Accidental Growth Pt. 02 – Morning After

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Will heard his alarm ring and couldn’t believe what had happened the night before. But seeing Tamara draped over him in his bed quickly brought him back to reality. For some reason they were both naked, not to the distaste of Will at all.

Tamara’s legs were intertwined with Will’s. Her butt facing away from him, but he had his right hand at a firm grasp of her right cheek, which looked about the size of her head. Tamara’s breasts were mashed against Will’s chest, her breasts looking for any available space. Just one felt like a light medicine ball was in your hand, and completely dwarfed it — it was a two-handed-job, but it still didn’t get the job done.

“Morning handsome” cooed Tamara, her hand fining it’s way against the base of Will’s exposed, double digit long, but completely flaccid cock. With balls that rivaled grapefruits in shape and fullness. “I went to the bathroom down the hall last night, and when I came back, I noticed you were leaking precum through your pants. Does that happen a lot?” asked Tamara almost inquisitively and with a smile. “To be exact, you were staining your left pant leg. Close to your knee basically. I don’t know…it was making a huge stain, and it looked uncomfortable. Plus, I wanted to see that monster that made me cum so much up close… And ho-ly fuck, are you like seriously hung. That thing looks as long as a ruler and you’re not even hard!”

Will replied, “Well you do your fair share of making some of your features obvious too. Some things that I can’t ignore, even in my sleep.”


Tamara had only fucked a handful of guys. But she played with, and saw enough, to know she needed a big dick to satisfy her fully. At 5’9 34HH-28-49″ not only did Tamara need something big to please, she wanted to please something big. And “Big” Will Colton was her perfect match.

Living next door to Will, Tamara saw a significant change in him lately. He bulged out of any pair of pants that he wore. Whenever he took a shower down their hall, his towel did a poor job of hiding his oversized package. His big dick was obvious. Especially when he wore shorts, damn autumn. When he sat down or jogged, his cock always flopped out of his shorts. And there was always that moaning throughout the day. It all added up, and Tamara knew that Will had the biggest cock she had ever seen.

*This kid might have the biggest dick in the country*


By now Will’s skin around his balls started to react, as well as his dick, to the scene. A noticeable pulse ran through his whopping cock. Tamara’s smile went to 1,000 watts. She mashed her bra bursting boobs into Will’s now hardening cock. She was totally entranced as she watched Will’s cock extend further up the length of his torso towards his pecs.

When Tamara saw Will’s head start to reach his abdomen, she grabbed the still-hardening beast with both hands and did a size comparison to her arm. Seeing Will’s semi-hard cock completely dwarf her toned arm sent Tamara into complete disbelief. “This is totally the biggest dick in the state, it’s way bigger than any video I’ve seen.”

And if Will could let Tamara stay in his room while he got another testosterone boost for his hair, then Tamara would not have seen anything as big, as what Will’s dick would grow to; in the week after his weekly shots. It was his last shot of his 6 week testosterone hair regrowth treatment to combat his balding head. It solved ataşehir escort his early hair thinning, and couldn’t be more pleased with the residual side effects, more like benefits, that his package got.

It was blaringly obvious that Tamara was completely smitten for Will’s more that sizeable prong. Will certainly did not want to leave the situation, as Tamara was basically drooling at this point. But he wanted to finish his trial if it meant no threat of baldness down the line. He also wanted to see how big he would get, if Tamara was okay with it. The thought of a true monstercock started to make his massive cock stir again.

How was he going to explain that he needed to slip away and come back an hour later? Honesty is the best policy, he thought.

“So T, here’s thing. Remember when I had that bald spot freshman year, up until basically until a few weeks ago?…”

— Tamara had forgotten all about Will’s hairline. He was always nice but probably wouldn’t have ever thought of him sexually before that went away, and got this massive dick out of nowhere. She always wondered where this growing business came from — “Uh huh” replied Tamara, encouraging him.

“Well, I enrolled in a 6 week clinical test trial that was designed to regrow hair, at the start of this school year. And this is the 6th and final week! I have my last examination today. Then it’s just a follow up next week. It totally did the job, my hair has never looked better. But it kinda has this pretty noticeable side effect. I’m sure you could guess what it was. Every week that I would go into the doctors office, they’d give me this shot. And then my cock and balls just steadily grow over the course of the week” (Will failed to mention to her, that he was growing bigger with each passing week, than he did the previous week, as the trial went on. The growth compounding upon itself and increasing as the trial went on. And Will could feel that his package felt heavier today than ever before, maybe it was just Tamara.)

Will was standing to deliver this monologue to Tamara. Both of them were still naked. Will’s head was a hanging heavily between his thighs, and basically to his knees. Tamara was totally transfixed on Will’s lightly swaying sausage. She had a primal look in her eyes, as she subconsciously licked her lips.

*I kind of want him to go in for the last shot, I want to see him juuusst a little bigger*

“So you said you have one more trial to go?” Replied Tamara in a sultry tone. Will hastily replied “Yes just one more session, it only takes 45 minutes. It’s at the medical campus down the street. And then I’ll be right back to take care of you!”

“I think I need to take care of you one more time before that enormous dick gets an even bigger upgrade” As Tamara was beckoning Will to come back into bed.

He had usually masturbated by now, by at least an hour. His first cumshot of the day always came the quickest, but also the biggest. Will usually masturbated 4-6 times a day, and each load was enough to cover any wall, or woman, that was in the way of his shots.

Will walked back to the bed, his cock slapping heavily against his thighs, close to his knee. Tamara noticed the true size of Will’s balls when he was walking. They overflowed his pubic area and spread out, and slapped heavily against his thighs. The extreme curve and hang of his sack reached his mid-thighs; they really were the size of kadıköy escort grapefruits.

Right as Will was about to climb into bed, Tamara used both hands to feel the weight of Will’s suspended package. As she was lifting and testing the weight of his balls, Tamara lifted the beast and looked at it almost eye-level. She found Will’s inches-long cock slit, and started lapping it’s inner walls with her tongue. Her hands were still focused on his dick and balls as Will started hardening again, this time really fast. Tamara grabbed the very base of it; she could not get her hand around it and Will was only half-erect at this point. Tamara’s other hand caressed each of Will’s balls, giving each of them a lift and a long feel.

Both of Tamara’s hands now took a straddled position on Will’s shaft, still with extra room between her decently-sized his hands. Tamara pointed directly the giant unit directly at her face, eyeing down the monster before her. Her hands started a twisting motion as she slid them up and down Will’s nearly fully-hard shaft. Tamara then dove down and tried to get as much of Will in her mouth as possible— and was making decent progress.

When she got down Will’s head, his now fully hard dick started to steadily leak precum. And from the size of his balls, had more than enough for Tamara to swallow. She couldn’t handle the volume of precum that was steadily flowing from his engorged cock head’s slit. Tamara started to pull her lips off of Will’s throbbing member; but stopped at the base of his head. Tamara swirled her tongue around any part of the head it could reach. She was now painted in cum from the overflow. As she finally pulled her lips off, she planted a kiss on the dorsal side of his oversized mushroom tip.

With cock in hand taking a breather, Tamara thought of how she could make this monster cum efficiently. She noticed in her peripherals her enormous tits. Tamara’s current cup size was a HH, but she had only recently grown to be so large. She was completely flat chested when she entered college, and all through freshman year. It was sophomore year that she started to grow out of nowhere.

“Ever hear of Macromastia, handsome?”

Will was illiterate when it came to science and medical terms, and thought the question was strange given what was going on. “No”

“Well that’s the reason my boobs have gotten so huge after freshman year. My boobs were outgrowing every “new bra” that I would get, after going up another multiple cup sizes — a vicious cycle. And I’m still going up a cup size every few months. I’m also not sure when I’ll stop growing either, so I feel you. So…Let’s do something that all the regular people can’t do. I want you to cum and go to the last exam soon so we can get you bigger! You have somebody to keep up with you in the growing department now.”

She then took Will’s still leaking cock and pointed the stream directly onto her chest. She held it there until her entire cleavage area of her chest was fully lubricated, and then scooted closer to Will. The cleavage line between her head-sized-a-piece breasts looked to be a foot long Will estimated.

Tamara stuffed Will’s idly jerking pole between her slick chest and started titfucking Will. Tamara couldn’t cover Will fully, he stuck out beyond her cleavage a considerable amount, and was jabbing Tamara’s chin and lower lip when she moved her tits up and down on Will’s pole. Out of comfortability, bostancı escort bayan Tamara fished for Will’s head that was poking her, and took him in her mouth.

As Will’s cock was being taken care of by Tamara, he grasped his balls in each hand and started massaging them — eliciting the huge load that was within them. With all parts of Will stimulated, he stopped precumming. That hadn’t happened to Will before, he usually precummed until orgasm. But Tamara continued with her tandem titfuck-blowjob. With Will’s prong between Tamara’s bulging breasts and his head in her mouth, it was enough to send him over the edge.

Will felt his balls vibrate and start to move and he could feel himself starting to orgasm. His load working it’s way up from his fully engorged balls. As he felt his cum work it’s way through his base, Will said to Tamara “I’m cumming, give me my cock back” Tamara willingly released her mouth and tits from his cock. And will retrieved his cock and pointed his head directly at Tamara’s enormous titties.

The first shot landed directly between her tits and splattered over her nipples and bottoms of her boobs. The next shot Will aimed at Tamara’s neck, covering the rest of her boobs as well. Will’s third (but still huge in volume) load planted Tamara’s face. She was totally covered now.

Realizing that this barrage showed no signs of stopping soon, Tamara lunged forward, as Will’s 4th shot gave Tamara’s breasts a second-coating of cum. She aimed the still-firing beast at her open mouth. Will’s next shot completely filled T’s waiting mouth and some of his volume dribbled out of her mouth and onto her thick thighs

Giving up Tamara pointed Will at her tits again. Will’s orgasm slowed to his pre-cum volume and flowed freely onto her. After finally slowing to a stop, was panting and completely flushed. Will put a few of his hands to her pussy and found it completely soaked. Will fingered her and massaged her clit for only 10 seconds and Tamara had an orgasm that sent her convulsing for a couple of seconds, moaning loudly as he heard the sound bounce off of the cinder walls of his dorm room.

After Tamara finished cumming, and finally caught her breath she started laughing at what she saw. Somewhat out of ecstasy, somewhat out of disbelief of what had just happened. She was completely coated in Will’s cum. Enough dripped off of her to stain the sheets and mattress under her.

“I think you should join some kind of lewd circus. Your act can be the ‘busted fire hydrant'” said Tamara. Will couldn’t help but laugh at that as he went to go retrieve some towels for his coated guest.

“Okay, now clean me up and we’re going to get dressed. I am accompanying you to your appointment. I will wait in the waiting room I do not care, just don’t leave me after what you just did to me. Make it up to me.”

Will couldn’t argue with that and took extra time to wipe off Tamara’s chest, she cooed as the friction of the towel met her nipples. The feeling, along with the sight of Will’s package bobbing above her pussy, started to make her wet again. Will moved the towel down to Tamara’s toned abdomen and placed his hand on Tamara’s inner thigh, an inch away from her now-dripping pussy and inhaled sharply.

Will grabbed the other towel and wiped her legs while his other hand found her clit again and Tamara let out a long, concentrated, moan. It didn’t take long for Tamara to come again as she could not get over this view. She grabbed Will’s hanging package and massaged them mid-orgasm, as she used it as a pacifier to calm herself down.

“Okay, stop getting distracted. Let’s go.”


Pt. 3 coming MUCH sooner than Pt. 2

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