Adventures of a Mailgirl Ch. 03

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The True Life Adventures of a Mailgirl

Chapter 3 – What in Hell Do You Think You’re Doing



As Jamie opened the door to a CEO Jim Dillard’s office she found Jim Dillard, Jack Fuentes, and an Asian woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s seated around a conference table. The men rose to their feet as Jamie and Anne entered.

“Ms. Richmond, Ms. Bishop, please come in,” Dillard said.

“Thanks for coming,” Fuentes said.

Slightly sweaty from the walk up the stairs, Anne felt the chill of air conditioning on her hooch and shivered. She wasn’t sure if the shiver was from the cold or the fact that she was standing completely naked in the CEO’s office.

Dillard turned to Jamie. “Thank you Ms. Richmond, that will be all for now.”

Jamie gave Anne a reassuring smile and squeezed her hand. “Good luck.”

As Jamie exited the room, Anne felt vulnerable and alone.

Dillard smiled and extended his hand to Anne. “I’m Jim Dillard, this is the director of the Mailgirls Reality Show, Mark Fuentes, and Akako Hayashi.”

Anne exchanged handshakes with everyone and the committee sat down. Anne looked for a seat but Dillard gestured to a yoga mat on the floor.

“A mailgirl never uses the furniture, please kneel,” Dillard said.

Anne knelt down on the mat and put her hands on her lap. Her heart was racing, her head spinning, and trembling slightly. Anne wanted to leave but where could she go? Without clothes, she was stuck.

“Hands on your legs and knees shoulder length apart please.”

Reluctantly, Anne complied, rewarding the committee with an unobstructed view of her nudity.

Ms. Hayashi began the questioning, “Anne, I’d like to ask some questions if that is O.K.?”

“Yes ma’am,” Anne replied.

“Do you live with anyone?”


“Do you have any siblings?”

“A sister.”

“Are your parents still alive?”


“Do they live together?”

“No. They divorced when I was young.”

“Do either your parents or your sister live close by?”

“No. They live out of state.”

“Are you currently in a romantic relationship?”


“When was your last romantic relationship?”

“Eight months ago.”

“When was the last time you were sexually active?”

“Nine months ago.”

“How many sexual partners have you had in your lifetime?”


“Are you heterosexual, homosexual, or bi?”


“Have you ever been romantically involved with a woman?”


“Have you ever considered it?”


Anne could feel the embarrassment and nervous tension building. This was the most bizarre psychological exam ever. How had she let this go so far? What had started as a curiosity and sexual fantasy had developed into Anne walking up to the Executive Suite completely naked, kneeling in front of them, and answering personal questions about her sex life. The situation was totally out of control and Anne was in way over her head but she had no idea how to extricate herself.

“Have any of you sexual encounters ever involved bondage or discipline?”


“Would you like to engage in bondage or discipline?”

The question frightened Anne a bit. “I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Have any of your sexual encounters ever involved role play?”


“If you were to role play in a sexual encounter about slavery, would you want to be the master or the slave?”

Anne paused and was confused for a moment. “I don’t know. Slave I suppose.”

“In your sexual encounters, did you initiate or respond?”


“Would you describe your role in sexual encounters as dominate, submissive, or equal?”

The word “submissive” slipped from Anne’s lips even before she had fully considered the question. Was she really as submissive as her answers implied? She had never considered herself a submissive. Anne glanced down. The fact that she was answering intimate questions about her sexuality while fully naked and kneeling on mat in front of strangers at her place of employment clearly spoke for itself.

“Have you ever been nude in public before?”

“No ma’am”

“Have you ever thought about it? Sunbathing topless, a nude beach perhaps.”

“Yes. I’ve thought about it some I guess.”

“Why didn’t you do it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Have you ever had fantasies of being nude in public?”


“What fantasies?”

“I’ve often fantasized about running a triathlon nude. Sometimes when I am running a race and I am exhausted, I imagine that I’ve somehow lost my clothes and everyone is cheering me. It gives me a little extra energy.”

“Any other fantasies?”

Suddenly bashful, Anne looked down. “Being a mailgirl.”

“On a 10 point scale, how would you rate your body?”

“A six, maybe a five I guess.”

“Stand up,” Ms. Hayashi instructed.

Anne obeyed.

Ms. Hayashi made a twirling motion altyazılı porno with her index finger. “Turn around for us.”

Anne turned around in a slow 360 degree rotation. It dawned on Anne that the word please was on longer being used in the interview. The committee was no longer making requests of her, everything was a command.

“Are you ashamed of your body?”

“No ma’am.”

“If you could change your body in any way, what would it be?”

Anne was reminded of her own nudity as all three committee members were carefully examining Anne’s naked body from head to toe. Embarrassed, Anne struggled to concentrate.

“Well, uh, I guess I’d like to have a little bigger boobs, maybe a B-cup.”

As Anne nervously fidgeted, the three committee members examined her breasts intensely. Fuentes nodded his head slightly.

“Anything else?”

“And I’d like to have a little more of a figure and a little prettier a face.” Anne admitted.

“What do you like about your body?”

Anne felt awkward describing her feelings about her body standing naked in front of three strangers but continued. “I like my abs; I like my legs; and I like my ass.”

The committee looked at Anne’s stomach and her legs with approval.

“Turn around and show us your ass,” Ms. Hayashi directed.

Although shocked at the request, Anne turned around and gave the committee a good look at her buttocks.

“Feet shoulder length apart.”

The psychological examine was getting more than a little personal but Anne complied.

“Now, bend over.”

Stunned and embarrassed, Anne hesitated.

“Bend over,” Ms. Hayashi’s voice took an authoritative tone.

Anne bent her torso over a foot.


Hesitantly, Anne bent over a few more inches.

Ms. Hayashi’s voice became even more authoritative, “more.”

Anne shot a glance back at Ms. Hayashi in astonishment and thought to herself “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Ms. Hayashi looked resolute; she wasn’t kidding. Flustered but feeling that she had no other choice, Anne bent way down and gave the committee the million dollar view of her buttocks, asshole and hooch. Not even Anne’s gynecologist got this much of a view she thought.

When she glanced back all three members of the committee were leaning forward and carefully inspecting Anne’s anatomy. The men nodding their head in approval.

“Stand up and face me.”

Relieved, Anne did so quickly.

“How do you feel about showing three strangers your body?”

“I’m not sure. A little scary I guess.”

“Does it bother you when I stare at your vagina?”

All three of the committee gazed intently at Anne’s genitalia. Instinctively, Anne covered herself with her hands.

“Are you ashamed of your vagina?”

“I’m just not used to people looking at it.”


Anne resumed a kneeling position on the mat.

“I’m going to show you some photographs and I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.”


The first photo was of two young women standing beside one another, one was fully dressed and the other nude.


“Why nude?”

“She’s not wearing any clothes.”

“But there are two women in the photo, only one is nude.”

“I don’t know, the nude is more unusual, I guess, more interesting.” Anne said.

Which woman would you rather be in this photo?”

“Nude, I think.”

“I see.”

Ms. Hayashi handed Anne a second photograph. It depicted a nude woman with the number 12 written in black in six inch letters on her buttocks handing a fully clothed woman sitting at a cubical a piece of mail in an office setting.


“Why mailgirl? There are two women in the photograph.” Ms. Hayashi said.

“The mailgirl is more exciting.”

“Which would you rather be?”

“The mailgirl.”

The Ms. Hayashi handed Anne a photograph of a rich woman in bejeweled and wearing expensive clothing, standing beside of a Bentley with a poodle sporting a diamond studded collar, looking at disdain at an athletic young woman sunbathing in the grass beside the car wearing only a suntan. The age of the women were similar.


“Which would you rather be, the rich woman or the naked one?”



“The naked woman looks like she’s enjoying life, the rich woman looks like she’s too stuck up to be happy.”

The Ms. Hayashi put away the photos. “Let’s try some word association.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“When I say a sentence, finish the sentence with the first thought that comes into your mind.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Men are?”


Ms. Hayashi looked curious and paused to allow Anne time for an explanation.

Anne shrugged. “My last couple of romances ended badly.”

“A woman’s place is?”

“Wherever she wants to be.”

“One more. A mailgirl is?”


“Very good.” The Ms. Hayashi paused for a moment. “Anne, tell me why you amatör porno want to be a mailgirl?”

Anne looked down in embarrassment. “I want to be pretty.”

“Stand up,” Dillard ordered.

Anne stood up and looked down. The enormity of her plight began to sink in. Anne had become a naked puppet, standing on the 15th floor in the executive suite, in her place of employment, and she wasn’t even sure when she could get dressed again. She would probably have to walk back to the 5th floor nude to get them. Dozens of people had seen her. There would be security footage of her everywhere. Surely this would get back to Benefits. Anne wondered if she would still have a job when she finally got back downstairs or if she would even want it once word of her mailgirl interview got out.

“Ms. Bishop, I’m pleased to inform you that you have passed the psychological,” Dillard said.

“I did?”

“Yes. There is only one final test. If you successfully complete this test, you will be offered a position as a mailgirl.”

Anne’s heart jumped. For the first time that day she realized that she really wanted to be a mailgirl. She thought she was just going through all the interview living out a sexual fantasy but suddenly Anne realized that there is no way that she would have allowed herself to end up bare-ass naked in front of a bunch of strangers on the 15th floor if she didn’t really want to go through with it.

“Yes,” Anne responded.

“We want you to deliver a piece of mail.”

“Yes sir.” Anne’s heart pounded in excitement; she was really going to do this; she was really going to be a mailgirl. She knew that this was bat-shit crazy; she knew that everyone in the building, a worldwide television audience, a world-wide internet would see her naked; she knew that her career at TRG would be over; she knew that all her co-workers in benefits would think she was a shameless whore and she had no idea how this career change would affect her life but it didn’t matter. She was going to be a mailgirl. For better or worse, her fantasy was now real.

Dillard handed Anne an envelope. “There is a memorandum and an acknowledgement in this envelope. Deliver the memorandum and bring me back the acknowledgement.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will have just five minutes to deliver the mail and five minutes to bring back the acknowledgement to this room.”

The address read:

Rebecca Paget, Senior Benefits Coordinator

Benefits Department

11th floor, Room 1125

Horrified, the address would cause Anne to deliver the message to her supervisor in the middle of the floor in which she worked while completely nude. Anne looked down at her shoes but all there was to see was her feet, there were no shoes or any other clothing for that matter. If she did this, within five minutes everyone in the Benefits Department would see her completely naked.

Anne glanced at her twat. If she went through with this delivery, within five minutes, everyone in the Benefits Department would get to see, and potentially photograph, her twat. And, while the young triathlete as proud of her buttocks, she wasn’t quite ready to show her ass off to the entire Benefits Department.

“Oh, God,” Anne exclaimed.

Dillard looked concerned. “Is there a problem?”

Anne stammered, “well, uh, it’s just that, uh,”

“Is there a problem?”

Anne thought for a moment. If she walked into the benefits department and showed everyone her hooch, she would be finished at Benefits and probably at TRG. At that point Anne would have no choice but to become a mailgirl. However, with so many people having seen her walking around the building naked and all the security camera video, she feared she had already gone too far to turn back. For better or worse, Anne’s fantasy had turned into her reality.

“Uh, no sir,”

“You know, if you’re going to be a mailgirl, we’re going to depend on you to go all over the building,” Dillard said. “If you don’t think you can do that, you need to tell me now.”

“There’s no problem sir.”

“Well then, you’d best hurry, you’re on the clock.” Dillard taped his watch.

Anne looked around the room. Everyone was staring at her wondering what she was going to do. Anne paused for a moment and considered her options. Anne felt certain that the entire building was now aware that there was a naked mailgirl running loose somewhere in the TRG complex and they would be on the lookout. Further, a description of the floozy was surely being circulated and the fact that Anne was not back from lunch by now would raise suspicion.

Surely someone took a photo of her somewhere and that would be quickly distributed. Even if she had not been photographed as of yet, by now there would be dozens of people roaming the halls on safari for a mailgirl, particularly on the 5th floor, the home of the Mailgirl Program. Unfortunately, Anne’s clothes were locked up on the 5th floor. There would be no way to get back to her clothes without being spotted and photographed.

Anne’s choices anal porno were simple. She could either live the fantasy or try to live with the shame. But Anne knew that trying to live with the scorn and ridicule which was sure to come if she went back to Benefits was not an option. She’d probably be fired anyway within the hour anyway.

There seemed only one thing she could do. Anne took notice of her surroundings. She was standing completely naked in a conference room on the executive suite in front of the CEO holding a piece of mail which he expected her to deliver in the nude. A sexual rush overcame her. She had no choice. It was no longer just a fantasy, Anne was actually going to do this; she was going to be a mailgirl.

“Thank you sir. Thank you. You won’t regret this.”


Anne scampered out of the room and down the hall. People starred and the receptionist scoffed as she went by but it didn’t matter. She was now a mailgirl and she had her first delivery. Five minutes was plenty of time for a woman as well conditioned as Anne to make it down to the 11th floor and make the delivery as long as she kept moving and when you’re completely naked and people are staring at you twat, it’s a good idea to keep moving she thought to herself. She hit the stairway at a fast jog and hurried down the stairs to the 11th floor. Mercifully, the stairway was empty.

Throwing open the door to the 11th floor lobby, Anne started to run out into the lobby but rolled behind the door and slammed it shut instead. The lobby was filled with people waiting for elevators. 20 or 30 people were in that lobby and many worked in benefits. She would be recognized. While Anne realized that, if she wanted to become a mailgirl, this moment would come, Anne still wasn’t ready for the curtains to go up on her nudity quite yet.

This was it. This was Anne’s Rubicon; her point of no return. Any slim chance of Anne had of resuming her old life was about to end. Once she ran out into that lobby, there could be no going back, Anne’s life would completely change, she would be a mailgirl and for the next two years, spend her days running around the TRG building delivering mail in the nude.

She wanted a minute to gather her courage but Anne knew she had a deadline. If she missed her deadline, all of this may have been for nothing. Fighting back a tremble and summonsing all the courage she had left in her body, Anne took a deep breath, opened the door and ran out into the lobby.

Jamie, Dillard, Fuentes, and the Ms. Hayashi all watched Anne via security cameras as she crossed the 11th floor elevator lobby on a 100 inch television monitor from Dillard’s office.

Fuentes smiled. “I wasn’t sure she could do it.”

Jamie, who had rejoined the group as soon as Anne left, looked curious. “How did you determine what was passing on the psychological? The questions seemed so subjective.”

Dillard shrugged. “The questions had nothing to do with it; they were mostly irrelevant. She passed the psychological when she took her clothes off, walked up here, knelt down on the mat, and obeyed our commands.”

“So how do you know whether she can mentally take what we’re going to give her?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t. The test wasn’t to see if Ms. Bishop was strong enough to take the stress of being a mailgirl, the test was designed to determine whether she was submissive enough to do it.”

“So when do we find out if she can take it?”

Dillard smiled. “That’s what the show is for.”

Anne paused at the front door to the Benefits Department and gathered her courage for the indignity which was certain to befall her in the next seconds. She would instantly be seen as a depraved slut by all of the women she had worked with for years. Her stomach knotted up in anxiety. Anne looked back at the lobby. Everyone was staring at her and several were photographing her with their cell phone.

“There she is; it’s the mailgirl.” A man pointed at Anne.

“Holy shit!” a man said.

“Who is she?” a voice in the crowd asked.

“Isn’t that Anne Bishop from Benefits?” a female voice answered.

“Anne? Oh my God, it’s Anne,” a male voice said

There was no turning back now. Anne had been recognized and photographed. News of her identity as well as photos of her face and body that would leave nothing to the imagination would be distributed about the entire building in the next few minutes; on the World Wide Web within the hour. She would now be forever known as a TRG mailgirl. Mentally bracing herself for the humiliation that was about to come, Anne gritted her teeth, pulled open the door to the Benefits Department and entered.

Nothing happened; no one noticed. As she walked briskly through the middle of the busy room, the first ten seconds went by without being seen. Everyone was so engrossed in what they were doing that Anne as still as invisible as ever. Diana Little was making copies and never looked up; Cynthia Smith had a full view from her cubicle but was engrossed in her computer; Beth McDaniel concentrated on pouring her coffee and Rhonda Mahoney passed right by Anne texting as she went.

“AHHHHH!” Anne heard a scream and looked behind her. Carlita Lopez, a fellow benefits representative was starring right at Anne and looked like she’d just sucked on a spark plug.

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