her bouncing rack. Finally, my balls were done pumping and I staggered back against the coolers pulling my giant prick from her mouth. Goth looked at me suggestively as she scooped up all the extra cum from her face or that had fallen on her lovely tits and sensually licked it off her fingers. Then scooting across the floor to me on her knees, she used her tongue to clean up the last globs of sperm left on my dangling shaft. As usual, my proud manhood did not go down at all and she was stunned.

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