Abby Ch. 02

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Ok guys, as requested, here is part two. As always, please feel free to vote, comment, and read our other stories.



Abby took a while to cool off after her hot night with Lars. She didn’t have mixed feelings, very much the opposite. It was like she had pushed through a barrier and let herself have fun for the first time in longer than she cared to remember. She met with him for lunch, and they were both better friends and happy to confide in each other. He continued to chase every piece of ass in sight, and she felt flattered to be among the very beautiful women he had charmed. She now felt more at ease and less self-conscious under the gaze of appreciative men in the halls. Her exotic Asian and South American looks brought her plenty of smiles and friends.

The weather was warming up and she was feeling energized by the change. School was good and everything was happening quickly. She had fun with Jasmine, her four year-old daughter on the evenings and weekends. She was taking Aikido for one of her classes and enjoying the exercise and competition.

She picked up Jasmine from Alana’s apartment as usual, and as she was leaving, Alana asked her if she wanted to come over Friday, watch movies and drink some cheap Zinfandel. She realized that she had been so busy with school lately that she hadn’t been spending much time with Alana. She liked spending time with her, and owed her a lot for helping so much. (Most recently for giving her some concert tickets that had gotten her laid so very completely.) She agreed and made a mental note to clear out her schedule to give them some time to relax.

Alana had helped her a lot since she split with her husband and moved in, watching Jasmine pretty much free of charge, and always being there. She was also divorced, and her children had moved out. She didn’t work, Abby wasn’t sure if it was because she was retired or well-taken care of from her divorce. She didn’t go out much, and Abby wasn’t sure why. She was striking and slender, with light green eyes, and she certainly wasn’t shy. She might have been fifty, but it was hard to tell, she still looked so good, like Marcia Cross, but with long wavy black hair instead of red. She had an air of satisfaction, like she was always happy with life, it made her fun to hang out with.

Friday she got Jasmine dressed for bed, planning on her falling asleep pretty quickly, she wore comfortable clothes herself, yoga pants and a t shirt, and they went over to Alana’s. She greeted them smiling, wearing shorts and a white blouse, the house smelled like good food. They played with Jasmine for a while and let her watch TV until she got sleepy, then they put her to bed in the other room and got out the wine, chocolate, and chick movies. Oh yes, they very much deserved this. They were getting buzzed and gossiping, they already knew how the movies ended.

“Oh, I wanted to tell you, you were right about Sharleen Spiteri, I love her.”

“Told you she was great.” Alana had given her the concert tickets because she didn’t know the artist. “Do you wish you had gone with me?”

“Yes. Would you have taken me home and fucked me afterward?” She delivered the line so drily it caught Abby completely off guard. She had to grab a napkin to keep from laughing a mouthful of wine everywhere.

“I suppose it was obvious, I was out all night.”

“It’s okay, I was relieved that you were getting laid, I was worried that you had quit trying.”

“I’m glad you are so invested in my sex life.”

“Well I am. I don’t need you getting wound so tight you are ready to snap.”

“Was I wound that tight?”

“Let’s just say that the difference has been noticeable. So,…..was he good?”

Abby was laughing and rolled her head back. “Well, yes. God yes. It had been way too long.” She quaffed her wine and reached for the bottle. “I was so built up for it I was going crazy.”

“Yes, I could tell when you left that night you were looking for trouble.”

“Ok MOM, when was the last time you scratched the itch?”

“This afternoon.”

“Not including vibrators.” Now Alana laughed out loud. “I mean, I know we get by with them, but I was getting plenty of plastic action before, and you saw the difference.”

“Well it was the shower nozzle to be perfectly clear.” Now Alana was draining her glass.

“When was the last time you had to decide who was going to buy breakfast?”

She paused as if to think about it. “A couple of years.”

“Wow. Is that a big deal to you? I mean, you were so concerned about my dry beşiktaş escort spell.”

“Not day to day. It only seems like a long time now that you are talking about it.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to point it out.” She looked at her for a moment. “Why so long?”

“Baby, not all of us won the genetic lottery like you did with the perfect Asian mix. I’m as Jewish as a matzo ball.”

“That is so much gibberish, I hope to God I look as good as you when…..I have no idea how old you are.”

“Well, not old enough to be your mother. ” She smiled at her, head resting on her hand, sitting on her feet on the couch.

“Do I need to drag you out to a club, or to a couple of college parties to watch you get hit on to convince you?”

“I don’t need convincing darling.” She was drinking a lot.

“So what gives?”

Alana looked at her and smiled softly. “I’ll make you sorry you asked.”


She rolled her eyes. “It’s been a couple of years since I got laid.”


“It’s been about seven since I had a good cock.”

It took a few seconds for the realization to penetrate the wine in Abby’s brain. “Oh, okay.”

“Does that shock you?” Alana looked right at her.

“I don’t think so. I’m not really shocked, or surprised, I guess I would have to have a pre-conceived notion for it to be shattered, I never had one.” She thought about it for a second. “Does that make it harder to meet people?”

“I don’t know. I kind of quit trying. It’s mostly that I don’t feel like running the singles gauntlet anymore, for men OR women. Imagine what you are going through right now, but without the college pool for selection, and the Asian age adjustment your mother gave you.”

“That doesn’t open ALL of the doors, trust me. It’s not like I can act like a nineteen year-old groupie anymore.”

“No, I guess you can’t.” She sighed and stretched out her legs.

“Is that what ended your marriage?” Abby asked, at the same time realizing that that wasn’t a question she would ask BEFORE a bottle of wine.

“Oh no. Far from it. Marty knew I was a freak when we got married. We made the most of it, the sex just kept getting better. We kept fucking for two years after we got divorced, neither of us could meet other people who were better in bed.”

“Did you consider getting back together?”

“Not in so many words, more like we wondered if we could just stay happy living apart and keeping the benefits.”

“So what kept you apart?”

“I outgrew him. We were both like teenagers when we met, and he still is. I’m not. He still lives his life like there’s no rent to pay. When we had kids, I just kept feeling like I was the one holding the safety lines, and he didn’t care.”

Abby felt herself putting her feet in her lap and rubbing them.

“My ex was the opposite. He got so serious he couldn’t enjoy anything anymore. Even when he had a break he couldn’t relax. If he had some time home alone he kept wishing he was at work. He hasn’t seen Jasmine in three months.”

“I suppose some people have to learn the hard way what’s most important in life. God that feels good.” Abby was flexing her toes and rubbing her calves. Alana motioned for her to move her feet over so she could return the favor, and she did.

“So what made you give up guys completely?”

“I never consciously did. I just took the time after the split to re-connect with some old friends, and found out that a lot of them were completely out of the closet, and I spent a few years being so busy with them I never felt the need to go out with guys. We traveled together, lived together on and off, still see each other.”

“Like a big milf orgy?”

She laughed. “Sometimes it got wild. There were four of us that were really close, sometimes sexual, always friends.”

“Why has it been so long since you slept with them?”

“One moved back in with her child, the other two moved to Santa Cruz. They fit right in there. We all have our families, we just stay busy. We talked about it, we decided that it was fun while it lasted, but there comes a point where we all need to grow up a little bit.”

“Now I feel bad that you spend so much time helping me, I’m worried that you missed out on stuff because of me.”

Alana looked at her and smiled. “Baby, there’s nowhere else I would rather be, and no one else I would rather be with.” Abby felt herself melting.

“You’re the best friend I’ve had in a long time.”

“It’s not like you are hard to be friends with.”

“I was taksim escort glad you hooked up with that guy, I wanted you to have some fun.”

“Well, wish granted.”

“Was it that good?”

“God yes. I had just decided to relax and do what I wanted to for a change. Do you want me to bring him over sometime?”

“I would ruin him, he wouldn’t ever leave.” They both laughed.

They took a moment looking at each other, stroking each others’ feet and legs. “Is this weird for you?”

“Yes, but I’m ok. Wine makes everything good.”

They both took their glasses and emptied them.

“Why? What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking I should have tried to get you in bed when I first met you.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“What would you have done if I had?”

“I don’t know. I think I was too busy with life and Jasmine to have time to hook up.”

“That’s what I thought too. I decided to be friends with you and not worry about it. And I still have no idea if you are into women at all.”

“But you wanted to?”

“Since the moment I met you.”

Abby felt herself getting warm. “Well, it’s different to think about you than the idea of some woman seducing me.”


“I trust you. I don’t know if I could imagine a strange woman hitting on me out of the blue.”

“Baby, I always want to be the one you trust.” She was rubbing up past her knees now. I guess I’ll just ask. Are you into women? Have you ever?”

“Back in the single days I had some times that belonged on a Girls Gone Wild video, but I was drunk, I never decided to go find a girlfriend.”

“Come here.” Alana pulled her close and looked at her, pulling her hair out of her face, studying her eyes. Then she leaned in and kissed her, very gently, brushing their lips together, touching noses. She felt Abby relax, and return the kiss warmly, opening her mouth, tasting her a little.

“I always imagined you would be this sweet.” They kissed harder, holding each others’ faces, breathing harder.

Abby’s mind was going crazy. She was trying to decide if she was surprised, or if she had wanted to do this for a long time and hadn’t realized it. She decided to let go and enjoy. She opened her mouth and kissed Alana like a lover, and she responded in kind. She felt her pulling her head into hers. Their tongues explored and twirled. Abby rubbed her sides and stroked her back. She leaned into her and crushed their breasts together.

Alana nudged her to lie down on the couch, and lay on top of her. The continued to kiss, and Abby reached down to grab her behind, and squeezed it. Alana responded by kissing with more intensity. Abby felt herself slip her hands down into Alana’s shorts. Alana made no move to stop her, and she squeezed hard. Alana moved to kiss up her jaw line and under her ear, licking and nibbling it. Abby dropped any trace of reticence she might have still had, and unbuttoned her shorts. Alana shifted without a word to let her hands inside, she found the front of her panties damp, and slid her hand inside to her pussy. She was very wet and sticky, and she gasped a little as Abby started fingering her clit in small circles. Alana lifted up and kissed her neck and inside her shirt to her collar bone, and licked along it. She slid her hand inside Abby’s shirt and under her sports bra, pulling her breast out to squeeze it, as Abby moaned out loud. They continued to kiss and explore, taking their time to enjoy each other for a few minutes. Alana broke the kiss. “Come on.” She pulled her up by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

Upon entering the room, she closed the door, walked to the bed and pulled the comforter all the way down. Abby went to her, and they finished undressing each other. They paused to admire each other briefly, both in awe of the other’s beauty, contrasted by age and race. Abby’s olive skin contrasted against Alana’s pale, lean body. Abby motioned for her to sit on the bed and leaned down to kiss her, slowly moving down to her breasts and taut nipples, taking one in her mouth and swirling the other with her fingertip. Alana hissed her approval and pulled her into her chest, letting her head fall back as she enjoyed her suckling, moving from one breast to the other. Abby licked the undersides of her breasts, and kissed and licked the sides of her body, pushing her to lie on her back. She knelt in front of her and pushed her knees apart, kissing the insides of her thighs, still squeezing her breast with a free hand. She kissed nearer to Alana’s pussy, sensing her desire and wetness. esenler escort She paused and looked up into her eyes, and she was looking back with anticipation.

She closed her eyes and moved her mouth to the sticky wet cunt that wanted her so badly. Tasting her was so intoxicating, she couldn’t imagine never having done this before. She lapped at the opening and teased her clit with the tip of her tongue. Alana gasped and spread wider. Abby plunged her tongue in as far as she could, and started curling it as she fucked her. She pressed two fingertips onto her clit and stroked it softly. She sucked at her pussy like she was making out with it, and paused to tease her anus with her tongue as well. Sensing her building up, she plunged two fingers into her and started to lick her in long, hard licks along the length of her pussy, flicking her clit with each lick. Alana grasped the back of her head and crushed her into her as she came, her body rippling with pleasure, clenching onto Abby as she continued to finger and lick.

Alana pulled her up to face her on the bed, and licked and kissed her face, loving the taste of her cunt on her face, licking it clean. She laid her on her back, and rubbed all over her body, breasts, belly, thighs. She lifted her feet up to her face and kissed her toes. Then she leaned in and returned the favor, pleasing her pussy until she cried out in orgasm. Afterward, they lay together, kissing and looking at each other, gently caressing.

“I want you to do something for me.” Alana whispered to her.

“You picked the right time to ask. Right now I would do ANYTHING for you.” They both giggled.

Alana leaned over to her bedside table and opened a drawer. “You got some really good cock recently. I want some too.” She pulled out an oddly-shaped blue toy. It had two ends, but at a sharp angle. “Here, let me.” She spread Abby’s legs and slipped the bulb-shaped end into her. This left a slick, blue, seven –inch cock protruding from her pussy, erect and prominent. Alana grabbed the cock and started to play with it a little, flexing and twisting it. “Do you like that?” Abby nodded and smiled. “Will you give me a good hard fuck?”

Abby sat up and let her lie down. She spread her knees with her toes pointed. The sight of her wanting that cock drove Abby wild all over again, she leaned over her, looking into her eyes, and guiding the cock to her cunt, thrust in forcefully. Alana cried out loud, and Abby started really getting into the role, enjoying the feeling of having a cock, having her lover pinned under her, fucking her. She was slow and hard, repeatedly withdrawing all of the way, and roughly plunging back in. She relished the feel of crushing their clits together as she plunged in as far as she could, burning them together. She rested on her hands, kissing Alana’s face in the rhythm of her thrusting, feeling a shock as their nipples brushed together. Alana lifted her knees, touching the sides of Abby’s ass gently with her feet and toes. Abby continued, feeling them melt together in passion and sweat. The cock was making her near orgasm as well, clenching the bulbous end, flexing and moving in her cunt. As she neared orgasm, she heightened the pace and intensity, increasing the pace of her strokes, kissing Alana’s face and mouth in bursts. Alana grabbed her ass and squeezed, wanting her to keep driving her to the edge, panting and yelping loudly, ready to come. Abby leaned in and bit her right breast as they came together, feeling her nails digging into her ass as she continued to thrust, wanting to fuck her until she stopped resisting. Feeling her go limp, She relaxed and put her body weight onto her, kissing her hard and hot. Alana locked her ankles behind the small of her back and squeezed them together, lingering in the moment, their pussies pressed together, both full of cock, so satisfied. They continued to kiss for a while, and then Alana rolled them over on their sides, reached down pulled the toy out of both of them. She watched Abby’s eyes go wide as it came out.

“Was that what you wanted?” Abby asked nervously.

Alana kissed her chin, “Baby, that was so much more than I thought it would be, I can’t move, I’m still shivering and coming down. ”

Abby lifted a knee alongside her, resting it above her ass, rubbing her leg with her foot and toes. They closed their eyes and kissed some more. “So now what?”

“Let’s just make sure we have girl’s night as often as we can.”

“Deal.” They kissed and fell asleep together. When the wine wore off and they got cold, they woke up and put their pajamas on, cuddling together until the sun came up. They made coffee and had breakfast ready for Jasmine when she woke up. It was obvious that everyone had had a long night, so they winked at each other and decided to come over for an afternoon nap as well.

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