Accidents Will Happen

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I heard the grunt behind me and turned from the larder; my sister stood at the counter looking at her hand. I stared as she raised it up, showing the skewer which had passed right through the palm of it.

“Urgh Rich, I’ve had an accident,” she said softly, her face draining from light tan to white.

I walked over carefully and put my glass down, Holding her hand at the wrist, I inspected the mess. Blood was slowly oozing out of the wound, I raised her arm higher, and pulled her other hand over. Getting her to cup her elbow to keep the hand higher, I steered her to a chair in the lounge. Returning to the kitchen I grabbed a clean tea towel and went back to Jen, gently wrapping it round her hand to keep it clean and sop up the blood.

I dialed the emergency number and calmly asked the operator for an ambulance, then told their control centre the details. Finishing the call I dialed Dad and told him what had happened, he said he’d pick Mum up and head for the hospital if needed or else he’d bring her home. I then phoned Mum, who reacted calmly and said she and Dad would be at the hospital or home as soon as possible, once I let them know what was happening.

I heard the siren outside and then braking, followed by a knock at the door. The paramedics examined Jen’s wound and decided she needed to go to hospital, as I feared. We all trooped out to the ambulance, Jen in a wheelchair and holding her arm up. The Paramedics had decided that it would be best if the Hospital dealt with the wound and merely recovered the wound with the tea towel.

I phoned Dad from the ambulance and we sped off to the Royal Free Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit. One paramedic drove as the other called in the details. He finished and patted Jen’s shoulder, she smiled wanly and freed her good hand to hold mine, I squeezed it slightly and she mouthed “Thank you”.

“No problem Jen, you’d do the same for me,” I said and held her good hand a little tighter.

At A&E she was taken in and hustled into a cubicle, transferred to the bed and I sat beside her in the only chair. Seconds later Mum and Dad parted the curtains and came in. I stood to allow Mum to sit. After they had kissed us both they wanted details, so I told the story.

As I finished a large black man with a big smile came in and introduced himself as Dr Objumo . He must have been about six feet eight and had a white coat on and a stethoscope round his neck. He used his big powerful hands to gently remove the tea towel and hold Jen’s hand out. Mum went white and I sat her back in the chair. Dad humphed and looked down at the floor. Dr Objumo asked everyone to leave as it was a bit crowded and we gratefully decamped to the waiting area.

Forty minutes later Dr Objumo wheeled Jen out and grinned as we stood to see her. She had a huge white bandage on her hand, like a brand new oven glove. She was perky and smiling. Dr Objumo accepted our thanks then handed me the tea towel congratulating me on improvising a clean dressing so quickly.

“It’s funny,” he said, “never seen a kebab like it, mushroom, pepper, hand”. He then produced the skewer from his pocket and gave it to Jen. “Please be more careful young lady, much as it’s good to meet you, I hope our future meetings are rare occasions.” He patted her shoulder and walked off.

We clustered round Jen and then walked back to the car park wheeling her in the chair. We got Jen in the car and I took the chair back to Reception. We drove home as Jen told us how they had numbed her hand then withdrawn the skewer, then cleaned the wound, X-rayed it and then dressed it. She had, by a miracle missed anything vital, so when it healed, she ought to have full movement. There’d be a nasty scar but they felt full mobility was certain.

We decided to eat out that night, the unprepared meal dumped in the waste bin. Jen had a salad, Mum, Dad and I settled for beer battered fish and chips. We had a glass of wine and after a coffee went home.

Jen was tired and wanted to go to bed, so Mum went to help her out. Dad and I decided to watch the telly for a while. Eventually about eleven I was losing the battle and decided to go to bed, as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Friday morning came and before I knew it Mum and Dad had gone to work and Jen was still asleep. I called her workplace and explained to her colleague what had happened and that she wouldn’t be in for at least a couple of days. He was ok about it and asked me to pass on everyones good wishes and that they hoped to see her soon. I had no lectures that day so I was free clear to help Jen.

Just then she appeared in the kitchen, wearing a short nightdress that just about covered her upper thighs, her small frame pressing against the thin material. She smiled and sat at the counter.

“Tea or Coffee?” I asked rubbing her back.

“Tea please Rich,” she kissed my arm and rubbed her face against my chest.

I made tea and popped the mug in front of her, she grinned and reached for it, double taking as her huge bandaged hand met mobil seks hikayeleri the cup, laughing she switched hands. Holding the cup awkwardly she sipped and sighed.

“Thanks Rich, that’s lovely and thanks for looking after me yesterday, I owe you.”

“No problem Jen, after all what are younger brothers for.”

“Yeah, just there to pick up their daffy older sisters when they trip up. What an idiot I was, I can’t believe I was that stupid.”

“Hey accidents happen, no worries, the Doc says you’ll be fine, but I won’t be able to eat kebabs for a while, know what I mean?”

“Yuk, yeah, too much meat, Huh?” We laughed and I sat next to her.

“Okay I phoned your office and spoke to Mal? He said he’d pass it on and to tell you that everyone says get well soon.”

“Oh that was nice, thanks Rich, aren’t you going to be late for College though?”

“Tuesday is a free day, no lectures or library time, all the boys and girls are off and away, I’m a free agent.”

“Okay have you had breakfast yet?”

“No I was going to have cereal and toast, what about you?”

“Sounds good, but can you do mine, I’m a bit useless at the moment.” she held her hand up and sighed.

I fixed breakfast and we ate in silence, finishing I cleared away. Jen got up and then stopped. she turned back and reddened.

“Rich, I need to wash and dress, but…” She halted and blushed deep red. I twigged straight away.

“Oh shit, you can’t do it yourself can you?

“I can clean my teeth, but that’s about it, oh I can just about wipe myself if I use the loo,” She grinned.

“That’s kinda funny Jen, but embarrassing, Mums not here, so I reckon you have two choices, three actually.”

I raised three fingers, then tapped each one as I spoke.

“One, stay in your nightie all day; two, wait for Mum and get her to sort you out, which is also part of one. Three I help you, but that may not be an option you’d favour.”

“I don’t want to spend all day like this, but asking you seems a bit too, well not unpleasant, but it’s not an ask you might be happy with.”

“You’re kidding right, my sexy as hell older sister is going to let me wash and dress her, every perverts dream,” I mugged “Dirty old Man” and rubbed my hands.

Jen laughed and came and hugged me.

“Stop it you twit, you’re not a perver; are you?” she raised an eyebrow and studied me.

I blushed and looked her in the eye.


“Truth,” she nodded.

“I am nineteen years old, you’re my twenty three year old sister and I have to admit to trying to get a peek at you naked. I get a hard on when you walk round in your underwear and even harder when you wear a bikini. My real sexual experiences amount to zero and I don’t remember the last time I went out with a girl, let alone kissed one.” I nodded.

“Oh poor you, how come I make you stiff, I’m not well built, well no boobs and skinny legs. You must be desperate, look there’s nothing exciting under here believe me.” she tugged at her nightie and grinned.

I blushed, and looked away, Jen stepped back and touched my face.

“If it helps, I’m still a virgin too, so we’re no different. I had a few fumbles with boys, but I also can’t remember the last boy I kissed, unless my peck on your cheek just now counts.” we both laughed.

“Ok, what do we need to do?” I asked holding her good hand,

“Well I can’t shower, because of the oven glove, but I want to wash and get dressed, so let’s start with a wash. I’ll need to get this off, which needs your help, then you can do my underarms and stuff, dry me and help me get dressed.”

“Wow, the full Monty?”

“Everything and everywhere Rich, come on.”

We went into the bathroom where I helped Jen peel her nightie over her head. I couldn’t help but look, there were mirrors on the walls and everywhere there was an angle showing my sisters body.

“Oh for heavens sake Rich, just gawk why don’t you.” she blushed red, I went to the sink and ran some water. Jen dipped her good hand in, “Perfect, start under my arms then my chest, my arms and my good hand.”

I soaped a flannel and she raised her arms over her head. I ran the flannel around her armpits, she giggled, then went quiet as I washed her chest and breasts. Well they certainly weren’t porn star mammaries, just two small mounds with pink tips. As I finished and went for her good arm, the nipples stiffened and so did my cock.

I hurried on and washed her arm and hand, then her bandaged hand from her wrist up to her shoulder. Rinsing the flannel I carefully removed the soap and then found a towel. I gently toweled her dry, quickly finishing with her breasts. Jem smiled and lowered her arms. Jen looked at my pajama shorts and grinned.

“Wow if you thought that was exciting, what will happen when you do my pussy?”

I glanced down at her mound. She obviously shaved or waxed, but the hairs were just beginning to show again. I reddened and gulped.

“Probably cum in my shorts or pee myself with excitement, not sure which yet.” I answered truthfully.

“Stupid, lovely boy. I do love you, you know that don’t you. Come on it’s getting a bit cold standing in the nude.” she nudged me with her hip and I grinned.

I soaped the flannel once more and sank to my knees. I watched as she parted her legs and then applied the flannel to her, washing between her legs then asking her to turn round to wash her bottom, then back again. My cock was killing me, it felt like it would explode, I could feel a wet patch as my precum soaked the front of my shorts.

Her beautiful pussy was an inch from my face. I could see the valley between the two hills dissapearing towards her lovely bottom. Jen lifted her leg slightly so I could get a better view.

I stood to rinse the flannel and Jens eyes widened as she saw my wet patch.

“Wow you weren’t kidding were you, are you ok?”

“Perfectly it’s just precum, it’s a lubricant…” I trailed off, aware that Jen was almost purple in the face trying not to laugh.

“Sorry, sorry,” her good hand came to her mouth to hide her giggle.”you sounded so serious then, Rich.”

I grinned and laughed with her,

“Sorry I’m so nervous, in case I cock this up?” I reddened as the absurdity of the phrase hit me, hearing Jen laughing like she hasn’t done in ages. I collapsed against the sink, holding my head in my hands.

“Rich, I do love you, you’re priceless. I was so worried this was going to be awkward, but you know, I feel completely at ease with you and Mr Wriggly, so come on finish what you started.”

I stood up and rinsed the flannel again, knelt and sorted Jen out, she handed me the towel and I carefully dried her. Then as she went to her room, I cleared up in the bathroom, taking a minute to re-arrange the furniture downstairs in my shorts.

I walked into her bedroom to see Jen bent over her drawer looking for her underwear. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see the bulge of her pussy lips between them. I sighed and readjusted myself again.

“I heard that and I can see where your hand is! cut it out, I’m your sister and definitely not sexy in any way.”

“You’re not standing here, watching a very sexy woman bent over and displaying her curves and the crown jewels like I am,” I said loving the display.

“Nice, but I don’t think I’m your type.”

“No true, but usually just having a pulse is fair game!”

“Yuk, that’s horrid, I bet you’re very picky when it comes to the ladies.”

“Yup, so picky that unless they look, sound and act like you they get rejected.”

“Oh that’s sweet and thanks but I know I’m average, just.”

She straightened and turned round, holding a whispy bra and sensible white knickers.

“OK Rich, dressing time.”

“Hey if I choose not to help will you walk around naked all day? Please.”

“No! and really no! Look surely you’ve seen enough of me today, I’m no beauty queen you know.”

“Jen you’re perfect, but come on then let’s get you dressed.”

I ambled over to her, she handed me her knickers and told me to kneel down and hold them open, which I did. She placed a hand on my shoulder and placed one leg then the other into them. I slid them up her legs and on impulse kissed her mound as it appeared at eye level, traveling up I kissed her belly and abdomen as I stood, avoiding her breasts I placed a last kiss on her lips. She smiled and hugged me.

She handed me the bra, I helped her arms in and she turned so her back was to me, I pulled the straps across her back then kissed her between the shoulder blades as I cinched the clasps. Then, as instructed pulled the shoulder straps higher up onto her shoulders. She reached for a simple A line dress and I passed it over her head guiding it down as she slipped her arms in. As I pull it down over her flat stomach she leaned in and kissed my lips briefly.

“Thanks Rich, I feel ready for the day.” She beamed at me and I hugged her tightly. She grinned as my erection got between us and I blushed again. She turned to go out and I patted her bottom as she walked away.

“Careful buster, don’t touch the merchandise if you can’t afford to pay for it.” Then she swished her hips and was gone.

I walked back to the bathroom and shucked off my night clothes and dived in the shower. As I washed I wanted to jack off, but somehow couldn’t bring myself to do it. I washed and then opened the shower door to get my towel. Jen was sitting on the toilet grinning at me.

“It’s only fair Rich, you saw me naked, now I get to see you. Very nice I must say, I can’t ever think of you as my “little” brother anymore, whew that’s making me blush.” she grinned and handed me my towel.

I dried off whilst being watched by my older sister; I grinned,

“This feels like when I was seven and we shared a bath, you were always looking at me, like you’re doing now.” I grinned.

“Well I had nothing to look at, but you had this lovely little willy that waggled as you moved, fascinating then and now.”

Jen stood and grabbed my towel with her good hand and gently dried my cock and balls, then turned me round and dried my back and bottom. She handed me the towel.

“I think you can finish the rest, I need to go sit down, I’m all hot and bothered.” leaning in she kissed me, whilst her good hand ran over my cock and balls. It instantly twitched and stiffened, she grinned and tickled the head.

“mmmm, that’s nice, now hurry and dress.”

Moving quickly she left me alone, my balls screaming, “WTF”. I sighed and went to my room.

We spent the day talking and joking, I made lunch and cleared away. Later Mum came home and seemed surprised to see Jen up and dressed. Jen explained and Mum laughed and rubbed my arm.

“Well that must have been quite an experience for you young man. I hope you had your eyes closed throughout.” She roared with laughter as Jen described how hard I had been. I went crimson, but Mum hugged me and said I had been good not to get upset at their ribbing. I sighed and relaxed. Mum began to fix dinner and I decided to hang around and help.

“Rich, we were only teasing, you were good today to help Jen, thank you.”

“It’s OK Mum, it was a bit embarrassing at first, but well you know..” I trailed off, not sure what I wanted to say.

“Well at least you know what a woman looks like, firsthand.”

“Yeah and she’s beautiful. Mum, Jens so perfect, she’s oh, I know she’s my sister but she is gorgeous.”

I continued to slice the runner beans as I relived the morning in my mind.

“Well I’m happy you think so, but please concentrate, I don’t want to have to take you to A&E.”

I laughed and Jen appeared from the lounge,

“What’s happening here then?”

“I was just explaining to Mum how beautiful you are. My perfect, new number one sexy gorgeous female fantasy.”

“Get off, although my flat chested, knock knee’d, skinny look is all the rage darling.” she pouted and struck a pose.

We laughed and blew kisses and cheered. Dad came in and we recapped the day. He giggled and said he wished he’d stayed home to help. We all laughed and Dad hugged Jen and Mum, I held Mum in a hug and then Jen.

“OK troops Dinner, set the table, organise drinks you two, Ray upstairs and change, on the table in ten minutes.” Mum boomed, Jen and I saluted and went to the dining room to set the table.

“Rich, do you really think I’m sexy?”

“Oh yeah, you are hot sister.” I drawled in what I thought was a great American accent.

“Why are trying to speak like a Scot?”

“It was meant to be American.”

“Poor brother, very poor.” she grinned and put some mats on the table.

“Whatever,” I sighed.

“Thanks, really, you give me a real lift. If you think I’m sexy there’s hope out there.” she smiled.

“Don’t put yourself down,Jen, you’re smart, sexy and beautiful,and if I wasn’t your brother, I would definitely want to go out with you, true.”

“Wow, stop it, I get the idea, I can’t believe this, I never thought of myself as anything but a bit of a plain Jane. If you honestly think I’m sexy then I owe you again Rich.”

I took her good hand and squeezed it in mine.

“True big sis, I always had a crush on you, and you just got more beautiful as you’ve got older.There’s some lucky guy out there just waiting to meet you, I’m sure of it.”

Tears formed in her eyes and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips.

“Thank you,” she moved round and hugged me, her oven glove hand wrapped round my neck, her pert breasts pressed to my chest. I felt my cock stir. Suddenly she laughed and hit my back with her good hand.

“That’s nice but rude, I can’t hug you for long without Mr Wriggly getting involved can I?”

“Sorry Jen, but you have this effect on me, now if you were plain or ugly, they’d be no problem, especially as I wouldn’t want to hug you anyway.”

Jen hit me again, we continued to hug until Mum appeared with four wine glasses and tapped on the table.

“Come on you two, break it up, finish laying the table and get your Dad downstairs,” but she was smiling as she said it.

Dad came down and we sat down to a fantastic meal. Jen had to have her food cut up, and I was happy to help. I offered to spoon feed her, but she wasn’t interested. I helped clear away as Dad and Jen disappeared into the lounge.

As we finished I hugged Mum from behind and she put her hand back to go round me, just reaching my bottom. Guess what! Yup, Mr Wriggly appeared again. I felt Mum redden, as I kissed her cheek from behind, she let go, I held the hug and she covered my hands in hers.

“So Mums still a hot item then?” she said sexily.”

“Always Mum, always,” I kissed her cheek again.

We unwrapped and held hands as we crossed to the lounge. I dropped her hand as we parted to go through the door but grabbed it again as we got inside. Over by the telly Dad had Jen on his lap curled into his neck as she had always done, they were both asleep. We grinned and Mum sat down and I sank to the floor between her legs, facing the telly, she scruffled my hair as I reached for the remote control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32