Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 05

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It’s been 36 hours since I pulled into this clothing optional RV Park and met two gorgeous older ladies in the trailer next to me. They teach grade school and have a special bond while spending their summer months looking for hard cocks and wet pussies. Lucky for me I chose the spot right next to their rig. Yesterday morning they woke me up on the pretext of fixing their refrigerator. It was just a ploy to get hold of my seven inch cock and use my body for their pleasure. Since I’m not one to complain, I spent the entire day and night with these two sex goddesses, first at the beach and then in the comfort of my trailer.

I woke at 9:00AM and plan a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs with all of the fixings. I was able to get a good six hours rest after a marathon sexual adventure with my camp mate Madeline. I want to enjoy the wonderful morning sun, so I am opting to cook outdoors. I’m also hoping the morning aroma of fried bacon will entice my two voluptuous neighbors to join me.

I setup my kitchen and noticed a fair number of campers already up and about. The steady stream of ladies walking by our area has already brought my cock to a semi rigid state. Most of them are suitably dressed in sandals, hats and sunglasses. I’m a confirmed ‘boob man’, so this RV Park’s policy of sun worshiping is heaven. All shapes and sizes of tits are on display this morning. I’m partial to big breasts, so I hit the jackpot parking next to Madeline and Sandra. They could pass as twin sisters. They both sport the most gorgeous pair of tanned DD’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Each have sexy wide areolae, the color of coral that darken as they are sexually stimulated. Best of all their nipples are the size of my thumb and are constantly erect.

I grab my BBQ apron and start cooking the bacon. I have a few minutes to spare, so I walk over to space A17 and tap on the window. Sandra is up and about. She slides open the window.

“Good morning my wonderful man! Do you know I slept almost 12 hours after our little get together last night? You wore me out. I had some naughty dreams that I must share with you. Anyway, I am so refreshed and ready for a new day.”

“Well then, how about you and your sexy roommate come join me for some breakfast. I’m cooking and we’ll be ready to eat in just a few.”

I walked back to attend to the bacon frying up in the skillet. In a matter of minutes I was joined by Sandra and Madeline. They came over with three cups of coffee in hand. Madeline handed me a mug, “We figured you need a little ‘pick me up’ after your strenuous evening.”

I replied, “It wasn’t a strenuous evening, it was a strenuous day. You two knocked me for a loop. You may not believe this, but I have never ever experienced five orgasms in one day.”

Madeline interrupted, “Excuse me, but I counted six. Oh, by the way, nice…”

Before she could finish her sentence, I completed it for her. “Yeah, nice tent you got there. What is it with you gals and your tents? No Maddy, I didn’t forget about number six. That was pretty awesome last night, or should I say this morning.”

Sandra piped in, “Where was I when all of this took place?”

“Sound asleep my dear. Remember your little shaving episode last night.”

“How could I forget? You are quite the barber, Mr. Paul.” As Sandra spoke she rubbed her freshly shorn pussy and ran her fingers along her landing strip. “I adore my new look.”

Sandra moved toward me as she continued to massage her outer lips. She grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug. I was sorry I was wearing my apron. I missed the chance for her to rub her huge tits and hard nipples against my bare chest. Oh well, next time.

“Sit down ladies and give me your requests for eggs. Over easy? Sunny side up? Scrambled?”

We ate a very enjoyable meal and talked more about our lives. I asked the ladies what they had planned for the day. Sandra mentioned they would like to go back to the dunes.

“How about you, Paul? Would you like to join us?”

“Actually, I was planning on staying low today. I need a day to recharge. If yesterday is any indication of what’s to come, I want to increase my stay to two weeks. “

Madeline said she understands and knows I could not maintain that level sexual fervor every day for two weeks. “When you go to re-register, just remember what I told you about Pamela. Be careful around her, she has her kinks. We don’t want you on the disabled list. If you manage to avoid Pamela’s web, we will be at the same location as yesterday. It’s our favorite dune.”

When breakfast was done, I received two incredible hugs and a promise of more to come. Madeline and Sandra headed off to more sand and surf. I rambled over to the office to extend my stay.

I walked up to the front desk and greeted Pamela, the co-owner of the park. We met yesterday when I registered. My first look was of her trim body, soft, tanned skin and ruby red lips that convey a mile wide smile. Her breasts are a lovely C cup with upturned puffy nipples, the color of Maltepe Escort peaches.

I recalled having a wonderful view of her pussy with golden curls trimmed into a perfect vee, pointing down to deliciously smooth outer lips. There was a hint of her inner labia extending down which glistened with moistness.

“So nice to see you again, Paul.” She stood behind the counter ready to make my day more pleasurable. “It’s nice to see you conforming to our clothing guidelines.” I was wearing my hat, flip-flops and not much more. “Let me introduce you to my co-owner, Angela.”

My sight averted to Angela, standing off to the side. She is simply gorgeous in her own style with a golden smile and bright blue eyes. Angela is considered a big beautiful woman. Unlike her athletic co-owner, Angela is filled out in all the right places. I would guess her to be around 160 pounds. The striking attribute of Angela, besides that infectious smile, is her incredible bosom. I imagine her mammary flesh accounts for half of her weight.

I would describe Angela’s breasts as over inflated teardrop water balloons set high and perfectly round upon her chest. She was stunning. Her pale areolae are the size of saucers with small, almost inverted nipples. I found out later, with the proper stimulation they can grow almost a half inch.

I reached out to shake her hand and raised my sight line from her glorious boobs to her sparkling blue eyes. “You have the most sparkling blue eyes I have ever seen.”

Angela responded, “Oh really, is that why you have been staring at my tits for the past five minutes.”

Yikes, how do I get out of this one? I was dead to rights. I looked over to Pamela. She just shrugged her shoulders, she wasn’t going to offer any help. Actually, Angela let me off the hook.

“Why thank you for the complement. What can we help you with this morning?”

I was able to take a deep breath. My semi-rigid cock began to deflate which was fine with me. I didn’t need a rock hard cock pointing toward these lovely ladies after being caught red handed.

“I would like to change my stay from three days to two weeks, if that is possible. I love this place and the wonderful people I’ve met so far, you two being among those.”

Pamela laughed, “No need to suck up to us to extend your stay, just get out that wallet. I take it you enjoy the lovely ladies wandering around nude, including the residents of A17.”


Angela went over to the computer and called up my account. She extended my stay at A18 after asking if I was satisfied with the location. In my mind I thought, if only you knew how satisfied I am.

I handed her my debit card and she returned the receipt for the extension. I think she shook her pendulous boobs a little more for my benefit as she handed over the paper. What’s on her mind, or is it just my over active imagination. In any case, I felt a stirring between my legs.

Pamela walked over to me and hugged me tight, squeezing her amazing tits against my chest. “We really are glad you are staying, even if we might give you a hard time.” With that, she grabbed my shaft and gave it a healthy squeeze. “In fact, now you become one of our VIPs. Permit me to show you some of the benefits.” Only an insane man would turn down that offer.

“Hey Angie, can you watch the store while I show Paul the lounge?”

“Sure can. Hey Paul, I would love to show you some the hiking trails that we have in the park. Some of the trails lead right into the Arroyo Grande Creek. We could hike for miles.”

I looked over my shoulder as I followed Pamela, “I would love to, Angela. It’s a date.”

When I returned my gaze back to Pamela, I was looking at the cutest tight butt swaying back and forth. Not quite a bubble butt, more athletic with slight dimples on either cheek. She certainly had my attention.

I caught up to Pam and walked alongside, “I’m sorry if I offended Angela or you when I was staring. It’s just that she seems so familiar. I’ve seen her somewhere before. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“I’m thinking you look at internet porn from time to time. Just a guess. It’s obvious you enjoy big boobs in the flesh, so I surmise you may also enjoy them online. And no, we aren’t offended by your gawking. Just try to keep your eyeballs in their socket”

“Pamela, you’re the second person to tell me that in two days. I’ll work on it. Yes, I enjoy spending time on a few websites. My favourites being Big Boobs Alert and My Big Tits Babes.”

Pam continued, “That could be why you recognise her.” She explained before she and Angela became partners in the RV Park, Angela dabbled in nude modelling. There is a big following for BBW models, especially with Angela’s form and bust size. She was actually featured in a Score XL layout. My brain went into overdrive.

“Oh my gosh Pam, that must be it. I must have seen her online. I can feel an online search in my future.”

Pamela and I walked around the grounds while she pointed out Anadolu Yakası Escort some of the aspects of the property. We headed over to the VIP lounge. It was well appointed with a large flat screen covering one wall and deep padded recliners spread around the room. There were a couple of pool tables and one for ping pong. Pamela explained that this area was reserved for special guests. “We have movie screenings, pool tournaments and other activities here.”

Pamela took my hand and said, “Come this way. Do you have any immediate plans for the morning?”

“Not really. Madeline and Sandra invited me to join them at the beach. I don’t think I’ll join them today. I want to relax for a while.”

“Excellent. I have an idea to help you relax.”

I recalled Madeline’s warning and questioned Pamela. “Should I be worried? Madeline mentioned you can be quite adventuress.”

That comment made Pamela laugh. “Oh Madeline. I love her to death. We have shared some fun times. Don’t worry, I won’t get too crazy.” Still hand in hand, Pamela led me to a door off to the side of the lounge. I think this is the back room I was warned about.

“Welcome to the VIP room. I have a proposal for you.”

I looked around the room. There was a large table in the middle, cabinets along the back wall and a plush carpet. There was another flat screen on one wall. The room was well lit with large windows set high up on two walls.

Pamela was ready to surprise me. “I would love to give you a full body massage as a welcome to our park.” The thought of Pamela’s hands running all around my body was an exciting notion and I felt myself getting quite hard.

“I accept your proposal and leave my body to your good judgement.”

Pamela was quite excited at my acceptance and rummaged through the cabinets for towels, oils and other massage items. She arranged towels on the table and invited me hop up.

“You need you to remove your hat and flip-flops before we begin.” This drew a laugh from the both of us. I climbed up on the table and laid face down. I was happy to hide my growing erection. I didn’t want Pamela thinking I only had sex on the brain.

Pamela set out the massage oils, lit some candles for ambiance and turned on some soothing music. When she was fully prepared, she poured a generous amount of oil on my back and spread it around. The warming lotion relaxed my muscles. Pamela started a systematic routine of pressing, rubbing and stretching around my shoulders and back. “This feels wonderful. I assume you’ve done this before?”

Pamela continued her deep massage technique, “Yes I have. I’m a professional board certified masseuse. I worked many years for an exclusive salon in L.A. I specialise in Swedish, deep tissue and sensual massage therapy. I was able to save enough money over the years and with Angela’s modelling savings, we bought this place.”

In between grunts caused by Madeline’s expert hands, I carried on somewhat of a conversation. “My first thought when I walked in here was what the hell is this? Why would you have a massage table in the middle of the room? Any why in an RV park? I guess there is a logical answer for everything.”

“I thought this would be a nice perk for special guests and it allows me to keep up my skills. You never want to lose that touch.”

Pamela reached for more oil, poured a large amount into her palm and proceeded to cover her breasts with the lotion. I watched her massage and squeeze her tits and pinch and twist her nipples until they became hard. Her nipples grew to half inch points while her areola darkened. I watched closely while my cock hardened.

“I love feeling my boobs and having them glisten with oil. I have this special technique that you might enjoy if you stop gawking.”

My cock was now throbbing and smashed between my belly and the table. I reached down to adjust myself to allow my shaft a little breathing room.

Pamela continued speaking “Is everything OK down there? I see you are nice and hard, such a good thing.” She continued massaging my back and stretched to reach my lower back. The pressure of her hands told me she meant business.

“I enjoy giving massages while I’m naked. Having the clothing optional rule means I don’t need to find an excuse to disrobe, like in L.A.”

Pamela was now applying great pressure to my lower back. All I could respond was, “Oh, really. Ugg.”

“I had an exclusive clientele at the salon, and was always looking for excuses to go topless during the sessions. Here, I don’t need to bother. Before you ask, yes I massaged men and women. And yes, I would be topless most of the time. It’s my little quirk.”

“So, these clients, did they enjoy a …”

“Happy Ending! Yes, many times. I had my ‘favorites’ and we enjoyed the fruits of a good massage. Of course, management never knew and I had a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. It made for good tips and a faster way to save up for this place.”

Pamela moved to the opposite end and began İstanbul Escort working on my feet and legs. She held my foot up and worked her magic on the ball of my foot, kneading and manipulating my arch. She pressed my foot against her breast and I felt her hard nipple.

“Is that your special technique?”

Pamela grabbed my other foot and duplicated the routine. “Shush, no more talking.”

She lowered my leg and spread them apart. Her hands manipulated my calf muscles, using her fingers to rotate and work out the kinks. She was a master at relaxing every part of my body, except one. I was still rock hard. Pamela applied more oil and worked up my thighs to just below my ass. Here fingers were in constant motion, the higher she moved, the more I spread my legs. She was close to my butt cheeks and I felt her fingers brush against my balls. This did nothing to ease the pressure of my inflated dick.

Pamela was satisfied with her work so far. She grabbed the bottle of oil and poured lotion all over my bum, allowing a good portion to run down my ass crack. I enjoyed the sensation. She grabbed a cheek in each hand and continued with her squeezing, rubbing and massaging technique. Pamela spread my ass cheeks and ran her fingers up and down my crack, applying pressure to my sphincter. She rubbed back and forth over the little star opening causing me to groan.

“You like that, huh?”

Pamela concentrated her effort on my ring. I must have flinched.

“Relax, I’m a professional. I don’t have long nails.” With that, she plunged her index finger deep into my passage. The feeling was intense and erotic. My cock swelled even more. Pamela moved her finger back and forth, plunging deeper with each pass until her digit was buried deep inside my anal canal. Maybe she was trying to massage my prostate, I don’t know. I lost all sense of thinking and was lost in the sensation.

Pamela slowly withdrew her finger and said she knew exactly what I needed. I heard her rummaging around for something. Before I could comprehend the situation, I again felt pressure against my sphincter. This time it wasn’t her finger poking me. The moment I felt the silicone tip, it registered. She has a butt plug in her hand.

“Don’t squirm. You’ll enjoy this. It’s just a small plug and it has plenty of lotion on it.”

Pamela applied more force and the butt plug slid into place. I experienced an intense feeling of being filled. She reached down and grabbed my ball sack. She gently rubbed and rolled them between her fingers. I swear I was ready to explode.

She tapped on the butt plug twice to make sure it was in place. I assured her it was most definitely in place. Pamela slapped my ass and told me to turn over.

I gingerly got up on all fours making sure I didn’t snap my cock in two. I could see it throb and veins formed little ridges along the shaft. I was able to manoeuvre over and eventually lie on my back. My seven inch appendage was pointing strait up.

Pamela sported an evil grin. She splashed more oil on her tits and vigorously rubbed. I could just watch and groan. She grabbed a towel and placed it over my cock.

“It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”

Pam replied, “If I keep staring at it, I might do something I shouldn’t do.” She grabbed her nipples and pinched both. I groaned again.

She looked at the towel and said, “Hey, nice tent.” What is it with women and tents!

Pamela now stood by my head. Her fingers gently rubbed my temples on either side. “This is an old Mayan technique aimed at stimulating your thought process.” It was stimulating more than that as I flexed my cock. My ‘tent’ rose higher.

With Pamela’s hands rubbing the sides of my head, I had a mouthwatering view of her beautiful upturned breasts. I looked straight up to rounded orbs. They glistened with oil. Her nipples poked out a half inch.

I reached up and grabbed them with each hand. I pressed against her and felt her nipples press against my palms. Before I had time to think, she grabbed my wrist pulled it down and clasped a hand cuff around it. She did the same with my other wrist.

“Hey, where did those come from?”

“I have them attached underneath the table for times just like this. Mama didn’t give you permission to touch the merchandise.”

My hands and arms were now suitably restrained above my head.

I spoke cautiously, “Madeline told me I should be careful around you. She was handcuffed too.”

“Yes, but with Madeline, it was her request. We had so much fun. She had me handcuffed too. When I was restrained, she went down on me and ate my pussy for what seemed like hours. We gave each other multiple orgasms that day.”

Madeline neglected to tell me that part.

Pamela dripped massage oil onto my chest and pressed her palms into my skin. As she kneaded my flesh, she bent over to reach my belly. Her tits were now right in my face. Her nipples were inches from my lips. I know she was doing this on purpose. She dipped lower and I could almost touch her erect buds with my tongue. They were just out of reach.

Pam stood up and smiled, “Do you like the view?” She then bent down again. Her nipples were so close I could taste them. They were so hard, like bullets. I strained my neck to touch them, but she moved away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32