Accidental incest!

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I pulled into the parking lot, We noticed that the Adult bookstore in as busier than usual.

Marie only ever had one real complaint about Our monthly visit…She didn’t get fucked enough. Most of the Guys just wanted blowjobs.

Marie and I walked across the parking lot…the thin, skin-tight mini-dress barely covering Her ass and tits. Her dark nipples visible through the fabric. Her make-up & hsir done in the style of a classy whore. She was barely recognizable. I dressed casual-classy. No one was gonna be looking at me anyway.

We were surprised to see so many Men in the lobby area. Most of them looked to be in Their 20s!

They all stopped and stared at my Wife. Her pert, barely covered, C-cup breasts, long medium-blonde hair, full shapely figure…She was worth a stare or ten!

A path was made as She walked through the Young Men, making Her way to the theater. A few brave hands caressing Her ass as She passed. I followed a few steps behind, enjoying the Show.

The darkness of the theater couldn’t hide the fact that there were almost no empty seats. All eyes were on Marie…little more could be seen of Her than the white mini-dress illuminated by the porn playing on the big-screen.
I sat at the end of a couch about half way back. Marie stood in front of me. She gently swayed, caressing Her body. She exposed one breast, then the other.

A dark figure moved behind Her. Slowly exposing Her ass, one hand slid around to Her wet, bald pussy. Marie had one hand behind Her working His cock.

She leaned forward, resting one hand on my thigh. She let go of His cock and undid my pants. Gently my hard-on was exposed. The dark Man behind Her slapped Her pussy with His cock. Marie jerked Her legs apart more.

As She moved forward to take my cock in Her mouth She whispered, “This Guy is big…real big!”

I heard Her whimper as I saw Him starting to thrust forward. With each thrust a muffled whimper ecaped my Wife’s mouth around my cock.

As He began thrusting deep, Her whimpers became moans. It wasn’t long before the first orgasm crashed through Her body…then another and another only a couple minutes apart.

I shot my load down Her throat in only about ten minutes. The dark stranger thrusting long and hard deep into my eager Wife’s pussy. Orgasm after orgasm rocking Her.

She never took Her mouth from my cock. Keeping me hard. The dark stranger started grunting, thrusting quicker. He erupted deep in my Wife’s pussy for a solid 30-40seconds.

As He slowly stepped away, another stepped up.

Quickly He slammed into Marie’s cum filled pussy and started franticly fucking Her. Within 5minutes He was adding more cum deep inside my Wife.

Marie rotated to the arm of the couch. My cock still in Her mouth.

A 3rd Man stepped up behind Her and began rubbing his cock agaonst Her asshole.

As He began pressing His cock into Maries asshole, another stepped up next to Her.

Without removing my cock from Her mouth and as a cock was working into Her ass, Marie reached out and began stroking the cock of a Young Man. It was a sizable cock and She found out how ready to blow He actually was.

The cock in Her ass had barely gotten balls deep when the young cock She was stroking shot all over the side of Her face. Multiple ropes of cum nailing her face and hair.

The Man in Her as began pounding. I could hear His balls slapping Her cum-oozing pussy. 20minutes after my first load, I shot another down my Wife’s throat.

She lay Her head on my lap as Her ass was filled with cum.

Another Young Man filled Her pussy, then another, then another came in Her ass.

Each was lasting about 10minutes and She was without a cock in at least one hole for no more than 5seconds.

20-25 men ranging from 20s-60s had fucked my Wife’s pussy and ass. Another 10 or so had cum down Her throat. A few had cum on Her face and hair.

My Wife had countless orgasms. A few of the Strangers had purchased bottled water from the lobby for Her.

Marie was little more than a cum-dump at this point. The crowd had thinned a bit but hadn’t slowed much.

I took a sip of water. Giving Marie a drink as another Young Man was pounding my Wife’s ass. His head a foot from my face. As He blew His load, He lifted His head and We locked eyes…

I’m seldom surprised, but this time I was…

It was Maries Son, Ed!

My Step-Son had just came in my Wifes ass…had just cum in His Mothers ass!

The look of shock on His face from seeing me turned to terror when He realized who His cack was in.

Ed quickly stood and disappeared into the shadows.

Seconds later another cock began slamming my Wife’s pussy. A dark figure stepped in front of me and Marie managed to lift up and began sucking Him.

It took a bit for my mind to begin to clear from the incestuous shock. I then noticed the big black cock erupting in my Wife’s mouth. Something made me look up…

My Step-Son has a fairly small number of real Friends, but a fair number of Kids that He hung out with. One of His real Friends was my Son Jesse. Another real Friend was Martin.

Martin was a little over 6ft, had a deep voice, was very dark black, and was hung like a horse and cuming down my Wife’s throat!

Why did I look at who was fucking Maries pussy…why…and why was my Step-Son, His Friend Martin, and my Son Jesse at the adult theater?! They had all graduated HighSchool and were supposed to be on a road trip with about 10 others.

As Jesse continued to fuck His Step-Mothers pussy I realized that nearly half of the cocks that had fucked my Wife tonite had slept in my house…I had known for at least 5years…and I would never be able to look at the same way again.

As my Son continued to fuck my Wife, I noticed Martin hadn’t moved away. His cock stayed hard. Marie had continued to stroke Him after He came.

I don’t know what came over me. I leaned forward and took than big cock in my mouth.

“That’s it baby. Suck that black cock!” Marie cood.

I saw Ed come into the light. He was staring at His Step-Dad sucking His Friends cock. That while His Step-Brother fucked His Mothers pussy!

I heard Jesse starting to cum. He slammed hard and deep into His Step-Mothers pussy gaziantep escort as He did.

Jesse stood there twitching, still balls deep when I saw Him notice Martin being sucked by Man. I continued to suck My Sons Friends cock while watching Him out of the corner of my eye. His surprise turned to confusion when I took Martins cock from my mouth and looked at Him straight on.

It took but a moment for Him to realize it was me. I nodded in the direction of Ed. I went back to sucking Martin.

I watched the the two Boys talking passionately. They watched me sucking Their Friends cock and Their Mother/Step-Mother getting fucked by Strangers and Friends.

Martin began to grunt. The boys froze and watched. Martin unloaded into my mouth. I milked every drop from His cock while my eyes were locked with those belonging to my Boys.

I swallowed as Martin walked away.

Another half dozen cocks fucked Marie. 2 more came down Her throat. The fucking and Her orgasms had drained Her completely. She was half asleep as the Boys helped me get Her to the car.

Without warning, almost instinctually, Marie whipped open Eds pants. Before He could react, His balls were slapping His Mothers Chin. I stood on the passenger side grinning at the shocked look on His face.

I sat in the driver’s seat. I motioned Jesse over to ask if They were still going on the “road trip”. He said no and admitted that it was a lie.

Ed barked at Him. He stood and they whispered across the roof. I couldn’t resist…it was that kind of night.

In one quick move, I had Jesses cock out of His pants and down my throat.

I was sucking my Sons cock in the adult bookstore parking lot while my Wife sucked Her Sons cock.

Ed finished first, helped His cum-drunk Mother the rest of the way into the car, and shut the door. Jesse took a bit longer, but the amount of cum my Son shot down my throat was nothing short of impressive.

We agreed to meet for lunch the next day, but to keep Marie in the dark about the identities of the cocks She had the night before…at least for the time being.

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