Accidents Happen Ch. 01

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Non Nude

Chapter 01: A Car Accident leads to Nudity

In the early evening, JR was driving cautiously on a snow covered gravel road singing along with Lynyrd Skynrd,

“Sweet home Alabama… where the skies are so blue…”

The storm was more intense than the weather forecaster had predicted, already 8″ of heavy white snow blanketed the ground. A thick layer of storm clouds blotted out all the light from the moon and stars making driving even more treacherous.

JR wasn’t concerned, he may have had a ten year old vehicle, but it was a 4 wheel drive Jeep and he knew the road well. This was a frequently used short-cut between his house and his grandparents’. His father had sent him out to deliver fresh venison from a successful deer hunt. He was running a little late because he had re-stocked his grandparents’ woodpile to make sure they had plenty of fuel to get them through the upcoming cold spell. It was around 6 PM when Junior was surprised to see headlights up ahead.


Bee was driving along in a new 1974 pink Ford Pinto. She had a lot on her mind having just broken up with her boyfriend. The radio was blasting “Waterloo”. She paid no attention to the worsening weather conditions because she expected to pull into her friend Kathy’s driveway any minute. In fact, she should have been there 10 minutes ago.

As Frida and Agnetha sang the chorus, Bee rounded a corner and was startled to find a herd of deer in front of her. She swerved to avoid them and ended up clipping a doe and skidding into the other lane. Unfortunately, that lane had a car in it. She swore as she gripped the steering wheel and frantically stomped both feet on the brake pedal.


JR suddenly found a car in his lane heading straight for him. He braced for the unavoidable collision that took both cars off the road and into the creek.

The cars ended upright in 2 feet of water. The sounds of ABBA and Skynrd filled the air. JR unbuckled his seat belt when he realized that he was unhurt. He stepped into the rapidly flowing water to check on the other car. He could hear the sound of someone cursing inside the Pinto.

“Are you all right?” JR asked the teen-age girl.

“I…I think so,” she answered unsteadily. Blood trickled down her forehead from a cut sustained when her head hit the steering wheel.

“We need to get out of the creek,” JR said urgently.

“Damn it!” she said as she surveyed her vehicle, “Look at my new car!”

JR opened the door. She gasped when the frigid water rushed in washing over her feet and legs.

“We need to go,” JR told her insistently. Hearing her voice, he realized he knew her from school. He hadn’t recognized her at first because she had so much make-up on and was sporting a new hair color.

“Fine,” she said angrily and she stepped into the flowing stream. Bee held on to JR’s arm as they moved towards the road. She lost her footing when she tripped over an underwater rock. She tried to prevent her fall by frantically grabbing JR with both hands, but she only managed to pull him down with her. They both were soaked by the bone chilling water. A string of expletives flew from Bee’s mouth.

“Come on,” JR yelled. He stood and helped her to her feet. He kept a firm grip on her with his right arm around her narrow waist as he led her out of the creek.

“Wait here,” JR said to Bee as her teeth began Ataköy escort to chatter.

“Shit, I’ve lost one of my shoes,” she hollered.

JR jumped back in the stream and went to his car. He opened his spiral notebook to an empty page and wrote “Bee Stewart and I are okay. We are going to the Stolfus hunting cabin”. He signed it and left it on the driver’s seat for anyone that came looking for them.

As he splashed back towards Bee, JR saw the doe that Bee had hit. It was awkwardly struggling to stand on the shoulder of the road. As he approached, JR could see the jagged end of a broken bone sticking out from the deer’s right rear leg.

“Easy girl,” JR said as he reached out and gently guided the animal to the ground. He continued to talk softly to the animal as he lifted its head. He fished out his knife and quickly brought it across the injured creature’s exposed neck. Bee screamed as the deer quietly bled out. JR comforted the deer and waited with her as she expired.

“Why did you do that?” Bee screamed. “You murderer!”

JR put his blade away, returned to Bee and brought her to her feet saying,

“Let’s get moving. There is a cabin a little way from here. We need to get there quickly.”

Bee screamed, “I’m not going anywhere with you!”

JR slapped her hard across the face.

“Shut up and walk, you’ll freeze if you stay here” he ordered in a no nonsense tone.

JR grabbed the stunned teenager and jerked her in the direction of the cabin. Bee quietly stumbled after him.

The two blue lipped, snow covered eighteen year olds staggered onto the cabin’s front porch. Bee collapsed. She had never been so cold in her life. JR took a key from under the door mat and unlocked the front door.

“Bee, come inside,” he implored.

When she didn’t respond, JR hooked his hands under her armpits and dragged her into the dark, unheated cabin. He left her lying on the floor as he went to the kerosene lamp and matches he knew he would find on the fireplace mantle. He lit the lamp and then he lit the kindling in the fireplace. He brought in some firewood off the porch and soon had the split logs burning. Bee crawled stiffly towards the fire on her hands and knees.

JR looked around the cabin. It was just as he remembered it from a past hunting trip. They were in the living room/kitchen. There was a bedroom and a bathroom in the back. He saw that the pot belly stove that normally heated the whole cabin was gone. The flue and marks on the floor showed where the stove should have been.

“We’ll have to make do with the fire,” JR said.

“I’m cold,” Bee whined.

JR went in the bedroom to get some blankets. When he opened the door, a blast of cold air greeted him. The storm had brought down a tree limb. It had crashed through the bedroom window. The bunk beds and blankets were useless. They were wet and covered with snow and leaves. JR grabbed a sleeping bag he saw stashed in the corner and brought it out.

“Bee, to get warm, we’ve got to get dry,” JR said as he went into the bathroom. He was looking for a bath towel, but all he could find was a roll of paper towels which he grabbed.

As he returned to Bee, he kicked off his boots and started shedding his coat and clothes. Soon he was clad only in his wet boxers. He quickly dried himself with some paper towels.

“Get out Ataköy escort bayan of those wet clothes.”

“Strip for you?! Dream on farm boy,” she said defiantly.

JR pulled his underwear off and stood naked in front of her. He had a stocky wrestler’s build — thick and muscular. His 5′ 10″ frame carried 175 pounds without a drop of fat. She giggled and pointed at his small penis which had retreated into his thick black pubic hair.

“I’m freezing to death, you know,” JR responded sheepishly. Annoyed with her, he continued with more confidence,

“Listen Bee, we don’t have time to argue. We are wet and cold. You’re shivering so hard your whole body is shaking. That dunk in the freezing water and the half hour walk in the blizzard make us prime candidates for hypothermia. You have to get out of those wet clothes.”

“What! Who are you?” she asked as she moved away from him and towards the fire.

“I’m JR Moyer. I was in your English and History classes last year.”

He paused giving her a chance to remember him. Her eyes lit up as she did. It was getting harder for her to focus because she was cold, so cold it hurt. Her brain was operating at a slower speed. His words and the dire situation slowly sank in. She thought maybe she could trust him. He seemed to know what he was doing, after all he had gotten them out of the water and into the cabin and he had started the fire.

“This is not some prank to get you naked. Remember your car hit me. Do you want to get warm?” he asked exasperated with her.

That clinched it. She wanted to be warm right now more than anything in the world. She started taking her clothes off.

Bee was a girl with a woman’s body. Her 35B breasts seemed huge on her slight frame. She had boyish hips and a full round butt. She was short, just 5′ 4″, with shoulder length dyed blonde hair. Her natural dark brown hair color was visible for an inch on either side of her part. Bee actions were true to her nature. Her hesitancy to trust people was a survival technique she needed having grown up poor in a broken family and bad neighborhood.

JR looked her over as she stood in front of him wearing only her underwear and a tee shirt. The wet clothes hid nothing. Two super hard nipples threatened to bore right through her shirt. Her firm spherical breasts were obviously unencumbered by a bra. JR could make out her large areolas. Down below, a ‘camel toe’ was clearly visible through her white panties with little red hearts.

JR wiped her arms and legs down with paper towels. The foot that had lost its shoe didn’t look good. Even though he was focusing on their situation, the nearly naked woman in front of him had an unconscious effect on JR, his penis began to grow and swell.

JR talked calmly to her just as he had to the injured deer,

“Bee, the fire can only do so much. It was never intended to heat this cabin. Our body heat and the sleeping bag are going to save us.”

When she didn’t show signs of continuing to undress, JR grasped the bottom of her shirt in an unthreatening manner and began pulling it slowly over her head. She didn’t fight him; she raised her hands over her head. Her beautiful, full, milky white breasts came tumbling out. She had large brown nipples with thick, hard protruding tips. Junior tried to be a gentleman; however, he couldn’t help but give them escort Ataköy a good look before turning his head aside.

He handed her some paper towels to dry her chest and he went down on a knee and rolled her panties down. Her thick brown bush emerged first. The wispy hair only partial hid her meaty lips. He gazed in awe at her sex as his engorging dick became a full blown erection.

Bee noticed his erection. It seemed to embolden her. Her mother had told her she was blessed and cursed by her beautiful body since she was guaranteed to get any man’s attention whether she wanted it or not. She had learned to adopt a spunky, tough talking persona to deal with the wandering hands and verbal come-ons.

Eyeing his erection, she said sarcastically,

“You act like this is the first time you’ve seen a naked woman, not counting family.”

She was right and an embarrassed JR blushed profusely. He tried to respond,


“I thought so,” she said as she felt her self-confidence returning.

The cold drove them into the sleeping bag. JR spooned Bee as both faced the fire. Her arms hugged her chest. JR draped an arm over hers. His chest was against her back. However, he pulled his hips away from her so his boner didn’t touch her.

“Don’t be ridiculous farm boy,” Bee mocked as she reached a hand back and pulled his hips into hers. “This isn’t my first rodeo. Your dick doesn’t scare me. I’ll put up with a hard-on touching me if that’s the price to get my ass and thighs warm.”

JR’s erection settled into her butt crack. His face blushed a deep rosy red again. He was thankful that this time she couldn’t see his discomfort. Quietly, the two shivering teen-agers pressed against each other in a desperate attempt to get warm and it began to work. JR buried his face into her shoulder length hair. It smelled of green apples. He discovered that her curvy body was very soft. She found his body to be tight and firm. It was not an unpleasant experience for either of them.

As JR lay there, he thought about what she had said. Her comments were painfully on target. He was a virgin. His experience with the opposite sex had been limited to necking and petting in a car. A couple of times he had gotten to feel a boob through clothing and once he touched skin as he slipped his hand under his girlfriend Linda’s bra. He had hoped they would progress on to other activities, but Linda had moved away.

Maybe it was because of their life threatening situation or the nude cuddling, something caused JR to open up to Bee. He felt the need to explain his frequent blushes and his constant erection. He told Bee,

“You were right about me. I’ve never seen a naked female before except for when I was a kid; my sister and I took baths together. Sometimes our mother would join us.”

Bee thought about razzing the ‘loser’, but instead a tear came to her eye and a lump developed in her throat. She wished she had had such an innocent childhood. She’d seen plenty of naked people growing up. Usually it was when her mother and current boyfriend were having sex in their small one bedroom apartment.

JR and Bee had been in the sleeping bag a while; the shared body heat was making each of them feel better. They had stopped shivering. Bee realized that she had JR to thank for saving her life. Without his cool head and survival skills, she would have frozen to death in the storm. She began to feel bad about how she had treated him. Trying to make it up to him, she said,

“You’ve got some stamina,” Bee gently kidded as she pressed her butt back into his erection. “I’ve never been with a guy that has been this hard for this long.”

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