Adultery in Alaska

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I was 27 and had just gotten divorced after being with my husband a short 4 years. It was an easy split, we didn’t own a house or have any assets to speak of to split up, and no kids to argue about. He let me keep the dog and cat without a fight, but it was still a difficult transition for me, since he was the main breadwinner in the house. I had to get a roommate, if I was gonna keep up with the rent payments.

I put a post on Craigslist. I was living in Alaska and I had the cutest little log cabin in the world. It had running water, a washer and dryer, even a dishwasher! These are not the most common of features in a log cabin in Alaska, so I got about a million applicants. I met a few for coffee and I ended up choosing a fella named Wayne. He was handsome and taller than me, had fiery red hair and a beard, but he seemed quiet and obliging. He was about my age, but had a real grown up job, an architect of some sort, but he also hunted, so I’d be guaranteed a full freezer, which is an exciting prospect in Alaska. He even agreed to pay for most of the groceries, if I did most of the cooking, and I do love to have somebody to cook for. He was Mormon, which I had never really encountered before and I was looking forward to hearing about the details from a real life Mormon, cause the Southpark version was pretty gosh darn amusing. I knew immediately that he wanted to be more than roommates. He looked at me like he was deciding if I’d make a good wife. Well, I had just discovered that I do not…but I am a pretty good judge of character and I knew he wasn’t going to force himself on me or anything, so I went ahead and invited him to live there.

I helped him move in and gave him the master bedroom. I took the smaller second bedroom and we started our little life together. He loved my cooking and I love hearing about how good my food is, so I cooked dinner almost every night. He brought home salmon and moose and reindeer and we ate like Alaskan Kings! I soon discovered he had abandoned many of the inconveniences of Mormonism and drank quite a lot of liquor and coffee.

After about 2 months living together we threw a bonfire and lots of both of our friends came and everyone had a marvelous time. I drank way too much since I was already home, and therefore in no danger of driving anywhere. Once everyone started heading home and Wayne and I went back into the cabin. I whipped up some hot chocolate laced with peppermint schnapps and we sat down on the couch to watch a little TV. We weren’t 2 minutes into that infomercial when he kissed me. I honestly didn’t think he’d ever get up the nerve to try, but apparently I had really wooed him with all my cooking and homemaking. My sober brain was shouting that it was a very bad idea to sleep with my roommate, but my drunk brain was pretty excited to get naked with a boy again!

He practically tore my clothes off. I learned later that it had been over a year since he’d been with a woman. I was impressed by how string he was. I had never seen him in anything, but long sleeve shirts, but when I pulled his shirt off I saw that he had well defined muscles. He seemed pretty pleased with my chest as well. He spent a long time licking and kissing my breasts while I wrapped my legs around his and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled a condom out quietly and slipped it on while his face was buried in my tits. I was lost in the pleasure of him playing with my tits and suddenly he pulled his mouth away and plowed into my soaking wet pussy. He held onto me so tight and pounded into me hard and fast. I could feel the remote control under me, stabbing into my back, but the ecstasy of him thrusting into me numbed me to the pain. I came almost as soon as he was inside me. The feverish way he touched and kissed and fucked me turned me on so much! And the fact that it was a really bad idea made it naughty and therefore about 1000 times more exciting. He came pretty fast too, but even that was spectacular. His whole body shook and he let out almanbahis adres this grunting moaning sound like he’d been holding that in for years.

Afterward, I went to take a shower and he climbed in after me. We proceeded to have sex in the shower, on the stairs, then again in his bed, and that night he woke me up 2 more times in the night to fuck me again. I came every single time he was slid himself inside me. It was just such a deliciously stupid thing to do to sleep with my roommate, something about it was very erotic.

Over the next few weeks we had around the clock sex. He’d crawl into my bed before he got ready for work and fuck me awake. We’d try to watch TV and end up having sex on the couch…on the coffee table…while I was doing dishes, he bent me over the sink and fucked me from behind, while I still had my dishwashing gloves on. It never stopped being feverish. Every time he touched me it was like he couldn’t control himself and I loved being desired like that.

We went on a camping trip together. His boss had a little cabin was out in the middle of nowhere and he said Wayne could use it anytime he wanted. It started out fun, we rode around on his four-wheeler and found a secluded hot spring to have exciting outside sex in, we drank beer around a campfire and fucked on every horizontal surface in that cabin. But we had always had such different work schedules that this was the longest we had ever spent together. Suddenly I realized we had vastly different views on just about everything. When his boss stopped by to say hello on our third day there he introduced me as his girlfriend and the magic sex bubble we’d been floating around in burst for me. Suddenly I felt trapped with this guy I hardly actually knew, except for how much I enjoyed rubbing our naked bodies together.

When we got home the next day I finally broached the subject. I told him that I didn’t really think we had anything in common, but a love of food and sex and that I would be ok with continuing some sort of friends with benefits kind of relationship, but I didn’t really want to be his girlfriend. I reminded him that I had only gotten divorced 4 months before and I was not looking for another husband. He threw a hissy fit! Like I had stolen his virtue or something! He insisted that I be his girlfriend, and I held that I was not interested in anything so serious. He had found it ridiculous that for the 2 months we had been having sex that I had insisted in sleeping in my own bed most nights, apparently my fear of being labeled his girlfriend was inconceivable to him. It turned into a shouting and door slamming kind of a fight.

We hardly spoke for days. He finally broke the silence one night by crawling into my bed and whispering that he loved me and he couldn’t stand the idea of me not being his. I just felt so bad for him! It must have really taken a lot of courage to say that. I just hate hurting people and I couldn’t bring myself to turn him down again. We started up some semblance of a relationship again, but the sex wasn’t as fun anymore. I started finding everything he said annoying. He started being demanding with my time, like how dare I go out for beer after work with my friends when I could come home and watch CSI with him?

I tried to break up with him again after about a month. He insisted that we could work through it and I insisted that I didn’t want to. He was just so talented at guiling me into agreeing to stay in this charade of a relationship! I’d never encountered anything like it!

One weekend he set off on a hunting trip with his buddies and I took the opportunity to go out with some friends from work. Most of them were women, but there were a few boys in the group. One new fella named Dan had already caught my eye and after a few drinks he started telling me how pretty he thought I was. He started buying my drinks and I was starting to notice how ruggedly handsome he was. He had naturally blond hair, and it was just long almanbahis adresi enough that I wondered what it would feel like to run my hands through it. He was wearing short sleeves and his arms were strong and I wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped in them.

By the time he offered to drive me home, I didn’t even consider saying no. I hopped up into his truck and he finally asked if I was seeing anybody. I admitted I had a boyfriend, but I volunteered that he was out of town. I gave him directions to my house as we came to each turn off, but about halfway there he turned left when I had said to turn right. I laughed, thinking he had misunderstood me and told him to turn around.

“Well…” he chuckled, “my house is this way and I thought you might like to see my bedroom” I had never in my life been so directly hit on! It was exciting!

I tried to play it cool and said “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a little tour.”

He pulled up to a teeny tiny cabin, it turned out his bedroom, livingroom, and kitchen were all in the same room. He kissed me as soon as we were inside. There was a moment where I considered stopping him. I knew Wayne would be crushed if he found out, but on the other hand, Dan smelled like a campfire and kissed like an expert. I melted in his strong arms. He pulled my sweater over my head revealing my satin black bra. He stayed fully clothed and undid my jeans and pushed them to the floor. He muttered how much he loved my body and knelt down at my feet while he ran his hands all over my breasts and ass and hips. He kissed my stomach and pushed my panties down to the floor. He almost threw me off balance when he lifted my right leg on his shoulder, but from this position he was lined up perfectly to bury his face in my pussy. I felt his tongue plunge into me and then he lapped away at my clit. The one leg I supported myself with threatened to collapse. I ran my fingers threw his long hair and pushed his face against me. He started exploring my folds with his fingers too and I felt them slipping into me.

He stood up suddenly and I was crushed that he had stopped, but he threw me backwards onto the bed. He told me to take off my bra and I obliged. He pushed my legs wide apart and plunged his face into my nether parts again. This time his hands reached up and cupped my tits while he licked and kissed my most intimate parts and it wasn’t long before my whole body rocked with an orgasm.

It took me a moment to recover, which he used to kiss and caress my breasts. But eventually I managed to free him of his clothes too, and I went to work returning the favor. I sat him up at the edge of the bed where his feet could reach the floor and I knelt on my knees between them. I licked and kissed the length of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the tip and sucked it just barely into my mouth. I surrounded it with my open mouth without touching it, allowing my hot breath to surround him. Finally, I put my lips around it and sucked. I had never seen a cock as thick as his. I could feel the edges of my mouth stretching to accommodate his girth. He was groaning and using the lord’s name in vain, while I pumped my head up and down on him. I twisted my head one way and then the other, which I have been told is a nice sensation. I pulled him deep into my throat and gagged on his girth. I could already taste his salty precum. I let my saliva drip down his shaft, creating a lubrication, so I could slip my hand around the base of his dick and move it up and down with the rhythm of my mouth.

Before long, I could feel his body begin to quiver under my touch and his grunts and groans of pleasure grew louder and closer together. I felt his big hands grasp the sides of my head and he pulled my face in closer, so that he was buried in my throat and exploded in my mouth. I felt his hot cum shooting down my throat and his body seemed to pulse as he stroked my hair and made a soft “Mmmmmm” noise. He collapsed onto his back and I curled almanbahis adresi up beside him, resting my head on his chest and running my fingers through the hair on his chest. I could feel the little beads of sweat from his recent exertion and I felt the moisture growing between my legs as I anticipated the fun we would have once he had a little rest.

Before long, fully recovered, he instructed me to get on my hands and knees at the head of the bed and I obeyed. He pulled my hips into an angle that left my most intimate place on full display. He ran one of his hands up and down my spine and grasped my right hip, while the other explored my folds again. I was so wet I was almost ashamed. It seemed wrong to want him as badly as I did.

“You’re dying for me to fuck you, aren’t you?” He asked.

I could hardly get out a whimper of a yes.

“You’re going to have to speak up,” he continued, “You won’t get it, until you ask for it.”

“I want you inside me” I whispered. By now he had two fingers inside me, twisting and stroking the walls of my pussy and it was very difficult to say anything at all.

“Louder Abby” he insisted.

“Fuck me Dan! I need you to fuck me!” I finally shouted.

That must have met his satisfaction because he grasped my hips and plunged into me. His dick was so wide the first thrust almost hurt. But soon I was overwhelmed by the pleasure of him filling me. He alternated between pounding me hard and fast and slow and smooth strokes and it felt like I had been having an orgasm that began from the second he penetrated me and never stopped. He gathered my hair into his right hand and pulled my face up while he continued trusting into me. I was making noises I had never made before. Moaning and panting in ecstasy, like I don’t remember ever feeling before or since. He announced that he was going to cum and pulled out and I felt his hot seed coat my lower back.

He told me not to move and I obeyed. He got up from the bed and I was left there naked and exposed and dripping with his cum for what felt like an eternity. He returned with a towel and wiped the puddle off my back I finally got to collapse. My legs felt like jelly, my hair was a wreck and I could feel the cold air on the sweat all over my body. We laid down together and he played with my hair and ran his fingers gently over the skin on my arm and leg and breasts. He told me how beautiful I was and admitted he’d wanted me from the day he met me. I confessed that I was incredibly turned on by the naughtiness of the whole thing. Knowing that even being with him was wrong, that there was a man who would be crushed to know that I was in his arms. That the way he bossed me around was something I had no idea I even wanted, but from him it was exactly what I needed.

He fell asleep with his arm around me and I managed to sneak away without waking him. I dressed and called a cab that returned me to my own little cabin. I didn’t shower, I didn’t put on my pajamas, I just stripped down to my panties and crawled into bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard the unmistakable sound of a truck pulling into the driveway. Wayne burst into the house and ran up the stairs like he expected to find me in bed with another man. I acted appalled, like I couldn’t believe he would think I would do such a thing, but I was terrified he’d smell Dan on me or that he’d wonder why I was wearing my sexiest panties that were still soaked from the my adventures with Dan. I asked what we has even doing back home, and he said the trailer had blown a tire and it took 2 hours to get it changed and by then they were ready to give up and go home, but obviously his fear that I was going to cheat on him also fueled that decision to come back home.

He was so worked up from his rage that he might catch me in bed with another man that he didn’t even try to kiss or cuddle me. We slept back to back facing opposite walls and I got up very early in the morning to shower. When I broke up with him over breakfast he actually agreed that it wasn’t working out and after a couple awkward weeks we worked back into a friendship that made us pretty excellent roommates for many more months. Dan and I had many more encounters, but none were quite as exciting as our first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32