About Face Ch. 02: Naked , Afraid

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8:45 on Saturday New Years Day came about as it had the night before, Garrett had parked in the same spot. He did as he was told from the previous night. He opened the door and stayed kneeling and sitting on his calves. The nerves were through the roof. He knew that she would probably look the most attractive he’d ever seen her but also probably wouldn’t get to enjoy it. After about two minutes, he heard clicking from the top of the wooden stairwell and began to bow as was instructed. She came to rest at the bottom of the stairs directly in front of him.

“Sit up slave. Slowly.” She wanted to make sure he got a good look at her. She wore a black lace corset in the shape of a leotard with black tights underneath. Covering her feet were 6 inch standard round and closed toe black patent stiletto platform pumps. To complete the look, black satin opera gloves. The makeup was equally statement-making – lipstick as red as an apple with a soft but still glossy finish. Mascara and eyeliner though subdued still promoting the dominant look. She took looking the part to another level. She totally wanted to mess with him.

Whip paddle in hand, she placed it under his chin telling him to kneel upright. She grabbed something that appeared to be a bracelet from the top of the bookshelf near the stairs. It was in fact a collar, which Julie wasted no time in putting around Garrett’s neck, after which she pulled him by the steel ring at the front of the collar towards the third room. Tucked behind the rear of the building without going upstairs. It was mostly barren as though it was intentionally left unfurnished. But not before Garrett noticed the floor door in the far left corner. Julie revealed a staircase leading into a basement.

She clapped twice and the room was illuminated by LED outlet-powered fire torches that unveiled an at the moment barebones dungeon that appeared to be a wine cellar at one point in time. The central point of the room along the back wall was the throne that Julie intended to use. The remnants of the former cellar were incorporated into it’s new life as a sexual environment playroom. “On your knees slave!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So you like looking at women in tights, do you pervert?” Silence. “Do you pervert?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well then you should worship them, shouldn’t you? Go ahead, kiss these shoes and these legs.”

He did as he was told. While he could only imagine such a thing to happen, he also knew he wanted to leave making sure he wasn’t in too bad a shape, even though most BDSM practices were among his hard limits. “I have a surprise for you, slave.” She opened a drawer that appeared from the throne to reveal a box. “You can worship me all you want, but not before you undress.” Again, he followed instructions. “Stand in front of me.”

As Garrett approached Julie, he had him pull the string and open the box. He now knew why she measured his endowment last night but didn’t know what the item was. “Part of your time here is about control. It will help you with your desires when it is no longer needed.” She pulled the silicone chastity device from the box and put it on him. Considering this was him and not a stranger, she didn’t completely want to break him. “We will sometimes play games. But if I find that you attempt to tamper with it, you will be severely punished.” Being the passive person he was, Garrett had no intention of removing it, no matter how much he wanted. She went on to lock his chastity belt and put the key around her neck. “Now how does that feel?”

“It feels good, Mistress,” he said lacking any energy as if he was about to die. “Louder!”

“It feels good, Mistress!”

“Much better. Now you’re Nişantaşı Escort going to take an oath and repeat it word for word.” She was going to make him pay for all those years of slyness. “I belong to Mistress Julie,” she began. “I will obey her every command,” he was following. “And worship her like a goddess.”

Both participants were in amazement the complicity of the other. They would’ve been well suited off with their chemistry had they not been related. She had him return to worshipping her heels and her tights. This lasted maybe fifteen minutes. This led up to the next command.

“The videos I will be leaving with you over our time will be similar to what we’re about to do.” She pulled a table from behind her throne that had some items on the face of the table which was followed by taking her key from around her neck to unlock him. I won’t let you loose every session, but I wanted to prepare you for some of the things I’ll have you doing.” As she was going on about this next task, he took the opportunity to rub his shaft. Slap! “Not without permission!”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“I’m being easy with you this week because you don’t know any better. Next time it will be more substantial.”

She took a box of male condoms from the table and opened it to take out one individual package and told him not to open before she is ready. She then started what appeared to be an electronic metronome. And based on sound, it was. “You are going to show me how well you can masturbate by following instructions. You’re going to stare only at my legs and feet when you stroke. Beats will vary throughout and you will go at the pace of the beat. Shall we play?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Spit on the head of your penis and begin.”

He did as was instructed at what was a slow and steady beat. After about a minute, he was made to stop. The next minutes worth of beats were intermediate. Stop again. Then very fast, but only for thirty seconds. “Stare at me, worship me!”

“I’m staring at you mistress.” She laughed with glee as if she were the devil herself.

“Good boy, slave. You need to please your mistress.” The beat stopped. The next four and a half minutes were hell for Garrett. The speeds went back and forth stopping a couple times in between. At the next stop, Julie made sure it was the right time for Garrett to place the condom on his erection. As soon as he put it on, the beat began really fast. “Cum for me, slave! How bad do you want to cum?”

“I really want to cum for you Mistress Julie! Thank you, Mistress!” he shouted on the top of his lungs in the soundproof dungeon and moaning as he released. And boy did he ever release. He almost had more cum than the condom could hold.

After he finished, Julie mentioned to clean up in the sink behind the curtain. As elated as he was, he was almost out of breath he was so exerted from the game. After washing his shaft, he returned to his Mistress at her throne to have his chastity put back on. She then led him over to one of the former wine racks, which was now bolted to the wall. “Hands up, feet apart,” Julie said as she started to cuff him to the wine rack. “I’ll be back for you later,” she said, clapped the lights off and left up the stairs.


Maybe an hour passed. Garrett thought he had heard a faint chiming of some sort of clock not quite halfway through. Then the door opened but the lights stayed off as the stairs made noise from walking down the stairs. “Be nice to our guest, slave. I’m leaving another key with her for tonight.” Those were the only words uttered before the faint light disappeared. Whomever this mysterious Pendik Escort woman was released him right away, after which he heard her moving a chair – her heels clattering all the while. Within a short amount of time, the next thing he knew, she put her feet on his shaft. She too had her at least feet covered in nylon fabric. She played with him like that before putting it between her breasts and starting to let him titfuck her. That lasted another few minutes before she stopped and seemed to open a cap to his knowledge based on sound.

This was accurate, as he could now feel what he presumed to be lube on the woman’s hands as she fondled his balls and stroked him. Of course, she eventually moved on to blowing him to a gag. But what he hadn’t expected, was that after a brief pause, that he assumed was undressing, the woman took a condom and put it over his shaft and decided to stick it in her love canal. He came within five minutes, which was about the same time she orgasmed as she had been consistently fingering herself through most of her efforts on him though not with any vigor or anything. Their breathing was amazingly synchronized.

“Ooh, thank you honey,” said the mystery woman. The voice sounded a little familiar to Garrett but he didn’t think it was who he thought it was. Suddenly, the remote controlled clapper lights were turned on. “Garrett?!”

“Angela?!” It was her. And they were both naked. And embarrassed.

“Julie,” they said in unison, and while doing so, the door opened.

“I thought that was a nice treat for both of you.”

“How could you,” Angela and Garrett were still completing sentences together.

“A better question is how did the lights turn on? Neither of you were supposed to know.” In that moment, she answered her own question after looking at her cellphone. “Dammit, I didn’t turn off the auto-timer from when I tested the system.”

“This is outrageous, Julie. How? Why?”

“It’s my fault,” Garrett began, “let her tell you.” So she did. But not before ending the story with, “you didn’t tell him either, did you?”

‘Oh no you don’t!”

“You two were perfect for each other.”

“Had I known this I wouldn’t have volunteered to help you,” whined Garrett.

“You’re out of turn.”

“No, you didn’t detail everything to him,” Angela stood up in his defense, “I’m not one of your kind, Jules. That isn’t how these things work.”

“Now if I hadn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten to live out a fantasy.”


“Oh come now. You were miserable that hadn’t seen someone since the summer, and you’ve always had a somewhat of a crush on him.”

“Is this true, Ang?”

“Not exactly. All I ever said was your build was the type of guy I wouldn’t mind seeing. I did think you were always handsome, though.”

“Truth be told, I always thought you were very pretty and any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Thank goodness I had a condom in my purse. But I don’t know if I can shake off having had sex with my cousin. Thanks a lot, Jules.”

“I’m sorry, for what it’s worth Ang.”

“No, don’t be. Only in my sister’s convoluted mind would something like this happen. Though, I DID enjoy myself.”

“That’s what I was apologizing for, actually,” Garrett said with a nervous wry smile.

“See, you two could be together.”

“You stay out of it,” Angela and Garrett snapped back again in one voice.

“Meanwhile, here we are still both naked except you by choice. And don’t take this wrong or personally, but if you weren’t already attractive clothed, you’re even more so in the nude.”

Angela blushed was surprised that his size appeared Rus Escort to come from nothing from the appearance of his flaccid state. “You’re really that big from that? Wait, Oh. My. God! JULIE!” It was here that she noticed the half of the cage that was adhered to his balls.

“It’s okay Ang, let it go.”

“You let her do this?”

“Well…” He started getting a little uncomfortable with her on that subject. “You heard her about why I even showed up last night even though I didn’t know it then that she figured out.”

“You’ll be wearing this until next time,” said Julie upon replacing the device.

“We’ll need to continue this conversation. When she’s nowhere near.”

Still in relative embarrassment, Garrett didn’t say a word.

“I’d better go,” Angela ran up the stairs as quickly as possible while not able to control her tears. This was more because she couldn’t believe her sister would do something like this to her, not like their relationship as siblings was all sunshine and daisies.

“I’m not done with you tonight,” Julie said as she pulled a flesh colored feeldoe from a different part of the dungeon.

“But we said…” Garrett tried to protest.

“We didn’t say anything about what was off limits in punishment other than safe and sane. How many lashes you might get and not using pins, needles, or syringes are the only things that are disqualified.” She was now taking her corset off to reveal that she wasn’t wearing panties under her tights. After ripping a hole in the gusset big enough for the feeldoe to go through, she came over to where Garrett had been, uncuffed him, and turned him around to peg him. After a short time, she wanted to know something. “Are you enjoying this, slave?” He had been whining most of the few minutes that had passed.

“No, Mistress,” he said.

“Wrong answer,” she said, on the premise that this was punishment.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“That’s better.”

After another couple minutes passed, there wasn’t any substantial signs of him being milked, but Julie needed pleasure as part of his punishment. “Come here slave”. Garrett did so with a nervous look in his eye, wondering how long this punishment would last. “Lick,” Julie demanded, pointing with her index finger to her bald love canal, which was now exposed completely. He hesitated, only for him to feel the fabric of her glove covering her palm on the back of his head forcing him into her. She was enjoying this quite a bit considering he was a first-timer. As the seconds passed, she began to moan louder and even began to finger herself. “Uh. Ooh, yeah!” Her rhythm was beginning to cause her to breathe heavily. Now she was practically screaming. Almost as fast as she was breathing she was starting to lose it. “I’m cumming, shit, I’m cumming!” Without fail, she climaxed, but not before he managed to stop licking her so as to avoid a facial.

“Now that I’ve been satisfied, I’ll reward you for putting up with your punishment.” She managed to force him back to having his arms restrained on the wine rack. “It doesn’t all have to be about me, you know,” she said as she began to take the chair and sit to remove her heels before putting her feet on his cage. “I bet you wish you could feel these feet right now.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I can’t let you do everything you want, I did just punish you, remember?”

She decided to be even more cruel. She started grinding on his cage. “You can only do this with someone else, not with me,” After another few minutes, she called the session for the night. “You need to do one more thing, on the record of course for my reputation.”

“Of course.” She kissed him so unexpectedly. Except this was planned. It wasn’t because they loved each other, no. She wanted to mess with him and this was actually continued punishment. He thought she was just trying to go for a sweet and sour approach and see how it might work with other potential clients. But the make out session was brief.

“Oh, we’re having guests again on Monday.”

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