Adult Disneyland Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Sincerest apologies to the readers of “Adult Disneyland” who were frustrated by its truncated form. During its initial posting on Literotica, I had intended to continue the tale within days. As so often happens, life got in the way and prohibited me from continuing it until now. I hope the latest installment garners the same reviews as the last… without the complaints. Either way, thanks SO much for reading my work! Your criticisms are always on-target.

Adult Disneyland II

I set my bag down inside the door and took the beer from her outstretched hand. It was ice cold, and really hit the spot after 3 hours on the road. When I turned to face her, I noticed a twinkle in her eye that I had never seen there before. And there was also a new tilt to the grin lighting up her face. Thankfully, I was still wearing my sunglasses, so a close look at her chest was possible without seeming leery.

My initial assessment was on-target. If this wasn’t the same outfit from back then, it was an exact replica. And the tension her nipples were exerting on the thin white fabric of her shirt could never be attributed to the air conditioning. While it was very comfortable inside that huge house, she had accomplished the temperature by opening windows and closing blinds. The AC wasn’t even running. My cock stiffened further.

Mom raised her wine glass toward me for a toast. I clinked my bottle against it, as she murmured: “Let me show you around.”

And she did. I followed her through the entire house. We looked into each of the 8 bedrooms and visited all 6 of the bathrooms. She showed me the kitchen, the mud room and the wine cellar, where she grabbed another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to add to the fridge behind the bar.

I wore my sunglasses the entire time we were touring the house. As she was pointing out to me the features of the Jacuzzi tub in bathroom number 3, I was verifying my suspicion that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The twin globes of her ass were creating the most amazing display of tension on the material of her pants as she slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor, I don’t think I heard a single word as she described the crystal chandelier dangling above us.

By the time we had completed the tour, my beer was empty and my dick was ready to explode. She showed me to the bar, and pointed out the sub-zero refrigerator that held a nightclub’s-worth of quality brews. As she reached into the drawer next to the fridge from behind me, I felt her breasts against my back. And the heel of her hand clearly ran the length of my stiff cock as she retrieved the bottle opener.

Yet she remained stoic as to the tension of the situation. So I tried to play it cool.

She refilled her glass from the already-opened bottle in the wine fridge and gently placed the bottle she had retrieved from the cellar beside it when she was done.

“Let’s go out on the deck.” She said, heading toward the French doors off the kitchen. It was at this point that I began rize seks hikayeleri to suspect that she was seeing how far she could push me before I would make the first move. It was becoming like a game of cat and mouse. Who would be the first to expose the taboo?

Her choice of attire, and the way she was walking in those 4″ sandals was too erotic to accurately describe. If you can remember Jessica Rabbit in the animated/live action film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” – you might understand what I mean. The animators of that film were able to make a cartoon sexy. Actually SEXY. And Mom had a similar aura about her as she swung her hips toward the deck. She wasn’t doing anything overtly sexual, but it was by far the most sensuous thing I had ever seen up to that point.

Boy was I in for more… but I digress.

We made ourselves comfortable on matching chaise lounges on the deck overlooking the bay, and as I lit a cigarette I noticed her openly staring at my crotch. I was wearing my most comfortable pair of shorts that day. I almost always put them on if I’m driving long distance in the summer. And I rarely wear underwear when I’m wearing that particular pair of shorts. For two reasons; I only wear them when it’s especially warm, AND I happen to like the way the thin fabric outlines my cock for anyone who cares to notice.

And my, oh my… was she noticing. Not that she would have needed to scrutinize very closely… my dick was so hard by this point that it was very nearly clearing the waistband of said shorts. But having her so openly looking at it only served to turn me on more.

As I raised my second bottle of beer to my lips to take the first sip from it, her right hand quickly slid up her ribs and gently cupped her right breast. As I slowly swallowed that first sip, her index finger and thumb began to gently tweak and tease the nipple of that gorgeous breast.

She never took her eyes off my dick as she did this, and after a couple of seconds a soft moan emanated from her throat.

“Take it out.” She said quietly.

“What?” I asked, a little taken aback by her sudden brashness.

“Your dick… I want to see it.” She breathed, pulling on her nipple a bit harder. “Unzip your shorts and show it to me.”

Suddenly I was nervous. My biggest fantasy had come to life and I didn’t know what to do.

“What do you mean, Mom?” I stuttered. “I can’t just…”

“Oh, shut the hell up.” She retorted. “You’ve been waiting twenty years for me to get up the courage for this moment. Stop playing innocent and show me your cock.”

I couldn’t react quickly enough after that. I unbuttoned my shorts, threw down the zipper and leaned back as I opened my fly to expose my throbbing hard-on. I didn’t move for a few seconds, so she could see it hopping as the blood coursed through it.

“Even nicer than I remember it.” She purred, after a soft moan and tug on her nipple. “You DO remember the last time I was this close to your cock, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” I said, breathlessly. She was now slowly raising her shirt, exposing first the lily-white skin of her tummy, and then letting the fabric catch on the swollen underside of her breasts. She then grabbed the waistband of her pants and pulled them up to accentuate the swollen mound of her pussy.

“God… I’m so fuckin’ horny.” She purred. “Stand up, and drop your shorts.”

Of course I did so. What would you do?

“Come over here.” She said, removing her shirt to expose the breasts that I had been dreaming about for so long.

I did as she asked… I walked over to her chair with my cock leading the way. She laid there looking at me as I approached, and her right hand suddenly slipped down her stomach and into her pants. I could see her fingers moving through the fabric, parting her pussy lips and finally sliding inside.

“Oh… damn.” She moaned. “I’m so fuckin’ WET! You made me all wet, baby. The way you look at me… and that hard fuckin’ cock… SO fuckin’ wet!”

Looking down on her heaving chest and the activity of the hand she had buried in her crotch, I could resist. I began to stroke my cock as it hovered over her face.

“Oh… fuck, yeah.” She moaned. “Stroke that fuckin’ dick, honey.”

I hadn’t heard my Mom say the word fuck so many times in 10 seconds before in my life. And I surely never thought that I was going to see her with 2 fingers in her pussy and her tits out, begging me to jerk-off in front of her, but damnit… I had never been so turned on in my life. So I did exactly as she asked. I even took it one step further, removing my shirt so that I was completely naked as I stood over her with my dick in my fist.

She noticed that my gaze was focused on the activity in her pants now that her shirt was off.

“Do you want to see my pussy?” She moaned, arching her back to allow a third finger in.

“Oh. Hell, yeah.” I murmered, still stroking my dick inches above her face.

So she lifted her hips off of the chaise and slid those marvelous cotton pants out of the way to expose her completely hairless pussy. She then spread her outer lips to expose the soft pinkness of her most tender region.

“I’ve never shaved before.” She said. “I’ve been hoping that you would like it.”

I almost came right then, stroking myself as I was and looking down on what had been only a dream for nearly 20 years.

Without saying a word, I buried my face in her freshly-shaven pussy. I just dove down onto the chaise and used both hands to gently open her up. I kissed and licked every square inch of her. I gently kissed her labia and shoved my stiff tongue as deep into her ass as I could. And she loved every second of it. I think if I were still going at it, she’d still be begging for more. But eventually she told me to stop.

“I want your cock in my mouth.” She said after a particularly intense orgasm.

As she was still lying on her back on the chaise, I stood and straddled it so I could smack her in the face with my dick. I did so over, and over again. I’m not sure why… but doing so seemed to turn us both on even more. I eventually placed the head of my dick before her waiting mouth, and at first she just grasped it firmly in her fist and kissed it all over. Moaning as she did so, it was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever experienced in person. After a couple of minutes, she squeezed my dick at the base and said: “That’s a pretty fuckin’ cock.”

And then she took me in her mouth– all the way to the balls. I’ve only had 2 girls in my life who could do that, and NEVER without warming up first. She also talked to me the entire time, pulling her mouth off and stroking me while she told me about what we were going to do when she was finished.

We were both totally naked by this point, and I just couldn’t take the sight of her finger-fucking herself any longer. That wet pussy was just too inviting. So I pulled out of her mouth with a ‘pop’ (sign of a quality bj) and told HER to stand up.

At first she looked surprised, but immediately her expression turned to that of desire and she allowed me to position her as I wanted. I turned her around and had her kneel on the chaise facing the house. I pulled up on her hips so she knew to stick that big, beautiful ass up in the air. And as I entered her from behind, we were both able to watch our reflection in the floor to ceiling windows of the house. As her tight pussy tugged on my stiff cock, we were both able to watch and feel as I reached around and gently cupped her left breast in my palm. As I slowly increased the tempo of our coupling, we both felt and watched as I gently flicked her nipple. And we both got to see her face as she orgasmed for the 3rd time that afternoon.

After seeing that, and feeling the results of it… I wasn’t able to hold out much longer.

“I’m gonna cum…” I groaned as I continued to pound away.

“Oh… fuck, yeah…” She said, flipping over and lifting up her tits. “Cum on me… cum on my face… cum on my tits… I don’t care. Just fuckin’ cum on me!”

And I did.

I showered her face and tits with my spunk. I can’t remember ever having come so hard, or so long, or so much at one time. And she loved every second of it. Every spurt that hit her lips was gobbled up. And the rest of my load was slowly caressed into her skin for 10 minutes after I was done. I slid my dick between those beautiful tits for a couple minutes before laying down on the deck beside her chaise.

“Mmmmm.” She groaned, licking my cum off of her fingers. “I can’t wait for you to meet Gina and Joey.”

“What?” I asked… barely even realizing we were talking. I had my head on her tummy and was playing with her nipples… amazed by the turn my life had taken.

“Gina and Joey,.” She said, stroking my hair. “They’ll be here tomorrow. I have pictures for you. Would you like to see them? They’re hot as hell.”

“Yeah,” I decided, thinking of my remaining fantasies. “I want to see the pictures.”

“Good,” She purred, kissing my forehead and petting my dick. “Because you’ve barely scratched the surface of Adult Disneyland.”

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