Accidental First Time Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of a fictional first time story between two young (over 18) friends. Although this chapter could be read alone, it would likely be helpful to read the first two chapters. I know the writing style will not please all. I try to offer a more realistic approach, with out 9″ members and DD tits, so if you prefer these items this may not be your “cup of tea”. Thanks for all the positive feedback and constructive help.

You stand there unsure what to do or say. I eye you from head to foot, again letting out a long sigh, then quietly ask if your ok? You nod almost afraid to speak and then suggest that maybe you should go to the bathroom and get cleaned up worried that this may have gone too far. I ignore your statement and quietly ask you to come closer and you do. I then ask you to climb on the bed and you do. Then looking you in the eyes ask “Val please gently place one leg on each side of my head, facing my feet so that your legs are not on my broken arms. You hesitate, then without a word you climb over me sitting inches from my mouth as I see for the first time your (or for that matter any) real up close and personal pussy open and dripping.. Your eyes are closed not sure of your feelings, still a bit frightened but sooooo turned on. I ask you to lean forward placing your hands on each side of my ribs, and sit a little lower. You again comply without a word, and I tentatively lick softly slowly up your lips, tasting you for the first time. The taste is slightly tart but your aroma and my care for you is overwhelming and I want so much to please you as you have pleased me. You tense slightly as my tongue makes contact, and I stop ask if your ok, you say nothing but lower yourself slightly and try to relax. I again lick up more forcefully and you sigh. I smile and then start to lick all over not exactly sure what to do then insert my tongue into you as deep as I can. You tense, sigh again but sit a little harder forcing my tongue deeper. Your juices are now flowing over my face and you start to unconsciously grind slightly with quicker shallower breathes. I remember reading that your clitoris is the most sensitive spot and try to lick higher. As I reach your clit you jump slightly then grind harder, squeezing your legs on my head as you start to quietly moan entering the beginning of a very intense orgasm, first shaking then freezing. After several sessions of quivering then freezing you slide forward and collapse on my stomach, limp breathing heavy.

I am in such a euphoric state, not only seeing, touching, and tasting, my first pussy, but bringing you to orgasm, sharing this experience with you my best friend, confidante, and knowing it is your first also.

You slowly start to recover, and carefully extract yourself from my body trying to not hurt my broken arms, and leg. You have an almost dreamlike glaze in your eyes, and smile on your face, while I am beaming ear to ear. You lean in and softly kiss my lips, tasting your own juices on my face, and whisper a thank you in my ear, looking into my eyes we share that special moment of closeness, trust, care that neither of us has ever experienced before. You lean in again and we kiss, sharing akbatı escort a deep open exchange. We had kissed before, but only as close friends, never this intimate, both of our senses overwhelmed. You pull away no words spoken nor necessary, we both look at the clock (we always seam to think alike) and realize that my parents will be home soon. Your flash that impish smile and note you had better clean both of us up without making any more messes, take a long look at my semi hard penis as I take in your thin lithe body, then take the pan back to the bathroom, draw more warm water, and return to clean me up for the third time. You first reach for your clothes, but I protest and ask you to please remain as you are for a few more minuets as you wash me, giving me the pleasure of your exquisite form.

You smile, still a little embarrassed of your small breasts, but my gaze, hunger, helps give you confidence, and you again wash me for the third time. We exchange loving glances as we start to chat about the next few weeks, and realize we must soon return to as “normal” as we can. We agree not to try not to talk about what has happened till tomorrow, letting us calm down before my parents return, and also letting us think through this change in our friendship. You start to retreat to the bathroom to wash yourself, but I ask if you would please – please let me watch. You grin stick out your tongue and then comply, cleaning yourself using the same water, basin and cloth, as I gaze on. You then gently dress me, my penis now reasonably behaving, and give me a quick teasing squeeze with that impish grin, and dress yourself with me looking on. I sigh as your body becomes covered again. Just as you return from the bathroom, my mother arrives early, worried about my first day home. I assure her you have taken very good care of me, and when mom looks away I wink at you causing a slight blush. You note that maybe you should be going, but mom insists you stay for dinner, which would be normal if I were not injured. We (mom dad and you) all share a quiet dinner, watch TV and then we both admit we are tired and you head home. I fall asleep quickly exhausted from the days activities still suffering from some pain and shock.

You arrive the next morning early, so that mom and dad can leave for work, bringing with you some books to read and tapes to watch on TV. After mom and dad leave, you suggest watching a movie and ask me to pick from the selections you brought. We are both silent for a for a few moments, not sure for the first time in a long time what the other is thinking. We both had time to think, to reflect, and our insecurities, and fears of the others feelings keep us from speaking. We pick a movie, and watch in silence, neither of us concentrating on the TV, our minds engulfed in the events of yesterday. A lighthearted scene, that would normally have both of us chuckling has little effect, a then a tender scene follows, and we both reflect on the unreal plot, and on the very real life of the present and slowly turn to look each other in the eyes. Our eyes lock, yours a little teary, mine full of anxiety, your aksaray escort hands in constant motion, a sign of your discomfort. My heart breaks seeing you this way. I suggest that neither of us is really watching the show, that we turn off the TV and talk. You look down, but agree, turn it off, and wait for me to speak first, your emotions so jumbled that your not sure what to say.

I ask you to sit on the bed next to me, stating you have been and still are my best friend, that I do not want our friendship to change, and that if your ok with what has happened I am also. I want you to be comfortable, be yourself again, tell you I can see the anxiety in your eyes, and body. I continue, saying I feel the same but want us to relax be open with each other as we always have, we should be able to talk openly with each other as we always have. Then ask you to look at me (your still starring at the floor). You slowly look up into my eyes, both our eyes tearing, from the concern, the unknown, the strain, and fear. I wink and smile, you burst into tears (happy tears) lean close and kiss me on the forehead. After you (we) calm down, we start to chat, first about things we always talk about, but then the discussion slowly turns to yesterday. I start by, telling you I was so ashamed at first, that I could not enjoy the first time, but the second was better then I had ever dreamed. You smile weakly, and looking, down admit you had never had a full orgasm before, and never in your dreams thought your first would be orally induced. We continue to open up and talk more, about yesterday and other things as well, becoming our normal selves again.

Too soon however, I stop, look away, afraid of spoiling our new found comfort by quietly saying I have to pee. You burst out laughing, rib me, saying surrrrrrrrre, you know what I realllllyy want, and jump off the bed towards the bathroom for the pan. I endure your ribbing, but you then get quiet and slightly withdrawn as you start to lower my briefs, again unsure of yourself. I assure you I do have to pee, will try to behave, and ask to see that smile of yours. You grin then look again at my deflated penis, my eyes, the penis as you spread my legs and place the pan. You cautiously take hold of me, place my penis into the pan and hold me as I start to pee. As I finish, you give a gentle shake, squeeze, then take the pan back, and grinning ear to ear announce “bath time”. I lay there trying to occupy my mind but with only partial success, as my member grows slightly. You return with the warm basin, cloth and soap, and we chat as you wash arms, chest legs, but as you approach my groin, you go silent, and I start to grow hard as your soapy hands lightly circle my sack and brush my penis. You rib me saying down boy, behave, but before I can react lean over and kiss me on the lips making sure I do not mistake your words, wanting to calm the concern you sense. The kiss lingers as a soft sensual slightly open mouth exchange.

You then withdraw, and while looking into my eyes “wash” my balls, again feeling them, playing with them. I of course become rock hard again, but you keep atakent escort looking into my eyes in a tender loving way, letting me know it is ok. Then without a word you look away to my now hard member and very quickly wash my penis, not with your hands but the washcloth, avoiding the chance of my again exploding. When finished, you take a long close look at my cock, then looking into my eyes, slowly move your head to the tip and lick off a drop of precum. I groan, my eyes wide as I let out a “yesssss” through my teeth, not believing what you are doing. Then you utter your first words, whispering your not sure what to do but want to give back the pleasure I gave you. Slowly your head moves closer and you take the head into your warm wet mouth, suck and lick the underside as I squirm in pleasure. Your hand slowly strokes the lower shaft as you continue to suck lick and kiss the head. I of course hoped to last forever but this being my very first “blow job”, all too soon my balls contract, and with the little bit of sense I have remaining try to warn you. You only jack faster leaving the head in your mouth your lips tight. I of course release four main and several small loads of sperm into you welcoming warm wet mouth. As I finish you continue to hold the head of my penis tightly in your mouth, looking up for approval. I can only let out a whisper of thanks, saying “Val, I have never experienced such pleasure”, and then quickly add “are you ok”, realizing your lips are still clamped on my cock. You withdraw, a slightly strange look on your face, you swallow, then beam from ear to ear, your triumph.

I can do little but again offer my thanks. You lean in and again we engage a long soft tender kiss, as I taste the remnants of my sperm in your mouth our tongues this time fully engaged. As you pull away we look lovingly into each others eyes, then you form that impish grin and offer that this time you figured out how to avoid the mess. We both burst out laughing, but then you stop and freeze as you follow my eyes down to the damp spot between your legs. You blush, look at the floor, but I this time am more bold and assertive, as I ask you to let me now clean up the other mess we have made. You start to say it is not necessary, but realize I will not let it rest. You then with more confidence flash a sexy smile, and start a slow teasing strip for my benefit (which also helps calm your jitters).

After you have removed all your clothes you again get shy, and await my directions. I offer that I wish I could do more but in my condition, ask that you please again mount my head with your legs on either side your, hands on my chest. You cautiously comply, and soon I am again looking into your open dripping beautiful pussy. I lick from just below your asshole to the soft hairs above your slit, and you moan your approval.I then start to explore your pussy kissing licking lightly biting and sucking. Concentrating where I get the most intense moans or movement. I insert my tongue and “fuck” you as best I can. As you start to get more erratic, I slow down trying to extend your pleasure this time. After teasing you for what seamed like a long time but was probably only 10-15 minuets I suck on your clit and you push into my mouth freeze then spasm, as liquid gushes onto my face. I lick all around trying to prolong your pleasure. As before you collapse onto my chest your pussy still close to my mouth.

As you recover and start to sit up you notice my again rock hard cock only inches from your face.

To be continued

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