A Young Girls Story Ch. 02

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I did meet Mark the next afternoon. I had thought it might be a problem after practice, that Coach Sean might expect me to stay and I was a bit disappointed when it never came up. Driving to the secluded motel Mark and I used I forgot about Coach and focused on Mark. Given the situation we had not spent much time together since school started. Whenever we could meet like this was wonderful and today was no exception.

Mark opened the door to our room and swept me in his arms kissing and hugging me as we closed the door behind us. It was frantic at first, struggling to remove clothes and maintaining contact with each other before finally falling together into bed. Mark was so gentle, stroking me and kissing me everywhere. He always spent time on my tits, kissing them and sucking my nipples making them hard and erect then gently nibbling on them as his hands worked to open my pussy. He always managed to make me hot and wet and anxious to feel his cock fill me. I began to become impatient waiting for him to put on a condom.

When he finally entered me that afternoon I screamed in joy as his cock filled my hot wet pussy. He stroked in and out of me with deliberate speed and while I enjoyed every minute of his movements, my mind was drawn to the rough urgent fuck I had yesterday with the Coach. Trying desperately to clear my mind of the shower room and training table experiences I managed to enjoy the motion of Mark’s cock as he fucked me with ever increasing urgency.

My pussy spasmed as he plowed into me and I came hard as he continued to pump his cock. When he came I noticed how diffused it felt. I could feel his cock spasm inside me but could not feel the heat of his sperm splash my pussy. We rested for a bit and shared small talk about school, the track team and movies soon coming out as we lay snuggled in our hidden room. I loved lying naked with Mark after making love. I would let my hands roam his body and caress his breasts and his balls. I avoided touching his cock. It seemed to make him hard faster if I avoided it and I wanted him again and soon. When I saw that his cock was ready I took a condom and slipped it on him before I sat down letting him impale me. Ever since that first time in the woods when he asked me to sit on him, I loved this position.

I bounced up and down letting his cock slide in and out of me and when I began to get going I would just let my ass drop down and take all of him deep inside me. I knew he loved to watch my tits bounce as I did this and to be able to reach up and caress them. I enjoyed it too. When I finally came Mark followed and I collapsed on top of him exhausted.

That night as I drove home I felt confident that Mark was the man for me that his tenderness and passion was what I loved. I once again wondered how best to avoid Coach and let that one incident fade. I tossed and turned that night recalling the two men and their different approaches to sex. I wondered how I had found both of them so appealing. Tired and a little angry with myself I passed through another day of school and headed to the track for practice. Mark had told me he would not be able to see me for a few days and I was ok with that.

Practice was normal, especially now that I was listening to coach. I kept expecting him to say something to ask for me. After practice I showered, lingering as best as I could but to no avail. As I dressed I noticed that Anne, was dressed but headed to Coach’s office and I said.

“What’s up Anne?”

“I don’t know, got a note to see the Coach.”

I nodded and wished her well then gathered my things and left. But as I got to the car I let my mind wonder what Coach wanted with Anne. She was one of the prettiest girls in our class and she seemed to take forever tonight. I envisioned the Coach taking her like he’d taken me and became jealous. When I finally saw Anne leaving I waited for her to go then stormed into Coach’s office and said.

“So how was she? I guess you just want to fuck all the girls here.”

He looked up at me and said.

“Take your clothes off! Now!”

I was stunned and instead of complying I said.

“What you didn’t have enough with Anne now you need me?”

“I said take off your clothes. You started this now have some courage and see it through.”

“Started what? You’re the one who entices the girls to your office!”

He then stood and dropped his sweats and jock. He reached over and pulled me close then pushed me to my knees. He forced his cock to my lips and said.

“Open up Ashlie.”

The smell of him had me turned on and seeing his fat hard cock so close I wanted him in my mouth more then he wanted to be there. I opened wide and slid as much of him inside my mouth as I could.

“You taste any pussy Ashlie?”

I shook my head no as I licked and sucked his hard hot cock.

“If I fucked someone I can assure you there would still be a hint of her cunt on my cock. So make sure you lick it all over.”

I needed no encouragement and enjoyed the taste Eskort Bayan of his meat in my mouth. As I filled my mouth with him he pulled my top and bra off freeing my tits for him to tease and play with.

“Take off you pants and get ready for me Ashlie.”

Not allowing his cock to drop I managed to squirm out of my clothes and was soon completely naked once again in Coach’s office. Kneeing on the cold tiles with his cock in my mouth I tried to recall why I like being with Mark and planed to never do this again with Coach. My wet pussy told me that I was enjoying this. I tried once again to take more of Coach’s hard cock into my mouth and when I felt his hands on my head I expected him to push my head onto his meat. I started to gag and then a sharp pain on my scalp shocked me as Coach pulled me off his cock and onto my feet.

“Spread your legs then bend over and put your hands on the floor Ashlie!”

The suddenness of his actions always made me wetter and I complied spreading my legs wide then bending over and placing my hands on the floor. I knew my ass and pussy were positioned perfectly for him and began to enjoy the humiliation of this pose. I felt his hands grab my hips and then his cock rammed into my wet pussy in one quick thrust, making me gulp for breath. Not slowing or stopping Coach pummeled me from behind. His cock filled and stretched me. I could bend my head and watch his cock as it plowed my pussy and became enthralled watching it. I felt as though his cock was discovering new depths to my pussy as his thrusts increased in pace and force. I felt my orgasm rumbling through me and long before I could realize it I was screaming as it hit me. I watched as his cock continued to ram into me and was amazed at how my pussy seemed to grab it and hold onto it as he pulled back.

When I felt the now familiar hot splash of his cum scald the walls of my pussy, my orgasm leapt forward into another gear and my legs quivered. He withdrew and the last few spasms from his cock covered my ass with cum. I did not move but continued to remain bent over with my hands on the floor. Coach stood back and watched me and I felt his eyes studying my ass. He then walked in front of me and once again grabbed me by my hair. Pulling my head up he thrust his semi hard sticky cock past my lips forcing me to open my mouth and take him in.

“Do you taste that Ashlie? Do you taste your pussy?”

I pulled his cock from my mouth and said.

“Yes! I do. I taste my own pussy and your cum.”

Then I put his cock back in my mouth swallowing the mixes flavors of our sex with my only desire to have him hard again and inside me. I hungrily sucked and nibbled on his tool feeling it respond to my mouth and hands. On my knees now I used my hands to massage his balls while my mouth cleaned his cock.

“I think I want your ass, Ashlie. I think you need to have that back door opened.”

“Please, I’ve never done that. It will be too painful, please Coach not in my ass.”

He laughed and pulled his cock from me then grabbed my arms and led me to his desk. He pushed me down onto the desk crushing my tits on all the papers strewn there. Rubbing his now hard cock down the crack of my ass and pussy I was afraid of what planned. Each time the fat head of his cock rubbed my clit and passed over the entrance to my pussy I felt a mix of joy and fear. I laid still; my legs spread both my pussy and ass open for him to choose. I felt his cock stop at my pussy and slide slowly in and then his hands spread my ass cheeks to the side. Trembling as his cock slowly moved in and out of my pussy I cringed as his fingers found my asshole. When he slipped his fingers lower and joined his cock in my pussy I relaxed until he pulled them back up. I realized he wanted them wet and then I felt his finger invading my asshole. At first it felt alien but somewhat enjoyable and my hips began to rock back into his cock. My ass adjusted to his finger sliding in and out and when he slid a second one in I felt only a slight increase in pressure, as my hole was stretched open. With two fingers fucking my ass and his cock riding my pussy I was losing control of my body again.

I was rocking my hips now enjoying the feeling in both of my holes when his third finger entered my asshole. I gulped at the full feeling but still my burgeoning orgasm continued to rise inside me. When he withdrew both his fingers and his cock from me I felt empty and turned to his and said.

“Please. I need you in me. Please.”

I did not say where, but I hoped his cock would take my pussy and not my ass. When I felt the hot head of his cock prodding my asshole I bit my lip and tried to relax. As he increased the pressure on my asshole I felt his hard cock slide into me. It hurt a little but still I was not ready to make him stop. More and more of his cock slowly invaded my ass and the feeling of being full crept on to the feeling of being about to split open. I was ready to ask him to stop when he leaned over and said to me.

“See I told you your ass was ready. I am all the way in Ashlie and now I am going to give you a good ass fucking.”

Still a bit breathless I just waited to feel movement. When his cock slowly pulled back and then moved forward I was able to accommodate him and as he increased his thrusts, each time going still further into my back door I found my orgasm creeping up on me again. As his cock began to fuck my ass hard and fast he said to me.

“Use your hands Ashlie, play with your clit for me.”

I did as he asked mostly because I was so into the intense feelings of his cock in my ass. I would never have been able to touch myself like that in front of anyone, but now with his cock fucking my asshole I was totally his. I began to really enjoy the feel of his cock as it traveled in and out of my ass. My fingers were blindly rubbing and pulling at my clit as my orgasm mounted steam and took root in my belly. I was going to cum soon and I knew it would be a different feeling and I could not wait for it.

I felt his cock twitching in my ass and waited to feel his cum spray inside me and when he released those hot jets of cum I came hard. My hand was a blur on my clit and my ass was rocking back into Coach as his cock spewed its load. He was right I loved being fucked in the ass and even as I lie there feeling his cum ooze from my ass the mere idea of doing this kept my own orgasm sailing.

He left me there and slipped his jock and sweats back on and said as he left.

“Never accuse me of being unfaithful to you Ashlie. As long as you are willing to fuck me, there will be no one else.”

I heard his footstep recede after he closed the door. I eventually got up and gathered my clothes before heading to the shower. In a daze from the sex with Coach I let the water cascade over me for a long time. At times recalling the sex with Coach but also trying to figure out what I was going to do. I felt sure I was in love with Mark and knew I was in lust with Coach. If I kept this up with both of them I’d be a slut, someone who just wants a good fuck. Was I a slut? Later at home in my bed I came to the conclusion that I both needed and wanted both of them. Sex with Mark made me feel loved and sex with Coach made me feel like a woman. It would be tough to handle and I would need to be on birth control because I sure didn’t have the desire to put a condom on Coach. That night I dreamed that both men were in my bed with me. In some ways it was funny because Mark was busy putting on a condom while Coach was fucking me bareback.

My life was good it was just a little complicated right now. At school the next day I was somewhat disappointed when I got to Mark’s class and had a substitute. I learned he was out for the day. The rest of the day was boring and all I could think about was Mark. I so enjoyed seeing him even if it was only in school, our ability to get together alone was so rare anymore that missing a day in school only made me want to see him more. After classes I endured a particularly hard practice at track. Coach Sean was driving us all hard preparing for our first meet this weekend. When Mark was out for the next few days I began to wonder if he was OK. Track practice was a bitch all week and by Friday with no Mark all week I was really down. After showering I reached into my locker for my clothes and found a note.

“Ashlie, come to 24 Main Street at 8 tonight.”

It was from Coach and the street was in a neighboring town. I was a little pissed at the note, so demanding as if I had no choice but to be there. I dressed and drove home soon realizing that the last thing I wanted to do was sit at home with the family. Thinking about my options, especially after a week of not knowing where Mark was I decided to hit the mall and hang out for a while. My parents seemed pleased to have me leave.

Driving towards the mall I thought again of Coach’s note and became furious about the tone. I turned short of the mall and headed towards the address he’s given me earlier. I managed to arrive just a little after 8 and sat in my car for a few minutes letting my anger boil. I stomped towards his door and when he opened and ushered me in it was all I could do not to snap at him right then. Instead I walked calmly into his living room and was amazed. It was lit by tons of candles and soft music was playing. I watched him follow me in and sit down in a large over stuffed chair. He looked at me but never offered me a seat merely continued to stare. Still a bit miffed at his note I stood in silence waiting for him to say something, to welcome me or at least thank me for coming.

“Strip for me Ashlie!”

All too quickly the anger I’d suppressed came back and I said.

“Who the fuck do you think you are. Sending me a note and demanding I be here, then telling me to strip for you. Fuck you!”

I turned to leave and he calmly said.

“We both know why you’re here Ashlie. You want to fuck. That’s the only reason you’re here. What else did you expect? Strip for me and do it now.”

His words stopped me. As I digested what he said I realized he was right. The only reason I was here was to fuck him. What else did we have? It wasn’t like we’d ever had any long conversations. I stood there facing him unable to counter his argument and I looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock was already straining at the bounds of his slacks. I felt my own pussy dampen at the site of him and knew I was going to fuck him. Admitting this I began to sway to the music and my hands went to my blouse.

I fumbled with the first button but soon the music filled my head and I deftly opened my blouse and let it slide to the floor. Standing there in my bra and slacks I danced to the rhythms then let my fingers open my slacks. As they slid down my legs I moved my ass from side to side assisting them to puddle at my feet. Stepping first with my right leg then my left I danced out of my slacks and slowly turned allowing him to see all of me clad only in my bra and panties. My pussy was dripping I was turned on by my dance. I’d never thought myself to be the type to make a display of myself but in that moment, just before I unclasped my bra I knew that this would not be my last effort at something like this. Releasing my bra I watched Coach’s eyes as my tits were revealed to him. I could tell without looking that my nipples were hard and erect.

I danced like this for a few minutes letting my free breasts bounce and tantalize him. Just as I was about to work my panties off he said.

“Touch yourself Ashlie. Play with your tits for me.”

My hands reacted before my brain and cupped both of my tits and caressed them for him. My eyes never left his and I watched his orbs fix on my chest as I rubbed and squeezed them. Needing more I let one hand drop to my belly and slide under my panties to find my wet sex. Slowly stroking my cunt and pulling at my nipple I swayed to the music and watched his eyes devour my body. Abandoning my tit I used my hand to push my panties down showing Coach what my other hand was busy doing to my pussy. He watched as my fingers slid along my now spread slit and then rubbed at my swollen clit. I was so hot. Exposing myself this way had turned me on. Spreading my legs I showed Coach how I masturbated, something I had previously never even admitted to doing. It was my most private act, something I never before shared with anyone. But here I was standing spread legged in front of him letting him watch as I shoved two fingers into my sloppy wet cunt and fucked myself.

He let me continue and soon I was cuming. My legs felt weak and my pussy gushed covering my hands with my juices. Slippery now and shining with those juices I drew my hands up my body and spread my wet hands over my tits covering them with my sticky emissions. Coach stood and dropped his pants revealing his hard hot cock. My eyes flew to it and stared, watching the veins in the side throb with his excitement. A flash of satisfaction passed through my brain at the realization that I had caused him to get this way. Reaching out to me he pulled me towards him then bent me over at the waist so my mouth was level with his raging cock. I didn’t wait for a command but opened my mouth and engulfed his hot throbbing meat. Tasting him set of a tremor in me; and my pussy twitched in need of some satisfaction. His hands were busy kneading my ass cheeks and occasionally slapping them.

I let his cock fill my mouth and tried to let it go further. This was always a problem for me as I failed again and again to suppress the gagging as his tool pressed towards my throat. I felt some creamy goo on my ass and soon Coach was rubbing it into my ass crack and then into my asshole. I clenched remembering how his cock had invaded my ass the other day but stayed fixed on his cock. I was determined to take all of him in my mouth and nothing was going to alter that goal. When I felt his finger then fingers in my asshole, opening it and spreading it wide I used that distraction to force his cock past my gag reflex and swallow him. I could not breath with his cock buried so deep but refused to panic, letting it slide out again. Copious saliva fell from my lips as he backed out of my throat but I soon pulled him back in again and forced him all the way in. I was able to stick my tongue out and touch his hairy balls and a thrill coursed through me at my accomplishment.

I was reveling in my deeds when I felt something large and hard at my backdoor. Pressure and pain mounted as Coach forced something into me. As the pressure mounted I sucked his cock harder and just when I thought my ass would rip open I felt my asshole clamp onto a ridge. Whatever was in my ass was now fully inserted and the pressure remained but the pain receded. I was slurping noisily on his cock as my body adjusted to the invader in my ass. A combination of pre cum and saliva drooled from the corners of my mouth soaking my chin. I felt Coach’s hands wrap themselves in my hair and when he pulled my head from his cock the pain in my scalp forced me to release his tasty cock. Feeling empty and so wanting him back in my mouth I mewled.

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