Abducting Mom Ch. 03

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Three weeks ago my buddy Steve and I kidnapped my mom and fucked her luscious body for almost three days. I read in her private journal that she couldn’t stop thinking about those three days and wondered where she could find more young cock. Last week I arranged a home “break in” so Steve could come into the house, have his way with her, then “force” me, her son, to fuck her all night. I was anxious to see what her journal had to say, if anything, about the most recent fucking.

The day of the “break in” Mom and I both slept in. We had been fucking until daybreak, we were both exhausted. That afternoon we saw each other for the first time since.

“Mark, about last night,” Mom stammered.

I cut her off. “I already know what you’re going to say, Mom. We were forced to do it. We’ll never speak of it again. It never happened.”

She took a sigh of relief. “Yes, exactly. We’ll act like it never happened. Thank you.” She paused. “Want me to make you something to eat?” she said, trying hard to act like we hadn’t spent the better part of the night fucking each other’s brains out.

A few days after the “break in” she was at her regular appointment at the racquet club and Dad, as usual, was out of town. It had been a few days, it was time to see what the journal had to say. I found it in her nightstand and opened it to the final pages.

“We had a break in at the house last night! It was one of the men who kidnapped me two weeks ago! Not the one with the huge dick though. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded it so much if it had been him. But this bastard made me have sex with my own son! It was perverted!” Then the next day. “I can’t believe how big Mark’s cock is! He’s so much bigger than his father. For some reason it felt so…familiar. Like I’d had it before. The feeling of him inside of me. The taste of it in my mouth. The thickness and saltiness of his cum. I don’t understand why it felt like we’d had sex before. God forgive me, the feeling of his fat cock in me was incredible! He made me cum so many times I lost count! Does that make me a horrible person? A horrible mother? A cock hungry slut like they said?” Then the next day’s entry. “I can’t stop thinking about Mark’s huge cock fucking me! He fucked every hole I have! My body aches to be fucked like that again! But I can’t! I’m his mother for God’s sake! I have to find another way to satisfy my yearning. I guess it’s back to my huge dildo under the bed. Good night.”

Ha! I knew it! For the next few days I didn’t bring it up. I tried to act as if nothing ever happened. Even though seeing that 38D-24-36 body gave me a hard on every time I saw it. Hell, just thinking about fucking her again gave me a hard on. But I didn’t act on it. What I did do, however, was test her willpower as best as I could. I spent the days walking around the house shirtless to show off my tan, chiseled torso and shorts that made my trouser snake plain as day. I could tell she was struggling more and more to fight off her urge to pounce on me. Every night, and sometimes multiple times during the day, I could hear low moans coming from her bedroom.

Finally, after nine days, I decided it was time to act. I saw my opportunity and took it. She was out back sunning that incredible body next to the pool. Her long blonde hair cascaded off her shoulders and designer sunglasses protected her laser blue eyes from the glaring sun. She was wearing a peach colored micro bikini that always gave me a stiffy. I had jerked off more than once looking out from the bathroom window while she sunbathed. Today I intended to do more than jerk off.

She didn’t realize I was outside until my shadow ran across her face. She looked up at me and smiled. “Oh! Hi, honey. What’s up? Is there something wrong?” I could see her eyes behind the sunglasses bounce back and forth from the noticeable bulge in my shorts to my face.

I shook my head. “No, nothing’s wrong. Not really. Can we talk for a sec?”

“Absolutely! What would you like to talk about, honey?”

“Well…you know the other night? We said we’d never talk about it again, but…”

She cut me off. “Stop right there! We agreed. It never happened.”

“I know, I know. But it did happen. I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Mom took a deep breath. “I know, honey, I know. But we have to put it out of our minds, as tough as that might be.”

A tough time, huh? “Are you having a tough time forgetting it, too?”

She gasped. She’d slipped up. “No! No, that’s not what I said. I meant…”

“How can we forget? I mean, you were begging me to fuck you in the ass. I think you said something about what a huge fucking cock I had.”

She was stunned. She tried to gather her thoughts. “I…I…I, uh, well, that was in the heat of the moment. I mean, we had guns pointed at our heads!”

“Mom, you sucked my dick. You begged me to cover you in cum.”


“I mean, I get a fucking hard on just thinking about it.” I whipped my 9″ of thick muscle out of my shorts. It bounced a few inches from her face.

I saw her eyebrows nearly fly off her head. Her first resimli seks hikayeleri reaction was shock. Her second reaction was a dampness between her legs.

“Put that thing away!”

“C’mon, Mom, just this one time. Suck my dick just this one time and I’ll never say anything about it again.”

“Suck your…what if somebody sees us out here?!”

I felt a crooked grin cross my face. Gotcha. “Nobody’s gonna see us out here. C’mon, just a quick blow job. You suck dick like a pro, Mom.”

She gasped. “Don’t talk to me like that!”

I chuckled. “I meant it as a compliment. I’ve had a lot of girls suck my dick, but you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had.”

She gasped again. “Don’t talk about me like that! I’m your mother!” Despite her protest, she got some gratification knowing that she sucked dick better than the little hotties I was always bringing home. But she couldn’t let me know that. Despite her protests, her body gave her away. Her gumdrop-sized nipples were trying to shred her thin bikini top. I could see a streak of wetness in her bikini bottoms.

“C’mon, Mom, just this one quick blow job.”

She looked around the property for possible prying eyes. She forgot all about going inside. “Fine! But just this once.”

I nodded my head. “Just this once.” And if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

She sat up and grabbed the bouncing pole that was staring her in the face. I can’t believe how much bigger he is than his father! She licked her lips without even thinking about it. She searched the property again. She opened her mouth and moved in slowly. The thought of tasting my meat again made her heart race. I felt her hot breath rush across the tip. The swollen head entered. Her lips clamped down at the halfway point.

My head leaned back. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck! That’s the shit right there!”

My rod began to slam against the back of her throat when she started to bob her head. Her hand followed her mouth with a firm grip, essentially giving me a hand job and a blow job at the same time. I pulled her head towards me and held it there while I tried to stuff it down her throat. I watched her hand slip between her legs. She gave a light moan at the first touch of her own hand. I reached under and grabbed one of her large globes and massaged it. The thin triangle of material fell away easily. The pinch of an erect nipple brought a muffled squeal.

I could feel her throat muscles trying to open. I held her head with each thrust of my hips until she gagged. Then it happened.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck!” I moaned again when i slipped into her throat. “Goddamn, Mom, you know how to suck dick!” She got a strange sense of satisfaction from the comment.

This went on for several minutes before I felt a change in her pattern. Her muffled moans became louder. Her body tensed.

“You’re about to cum, aren’t you? You’re about to fuckin’ cum, aren’t you?” I asked while I continued to fuck her throat. She nodded and moaned. “You fuckin’ slut! Go ahead, show your son how a fuckin’ slut cums while he fucks your face.”

I could see her hand moving frantically between her legs. I squeezed her breast and tweaked her nipple while my balls bounced off her chin.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ggggggffffff!”

Her body exploded with a blast of energy. Her fingers pounded her vibrating clit. The grip on my post was tight. She wanted this feeling to last as long as possible. She moaned and groaned while my meat filled her throat.

I saw her pull her hand from between her legs. I drove my plunger into her throat as far as I could. I held her head against me. Bubbles of cum slipped out from her lips while her body begged for air. I pulled back just long enough for her to take a breath, then drove forward again. Her hands pushed against my hips.

I finally pulled back and pulled out. She looked up at me. “You…you…you didn’t, uh, finish,” she panted.

I grinned back at her. “Nope, not yet. Roll over.”

“Roll over?” I grabbed her waist and started to twist her body. “Wait. What?!”

She finally got into a position on the lounge chair with both hands gripping the edges of the lounge chair, one knee on it, and one foot planted on the cool cement. I tugged at the tiny bottom of her bikini and it broke away from her body easily. Her naked, heart shaped ass was staring me in the face. I slid between her legs.

“Wait! You said a blow job!”

I chuckled. “You want this as much as I do.”

She looked back at me. My swollen purple head touched her still quivering cunt lips.

“Wait! No! No! You said a blow job!” she said plenty loud enough for the neighbors to hear. I threw my hips forward. I easily slid past her velvety folds and stopped when I was balls deep. Her back arched. “Oh holy shit!” she screamed.

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned. I grabbed her ample hips and began to jackhammer away at her slit. “C’mon, Mom, tell me you love this. Tell me how much you love me fucking you,” I hissed.

She shook her head. “No! No! It…it…fuck! It’s not, mmmmm, true!”

“Liar!” I slammed my hips forward as hard as I could, bringing a loud bark from her. “Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your slutty little cunt!”

She shook her head again. “No!”

I reached around and pinched her excited clit, bringing a loud yelp. “Do it!”

“Fuck! Yes! God help me, yes! I love you fucking me with that fat fucking cock! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck your mother’s slutty little cunt with that fat fucking cock!”

I laughed. “Ha ha ha! That’s right! Goddamn you’re tight, Mom! Fuck!”

She looked back at me as sweat rolled off my face onto her ass. “C’mon, fuck my tight little pussy! C’mon, do it! Fuck my tight little pussy hard!”

“Ha!” I said loudly as I threw my hips into her ass. I reached around again and flicked at her trembling bean. She squealed. I rubbed my fingers across it. Her body trembled. I pressed her button with my thumb.

“Ohmafuckinggawd!” she screamed.

I leaned into her as I continued to punish her slit. “C’mon! Cum for me! I wanna see what a slutty mother looks like when she cums with her son’s cock buried in her fucking cunt!”

“Yes! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck! Fuck! Yaaaaaaaas!”

Her cunt trembled around my meat while it slid in and out of it. She felt like a California earthquake was tearing through her body. She screamed and moaned and begged me not to stop. I wondered if the neighbors were calling 9-1-1 for fear somebody was dying.

The earthquake finally subsided. I felt her body relax around my muscle. That’s when I pulled out.

Her head snapped around. “What’re you doing?”

I gave her an evil grin. “I’m gonna give you what you really want.” I pressed the swollen head against her rosebud.

“Wait! What?! You’re still not done?!” I shook my head. “Wait! Wait! I’m not ready for that fat fucking thing!”

I pressed harder. “Then you’d better get ready ’cause it’s goin’ in one way or the other.”

“Shit! Shit! Give me a second, goddammit!”

Mom took several deep breaths while I kept the pressure on. Then, suddenly, her backdoor swung open and I marched through. My balls were the only thing that stopped me from shoving it into her throat.

Her head flew back. “Oh you motherfucker!”

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed as I pulled back. “You love it up the ass, don’t pretend like you don’t,” I mocked as I slid forward.

“Ohmagawd, you’re so fucking big! You’re tearing me apart!”

“Bullshit! You’ve taken my cock up your ass more than once and begged for more. Don’t give me that shit.” I started pumping my hips a little harder and faster.

“Ohmagawwwwd,” she moaned.

“C’mon, Mom, tell me how much you love taking it up the ass. Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your ass.” She growled and gripped the lounge chair tighter. I threw my hips forward hard. Skin slapping skin filled the air.

“Fuck!” she yelped.

“Goddamn, Mom, your ass is so fucking tight. It feels like it’s sucking me in! Do you want it deeper? C’mon, admit it, you love it!”

“Ohmafuckinggawd! Yes! Fine! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! I love your fat fucking cock fucking my tight little ass! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck my tight little ass!”

“Ha ha ha! You’re such a fucking slut! Admit it, you’re nothing but a cock loving slut!”

“Yes! Yes! It’s true! I…I…mmmmmm…I love a fat cock fuckingggggg my slutty little holes! Oh fuck, yes!” I reached around and flicked her excited clit. She nearly jumped off the chair. “Oh fuck!” I flicked it again. “Fuck!” I rubbed it hard while I pounded her ass. “Ohmagawd you sonofabitch!”

I could feel her body tightening. We could both feel my cock throb inside her. “C’mon, Mom, you fucking slut, cum for me again. Cum while I fuck your ass. Yeah, mmmmmhmmmmm, cum for me! I…I…gggggggaaaaaaa!”

I grabbed her hips and threw my body into hers. Load after load of hot cum shot deep into her cavern. She felt the warmth filling her up with each pulse of my pole. It was more than she could take.

“Yes! Yes! G-g-give it to me! Give it to meeeeee! Ohmagawd, yaaaaaaaas!”

She was having her third orgasm of the session with her son’s cock shoved up her ass. But she didn’t care right now. The rush of electricity racing through her body blinded her to any sense of morality she might have and any worry she might have had about being spied on.

After what seemed like hours, our bodies stopped trembling. I pulled my skewer from her gaped hole and stepped back. A trail of white followed it and fell down the insides of her silky thighs. Mom collapsed onto the lounge chair like a rag doll, panting for air.

“There’s a nice little cream pie for you, Mom,” I chuckled.

“You bastard,” she moaned.

“You’re such a fucking slut, Mom.”

“Don’t talk to me that way. I’m your mother, goddammit,” she said, still panting for air.

“Yeah, well, you fuck like a slut,” I said as I started to walk away. “I’m gonna go take a shower. Don’t stay out here too long or you’ll get a sunburn. Thanks, Mom! I feel much better!.”

“Bastard,” she muttered under her breath.

The next day I checked her journal again. Sure enough…

“I had sex with Mark by the pool this afternoon. I could have stopped it but I didn’t it. He fucked every one of my holes. Anyone could have seen us but I didn’t care. He made me cum and cum and cum again with that fat cock of his. It’s so fucking big! He even came in my ass! I can’t get it out of my head! It feels so good! But I have to. I can’t let him know that every time I see him I want him inside of me. He called me a slut. He called me a cock loving slut. Maybe he’s right. I can’t let it happen again! What kind of mother am I?! Constantly thinking about her son’s cock?! Maybe I should get help. In the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy myself and try not to think it’s his fat cock fucking me instead of a huge piece of rubber. Good night.”

I felt a grin cross my face. Fucking slut.

For the next couple of days she had trouble looking me in the eye. I could tell she was making every effort not to notice the bulge in my pants. I tried to act nonchalant as if nothing happened. As if I didn’t know she was nothing but a cock hungry slut who wanted nothing more than to have her own son’s knife slicing her in half.

After about a week I decided it was time to test the waters again. That evening Mom was lying in bed reading before shutting off the lights and I was in the process of getting ready for a shower. I got a huge boner just thinking about what was about to come. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for her bedroom.

I turned into the open doorway of her bedroom. “Hey, Mom, my shower is acting up again. Do you think I can take a shower in your bathroom?”

Her eyes went straight to the huge tent I was pitching under my towel.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” she stammered. “I’ll, uh, I’ll call the plumber in the morning.”

I took a few steps into the room when my towel “accidently” unraveled and fell to the floor, revealing the full extent of what was hiding underneath it. Mom’s eyes grew wide and she gave a loud gasp. I tried to act surprised but made no effort to hide it or pick up the towel. Quite the opposite. I actually turned to face her.

“Shit!” I said in mock horror.

“Mark Allen! You…you…cover yourself up right now!”

“Why? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” I said as I took a step towards her.

“Yes, but…”

I took another step with my engorged member leading the way. “But what? Do you not like my cock anymore?”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just…where are you going?!”

I was standing beside the bed now. My bouncing stick was mere inches from her face. Her eyes darted from my grinning face to it.

“See what you do to me, Mom? Just being around you gives me a hard on. I can’t stop thinking about what a great cocksucker you are, what a slutty fuck you are.”

She gasped. “Don’t talk to me like that!” She gathered her thoughts. “You have to stop…you have to stop thinking about all of that. We can’t…we can’t be doing that anymore!”

“C’mon, Mom. You love my cock just as much as I love your cunt.” She gasped. I grabbed her hand and pulled it up with little resistance from her. I placed it on my swollen weapon. She instinctively wrapped her long fingers around its shaft. Her hand was soft and warm and comforting, just as a mother’s hand should be. Most mothers don’t have their comforting hand wrapped around their son’s cock though. “C’mon, Mom, just one more time. I promise, that’ll be it.”

She started to stroke its veiny shaft. The tip glistened with precum. She ran the palm of her hand over it and proceeded to slide it up and down.

“Mark, we…we can’t. It…it…it’s not right,” she said in a forlorn tone.

“C’mon, Mom, be honest. Tell me you don’t think about it and I’ll walk away. Be honest.”

She continued to stroke the beast. “Well…I…I…”

“See? You can’t say it. You want me to fuck you as badly as I want to fuck you. Admit it. Say it. You love a fat cock stuffed in your holes.”

“No. I…I…no. I can’t.”

“Bullshit!” I hissed. “You were fucking screaming it the other day. I’m surprised Mr. Jones didn’t come out to see what was going on. Say it!”

My tone startled her. “Fine! Yes, it…it’s true. I love a fat…” Her grip grew tighter. “I love a fat cock stuffed in my holes.” The tone of her voice changed from defeated to desire.

She jumped when I grabbed a handful of her 38 specials. “Admit it. You want my cock. You love my cock. You want to fuck me right now, don’t you?”

She paused for a moment. “Oh my God, yes,” she said breathily. “God help me, I…I…I want you to fuck me with that fat fucking cock of yours. I want you to make me scream. I want you to cover me in ggggggffffff…”

Before she could finish I pulled her towards me and rammed my stiffness past her lips. Her throat distorted when she took my full length in. Soon she was sucking me with gusto while I molested her fabulous chest. I reached down to grab the hem of her nightshirt and tugged it. Mom lifted off the bed enough to let it slide up her torso and expose her breasts. I pulled out of her mouth just long enough to pull it over her head and tossed it aside. Without me asking, she quickly took me back into her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32