A Woman Scorned Ch. 01

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Bra Less

Tom lay in bed feeling pain, feeling anger and feeling tears running down his cheeks.

His relationship with Tracey was over. She’d walked out two days ago after confessing to cheating on him with Russ, a mutual friend.

Tom knew there had been something wrong for a couple of weeks. She had been distant, preoccupied, somewhere else in her head, and when last weekend she had made an excuse to avoid sex then Tom brought it to a head by confronting her.

He was devastated, and was finding it difficult to function.

It was Friday of half-term week, and he still had loads of preparation and marking to do for school on Monday. He couldn’t get out of bed.

He’d had a phone call from Steve, another member of staff, to see if he fancied a beer that evening, but he had declined and pretty quickly Steve had realised something was up, and it had all poured out.

After all the sympathy that Steve could muster at the end of the phone, he’d hung up, but immediately, text around other mutual friends to warn them of Tom’s delicate state of mind. Perhaps it was gossip, but maybe it was concern for Tom.

Anyway Judy, the head of humanities, pretty soon got to hear about it and headed around to Tom’s flat.

When Tom heard the intercom buzz he could see from the video screen that it was Judy, and he immediately guessed that word had got around about his break up with Tracey.

Judy was a darling, and was always there for members of staff who had problems. She had had her own fair share of personal difficulties and had, in fact, divorced about ten years ago after a brief two year marriage.

She wasn’t proud of the fact that she had cheated on her husband, and he’d found out, indeed, it wasn’t dissimilar to Tom’s situation.

The one big difference was that she had left him for another woman.

Everyone at school had been slightly shocked by it all. Judy’s new lover was another staff member, Lynne, who was a PE teacher, and although everyone suspected that she was gay, she wasn’t overtly gay.

So when Judy left her husband and moved in with Lynne gossip was rife. But then everyone accepted that they were an item and life moved on.

Tom hit the ‘enter’ button on the intercom, and Judy bounded upstairs to be met at the door by a red eyed Tom. She rushed into his arms and they both hugged each other as she muttered sympathetically “poor Tom, you poor boy.”

They made a strange couple clinging to each other in sorrow, Tom sobbing silently into her blonde hair.

Tom was tall, a couple of inches over six feet, with short brown hair, and a slim, well contoured body. At 26, he was in his prime physically. Judy on the other hand was 39, but also physically, a very attractive woman.

She had never had children; was a regular visitor to the gym, and still turned heads when she walked into a room. Lynne her partner constantly told her how stunning she was, and every time they made love she told herself how lucky she was.

Judy eventually sat Tom down on the sofa and made him a cuppa. He was unshaven, unwashed and sloppily dressed in an un-ironed t-shirt and old jeans. The flat was a mess with used dishes and pans piled up in the sink.

She began the delicate task of finding out exactly what had happened between him and Tracey.

The whole story of betrayal came out, and, in between sobs, Judy sympathised, and tried her best to comfort him with rather unhelpful platitudes.

What she eventually added, much later, was her confession about her own infidelity in her own marriage.

Tom was rather taken aback with this, and wondered whether Bayan Escort all women were potentially unfaithful. Judy professed that she was no example to judge all women by, and tried to divert the conversation in another direction.

Tom wasn’t willing to make small talk though. He was angry with himself for being taken in by Tracey. He couldnt understand what she saw in Russ.

“What’s he got that I haven’t?” he questioned.

“He hasn’t got a better car or a better flat,” but Judy tried to explain that those sorts of things had probably not got anything to do with Tracey’s decision to leave him.

” I keep wondering whether she kisses him like she kissed me, whether she fucks him like she fucked me, whether he makes her cum like I used to.”

“Tom, I know it hurts so, so much,” said Judy, “but really all that stuff is going to eat you up.”

“You’re a smashing guy and women are going to be queuing up to be with you and soon you’ll be fucking someone else.”

Tom blushed as he said, “but not you Judy, you’ve changed sides.”

Judy blushed too but realised that his old cheeky sense of humour was still alive, as she added, “hey I can still appreciate a sexy guy.”

There was just the slightest of embarrassed pauses before she said, “lets have a drink, I think we both need it.”

Time had rushed by, and it was now about 8.30 in the evening, so she opened a bottle of Merlot and poured themselves two very large glasses.

Tom was starting to feel just a little better, and Judy being with him was what he needed to return to reality and not to wallow in self pity.

The evening turned into quite a drinking session. At midnight after a long continuous conversation, and three empty bottles of wine, Tom realised that Judy wasn’t going to be able to drive home.

“Do you want to get a taxi? What will Lynne say? Will she be angry? I dont want to cause a row between you two!”

Judy tried to stand up but flopped back down onto the sofa.

“Oh don’t worry Tom. Lynne’s gone up to Newcastle to stay with her mum for the weekend. If you don’t mind I’ll just kip down here on your sofa.”

Tom was slightly embarrassed when he said, ” I’d offer you my bed, but I haven’t changed it since Tracey went.”

“I’ll get you some blankets and a pillow.”

Judy followed him into the spare room and picked one of Tom’s spare shirts off the drying rack.

“I’ll use this as a nightie if you dont mind.”

“Feel free,” said Tom “you use the bathroom first.”

And with a brief “night night,” they both turned in.

Judy slept fitfully on the sofa and awoke around six, and lay there dozing with fleeting thoughts of both Lynne and Tom. The previous evening had been tiring, but cathartic, not only for Tom, but also for herself.

She had gained an insight into mens’ psyche and how they could show vulnerability, despite their bravado. She also saw how Tracey had given up a man who had both an intellectual and physical attractiveness that reminded her of her previous husband.

She was disturbed from these musings by a movement from Tom’s bedroom.

She pretended to be asleep, as he made his way to the bathroom, and she heard the long pourings of the previous night issuing into the toilet pan. He flushed the loo and made his way into the kitchen to boil a kettle for tea.

Judy peeped her eyes open and saw him standing there in just his boxers. He looked a fine specimen of manhood, but should she be thinking that?

She saw him pour two cups of tea and carry them towards the table beside her sofa. He peered down at her, so she opened her eyes and thanked him for the tea.

“Did you sleep ok?” Tom asked quietly.

“Sort of,” smiled Judy.

He noticed the swell of Judy’s breasts above the open neck of his favourite ‘best’ shirt, and he had to avert his eyes when she saw him staring. She smiled inwardly, and he coughed and looked away.

“Would you like to use the shower, or perhaps I can make you some breakfast?”

Tom watched as Judy threw the blanket from the sofa and stood up. He was only wearing boxers and Judy was only wearing his shirt.

As she stood there, he suddenly saw how blue her eyes were, and his mind raced through the previous twenty-four hours and how supportive and caring she’d been.

“Thank you so much for being there for me Judy. I really appreciate your support.”

Judy smiled and with a brief “don’t be daft,” she reached up and with her arms around his neck held him close.

Tom nuzzled her hair and smelt her perfume. She had her face against his chest, and took in the muskiness of his body.

Tom could also feel the softness of her breasts through the thin cotton of the shirt, and as he held her against him, he instantly became aware that his cock was stirring.

Judy became aware too. It was a long time since the days of her marriage when she had been so closely in contact with a mans body.

She felt the softness of his cock against her tummy, as she first embraced him, but in that few seconds she felt it harden, and instead of recoiling she pressed closer.

She looked up towards Tom’s face and his lips closed on hers. The kiss lasted a few seconds, and then they looked at each other again.

In silence their lips met again, and her mouth opened to indicate her compliance. She now felt Toms’s cock harden against her. What on earth was happening?

She wasn’t supposed to be doing this or feeling these feelings. But it was too late to analyse. Her knees sagged and Tom gently laid her back on the sofa.

As she relaxed into the cushions, she wrapped her legs around Tom as he lowered himself onto her, sliding his boxers down his thighs.

Almost in one continuous movement, he slid inside her. Judy’s pussy was soft, moist and welcoming. She locked her ankles in the air above his buttocks, as he began to move very slowly.

Their lovemaking wasn’t rushed. Tom moved slowly inside Judy, their bodies in harmony.

Her shirt rode up and her breasts slid against Toms chest.

Judy murmured quietly as her breathing came in ever quickening bursts.

Gradually their movements became more urgent, and Tom sensed the rising excitement in her soft cries.

Suddenly Judy’s back arched, her nails dug into Tom’s back, and her legs clamped against his buttocks. She pressed her pelvis towards him as her whole body shuddered and she cried out “ohhhhhhhh.”

Tom’s cock felt the thrill of Judy’s pussy gripping him in little waves of orgasm.

It pushed him over the edge, and with a deep groan he felt the first gush of semen shoot deep into Judy’s cunt, followed by several more squirts of spunk which seemed to go on for ever.

Judy had not felt that hot feeling of a mans’ ejaculation inside her since her marriage. It came as a pleasurable surprise. She didn’t want it to stop.

“Don’t move Tom, just stay there,” she whispered.

Tom’s only reply was “did we ought to have done that?”

“Just be quiet and hold me,” Judy said contentedly.

That question could be answered later.

As they lay there in silent satisfaction, Judy felt Tom’s cock become flaccid and slowly slip from her grasp. She was indeed thinking the same thoughts. Should they have selfishly gratified themselves in that way. Her guilt was starting to kick in.

She’d been unfaithful yet again.

Tom broke the silence and lifted himself to his feet pulling on his boxers again.

“I’ll let you have the shower first,” he said.

“Thanks, and then we’ll set about clearing this place up!” she replied.

They both spent the rest of the Saturday morning and part of the afternoon washing dishes, vacuuming the carpets, and changing bed linen. Strangely, the early morning events were not mentioned, or even alluded to, however, when Lynne phoned Judy, Tom thought it best to disappear out of the room.

At about four they flopped out and Tom switched on the tv to catch the latest football scores. Judy made some coffee and sent some texts.

It was at this point that Tom suggested that they should get a take away that evening and watch a movie. Judy looked unsure and wasn’t sure what to say.

“I’ll understand if you want to go home,” said Tom. “I just want to thank you for everything, you’ve made me realise I can get through all this.”

Judy looked down and couldn’t look directly at Tom.

“I’d like to stay. If thats ok?” she whispered guiltily.

“Of course it is, I’d love that if you want to. Let’s see what movies are on.”

The evening passed in a flash. They talked like old friends, and after a take away curry, they curled up on the sofa, and watched a ‘romcom.’

They simply enjoyed each other in a cuddly way, but the unspoken truth was that after this evening together Judy would return to Lynne and Tom would revert to single status.

However, that would be tomorrow, and tonight they would shut out the world.

“Shall we go to bed?” Tom whispered into Judy’s hair.

“Yes I’d like that,” she replied.

They made love three times that night. Before they slept Tom used all his experience, and desire, to slowly pleasure Judy and bring her to such a heightened state of arousal that she climaxed twice before Tom allowed himself to fill her with his spunk.

They drifted off to sleep, until later in the darkness of the night Tom was aware in a sort of semi conscious state, that Judy was softly sucking his cock.

It was only when he was hard did he allow her to realise he was awake.

She ran her mouth and tongue up from his cock, across his muscular tummy to his nipples which she sucked in turn, and bit lightly, until he groaned.

It was as though she had suddenly gained in confidence from the last two days, as she sat astride him, and impailed herself on his cock.

With her hands outstretched in front of her, grabbing the brass bedhead like a set of handlebars, she rode him like a mountain bike careering out of control down a hill.

She cried out, as she bucked and reared, and Tom could not believe how this woman, who he had believed to be quite submissive in their previous intimacy, was fucking him with complete abandonment.

She finally screamed his name at the top of her voice as she came with such a shuddering force that she ejaculated, soaking him until he was drenched with her juices.

Tom did not climax, but took her shaking body in his arms, until she had drifted back to sleep.

When he awoke the sun was just rising through the blinds. They opened their eyes together, and with a look that told them that this was the end of a crazy weekend together, they made love one last time.

They knew that all of this would go unspoken at school and that neither of them would whisper any of this to anyone.

But little were they to know that this liaison would have painful and terrifying implications for them both……tbc.

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