Admission Pt. 04: The Return

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It had been six weeks since I had first reconnected with Mike. Six weeks since I had first sought his help and he had offered me the deal I could not refuse: Get my son into the university of his dreams in exchange for giving myself to him fully for one night. Six long weeks since I had nervously ridden the elevator to his suite and six weeks since he had unleashed in me a reckless wanton passion that had left me desperately yearning for him ever since.

What had begun out of my desperation to help my son, my willingness to go so far as to use a woman’s prerogative to trade sex for power had in the end turned on me. My night with Mike and his big, thick, strong cock had awakened a desire in me that only he could quench and now it was I who was powerless. I fidgeted excitedly in my business class seat as the plane made its final approach into Boston. My carefully shaved pussy was wet and tingling and my heart pounded as I tried to remain calm at the thought of giving myself to him again.

I had returned home to my husband after that night of passion feeling alive and invigorated, guilty to have cheated on him but excited by what Mike’s big cock had unleashed in me. Within days however the monotony of life with my husband crept back and my mind began to wander back to my memories of that night in Boston. I tried to have sex with my husband, fucking him with an intensity I hadn’t brought to our bedroom in some time but his barely average cock couldn’t even begin to fulfill me after the real fucking Mike had given me.

I simply couldn’t stop dreaming of Mike’s cock. I started masturbating nearly every day, sometimes twice as I yearned to feel him stretching my pussy to its limits again. I finally went so far as to order a huge dildo, overnight delivery even, but no matter how much I fucked myself with it and rubbed frantically at my clit reliving the memories of that night, it just wasn’t the same. I needed to feel the warm pulsing of his thick meaty shaft and more than anything I yearned to feel his straining cock explode in my mouth, filling me with his incredible hot load.

Something about the raw passion Mike had drawn out of me had changed me and l had found myself literally begging for his cum. When he had finally honored me by releasing into my pleading, hungry mouth, the sensation had driven me to the deepest orgasm of my life. That one night had turned me from a bored, married, 44 year old into a cum thirsty slut willing to do anything to please the man I was now finally about to see again.

My heart had leapt when Mike had finally called saying he had some information on the status of my son’s application and I was even more excited when he refused to tell me anything more saying he needed to see me in person. Quickly I cobbled together a story for my husband about filling in for an instructor on a Yoga retreat and booked myself a flight and now both my heart and pussy were aching in anticipation as the wheels finally touched down.

Mike had said he’d arrange a car to pick me up but I hadn’t expected a limo and I was even more surprised when the driver opened the door and Mike himself was inside grinning at me! My heart burst with a rush of excitement and I fought the urge to squeal with delight in front of the driver as he took my bags and I climbed into the back compartment.

“Oh my God! I didn’t expect you! I thought you were going to meet you at the Hotel?” I whispered excitedly as I climbed into the car beside him.

“I cleared my calendar. I decided I had to see you as soon as possible” he kissed my cheek politely as the driver closed the door behind us and we were alone in the dim back seat. “You look absolutely amazing!”

“Thank you,” I blushed, my heart racing. I had worn a tight fitting white dress for my trip to see him. Sexy enough that my husband had commented on how fantastic my ass looked in it as he had dropped me off at the airport, but while his praise had just annoyed me Mike’s made my heart race. “and thank you for picking me up. I’ve been dying to see you!” I tried not to sound desperate but I couldn’t help it.

“Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about you either… you made quite an impression last time.” he laughed.

“I’m glad… you certainly brought something out in me” I giggled, a little embarrassed by the flash of memories at the wanton slut I had been for him. My lust had driven me to behave in ways, to do things, I had never imagined and yet as shocked as eve gelen escort I was at my own behavior that night I had returned to Boston driven by my primal need to feel his cock inside me and taste his sweet cum again.

“Well I hope you bring something out of me again, and soon!” He chuckled at his double entendre but I noticed his cock already bulging in his suit pants.

“I can work on that if you want…” I said coyly as my fingers traced the outline of his already thick cock though the soft fabric of his pants… his breath quickened a little as I rubbed more firmly.

“Mmm… That feels so good baby.” He moaned, his eyes closing as his hips slid forward slightly on the soft leather seat inviting me to continue. My hand stroked his cock more quickly now, eager to get him fully hard as my lips went to his and our tongues sought each other’s in eager, lustful connection. Despite being in the back of the limo with his driver just on the other side of the compartment, I had been waiting so long I couldn’t wait, I knew I had to taste him right then and there and my fingers began searching clumsily for his zipper.

“Yes, baby…” he encouraged me as my hand found and pulled down the metal tab, then snaked inside his pants to find the heat of his half erect cock. My fingers were amazed again by the sheer size of it as they tried to grasp it and pull it out through the relatively small opening. His hips shifted and wriggled helping me to free his trapped cock and I gasped as it finally popped out. Even half hard it was bigger than I remembered as my fingers grasped the thick base, feeling the pulse of his swiftly growing erection, and began to stroke up and down his warm, soft length.

There was something amazing about the sheer weight of his half erect cock as it flopped over in my hand that drove me wild. The primal instinctive animal lust that had come over me at our first encounter overwhelmed me again. I had to have him in my mouth. I had no choice, I could not be coy or playful or tease him, I needed him to the very core of my being.

I broke our kiss and with no pretense or subtlety plunged my mouth down on the object of my desire, enveloping his bulging cockhead and stuffing as much of his delicious meatiness into my mouth as I could manage.

“Gggggg” a deep, gutteral groan escaped Mikes lips as the wet softness of my mouth engulfed his manhood. As good as it felt for him I was sure it was even better for me! I had been dreaming of this for weeks and finally I had him in my mouth again. I worked up and down hungrily, plunging down again and again desperately trying to get as much of him my mouth as I could as my hand stroked the base in the slick saliva that gushed from my mouth and down his shaft despite my lips tight seal around his meaty girth. His hands grasped my head and guided me down as his cock quickly reached its full rock hard glory. His cockhead pressed hard against the back of my throat on each deep plunge even though my hands still stroked up and down another thick six inches at least.

While dreaming of Mike at home I had begun sucking on my big dildo while I frigged my clit giving myself the most intense orgasms by forcing the latex head deep into my throat. It was such a turn on to strain and work to fit it into my throat as I remembered Mikes big cock filling me that soon my pussy would clench and I would cum hard gasping for air with the dildo filling my throat. I became fixated on the idea of deep throating Mikes cock. I Googled up some tips and practiced daily, learning to relax my gag reflex and breathe. I learned that as I began to work it deeper into my throat the thick saliva there would lubricate it and actually make it easier to take. I had spent many hours working to open my throat to that big dildo but now, here in the presence of Mikes actual rock hard dick I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to fit it in, and yet I knew I had to try. After yearning for him for so long I needed as much of him inside me as I could manage, even if it killed me!

Focusing hard to relax I took a deep breath and plunged down his shaft again until his head pressed against the back of my throat. At the point where normally I would stop or gag I carefully relaxed and pressed down slowly forcing him deeper. I opened even further and twisted my head a little to position it properly then forced my way down again, his cockhead sliding gaziosmanpaşa escort slowly past my tonsils. My body shook at the effort of trying to take it but my sheer desire for his cock to fill me drove me to do all I could to take just a little more.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Mike panted and clamped his hands down on the back of my head as his cock slid into me, his hands holding me down firmly as his thick cock filled my eager, happy throat. I fought to hold him there, loving feeling of opening myself fully to him, as his gorgeous cock pulsed warmly in my throat until finally I had to come up for air.

I gasped and sputtered sloppily as I released him, my eyes watering from the effort. My hand pumped his shaft, sliding in the thick strands of salvia running from my throat to his shining cockhead as I caught my breath, smiling at my accomplishment.

“Holy shit baby that was amazing! Do it again! Do it again” Mike begged excitedly.

I gathered myself, took a deep breath and looked up deeply into his eyes as I slowly worked my way down again, twisting my head slightly back and forth to work him past my tonsils. I was determined to take even just a little more of his cock this time so as deep as he already was, I forced myself down again another inch sliding past my stretched lips as they strained to reach the base of his cock. God I wanted to take it all! I wanted to reach the base, to bury my nose in his soft pubic hair if I could only open my throat just… a… little… more… I was shaking slightly as his hands helped push me down… I was almost there but I had to come up for air again, slurping and gasping loudly as I sucked my warm spit as his cock popped free from my mouth again. I took a few moments to lick and nibble at his glans and head as I recovered.

“Fuck baby! Where did you learn to do that?” Mike exclaimed as he quickly undid his belt and together we pushed his pants down around his ankles. I cupped his warm balls and went back to my ministrations to his cock. Mike quickly forced me down, shoving his hard cockhead roughly deep into my throat again but my throat was lubricated and open now so I was able to take him more until finally, with a satisfying popping sensation my lips locked around the very base of his shaft and I buried my nose in his soft pubic mound.

I had never fully deep throated anyone before but my intense yearning for every inch of Mikes cock had driven me to new heights and his meat now slid down my throat filling me with a warm contentment that made my pussy quiver. My fingers slid under the waistband of my panties began to rub quickly at my sopping wet pussy and clit.

“Oh Baby I love sucking your cock!” I whispered as I licked and sucked his head “I missed it so much” I took him back in my mouth, deep into my throat and back up again. ” Oh but I want you to fuck me. Fuck me please!” I was completely lost, out of my mind with lust as I slobbered all over his cock and my fingers were coated as they played in my wet cunt.

“Not yet baby,” Mike purred, “I’m saving that for the hotel. I have a surprise there for you but I need you to suck me off now so I can give you a good, long fuck there later” he smiled down at me. “Be a good girl and keep sucking my cock and I’ll shoot in your mouth for you. That is what you want isn’t it?”

“Mmm Hmmmph” I could only grunt in agreement as his cock shoved back into my throat but he was right. My pussy could wait but my soul was starved for his cum and I needed it right then and there.

I continued to rub my pussy with one hand while I went back down his long shaft. My other hand stroked the base as I sucked on his cockhead before plunging him down my throat and swallowing every inch again. God it felt incredible! I was on fire, my pussy already building towards orgasm as I sucked all the way up Mikes shaft letting the head pop out of my mouth as I took a few quick breaths then plunged down again writhing and pushing to swallow him whole.

“That’s it baby… That’s it, take that cock all the way down your fucking throat!” Mike moaned as I felt his cock straining and pulsing and I knew he was getting close to cumming for me.

“Yes baby! Yes” I begged as my hand stroked furiously over his swollen purple head. “Yes, shoot your load for me! I need it so badly!” I looked up at him, my shining blue eyes imploring him to give me gölbaşı escort my reward as I stroked his cock as fast as I could.

With a sudden twitch that caught me by surprise his cock exploded, a thick, hot white stream blasting across my face and splashing warm and wet over my lips! As fast as I could I plunged down on his gushing cock and his hot cum filled my mouth with the glorious taste of his sweet salty essence that I had so desperately been yearning for all those past six weeks!

Opening my throat again I plunged his spurting cock all the way down to the base, pressing my nose hard against his firm pubic mound as his hands held me tightly down as he thrust his hips against my face, smashing my nose against him as he pumped his seed deep into my hungry belly. I could feel his huge cock lodged tightly in my throat as it twitched and pulsed, shooting one, two, three times directly into my gulping, contracting throat until finally I choked and had to slide my lips back up his still pumping. It seemed he would never stop cumming as a fourth, fifth and even sixth hot blast erupted from his tight balls as I writhed in ecstasy at every warm spurt of cream filling my happy mouth.

Mikes hips rose up as he bucked and strained with the intensity of the orgasm wracking his body. My wet lips stretched tightly around his shaft gave way as cum overflowed my mouth and ran down the shaft of his cock in glistening pearly streams, pooling at the base. I swallowed greedily gulping down some of the cum tickling at the back of my throat but leaving myself with plenty to savor. The sensual sensation of just that partial load sliding down my throat threw me over the edge as my own orgasm exploded within me, the intensity of it rocking my body as I fought to keep my lips sealed around Mikes still twitching shaft.

Mike groaned and sighed a deep satisfied, sound as he sank back into the limo seat. His hands relaxed on the back of my head but I still kept his cock deep inside my mouth as I rode the wave of my own orgasm as Mikes own convulsing hips quieted.

As my orgasm finally subsided I lifted my face to show Mike the huge load I had hungrily sucked from him, opening my mouth wide as my tongue swam happily in the warm pool filling my mouth. Mike smiled down at me his eyes half closed in bliss. He reached down and gently scooped the thick strands hanging off my wet chin into my waiting mouth.

“Don’t want you to miss any.” He cooed gently as I eagerly sucked the last sweet drops from his fingertips. My eyes looked deeply into his, my yearning face striving to convey the deep pleading sense of thanks and satisfaction at having earned the reward of his warm cum again. My eyes never left his as I closed my mouth and swallowed gently, his warm cream sliding down into my cum-starved belly.

I collapsed into his lap, my face coming to rest inches from his still pulsing and twitching wet cock. I sighed, truly satisfied for the first time since that night when he had first shared his cock and glorious cum with me. “God I’ve missed you” I whispered, half to Mike but even more to his warm, wet cock throbbing before me as it slowly deflated.

My eyes made their way down the length of his shaft, lovingly examining every inch, every vein, until at the base I noticed pools of cum that had leaked from my lips as his load had overflowed my mouth, glistening wetly in his cropped pubic hair at the root of his cock. Instinctively I was drawn to it and eagerly I lapped and sucked it all up, carefully cleaning every last drop from him, happy to have found even just a little more of his essence to savor. Finally, with him licked clean, I swallowed again and rested my head back in his lap as his hand caressed my hair and softly traced the contour of my ear.

“Oh man that was amazing. I’m sorry I came so quickly.” Mike sighed apologetically “I was saving that up for you. I haven’t jacked off or anything in over a week, I wanted to have a huge load ready for you.”

“Well you certainly did you naughty boy!” I teased, “Thank you,” I kissed his thigh, “I loved it, every drop of it!”

“I was supposed to be saving it for you for the hotel. I have a little surprise planned there for you, but I got so horny thinking of you coming back that I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Well I hope it was worth it, it certainly it was for me!” I smiled at him. “So what is this surprise?”

“You’ll see, you’ll see…” he looked down at me, “just a little something special for you tonight. I hope you’ll like it.”

I nestled my cumslick cheek happily against his warm thigh as the limo made its way towards the hotel. I had no idea that the surprise Mike had planned for me would make me into even more of a cum whore than I had already become but as I had already learned with him, anything was possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32