A Woman in Need

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Female Ejaculation

Bobby, my ex-boyfriend as of twenty four hours ago, had pissed me off one too many times. Now I found myself prowling my apartment in full want mode.

I needed a good fucking, not that Bobby had ever, and I emphasis the word ‘ever,’ had managed to achieve one with me. It’s possible that he did with that slut Josie, but I’d rather think he was consistent and messed it with her as well.

I found Sam’s number on my cell and called him. No fucking answer. I left a message: “Me horny … you fix. Be here by ten, Marcie.”

I rummaged in an old file cabinet and found a greasy scrap of paper with a phone number on it. I remembered that rainy night and the cab ride and the hot orgasmic fingering Dominic had given me, and the wet blow job I’d given in return.

That must have been at least six months ago. A lifetime in this town, and I’d never called him. I lasted another thirty minutes before my willpower melted and I picked up my cell.


Dominic … what can I say? He picked up just about where we’d left off, thirty minutes later, walking into my foyer, tossing his overcoat to the floor and lifting my skirt. Okay, I’d told him what I wanted over the phone, so I wasn’t wearing panties or bra. His talented fingers went right to my overheated honey pot and I was squirting over the new carpet in less than a minute.

My legs felt like a Raggedy Ann doll’s as he dragged me into the bedroom and tossed me onto the center of the bed and took off the remainder of his clothes. I lay like the limp thing I was after coming on his fingers.

Dominic was big. No, he was huge. I’ve sampled about esat escort fifty or sixty cocks, mostly blowjobs, and his was the biggest by far. I wanted to ask … I wanted to measure it, but couldn’t bring myself to do either.

I wasn’t worried about taking him on — I’d blown him easily enough that night in the taxi, and I was drenched down there, so… let’s just say that I was more than ready to accommodate his size.

Stepping close to me, he took his cock in his hand and guided it toward my open mouth. I was so ready for what I knew was to come — so fucking ready.

He allowed me to start slowly, taking just the head in my mouth as I massaged his balls. With ever deeper draws, I eventually took him in entirely; glowing with satisfaction at being able to deep throat him — something I could brag about to the girls the next time I got drunk with them. I wanted to laugh out loud but couldn’t when both my nose and face wound up pressed tight against his lean belly.

He rocked there, pushing against the back of my throat. Tears spilled from my eyes and I could hear the sloppy ‘Gluck-gluck’ sounds of my saliva with each stroke.

We didn’t have long. As much as I’d have liked taking my time with him, Sam returned my message with: “Okay, ten it is!”

That left Dominic and me about another half hour.

“You’re a busy girl, Marcie,” Dominic said casually.

“Sorry, I didn’t know …”

“Hey you’re horny, you gotta scratch that itch.”

“You’re so right, Dom, I ….”

“Shut up and turn around!” He said angrily. His quick flash of anger dissipated escort bayan after ripping my skirt off. I had a welt as a reminder for a week or more.

I assumed the doggy-position; all fours with my head pointed at the headboard and arched my back offering my ass or pussy to him. His fingers found me again, first one, then two, three, four and finally his whole fist.

“All the way,” I said wantonly, needing a really big cum and knowing this would get me there. He twisted his wrist several times and I felt myself squirting again. His other hand came around and pinched my nipple hard, sending me even further into the delicious loss of thought I was craving.

He withdrew his hand and slapped my cunt with his whopper-sized cock. I shuddered and moaned as he entered me, filling me in a different way that his fist had.

“How much time we got?”

“Maybe fifteen minutes,” I said.

He savaged me with several rapid thrusts, each of which went to my deepest parts. Then he pulled out and lubed his cock and sent it into my ass.

I’d had a few cocks in there, but none like his.

Yeah, there was this intense pain. I felt like he was ripping me apart. But two or three minutes later I succumbed to the waves of pleasure and wanted nothing more than to have him keep at me for the rest of the night and the following day.

“Make me cum!” I pleaded.

He did, multiple times, rubbing my clit while pummeling my sorry ass.

“Fuck me, harder!”

His balls sloshed and slapped against me as he pounded my ass, fucking away the intensity of the day.

Bobby was a eryaman escort distant memory.

“Don’t waste it in my ass,” I said as I felt him getting close. “I want to taste you.”

“You ready to drink all that cum?”

“So ready, baby!”

Dominic briefly went to the bathroom to clean up, before returning to me.

“On your knees,” he growled. I glanced at the clock and then at his cock. I had ten minutes left. He had grown softer and, on the floor before him, I took him in my mouth, felt him grow there on my tongue and palate. Within a minute his cock now hard and pulsing, he grabbed my head from behind and plunged in and out of my waiting mouth again and again. I felt him quiver as he grew close, grunting.

“You ready for this, baby?”

“I’m so ready,” I replied although it must have sounded like gibberish to him.

He was still holding my hair with one hand as he stroked his slick cock rapidly before me, then came hard on my face and open mouth. I laughed and then did as he’d asked earlier: kissed him so he could taste his own cum.

“You’re friend’s gonna find you with sticky cum all over your face,” he laughed. “You’ve got some cleaning up to do.”

I surveyed the room — discarded clothing on the floor, nearly empty tube of lubricant and very wet sheets, and that wet stain on the living room carpet.

Not to mention the drying stickiness on my face and tits.

“Gotta go,” Dominic said, “Gimmie a call and don’t wait six months next time.”

“I won’t, baby. I won’t.” I promised and meant it. I hadn’t offered him so much as a glass of water, just myself.

Sam rang my bell just two or so minutes later, as I was trying to rub the stain out of the carpet. I’d given up on the sheets. We could fuck on the couch, stay out of the bedroom.

I opened the door and greeted my second hump partner in an hour.

Do hooker’s work this fast? I wondered, as I pulled his zipper down and knelt in front of him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32