About Juliet

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It was a Thursday evening in early February. I chatted with Jon for about two days and decided to meet him in a bar in Marble Arch. I sat my back towards the glass window of the venue so I could face him and the bar behind him, and he would have all his attention on me.

A very handsome, intelligent man in his mid-thirties, with mysterious eyes. At first he seemed shy, but as the date progressed, I realised he was either very high or just plain rude. He spoke to me rarely, did not make eye contact and hadn’t answered any of my questions. I started to wonder why he came in the first place. All the while I could see a beautiful strawberry-blonde girl sitting alone at the bar and looking like she’d been stood up.

Half an hour later, I got tired of Jon and told him I’d stay and finish my drink and he should be on his way. Annoyed, he got up and left without a single word. As soon as he walked out of the bar, I took my drink and went over to the lonely beauty at the bar. I was right- she had been stood up by a tinder date. I wondered if Jon had arranged for both of us on the same night. To cheer her up, I got Ataşehir Escort us a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Her name was Juliet. For the next three hours we chatted about everything from ex-boyfriends to most recent and kinkiest sexual experiences. I felt aroused. I watched her face, her lips and eyes as she told me her stories excitedly. Every part of her seemed to move in synchronisity. She became more and more attractive by the second. Her emerald-green dress with a cowl neck, matched perfectly with her pale skin tone, I could see a flash of her full cleavage covered in light freckles. She had a perfect size 10 figure, full lips, blue eyes, perfectly manicured hands with the softest skin, I leaned over and smelled Guerlain Shalimar. She was stunning. She had taste. She was sexy. She could be mine…

Three bottles of champagne later, I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I had to kiss her. To my surprise, she kissed me back and then she even asked me to come home with her. We walked a few minutes from the bar and arrived to her building. The lift to the third floor was slow Ataşehir Escort Bayan (yes, I see the pattern with 3s :), I kissed her again. This time, I pulled her hair gently, leaned over and felt her entire body. Her curves filled my hands, and I could feel her hands gently caressing mine. When the doors opened, she hurried me to the bedroom. She then took out a big leather bag from her closet and handed it to me. I knew what was inside, she knew what I was, we had discussed this bag at the bar, We had discussed my adventures. I felt all my blood rushing towards my lady parts- the excitement. I found the silk tie in the bag, it read “Freedom is deciding whose slave you want to be”, from Coco De Mer on Monmouth street (I knew because I had exactly same one in black and grey)

We stood in front of the mirror, both facing it, me behind her. I blindfolded her and slowly proceeded to undress her while watching every bit of fabric slip off her silky soft skin. After having undressed her completely, I lead her to the bed, lay her face down and tied to four limbs to four posts of Escort Ataşehir the bed. Gently lifting her hips, I placed a pillow underneath, exposing her spread as and pussy even more.

Her skin was pale and beautiful, her holes pink. I leaned over, spreading her cheeks even further, I took the time to sniff both her asshole and pussy. She smelled divine, I wanted to taste her, but not yet.

I took out a flogger from her bag and gently caressed her skin all over her body. Her breathing hardened, her hips thrusting up and down on the pillow, I could see her pussy swell up and juices flow. As i flogged her, I made her count out loud: 1, 2, 3, 4… It continued until she had had enough. Now she was covered in marks, beautiful raised, pink strokes of the leather. Her pussy had swelled even more. I gently pressed on her clitoris with my thumb. She moaned loud, then I rubbed and she moaned even louder. I kept going until I could feel her muscles spasming, she was so close to climax. I stopped, leaned over again, pressed with my warm tongue this time and there it was- her orgasm in full glory, filling my mouth with her cum. We cuddled after and slept.

My dear Juliet,

If you are reading this, thank you for your enormous trust. It was my first time someone had given me so much pleasure by letting me pleasure them. I can still taste your sweet juice and the intoxicating aroma of your bum.

I miss you.

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