Above Average Pt. 02

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Carly Reid, wife of Dr. Reid and substitute teacher in the small town where she resides, accepts the buddy request of a former student.

What starts as innocent catching up leads to late night chats that bring out feelings and fantasies that were forbidden in the context of their earlier relationship. Now, they serve as fuel to a long dormant fire as Carly steps beyond the boundaries and quenches the desire she feels for Anthony.

This is part two of Carly’s tryst with her former student. After finally getting her hands on his cock, will she be able to stop? If you’re interested in knowing which came first, the come or the cum – catch up with of Part One of Above Average.

Anthony put his arms on either side of my shoulders and pushed up, moving his chest off mine and straightening up to his full height. He was still standing between my thighs as I rested on the desk in the hotel suite where we’d just fucked. He looked down at me and leaning forward, brushed his lips across mine.

“That was better than I’d ever imagined. And I imagined a whole hell of a lot” he whispered.

I sighed and tried to stretch a little, doing my best to look like I did this kind of thing all the time. And not like I wasn’t absolutely reeling with the feelings I was experiencing over taking a new, younger, bigger and harder cock in my pussy than I’d ever had before. Talk about a game changer.

He reached for me, helping me to stand up and keeping his hands on my waist as my legs trembled slightly before I was able to bring myself under control.

“I’m okay,” I said rather hoarsely, and he smiled. I wasn’t sure what came next after that initial rush to the finish, but I knew that I wasn’t done yet. Oh hell no. There was so much more that I wanted to do to him. And that I wanted him to do to me.

I walked across the room to the bathroom, hesitated in the doorway and looked back to where he still stood by the desk.

“Give me a few minutes and then join me” I invited. Hurrying into the large bathroom, I quickly took care of things and then turned the water on in the shower to warm it up. I’d brought my favorite shower gel and puff with me, hoping that I’d have the chance to do a little Mrs. Robinson-esque tease.

The large walk-in shower was completely glass enclosed and had dual shower heads as well as a hand held attachment. Very posh. I set a couple of the large fluffy bath towels on the vanity and wiggled out of the lace bra and thigh high stockings that had managed to stay on my body through the last two hours. Putting my hair up in a messy bun, I stepped down into the shower and under the spray.

The water felt wonderfully warm or maybe I was just coming down from the endorphin orgasm high; but every little drop and rivulet that ran down over my shoulders, between my breasts and cascaded down to my pussy, felt like a lover’s caress.

I picked up the Vanilla Rum body wash and squeezed a generous amount onto the puff. I loved the smell of it and as soon as I started running the puff over my skin, it started foaming and sending rivers of bubbles all over me.

One of my secret little fantasies is to be watched by a complete stranger while I’m bathing or showering, touching myself in the guise of getting clean, but in actuality making myself hotter as I work my pussy and tits over.

I always picture the unseen gentleman’s eyes following my every movement while his hands are all over his own cock. Pretending they’re mine.

Anthony walked into the room and stopped short. I could feel his eyes rake over me from head to toe, and then slowly once again. I saw him push one of the towels over and then he was leaning against the vanity.

Watching me.

I turned away from him facing the shower wall and ran the puff over the tops of my shoulders. Squeezing gently, the bubbles ran down my spine before slowing down and covering my ass cheeks. I could feel the foam pooling at the base of my spine before frosting my ass completely.

I bent over from the waist, pushing my ass out and slightly opening my stance, while I swept the sponge downward over the length of my leg. Turning it inward, I brought it back up the inside of my thigh and moved it across my pussy. I knew he could see the puff from the back as I got my slit nice and soapy.

Turning around, I glanced through the glass and Anthony had his cock in his hand and was slowly fisting it in long, leisurely strokes. He just watched me as the water rinsed the suds away and left me squeaky clean.

And hot. God was I hot. I put another dab of gel on the puff and ran it over my tits again. Totally unnecessary and absolutely on purpose.

Within a few seconds, every bit of tanned skin was white with foam. Dropping the puff, I brought both hands up and circled them, feeling the weight in my hands and the slickness of my nipples. Plucking gently at one, I let my other hand glide down the path the bubbles were taking and dip into my sweetness.

Anthony moved off the edge of the sink and was standing just on the other Escort bayan side of the shower now. Peering at me intently, watching my hands move on my body just as his were moving over his own.

I moved farther under the mist and let it rinse some of the soap away as I pinched harder at my nipples and moved my fingers deeper into my pussy. Leaning back against the cold shower wall, I shivered and spread my thighs as much as I could without slipping as my hips arched faster to meet my fingers.

Suddenly he was in the small space with me. Crowding me further into the corner and reaching for the hand attachment. Flipping the mechanism, warm water started gushing out of the head in a jet stream.

Bending down, so my pussy was at eye level, he looked up at me and whispered, “Don’t stop now.”

Focusing on his face, his eyes hot on mine and his body hard and dripping with the water splashing over him; I did what he told me to.

And he hit me with that stream of warm water right on my clit.

“Anthony, oh my fucking God,” I panted and then something else that was largely unintelligible. My knees were shaking and I stopped thrusting my fingers in my hole as my body shivered from the inside out with that mini quake.

“Holy shit, don’t stop baby!” he moaned out.

I gave a little yelp and twitched and he backed off the direct assault on my little buddy, but continued to wave the water up and down my slit.

Breathing harder, I started moving my hand back over my sensitive pink as I pushed my fingers back inside the soapy softness, while he brushed the pulsing water stream back and forth over my lips and clit.

Again and again I felt myself jerk in reaction to what my hands and the water he was controlling were doing to my body. I wanted it to keep going. I wanted it to stop so I could catch up. Every time one cycle of spasms started to taper off, there he was with that damn fire hose on my clit again.

Finally he pulled the nozzle away from me and reattached it to the wall mount. I slumped against the wall and he pulled my fingers away and slid them into his mouth, watching me the whole time. Licking them clean.

I looked down and his cock was so hard. Blood pooling at the crown turning it almost an angry red. I leaned down and gave it a sweet kiss right on its silky head. Once, twice, brushing my lips over the ridge and then licking my tongue upward over that fat vein on the backside.

Opening my mouth wide, I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and guided it forward over my tongue until it caught my gag reflex.

I relaxed my jaw and moved my mouth away from his thick dick, sucking hard and pulling him against the suction I was creating. Down on my knees in front of him, I ignored the hard, painful tiles underneath me as I concentrated on pleasuring his beautiful cock.

Anthony groaned and grabbed my shoulders for support as I started moving my mouth faster and harder over him. The more he moaned his appreciation, the more I was able to take, finally getting all but the last two inches buried deeply in my mouth and pushing against the back of my throat.

I eased up on the intensity and holding him steady with both hands, I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

I dropped my head and shook my mouth over him, letting my spit and the warm water slide together around the length of his cock. Brushing against every inch of my mouth and the inside of my cheeks as I tasted the pre-cum that was gathering and starting to coat my tongue and lips.

All of a sudden his hand reached out and broke the contact between my mouth and that cock that seemed to hold me mesmerized.

“Am I doing something wrong?” I asked, not quite sure what since I was the one in the uncomfortable position doing my damndest to make him cum.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he said grabbing my hand and levering me up beside him.

“I want to fuck you, really fuck you – cum inside you a hundred times.”

Well okay then.

Turning off the water, I followed him out of the shower stall and walked into the big fluffy towel that he was holding open for me. Shivering slightly, I dried off and then re-wrapped the towel around my body, tucking the ends in at my boobs.

I’m not sure why; after what we’d been doing for several hours, that I suddenly felt so self-conscious about what he saw when he was with me. The semi-darkness, the water falling over us; all helped to dull the reality that I was naked with a man fifteen years my junior.

All of a sudden my every extra ounce, every dimple and flaw seemed magnified and I wasn’t sure I could keep going. Maybe I should just take what I’d been given, pick up my marbles and go home. It’d been more that I’d expected and while I wanted and needed more, I was starting to wonder where this could all go anyway.

From the doorway, a low voice rumbled in my direction, “Hey Beautiful, what’s the matter?”

I jumped guiltily and I don’t know if he could see the hesitation, the cracks in my self-confidence.

I Escort felt his warmth behind me as he backed me through the door and towards the bed.

“Come and let me make you happy. Let me make you mine.” He whispered in my ear.

Fuck me.

Pulling the towel from my body and dropping it on the floor, he led me to the bed and pushed me backwards until I was sprawled across the softness. Coming down on top of me, he pushed his knee between my thighs gently forcing them wider.

I felt the warm, rough hardness of his thigh as it brushed against my mound and immediately my clit seized. Again.

I sucked in my breath and focused on his eyes. Eyes that saw me, deep inside me. Saw my uncertainty and darkened with hot want as his gaze wandered lower over my lips and throat to where my pulse beat in a rapid tattoo.

Lower, his eyes tracked past my breasts and fastened on my nipples. Nipples that hardened and pouted for his touch. That throbbed wanting him to taste and suckle and nip. That extra edge that pushed past the good to the dark and the fire.

His eyes traveled down my belly to the softest part of me, already slick with need and hips that were reaching up for his touch. Finally he moved and brought his fingers into play, touching the edges of my pussy lips and rimming my entrance before pushing inside me.

Bringing his lips down on mine, he took control and left me little time to think of anything other than how incredible I felt. He slanted his head over mine time and again, licking, sucking, and teasing me with his tongue and lips. Nibbling gently at my lower lip before sucking it deeper into his mouth.

The leftover heat from the shower was still pulsing through us, bringing a light sheen of sweat to both of our bodies and causing us to slip and slide against one another. And the entire time, his fingers were deep inside me. Pushing, flexing deep and making me twist and moan with my efforts to get more of him.

Anthony kissed and licked his way down the side of my throat to my shoulder and then moved back over my tits, sucking and biting my nipples in turn while his fingers continued to fuck my sweet pussy and tease against my G-spot.

I was growing more frantic to cum and cum hard. I wanted his mouth on my cunt while his fingers filled me up. I wanted the oral. The manual. I wanted it all and I wanted it now.

Breathing harder and pushing his shoulders down, I moaned “More please; I want you to suck on my clit baby. Do it while you fuck me with your tongue and fingers.”

I guess I’m good with directions.

No sooner had I finished asking then he lowered his shoulders between my thighs, shoving them further apart and giving him some real room to work.


All that great kissing technique he’d been using on me earlier? Yeah. Now all concentrated on my pussy, inside me and tickling my ass with soft, wet swirls. My stomach clenched and my thighs started to shake slightly against the sides of his cheeks. I could feel my juices flowing and him gently lapping them up as if he couldn’t get enough.

I know he could feel the walls of my pussy tightening up on his tongue and fingers, just announcing my oncoming orgasm. Now I wanted him to feel the rush of pleasure that was washing over me. I pulled his face away from my slit and tried to bring him up on top of me, crushing me so I was completely open to his cock.

He reached between his legs and grabbed the head of his dick and stared to tease it around the outside of my quim. Pushing in between my lips and stretching them wider around the head of his thick dick, he started the long slide deep into my tight pussy.

It seemed like he was moving in slow motion, while all I wanted was to feel all of him inside my slippery warmth, filling me up until I could feel his heartbeat in my cunt. He flexed his hips and pushed in further, pulled back and pushed in deeper. Then he started the rocking stroke that made my legs wrap around his waist as my hips tilted and lifted trying to take every bit.

Hard and fast he slammed his fuckstick into my dripping pussy, holding me fast with his hands wrapped around my ass. Fingers digging in, he spread me impossibly wide and went wild humping into me while sweat poured off his arms and chest and onto mine.

I was gasping and moaning, “Fuck me harder, baby” as I looked up into his face. His eyes were closed and I could see him tense up as his cock swelled even larger inside my sucking slit. Faster and harder and then he hooked his arms under my thighs and thrust so deep my pussy convulsed around his cock, milking him as the spurts shot deep.

“Mine” he groaned as he kept plowing into me.

I felt my clit being ground against the root of his cock and it set me off. Suddenly I was cumming deliciously around his straining cock as he finished emptying that jizz deep inside my grasping pussy.

It seemed to go on and on as his dick didn’t go down. It was still hard and pulling against my sensitive pussy muscles that didn’t Bayan escort seem to want to let it go.

The grip I had with my pussy was so tight it seemed I could feel every vein and ridge as he kept sliding back and forth in me, pushing his cum out so that it gushed between us.

Finally he slumped over me, crushing the breath from my lungs. I loved it.

We lay there catching our breath, both of us too tired to speak and I really didn’t know what I wanted to say anyway. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Anthony moving a warm washcloth between my thighs gently washing away the evidence.

I slept until the sun’s angle peeking through the hotel room curtains hit me in the face. Shit. I was supposed to attend a panel discussion that morning and I didn’t want to move from the bed. I rolled over and saw Anthony sprawled next to me, sleeping deeply and soundly as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

Moving quietly so I didn’t disturb him; I edged out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to take care of business. After splashing water on my face and brushing my teeth, I grabbed the hotel robe off the back of the door and belted it tightly around my waist.

After all the activity; meaning the hot wall-banging sex of the last several hours, I wasn’t looking my freshest. Well, actually it wasn’t too bad. My skin had a nice flush to it and while my lips were still a little bruised and puffy from the kissing and sucking, they kind of had that sexy, pouty look to them that women of my age group usually paid a plastic surgeon to produce.

Grinning a little, I went back into the bedroom of the suite and walked back into Anthony’s sleepy smile.

“Morning… where’d you run off to?” he asked softly.

“Nowhere. Well… just getting moving. I’ve got to at least make an appearance at the conference. Show face, y’know?” I said.

“What time is the meeting?” he asked.

“Well it’s supposed to be two sessions,” I began. “Ten a.m. to Noon, then we break for lunch and then the second one goes from 2:00 p.m. to about four.”

“We’ve got a little time before you have to get ready, right?” he said with a twinkle deep in his eyes.

And with that, he flipped the sheet back and his cock was lying hot and hard against his nest of jet black curls, reaching toward his belly button.

“Oh, I think I can be a little late… ” I smiled as I climbed back onto the bed.

As I was still making my way up the center of the bed on my hands and knees; he came around behind me and snagged my ankles, pulling me back towards the end of the bed. He kept pulling until my shins were hitting the edge and then he lifted me by the waist so that my ass was high in the air. And right at cock level.

“Stretch your arms up, palms down and slide them under the pillows.” Anthony murmured against my ear as he held the center of my back down towards the sheets.

I could feel how exposed I was here in the morning light to his eyes, his hands, his tongue and his fucking glorious uncut dick.

I shivered a little as his large hands roamed across my ass and hips and opened me further for his pleasure.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve done this to you in my head.” He growled at me.

“Really?” I quipped. “And would that have been during class itself or would this fall under ‘extracurricular activities’?”

“Smart ass.” And I squeaked a little when his hand landed open palmed on my right ass cheek.

My eyes were closed and my head pillowed on the blankets in front of me and my butt burned with a delicious little warmth. I was trying not to move an inch as I imagined just where his hands and other parts would go to next.

I felt his breath on the dimples above my ass as he placed both hands on my cheeks and squeezed upward. His tongue made one fucking sweet lick from my clit to circle my pussy lips before plunging inside.

It was like a hot, wet mini vibrator plunging into my soaking pussy. I slammed back against him trying to get him to go deeper with that tongue when he added first one, and then two fingers into my honeybox.

My back was starting to ache with the tension I was feeling and the pitch of my body. Downward Dog could go fuck himself. All I wanted was that fat cock to slide in from behind so I could come apart around him.

I was sliding down the bed, struggling to stay on my knees so my pussy could get what it wanted. He pulled his mouth away and pushed me up the bed.

“Grab the edge of the mattress,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you hard Mrs. Reid.”

I was so close to cumming just from the words that I scooted as fast as I could and wrapped my fingers over the edge of the mattress and gripped the elastic of the fitted sheet.

I felt the bed dip as he came up behind me and then using his knees, widened my spread. My pussy was on fire for him.

I felt my muscles clenching on nothingness and almost moaned in frustration while he just made me wait.

He pushed one finger inside me, “So slick, so fucking ready for this,” he ground out.

Before the words drifted away, he pushed in deep with one hard thrust filling me so completely I could barely breathe. Hands on my hips, he pulled my ass and pussy towards his cock as he started a hard, deep rhythm.

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