Acting Like Animals

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Well, it’s not like I didn’t know what was up. I mean, Josh and I had dated for more than a year, and every time I was around Peter it was like some electric charge connected us. It didn’t seem to matter that Peter was Josh’s father. It didn’t matter that Peter was more than 20 years older than me. And, it didn’t matter that Peter was otherwise happily married to Josh’s mom.

What did seem to matter was the occasional touch between us or the knowing smile like there was some silly inside joke between us. On those occasions, there was no doubt that Peter and I connected.

Something that always struck me was the differences with Peter and Josh when they were near each other. Josh, I guess, was your typical slight-looking young 20-something, who at medium height and thin-build was not what you would call imposing. He could make me laugh and we always had fun hanging out.

Peter was imposing. Tall and with a big build, he had that look like he was always standing up straight and in control. I sometimes wondered if that was a trait he kept up in the bedroom, too. I know, I know. What a horrible girl I am. Fantasizing about my boyfriend’s father when my boyfriend was perfectly good to me.

But, let me tell you about the horrible girl that gets Josh off whenever and however ol’ Josh wants it. If I’m okay as the wild thing with Josh when he’s ready for the whore in the bedroom, don’t be critical if I have an imagination at times. Oh well, that’s how I look at it, anyway.

Lately, it seems Peter and I have both hit a restless spot at the same time. He teased me in the backyard Saturday, when I didn’t want to go back inside with everyone else, and I was on the verge of pissing-off Josh. He and I sat by the pool and drank another beer, doing our little rebellion thing on our own. I sat across from him and I moved my legs back and forth as we talked, me swaying them casually and wondering if he was ever going to steal a glance under my wrap.

Instead, it was me taking the glance… or rather the gawk. Peter, sitting back in the lawn chair, let his legs fall open, and when he was sure I was looking he deliberately grabbed himself there, like he was adjusting that full package he was carrying in the middle of his shorts. He just looked at me and grinned that mischieveous grin.

“Hey Pop, you got an itch there?” I joked.

“Why? You want to scratch it?” he teased back.

“Hey, you’re being bad, now.” I mockingly replied.

“Oh, I think you can handle it,” and he gave me the big grin, one more in a series of them we’d seemed to share.

“I don’t know, let’s see,” I said and leaned toward him in my chair holding my hands out and motioning to him.

“Huh?” He wasn’t sure where I was headed.

“Come here and sit up,” I instructed, and when he did, I took his large right hand into my hands and turned almanbahis adres it so it faced palm forward and fingers up. I looked at him, and was close enough to smell his musky and distinctive scent.

I held his hand up with my left hand and then I pressed my much smaller right hand against his.

In a low voice, I looked him in the eyes and slowly said, “Peter, I think you’re right. … I think I can handle it.”

There was no mistaking what I meant.

There was no longer a smile on either of our faces, but there was an intensity and closeness ready to explode.

He then surprised me, saying “there’s a bathroom in the poolhouse if you need to use it. I’m gonna get some more beer out of there to take in the house.”

I looked at him with a grin as I stood, not saying a word. I must have been out of my mind, because I tugged the wrap from my waist and just let it fall to the ground, leaving my little bikini facing dad and just inches from his face. I paused and let him stare. I then turned and and walked up toward the poolhouse.

I mean, what was I thinking? From inside, if anyone had been looking, it’d would’ve been like I was taking it off right there in his face, teasing him and working him up all the more. And then, when I walk up toward the poolhouse, well …for me to just shake my tight ass back and forth, knowing good and well he’s looking, it probably would’ve looked obscene. But, no one was looking.

I got inside the poolhouse and it was dark, given the late afternoon/ early evening time. I didn’t turn on a light, and I didn’t hear if Peter was coming in behind me.

I just made my way to the room in the back that did have some light barely shining through. I still didn’t hear Peter coming inside the poolhouse, but I didn’t turn around or pause. I mean, there’s no question this man’s coming in this house and coming into this bathroom. He is coming for me, I realized. And, I looked into the mirror and smiled at my reflection, “you are really, really a bad girl.”

Then I jumped, startled by seeing Peter now standing behind me and us looking at each other in our reflections.

Nothing was said as he moved closer behind me. I felt his hands on my hips, and then his lips to my neck. His lips kissed and gently sucked at my neck as his arms enveloped me. His arms held me close to him and for the first time I was aware of his cock pressing me and I felt the contour of it in his shorts as it snaked down his leg. He felt very hard.

I raised my hands up over my head to reach behind me for Peter’s face and hair, sroking him and letting him have unfettered access to my top. He reached around, and in one motion he rubbed under the bikini top and had his large hands on my bare tits. They’re just a little bigger than hand fulls, but the nipples are large and thick. They almanbahis adresi got thicker as he rubbed my tits and pulled on my nipples, making me purr.

After he had had his way with my tits for a while, I wanted him to know the effect he was having on me. So, I took his big right hand into both my hands and slowly moved it down my front, never letting it leave my soft skin. His rugged and calloused hand was a nice contrast to my young soft skin, as we both watched what I was doing in the mirror.

I stopped his hand with my right hand, as it was cupped on my tummy. He pressed slightly feeling my softness there. Then, when I was sure I had his eyes looking in the mirror at his hand right above my crotch, I took my left hand and pulled open my bikini bottom, pulling it down some in the process and letting Peter see the blondish-brown curls nestled atop my special little place down there. I then looked into his eyes in the reflection, as my right hand pushed his big right hand on downward until his palm cupped my mound. He definitely did press forward then, and I let my head fall back on the nook between his shoulder and neck when I felt those thick fingers wiggle at my gash.

I’m sure he felt my juices soak his fingers and his hand as I was wetter than I had ever been in my life. I moaned a low and throaty response as he worked his fingers over and around my pussy lips, then plunging a couple of his fingers inside me.

“AAAAHHHH…” I groaned into his neck as he plundered my pussy unrestricted. I bucked against his hand, and he obliged by pushing those fingers deeper, using his thumb to graze over my hard clit. I was as turned on as I had ever been before, and I didn’t care if Josh, Josh’s mother, or the entire world watched, because this was what I wanted and what I needed—I had to have this man, Peter.

Peter must’ve sensed this, as he released my pussy from his hand, and then pushed my upper torso forward so that my upper body was now laying over the tile counter. My ass was propped-up in the air. I felt his legs spread my stance apart, shifting my legs. I let out a little crying sound at the feeing of being totally in his control and bent over to his will.

I looked up into the mirror and Peter disappeared behind me, descending out-of-view. I looked straight ahead and was close to the mirror and my reflection, wondering what was to come next.

I felt his hands at my thighs, a gentle lifting motion putting me a little higher onto the counter. Peter was basically doing what he wanted to me, and my body was completely his to have.

It was then that I felt his face nudge between my legs from behind and I felt this man’s tongue touch my clit. I let out a yelp at the surprise of this, and then I felt his tongue trace slowly from the front of my pussy, into and onto the lips of my pussy almanbahis adres and pull back up into my backside. He lapped at my pussy two or three times , dragging his tongue through me as I groaned. He was tasting juices that were flowing freely, and he was trying to lap them up like a dog.

There was a pause where I felt nothing for a moment and then I felt him drag his tongue from the back of my pussy slowly up the crack of my ass. I had never felt anything like that before and the sheer wantonness of it made me come and come hard, as Peter ran his tongue around my asshole and poked at my puckered hole.

I was dizzy with the sensations, and he again seemed to move away from me for a moment. He stood and I saw him behind me. I looked at him in the mirror, and as our eyes met, I silently nodded.

He took his cock with his right hand and placed the large head of it to my lips back there. His left hand rested on my back, in effect keeping me pinned. I liked the sense of not having any control whatsoever, and I knew what was coming. My juices flowed.

He traced the cockhead back and forth, up and down my pussy lips spreading my juices around and getting me good and ready.

After some of this teasing, he pushed a couple of inches inside of me and I took in a deep breath, gasping loudly. The thickness of his cock was something I had never had before. Thank goodness this man knew what he was doing and let me get used to him, only moving again once my opening had relaxed some.

It was while he was gently rocking back and forth inside of me that I did relax more, and I must have surprised him when I pushed back against him. Even so, I couldn’t get him more than half way inside on that push, but it was the move he’d waited on, because he pulled back after a moment until he was just about out. We caught each other’s look again in the mirror, and in that instant, I knew what was coming. I wondered if maybe—just maybe— I’d finally overdone it. He thrust his hips hard against me and I cried out. It was both pain and intense pleasure, as this man bore into me with long powerful strokes.

He was now fucking me and fucking me hard. I had no control or movement to it, instead I held on to the counter and he took me over and over. He was incredibly hard and filled me up with each downstroke. I made noises and groaned, and I distinctly remembered the expression “fucking like animals”—this is what it was. Just primal pounding of this man and me going at it, and nothing but our panting and the sound of flesh hitting flesh filling the room.

The orgasms and sensations flowed over me and I thought I might really pass out. After a while, he was close and he pulled out. He was close and he held his cock in his hand. I spun around and fell to my knees, facing him. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me, and then with his cock between us he pumped it at me and his come shot to my face , me holding his gaze. I opened my mouth trying to catch it, to drink him up and after the first few threads I closed my mouth around his cock, sucking the last drops from his thick head, my eyes locked on his.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32