Adventures of Amanda Kane Ch. 03

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All characters or places in this and any following stories in this line are fictitious any similarity to actual persons are purely accidental.


It had been a few days since Amanda and her friends had gotten together and had so much fun. She had learned so much about herself and the others. Amanda never would have believed that she was capable of the type of things she had done or was still thinking of doing again. As she lay there sunning herself, next to her pool, she thought back to that day and smiled. The memories were enough to make her consider calling one of the others to come “play”. Just as she was about to doze off she heard a sound coming from her right, and she peeked out to see the most gorgeous sight. Standing there in all his glory was the cutest sexiest young man. He stood about 6 foot with dark brown hair and the most golden of tans. Every muscle rippled as he cleaned the pool. Amanda was immediately ashamed of herself. She was old enough to be his mother, but that didn’t stop her for very long though.

“Excuse me!” Amanda called to him. “Could you help me here?”

The young man looked up from what he was doing and looked around to make sure he was who she was talking to. Once he was sure he walked over to where she was laying and asked “How can I help you Mrs. Kane?”

“To start with you can drop the Mrs. just call me Amanda, and what is you name?”

“I am Paulo”

“It is nice to meet you Paulo. I don’t remember seeing you here before. Are you new?”

“Si, I am new to this job and new to this country. I am a student at the University studying film. Someday I will be a great film maker.”

“What type of films do you make?” Amanda asked.

” I want to make people laugh, so I make comedies.”

“We need more laughter in this world. I called you over to help me out. Do you think you can do that?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye. Amanda had already decided that she wanted to taste this delicious young man. She was getting moist just thinking of what he would look like naked and how good he would feel thrust inside of her.

“Yes, I can help. What do you need?”

“Now that is a loaded question” she giggled. “What I need is for you you put some lotion on me so that I don’t burn. Kıbrıs Escort Can you do that for me?” Amanda asked as she turned over onto her stomach.

“No problem” Paulo answered. Taking the lotion from her, and squeezing a little into his hand, he warmed it just a little before placing his hands on her back. As he continued rubbing the lotion on her back he worked his way down until he was at the top of her bikini bottoms.

“Don’t stop there. You are doing a great job, keep it up. Make sure you get just under the waistband. It seems that is where I burn the worst.”

Paulo had no plans to stop anywhere. He had heard stories of how sexy she was and now that he had her so close he wanted to see how far he could go. He continued to rub on down her legs and when finished asked her to turn over and he would do the other side. Surprisingly she turned over. This encouraged him. He knew that she was not looking to get a tan today. She too was thinking of something else. Taking more lotion he started to rub the front of her. Now she was looking directly into his eyes and the passion he saw there almost scared him. He was no stranger to sex, in fact he had pleased many a woman in his short sexual life. This he could tell was going to be even better. Her skin was so smooth and so hot it made his hands hot. Her belly quivered as his hands touched it. He looked in her eyes as she licked her lips. It was too much for him and he bent down to kiss those lips. Gently at first and then with passion his mouth played over hers. He felt her sucking at his tongue and was struggling to remain in control of the situation. He was losing ground fast. He broke the kiss to find that in his delirium she had unzipped his fly and had her hand wrapped around his cock. As he sat up so did she but unlike him she continued her move until she had his cock in her mouth. Paulo couldn’t believe this was happening. He lay back and felt her urging him to a more comfortable position on the lounger. Amanda was now kneeling between his legs making and all day sucker out of his most sensitive part.

Amanda could feel him swelling as he was about to cum. She renewed her efforts by sucking him deeper down her throat, and with the muscles in the back started to suck Kıbrıs Escort Bayan double time. Soon she was rewarded with a warm drink of cream. At just at that time she too came. This was even better than she had imagined. She planed to spend the rest of the day enjoying what this young man had to offer.

Paulo lay there trying to catch his breath. He was surprised at how quickly she had gotten him off, and also at how hard he still was. Her lips continued to play over his member arousing it more and more. As his heart was returning to it regular beat his sat up careful not to pull out of her mouth. Amanda looked up in to his eyes at that moment and he could tell she was smiling.

Amanda released his cock and with the tip of her index finger wiped the corners of her mouth and sucked all the cream off. “Umm! Quite tasty and filling.” she giggled. “I didn’t realize how hungry I was.”

Lifting her up by her arms, he placed her onto the lounger and untied the strings from her bikini and eased them off of her body. She was tanned all over her body. It was obvious that she sunbathed in the buff a lot. Kissing her lips, and then working his way down her body. He soon was at the juncture of her legs and could smell the musk that was her. Taking a deep breath of her scent he dove in and began to dine on her much like she had just done to him. His tongue licked up her slit stopping at her clit to nibble and flick. He could tell that this was arousing her more. Her clit swelled up and got harder. Paulo suck on it like a baby sucking on a tit.

Amanda was going insane with feelings. Every time he sucked on her little button it was as if every nerve in her body was electrified. She didn’t know how long she go hold off cumming. She was sooo close. All of a sudden she was there. Stars were shooting behind her eyes, her ears were ringing, and she felt as if her insides had turned to liquid. Amanda reached down and grabbed Paulo by the hair and pulled him deep into her center.

Paulo knew then that this was a good one for her. He drank until she released his head and went limp. He wasn’t sure if she had just relaxed or if she had passed out, but was reassured to see her move. Kissing his way back up her body until he reached Escort Kıbrıs her neck, he settled at there to recoup.

Amanda smiled in contentment and began to hump her hips ever so slowly. Her goal was to slowly arouse him to attention. She was soon rewarded with his shaft becoming rock hard.

When Paulo felt what was happening to him he too smiled. This woman was hotter

than he had ever had. He knew then what his father had always told him of older women making good teachers. By this time he was once again hard and ready to go. He could feel the heat coming off of her body and that just aroused him even more. Rising up, and with one swift move he finally buried himself in her body.

Amanda moaned at just that moment. “I always love that feeling. It is as if I have been holding my breath and can finally breathe. I feel so full.”

Paulo heard her comment and thrust into her again a little harder. He then pulled out about half way and then back in. Over and over he pumped. Sometimes fast and sometimes a little slower. Changing strokes now and then. All of this was causing some of the most exquisite sensations for both of them.

Amanda couldn’t believe how alive she felt at this moment. It was amazing how much a young man could do to a persons ego when they are feeling old. Every time he thrust in, shivers would go up and down her spine. She had this urge to suck him totally inside her body. It was if she couldn’t get him deep enough.

All of Amanda’s gyrations had brought him to the verge of cumming and he couldn’t hold off and longer. So with a few last hard jabs he came. Screaming at the top of his lungs. He felt as if she was milking him dry.

The smile on her face when she felt him cumming was radiant. At just that moment she too came hard. She thought to herself that she might bring him the next time all her friends got together. He defiantly was something that Sandy had to try.

After resting for a while the two of them both dove into the pool to cool of and clean up at bit. Soon they were refreshed and Paulo stated that he need to get back to what she was paying him for and finish cleaning the pool.

Amanda also realized she need to get out of the sun and call Sandy to tell her about her new find. So with a kiss and a promise to do this again they parted.

Unknown to the lovers they had been watched by Adam all the time. He had watch with fascination the two of them as they enjoyed each other. He thought to himself that there were things about his wife he needed to explore.

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