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First Class! I never … ever … expected to ever fly First Class. But, here I am, sitting next to the very smartly dressed Allaince Corporation CEO. Of course, I think I am pretty smartly dressed, too. Of course, Mrs. C assisted with that by taking me shopping. Let’s face it, I normal office attire would have gotten arrested well before getting on the plane.

“Okay, sir … I think this works best if you introduce me at the beginning of the meeting as who I am, Abby Thomas, your Personal Assistant, blah, blah. At some point during the break, you find a way to drop of few hints … however you want to do it, I’m fine. After all, if this works, I am f-ing three guys.” I look up to him, “Four if you’ll join in.” I smiled hopefully. He chuckled.

He seemed to blush, too. I thought that was sweet. I think he was finding it embarrassing that we were planning how to use me sexually to get a project. It meant he respected me. It meant I wasn’t just a floozy. Not that I really thought that of him but it’s nice to have the validation. Besides, crazily, Mrs. C was so turned on by all this. She made me promise to relay every sordid detail. I think the coming weekend will be interesting. She’s already made plans for me to spend the weekend with them. Girl-talk. Sordid, sexy girl-talk. And, despite the teasing, Mr. C doesn’t mind. It generally leads to two naked women clambering after his body.

He grasped my hand. “It’s not too late to change plans.” I shook my head while holding his eyes with mine. “I’ll make it up to you … somehow.”

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, “You do about every day,” while thinking of his cock and friendship with him and his wife.

“I didn’t mean THAT.”

“I know … but I do.”

We drew looks as we made out way through the airport with our carry-on. I might have been our difference in age: father and daughter or … Part of it undoubtedly was my outfit which I thanked Mrs. C for. The dress was form-fitting, sleeveless, with a hem at mid-thigh. The bodice opened in front to dare anyone to not look at the cleavage presented. Mrs. C has pushed me to bras that cover and support my E-cup breasts but not with too much support. The light dress material did little to provide any support so my breast had their own little dance going on. The outfit was finished with matching thong, thigh-highs, and four inch heels. I had leaned to a garter belt for the effect if the dress was removed later but the dress material seemed too clingy and I wanted a smooth look without the belt showing.

We were greeted on the baggage level by one of the sons, Tony Harrison. We shook hands on introductions but I also stepped up to him, made sure my body touched his lightly, and kissed his cheek. It wasn’t planned. It certainly wasn’t a business greeting. It planted a seed of interest, though.

We were greeted outside the conference room by Mr. Harrison and the other son, Robert. I provided both with the same greeting, now feeling locked into it. In the conference room, though, I only shook hands with the others included in the meeting to be sure a distinctive impression was left with the Harrisons.

Mr. C made a point of including me in the presentation to reinforce the image of me being an integral part of his office. Of course, this was mostly for Mr. Harrison and his sons. The meeting was going well but I knew the real turning point wouldn’t be occurring in the presentation but during the breaks and … if it got that far … later. At the breaks, when Mr. C stepped out with the three Harrison men, I mingled and engaged the others. That was easy with the men but the lone woman had a less positive reaction to the cleavage on display.

After the final break, Mr. C stood close to my side and whisper, “The three of them will be joining us for dinner at the hotel.” I looked at him a little nervous. “Then … it’s up to you.” More nervous.

I almost didn’t hear the rest of the presentation. My mind kept going to what I had gotten myself into. It seemed to me that the activities in the office … okay, and with Mr. and Mrs. C privately … was one thing but with strangers? My desire to be more explicit in the office despite changes to the code and my willingness (also desire?) to engage with everyone and anyone in the office even if it meant working overtime to keep up had me on occasion wondering about the term ‘slut’. Was that me? Did I want that? Did it matter?

Then, I heard the applause and expressions of thanks followed by chairs rolling back and papers gathered. The presentation was over; the meeting was over. I gathered myself quickly and joined Mr. C to thank each of the attendees for the opportunity to present our position. Then, the awkward moment for me. The three Harrison men came last. I checked the doorway to verify we were alone. I shook their hands after Mr. C, then leaned forward to give each a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “I do look forward to dinner later and spending more time with you.” The looks I received were engaging.

After being dropped off at the hotel, checking in, and finally in our room which was really a suite, I was finally able to ask, “I’m going to take a shower, sir, before getting ready for dinner.” He placed both roller cases on the king bed and unzipped them as I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the bathroom. I quickly turned around, though, “Sir,” I said with a throaty tone, “the shower is huge.”

He looked my way as I stood naked leaning on the door jam. He smiled, “Huge, you say?”

I put my hand out and wiggled my index finger. “Huge … like something else …”

I stepped into the shower space, got the water temperature perfect, and toyed with the settings between soft micro-droplets, an invigorating rain burst of freshness, a relaxing rain shower, and an all-over gush spray like a fabulous waterfall. I settled on the relaxing rain shower just as Mr. C stepped in and wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck. I pressed back into him as the water gently fell over us. His hands began a soft caressing and fondling of my stomach and breasts and my hands slipped behind to caress his hanging cock. As my fingers glide over his water slicked cock, his hands glide over my wet body. His cock quickly stiffens at my touch and I turn in his arms, pressing my breasts into his chest and my hips into his, feeling his hardening cock pressing and growing against my pelvis. With my arms around his neck and his around my body, we kiss under the warm water with kisses that grow from touches of lips to increasing desire, passion, and hungry need.

I sink down his body, alternating between sucking and licking the streaming water from his body with kisses until my lips and tongue encounter his nearly hard cock. I kiss the head before taking it in my left hand, holding it up to kiss and lick down the underside before doing the same up one side and back down the other. At the base, again, I lift his balls with my right hand to suck and lick them, taking each in turn into my mouth to suck and roll with my tongue.

I release his balls, lower the head to my mouth and engulf it between my widely opened lips and into my mouth. He gasped and moaned and staggered to the wall next to us where he leaned with his hands gently on my head as I mouth him in and out, my throat taking more of his cock with each inward move. It isn’t long, though, before he gently grabs me by the shoulders and raises me up. He pulls me into his body and I feel my erect nipples pressing into his chest. He kisses me passionately and we are both panting when he breaks the kiss and turns me and presses me into the glass wall of shower. He nudges my feet and I eagerly spread them wide while wondering which hole he intends to invade. He doesn’t spread my ass cheeks, though. He lowers and probes with his cock at my pussy and we both shift in small motions until the head of his cock sinks into my pussy. When he thrusts deeper, he presses me against the glass and my eyes open and gaze at the image reflected back to me through the long mirror over the sinks and counter. My breasts are plastered against the glass so Firuzköy Escort even though the heat of the water has fogged the glass my nipples and squashed breasts are clearly visible.

I cry out as his cock sinks deep, fully inside me and the head presses on my cervix before glancing to the side and deeper. I hear him grunt as he drives hard and urgently into me. One of his hands drops down and around my lower body, his fingers finding my clit which he strokes and presses and pinches between two fingers. I groan and thrust my hips back at his powerful thrusts. The shower is a mix of our moans, groans, gasps, and grunts but also of the falling water and the squishing sound of our bodies as he impacts my ass.

I feel him. A magnificent feeling of being full of big cock and to feel it swell and pulse inside before spurting its cum as he presses deep inside. Not a moment later I orgasm, my pussy convulsing around his pulsing cock.

“Sir, what do you think?” He was nearly dressed but busy with his tie, his suit coat draped over a chair. I was standing holding two outfits. I had brought two for the one night stay. I could have worn the same dress from the meeting to dinner. It wouldn’t have been wrong, but I brought two more with one for the travel back the next day. I held the two outfit up on hangers. One was another business suit with mid-thigh hem. The other was a mini-skirt and buttoned short-sleeved white blouse. I stood in black lace bra, thong and stockings.

“You’re still ready to go ahead with the plan?”

I dropped both on the bed and walked up to him. I ran my hands up his chest. “I am, sir. Nothing has changed in my mind. If they go for it after dinner, it’ll be a great win.”

His hands had found their way to my hips. “In that case, I suggest the mini and leave buttons undone on the blouse.”

I smiled, spun on my heels and hung back up the dress and finished dressing. The mini-skirt covered the lace tops of the stockings when I stood. I knew they would be peeking out when I sat. The blouse was unbuttoned nearly to my nipple line to provide plenty of visible cleavage. He smiled approvingly and offered his arm.

Dinner was going great. I was seated between the two sons and had them engaged the entire time. I would notice Mr. C and Mr. Harrison in aside conversation and sometimes with hushed comments while watching me. Harrison seemed quite intent on me. After the main dinner and ordering after-dinner drinks, I watched as Mr. C made several motions, winks, and smiles at me. He was trying to send a message with subtlety and I finally got it when he used his head to indicate Mr. Harrison followed with a nod. I pushed my chair back, touching both sons’ shoulders as I stood and excused myself with a smile to Mr. C and a quick glance to my chest. He nodded with a smile of recognition.

I scanned the exquisitely appointed women’s restroom. It seemed empty. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm myself. I was about to take my dedication to Mr. C to a whole new level. I stared into the mirror at my reflection. Was their truly nothing I wouldn’t do for this man if he asked? He didn’t really even ask for this. Not really. There had been a hint but I had followed it and made the offer myself. I could easily just left the hint hang. My fingers moved to the buttons. Two more buttons undone and the thin blouse gaped open to expose my bra underneath. And what about Mrs. C? She’s gotten me to do this very tease twice before. My breasts were always something I was self-conscious about and she had turned that into flaunting. With my blouse pulled from my skirt and fully open, I see a smile form on my mouth. Mrs. C has been encouraging of my transformation. Between exhibitionism, threesome in their home, weekends with them, and encouragement to satisfy her husbands desires she was nervous to fulfill herself, she has helped to break down some of my boundaries. So, here I am. About to give these men the impression I may work for Mr. C but am also his slut. Though kind of true, it had always been something of an office secret.

Suddenly aware again of my surrounds, I quickly pulled the blouse off, reached back to unclasp the bra and drop it on the counter. I glanced at the door before lifting my breasts and muttering, “Here we go boys.” I slipped the blouse back on, button up to my nipple line, then hiked my skirt up and pulled the thong down and stepped out of it. I stuffed the bra into my purse, considered the thong and had a different thought. I stood straight and appraised myself. I rotated my shoulders and saw the freedom my breasts had under the thin, loose material. I then released one more button.

I heard some voices outside and quickly picked up my thong and held it in the hand holding the purse. As the door opened, I leaned forward as though checking my lipstick and noticed the free movement of my breasts, the two women entering did, too.

I walked deliberately through the tables sure to slightly exaggerate my walk in the heels. I was aware of stares from tables as I passed but my attention was on the our table. I had the full attention of all four men as I approached.

I caught the look on Mr. C’s face as he mouthed, ‘WOW’. I didn’t need to look down, I could feel my breast saying and bouncing with each step as I approached. Mr. Harrison and his sons had been attentive to my looks before but that changed to something approaching lascivious. I stopped at the table near Mr. C so I was facing Mr. Harrison. I leaned over, one hand on the table and the other on Mr. C’s shoulder. I had all their attentions.

“I had the impression you were about to propose something before I excused myself,” I said loud enough for all of them to hear. I was well aware my position not only caused my breasts to hang within the thin blouse but for the blouse to gap open further as a result. I wasn’t sure how much breast they might be able to see, if even the nipples came into view, but I was sure they gained significant view of my breasts. I sneaked a glance at Mr. Harrison, then his sons, to find eyes glued to my chest.

Mr. C seemed to have a bemuse tone in his voice when he responded. “We were talking about where we might continue the evening with a few more drinks. What sort of place would you suggest?”

I looked from Mr. C to Mr. Harrison. He seemed to have to force himself through sheer will power to take his eyes from my chest to my face. I stood and stepped around Mr. C to bend over next to Mr. Harrison. While moving, I shifted my thong from against my purse to my other hand. “Put out your hand, sir.” He looked at me puzzled but did as I requested. Grasping the skimpy article of clothing by the narrow band at the side, I allowed it to dangle over his hand a moment before dropping it.

His hand closed around the material and for a moment was speechless, his eyes pointed down at his hand. Had I overplayed this? No. Without looking up, he muttered, “It’s so wet …”

Again, just loud enough for our table to hear, “Yes, sir … and so am I.” He looked up at me as if we were the only ones there and waited expectantly, hopefully, for something more. “Might I suggest we take some additional drinks in our suite upstairs?”

He nodded numbly and abruptly pushed his chair back from the table. Mr. C signaled for the check as I took Mr. Harrison’s arm and we made our way slowly out of the hotel restaurant. We stopped outside the restaurant by the lobby to wait for Mr. C. I found the sons right behind us. Mr. Harrison had recovered by that time and playfully held the thong by the strap as I had so it hung in front of him before handing it to his sons.

“Are you gentlemen in a hurry tonight?” I asked as my fingers undid yet another button of my blouse. There was now only one button remaining before disappearing into my skirt.

One of the sons responded, “We have all the time we … ahhh … we need to explore … what you … how we can … achieve mutual satisfaction.” I saw Mr. C standing behind them with a big, appreciative smile on his face. I smiled and hooked my arms into his and his father’s arms. The effort more Escort Firuzköy fully opened my gaping blouse. At that moment, an older couple was exiting the restaurant. She looked at me with shock and disapproval written over her face. He, however, glanced back several times while moving his wife in front so as not to see him. I winked at him and he looked away quickly, embarrassed at being caught looking.

Once again, I slipped my arms inside those of the two sons as we moved to the bank of elevators. As such, my blouse was again spread open further and my breasts swayed and bouced freely. The two men made no bones about looking, either.

Behind me, I heard a brief conversation between Mr. C and Mr. Harrison: It went something to the effect that he, Mr. Harrison, believed I was his associate by the comments and document reference support I provided. He asked if all this was flirt and tease or real. Mr. C responded that I was indeed a unique woman and he assured that, though I enjoyed flirting and teasing, I also enjoyed following through. How was it Mr. C found such a slut (a slut am I?) to be his associate? His good fortune, Mr. C responded.

It was almost 10:00 as we stepped into the elevator. I was laughing at something one of the sons said when I felt a hand on my shoulder as Mr. C pressed the button for our floor at the top of the hotel. Mr. Harrison said, “Joe says you like a challenge.” I glanced at Mr. C, his face was neutral. I assured him I did. He smiled, reached out and unbuttoned the last button. His sons immediately tugged the tails of my blouse from my skirt and he finished unbuttoning the last buttons. My blouse was slid off my shoulders and I stood topless in the elevator among the four men. He looked at Mr. C as he openly fondled a breast, “One of your associates … this is far better than the last times.” He then looked at me. “Do you think you can close the deal for your boss?”

I smiled and turned fully to him as my fingers worked the clasp and short zipper of the skirt. As I pushed the skirt over my hips, “If you allow me, I am sure I can provide an outcome that will be fully satisfying.” Skirt dropped to the floor around my heels. He looked over my body as I stood naked in the elevator except for thigh-highs and heels. I stepped up to him, pressed my breasts into his chest, put on my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him. He took me in his arms and I reciprocated by wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt hands on my body as we kissed until the ding indicated our arrival at our floor.

I boldly stepped out of the elevator with the men following behind. I led the way down the hall to our room, nervous all the way that someone was going to suddenly come out of their room. Nobody did. I stood to the side so Mr. C could use a keycard to open the door. I saw, to my relief, that he had my purse and clothes. He softly touch my bare hip and gave a look but we were well past the point of turning back.

Mr. C fixed the drinks and I served them. Each of the men freely touched me. When they were all served, Mr. Harrison said, “You know what I’ve always wanted, Ms. Thomas?” I shook my head. “To be entertained by a woman masturbating.” The comments about Harrison were true. He was a cold, hard man, not at all like Mr. C. I steeled myself, though, and avoided looking to Mr. C. We were past assurances and I didn’t want to give the man the idea I wasn’t ready to satisfy him.

I turned the coffee table so I could lie back on it facing him. Once settled with my legs spread wide and my shaved pussy opened to his gaze, I began by fondling my breasts, tweaking my nipples before sliding my hands down my body and between my spread thighs. I slid my fingers along my pussy, up and down, then through the lips, up and down. I was very wet and, without having to penetrate my hole for moisture, I stroked the outside of the clitoris. I was progressing mush faster than I would to another woman but I knew what I could tolerate and wanted for this situation. My other hand lelft my breast and plunged into my hole. With my pussy and clit being stimulated, my eyes flicked open. I was nervous about seeing the men, wondering what they were going to be thinking of me. A slut, he said. Their eyes, though, were just full of lust as they focused my fingers on and in my body. Mr. C, though … Mr. C’s eyes were on me, not my fingers or body. He was watching me, his face soft, warm, and caring. I kept my eyes on him for a moment before giving him a slight nod that I was okay. He returned a smile that seemed to release some relief.

I increased my efforts. If he wanted to see a woman orgasm while masturbating, I would give him that. I curled my fingers to stroke the top of my vagina, the g-spot, while my other hand stroked and pressed my clit on the outside. My hips rose off the tabletop as my arousal increased and I allowed the sounds and utterances to flow from my mouth.

About the time I could feel my orgasm about to crash over me, though, my fingers driving inside me were pulled away and lips covered my pussy, a tongue moving between my lips. I raised my head, surprised and curious, it was the older son. Something touching my cheek diverted me, again. It turned my head to find an average sized cock inches from me. At the verge of orgasming, I opened my mouth without thought and it was driven into it. I head Mr. C comment that I deepthroat, though he didn’t say the obvious to me: I can deepthroat him so this cock would be no problem. The younger son shifted onto the tabletop with me. I saw now that he was completely naked like me. Straddling me now, he began fucking my mouth which I kept open as the head moved through my mouth and over my tongue and through my lips I kept around the shaft. The head just reached my throat but not far into it. As he began fucking my mouth and my pussy was being eaten, I came. I exploded, actually. I grasped the head between my thighs and held it tightly to my pussy as I struggled to keep my mouth and throat open for the cock ramming in and out.

I could feel the cock in my mouth swell and pulse. I knew he was about to cum. Then, the mouth was gone. At that moment, another cock was thrust into my dripping pussy. I groaned around the cock in my mouth as the other cock was powerfully rammed fully into me.

As one cock began spurting cum into my mouth, I felt myself being pulled to the edge of the table for him to better fuck me. The action pulled me from the cock in my mouth and the last of the cum landed on my upper face and forehead. He used my hair to wipe his cock, then backed away.

The son fucking me increased his tempo and I raised my hips to meet his strong thrusts. My hands found their way to my breasts and nipples and my eyes locked on his, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement. The older Harrison was getting ready by removing his pants. Satisfied this was going the way we had hoped, I refocused on the one fucking me. I reached out with one hand to lay a hand on his shoulder while the other continued to squeeze a nipple and fondle the breast. His eyes flicked from his cock going in and out of me, my fingers on my nipple, and the lust-filled look on my face with his brother’s cum on it. I clenched the pussy muscles around him and rotated my pelvis for different penetration angles for stimulation of both him and me.

My arousal was increasing fast. I slid my hand on him to my groin and stroked my clit. His eyes watched and I heard his grunting and panting increase. I squeezed around his cock and felt a sharp jerk and pulse.

“Cum inside me.” He grunted and slammed in. “I’m … I’m almost there. Are … you ready? Cum … cum inside … me.” He was slamming into me like he was trying to break through a barrier but Mr. C had changed my vaginal canal forever and this cock just moved in and out without butting into the top. I was close, though. I locked my eyes on his, “CUM! NOW!” And, he did. He exploded in a stream of semen shooting into my pussy. He grunted and groaned and slammed his cock as deep as he could while I raised my hips to meet his final thrusts and shook with another orgasm.

He Firuzköy Escort Bayan collapsed forward onto me but was quickly moving. I opened my eyes to see the senior pulling with a hand on the son’s shoulder. The man was also naked now and his cock was hard, though quite small. As the son pulled out and the senior’s gaze became fixed on my open pussy hole, I had a moment of concern. Two quick orgasms and now the most important one has come to fuck me. I should have planned this better. I should have held off on the last orgasm. I wasn’t used to being manipulative, though. I was used to just being used in whatever order or need the person chose. His voice broke me out of my brooding.

“On your hands and knees, girl. I like doggy style.” I smiled to myself as I rolled on the tabletop to assume that position and spread my knees wide. A dominant man with short-comings in this department probably would want a position that subjugates the woman in the manner he was using it. My smile, though, wasn’t only the recognition of what he was doing, but it also gave me a way out. I’d never faked an orgasm before. Never wanted to. Never felt I needed to. To please this man, however, I wanted him to feel his fucking had stimulated me, at least as much as his son had. On my knees and face hidden, I prepared myself for acting as his cock thrust into my cum-soak hole.

“That was quite the performance,” Mr. C softly commented as the came up behind me and cupped my breasts as I mixed new drinks for the Harrison men.

Without turning, I equally softly responded with alarm, “Was it obvious?”

“Only to me, dear … only to me and only because I am so intimately familiar with your real orgasms. The look on his face after he came was perfect.” He put his hand on my hip and stroked up my side. “How are doing? Is this going to be a problem?”

“For us, sir? Never. I knew what this was about. Doing it doesn’t change it.” I backed into him and rubbed my ass up and down. “Will you be joining in the next time?”

He chuckled. “No, this is them. If you’re up to it … after they leave?”

I giggled, “Sir … you should know better …”

We had a drink, then I refreshed their drinks and began sucking the Harrison men back to life. They fucked me on the coffee tabletop as before, this time all taking me from behind on my hands and knees. I was sure the men enjoyed the sight of my wildly swinging breasts. The senior was first and I used my fingers on my clit to bring myself to orgasm with him which seemed to please him immensely. When they were done … they were done … ready to leave. They insisted we walk them to the elevator which had more to do with seeing me, naked and freshly fucked with cum on the insides of my thighs, in the hallway. By this time it was quite late and the risk of encountering anyone else was very small.

When the elevator doors closed and they were gone, I turned to Mr. C. “What do you think, sir? Were we successful?”

“We? You. And, yes. Harrison gave me his acceptance while his sons were still using you. He was quite impressed. It seemed to convince him we would do whatever it took to take care of business.” I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him and holding him tight with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. He cupped my bare butt, “You do enjoy being naked, don’t you?”

I looked at the large window in the elevator alcove and saw our reflection clearly against the dark sky outside. “I really do, sir.”

He chuckled as he slid my arm inside his and led me down the hallway, him dressed without the suit coat and me in only stockings. “You don’t seem inclined to wear any clothing in the office.” He patted my arm, “And everyone is apprciative.” I just smiled.

He offered another drink but I wanted the bed. And, not to sleep. He may have gotten undressed and slipped into bed thinking that was the plan but I cuddled up to him, pressing my nakedness against his while kissing him softly, passionately, and softly, again. I rested my arm on his chest and my chin in my hand and gazed at him in the soft light of the city lights from outside.

“I have a serious question, sir.” I could see him nod to continue. “I feel like my life is about perfect. I don’t want to lose any part of it and I want to be sure I am being the best possible PA you could have. So, I want your honest, constructive evaluation and recommendations for focus and improvement. Can you do that for me, sir?”

“Where is this coming from? Did something happen to concern you?”

“No sir. I just don’t want you to have any.” I pause, “Or Mrs. C, sir. I mean she’s critical in all this, too, right? I want to know if you or she has concerns.”

“I can do that, Abby. But, to be honest … no … I commit to opening talking though I am not sure you’ll hear much negative. You seem to be on top of everything for me.”

I raised up and looked at him with a different smile of relief and hunger. “Speaking of which …”

I slid down his body while leaving behind a trail a kisses down to his soft cock. He moaned as I took the head into my mouth, then, “Ohhhh … Abby … speaking of … what? What did I say?”

I giggled around his cock, “On top of everything for you …”

“Do you have a limit? Haven’t you had enough tonight?”

“Silly CEO-boss … as you said before, that was them.” I sucked a few times, then, “This is us.” He gasped as I took his cock deeper. His cock steadily grew in my mouth as his mind and body responded to my obvious desire and intentions. I licked along the entire length, licked his balls, mouthed his balls, and sucked the head of his cock deep into my throat. When his cock was rigid hard in its full 11 inches, I crawled up his body and straddled his hips. His hands came up to grasp my breast as I reached underneath for his cock, rise up over it, align it to my hole, and sink slightly.

“Ahhhhh …” I gasped in a long exhaling of breath as I felt his cock open my pussy wide, stretching it even after being fucked. I looked down after taking about half of his cock into me. I found him smiling up at me. “What?”

“That just sounded … I don’t know … like real satisfaction … enjoyment.”

“Hmmmm …” I rose up and sank down further leaving a few inches of cock still outside. “You know … I hope … how much I love and cherish you and Mrs. C as people and friends and how much I respect and am devoted to you as a boss …” I rose up and plunged the last inches into me, his cock head glancing off my cervix . “Sir … I do love you cock.”

I began grinding my pussy over his cock, then rotating one way before reversing in the other. The feeling of fully stuffed by his cock was tremendous. I began lifting and lowering on it and he pulled me forward into a long, desperate feeling, consuming kiss. My hips were thrusting up and down over his cock. We were both moaning and groaning loudly and I thought we might cum just from that but he pulled in tight and rolled us. Now on my back, he began to powerful thrust in and out. My breasts went wild on my chest from his strong, forceful thrusts.

I began wrapping my legs around him but he intercepted them and placed them over his shoulders and he raised up on his hands and feet to thrust even harder and faster. I was gasping for air and so near an orgasm but I desperately wanted to cum with him. Then, he shifted, again. He pulled us to the foot of the bed, pulled me tight against his pelvis as he stood up. My legs wrapped around his waist as he staggered back against one of the walls … the open glass door out to the balcony. He leaned against the glass door and began bouncing me up and down on his cock. God! I thought he was already so deep inside but this …

I came like an explosion. I held tightly to him, my arms around his neck and legs around his waist as I shook and convulsed in orgasm. My eyes opened to find the sleeping city below us shrouded in deep darkness but tiny lights were flashing in behind my eyes.

He walked us back to the bed where he dropped backward and rolled us onto the bed where he again began furiously fucking me in long, strong, and fast strokes until he too erupted with cum washing over my pussy filling it with as much cum as the other three men had together. Or … at least it felt that way.

* * * CHAPTER 10: GIVEN MORE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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