A Wimp in Her Closet Pt. 02

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Author’s Notes: All characters are over 18. The story is in two parts and this is the second, concluding part.

This story has some reluctant gay sex and gay slurs, but it’s mainly about cuckolding and a very insistent piss-fetish. There is plenty of reluctance and humiliation, and the story would also belong in the nonconsent/reluctance category. There is also a lot of cheating. If you have a hard time with any of this or with verbal or physical degradation, then this story is not recommended.


Andy had spent hours huddled up with pillows and blankets in the closet, waiting patiently for Amy to return from her night out. All this time, he’d been wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties with dried-up sperm after his ejaculation from putting them on. His pathetic body had become worked-up almost to the point of coming again just from longing for her, and he had been fighting urges to touch his tiny cock knob for very long now.

She was supposed to have returned already with someone to fuck. Andy was holding out so he could release his little sperm-squirts while he watched her goddess-body getting satisfied. Sure, he would be jealous of the guy doing the satisfying, but Andy accepted his fate. He was a weakling, and she deserved better than what his body had to offer.

The door finally opened, and a tipsy Amy very efficiently dragged her lover into the bedroom and started removing clothes. The bottom of the closet door was slatted, and Andy had a good view of Amy’s mesmerizing curves and tits being bared. She took her panties off, exposing the well-trimmed patch of brown hair in the crotch that he knew so intimately. The guy beside her kept groping her with his big, rough hands while he undressed, and Andy had to admire the impressive musculature coming uncovered.

“Lucky for me your boyfriend isn’t around,” the guy said.

“Don’t worry about him,” Amy laughed with a look of arousal at the closet, causing Andy to almost orgasm. “He’s a wimp. If he was here, you could just fuck me anyway while he cried in a corner.”

“Oh, you’d like that?” the guy replied while ripping her clothes off.

“I’d fucking love it,” she gasped, kissing his muscles. “Aaahhh, you’re so fucking hot! Fuck me in front of him! You’re a real man. You’re so much better. Mmmhh, he does nothing for me, but you can fuck me as hard as you want.”

“Fuck, you turn me on,” the guy replied through slobbering kisses of her tits. “We’re fucking cheating. You make my cock so fucking hard. My girlfriend doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Yes, cheat on her in my cunt,” Amy gasped, spreading her legs, revealing the prize. “Just take me! Show me how a real man fucks!”

Amy had managed to lay herself down in an angle where her wimp slave in the closet could actually see the thick cock shaft going into her cunt, stretching those hairy cunt lips apart, while she cried out in ecstasy. Her stiff-nippled tits mashed against a muscular chest. Andy was shocked by the intense arousal he experienced from seeing his goddess being fucked, and he came instantly in his panties, watching the thick shaft going in and out, in and out, through parted, hairy-wet cunt lips.

It all just lasted two minutes. The guy tried to change position, but Amy locked her legs around him and pulled him back in, and then his butt clenched up and he drained his balls inside the warm, welcoming vaginal squeeze.

Five minutes later he hurried home so his girlfriend wouldn’t miss him.

“You can come out of the closet now,” Amy made her siren-call to Andy. “Mmmhhh, did you like it? Did you think his cock was sexy Andy? You did real good staying quiet for me while I fucked. You’re a really good puppy for me, Andy.”

Andy couldn’t come up with a response, but he didn’t have to use words to show her his tiny boner in the sperm-wet panties. It was watching her that turned him on and not watching the cock, but he knew explaining was no use.

It wasn’t important at the moment. He could see thick, white sperm filling her cunt, trickling out, leaking down through the hair and into the asscrack. He knew from experience how it would taste, and experience had taken him from being repulsed by the white, salty dribble to longing for it, knowing it would give her the kind of angelic orgasm he was devoting his life to provide.

“Come and get his sperm, Andy,” she purred. “I’m full of it, and I want it all in your mouth. Be a good little puppy and lick my cunt clean! I want to feel your tongue while I can still remember his body on me!”

Of course, Andy obeyed. He crawled into bed. The tip of his tongue slid through her asscrack to catch the escaping outpour of semen. Then she lifted her legs, allowing him access to the asshole, so he could do what he always did and lick away any traces of fluid that had reached down there.

“Ooohhh, yeahh, lick my asshole! It’s so nice! Push the tongue in! Every girl should have a loser to lick her asshole after she’s been fucked, don’t you think? Mmmhhh, your tongue porno izle is real soft and good for my ass, Andy.”

Andy was embarrassed by the way he kept orgasming from humiliation, but as he followed instructions and tried to push his warm tongue in through the relaxing sphincter he lost control again. He grunted loudly into the world’s most perfect anal orifice while he refilled his panties with more sperm.

This was Amy’s cue to go into action. Her hand grabbed his hair and pulled him back up to cover her slit with his open mouth. Then, in a perfectly practiced move, they flipped around in bed so she sat with almost all her weight on his face.

“Swallow it, suck mouth!” she ordered, and her voice had no mercy now. “Drink the sperm! You’re so fucking pathetic. He was so much better than you, and you saw it. I’m just gonna come on your stupid fuckface!”

The mouth beneath lapped her with fervor, attempting to push her to a faster orgasm, but her crotch started thrusting, making focused lapping impossible. It didn’t matter. She was too excited by her own sickness to last. The moment the weak body beneath started fighting in distress, she lost control, and her crotch pulsed in climax.

“Aaaahhh, I’m fucking coming! Uhhhh! I love it! Fucking drink it, you fucking cunt! Uunnhhh! Aaaahhh!! Yeaahh! Yeeaahh!! Fuuuuck!!”

As the wonderful contractions in her vagina subsided, she felt a blissful, tingling buzz of relaxation grow, and then she released the floodgates of urine. A second orgasm that was deeper and more fulfilling washed through her entire body, and she drained an entire evening’s worth of drinks from her bladder into the gulping mouth below.

She could finally collapse from satisfaction, giving Andy a chance for some air.

“That was perfect,” she purred next to him while he coughed. “And the bed’s all dry. You’ve become really good at swallowing, haven’t you? Such a good little urinal!”

Andy coughed. She heard him trying to answer dutifully, but she interrupted.

“That’s how every fuck should be,” she concluded, “Why don’t you move in here, to this apartment, with me? Everyone knows were together now. If you move in, you’ll have more time to make things even more relaxed for me.”

Andy agreed to move in with unexpected enthusiasm. For a moment, she thought he was going to start crying with happiness, but she didn’t give him time. She just kicked him out of bed and down into his puppy basket in the closet.

* * *

Andy became a permanent resident, and the weeks passed by pretty much as before. The only change was how he would watch once or twice a week when she brought a real cock home to fuck. He always hid in the closet until her stud was gone, and then it was time for him to ritualistically come out, clean her sperm-filled vaginal cavity, give her a forceful orgasm, and fill his belly with the contents of her bladder.

They were both happy through this period even if Andy was uncomfortable from how many other guys she fucked. Seeing them outside his closet made him feel inferior and jealous in there, waiting, and then this reaction made him ashamed of his inability to control himself for Amy’s sake. Her answer was unrelenting.

“I know what I’m doing. You come in your pathetic panties from watching. Soon, you’ll get hard from just seeing cocks. Proper cocks, I mean, not your silly one. I’m teaching you to love cocks, Andy, and we’re making me happy.”

The idea of more cocks still repulsed Andy, but at the same time his finger-sized little organ grew stiff in his panties from hearing her talk about them. He was making her happy, and in the end that was all that mattered. She was an integral part of his life. By now, fantasies about her aroused smile and her perfect body could calm him down enough to manage anything.

“I feel so stupid,” he confessed. “I want to do anything to make you happy, really, no matter how disgusting it is!”

“You’re a good little slave, Andy,” she praised while she opened her robe. “Now, get down on your knees, and get your face in my piss crotch!”

As soon as all contracts were final and Andy had no place else to go, she made him throw out almost all of his personal belongings except for those necessary for school. Then, she made him eat her cunt since watching him throw his life away for her made her want to orgasm. After being satisfied, she sent him into his new full-time home in the closet. She allowed him to keep his computer in there, which seemed to be all he needed to keep him out of her way whenever he didn’t have work to do.

“You can help me pay rent,” she offered one day. “You’re such a pushover that I bet the thought of giving me money even makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

And she was right. The first time he gave her money for rent, she exposed her tits in a surprise tease, and he gave out one of the most pitiful moans she had ever heard and came in his panties right there in front of her.

He was only allowed to wear panties now and never allowed porno to take them off in front of her. She got him tight and uncomfortable ones, and it amused her that his cock was still tiny enough to never peek out even stiff.

There was no more need for rewards to get him to please her. To leave now would be too big of a step for him to take. They even discussed it at one point, concluding that she couldn’t straight up kick him out if he refused her, but she would cut him off from eating cunt and expect him to move out soon. He would never risk that, and she knew it, so she felt little motivation to give anything back while she kept testing his limits.

The first hint of what she had in store for him came on their next film night.

“I’m really getting into gay porn,” she stated flatly. “I especially enjoy watching strong guys holding weaker guys down. You want me to enjoy myself, don’t you? So, I’m gonna watch, and you’re gonna work real hard with your mouth.”

The gay aspect still made Andy uncomfortable, but he found his true emotional goal to be the same as always, providing her pleasure no matter how much of a struggle it was.

Very soon, he was on his knees with his mouth over her cunt again. Tonight, it was more than abundantly clear that he was just a piece of equipment for her crotch. She switched between her shows for relaxation and porn when she wanted to come. Through the evening, she also stayed well-hydrated, causing her to urinate several times while he did his duties, licking and fingering the cunt, swallowing everything, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. There was a pile of towels underneath him to absorb the liquid after it had inevitably traveled through his body and out through his little cock, flooding his panties.

In her ecstasies, she started hinting more flat-out what she really wanted of him. She wasn’t certain he had fully understood it yet.

“Yeahhh!” she cried out. “Fuck that ass! Fuck that ass! That’s a real cock! Ooohh, I want this for real! I want to see a real cock fucking a wimp-ass so bad! Aaahhhhh, I’m gonna fucking come! Drink it! Mmmhhh! Mmmmhhh!”

His tongue was limp in the end. He wanted to fall asleep where she had dropped him, but he was lying in a lake of his own piss that had to be cleaned first. Also, the first order of business was to lick her feet clean after she stepped through the puddle on her way to bed.

Another week passed, and then the hammer came down.

“I’ve been thinking. From now on, I want you to come out of the closet sometimes when I bring real men home to fuck. I don’t need you to feel good about it. I just want you to do everything I tell you, ok?”

He was on his knees in front of her, and his mouth was full of hairy cunt. But he managed to produce a sound that she correctly interpreted as agreement to the terms. His cock stayed hard.

“Good little muncher! Now make me come! Mmmhhhh, that’s right! You’re gonna give me what I want, aren’t you? You’re gonna make me come, and then you’ll be my little gay-boy. Ooohhhh, you’re all obedient and it makes me feel so good! Show me you love me! Show me! Make me come! Yeeaahhh…”

Fast, short spurts of orgasmic piss filled his mouth while spurts of subservient cum filled his panties.

“There’s another thing,” she said after regaining her composure. “You should get something thick like cucumbers, and you should practice to make sure you can take them down your throat and up your ass!”

“Please,” he pleaded, surrendering to despair for a moment.

“Please what?”

“Nothing,” he whispered, refocusing on complete worship and submission. “Sorry. I love you. I’m a worthless puppy. I’ll try harder, so you can enjoy me better.”

He was still on his knees, looking up at her, and to end the conversation she pissed in his face for several seconds while she gave him an excited smile. This turned her on again. She was ready for more, and she pressed his mouth back in her dripping cunt.

* * *

The first time she did it, bringing another guy home for her wimp, Andy was still waiting patiently inside his closet, wearing only panties as instructed. She sent the guy to open the closet, and he raised his eyebrows when saw what was inside.

“What the fuck,” were the first words out of his mouth.

Amy giggled, and her smile grew with savage amusement as her eyes wandered back and forth between Andy’s unathletic frame and the very large and muscular young man she had brought home to satisfy her. She had chosen her specimen carefully this time, and this was one that made her cunt very wet. He clearly spent a lot of time in the gym, and he was the sort you might try to stay clear of in all circumstances.

“Don’t worry about him,” she purred while she caressed the muscular chest with her hand up inside the thin t-shirt. “It’s just this guy living here that I told you about. He’s really in love with me, and he’ll do anything we say.”

“What, is this your roommate?” her visitor laughed. “I thought he was gonna rokettube be hiding in some other room or something, not in a closet. He looks a bit ridiculous, right? What’s he wearing? Is he a pervert or something?”

By now, Amy had dropped to her knees. She was caressing her lover’s stomach muscles while she kissed the crotch of his jeans. Something very thick was swelling there.

“Yeah, I just think he’s a sissy,” she panted out. “He’s just a scared loser who’ll do anything for me.”

She opened her lover’s pants and fished out the very large cock while she worked the pants down.

“Ooohhhh, yeaaahh,” the guy praised her, enjoying her licking of his swelling shaft. “I ought to whip his ass for watching us.”

“Yeeahhh, would it make you feel good to whip his ass? Mmmhhh. Because you can do it if it would make you feel good. You’re so strong, and he’s so weak. You could do anything to him. “

Then, she turned her eyes over to her fuck servant, opening her bra. The fear in Andy’s eyes was replaced by determination from the sight of her naked tits.

“Andy,” she panted while kissing the half-swollen cock. “Mmmhhh, you’ll do anything for me, won’t you? He can be a little rough with you if he wants, right? Ooohhh, I want you to let him do what he wants to you.”

“I-I promise,” Andy forced himself to whimper out. “I-I love you. I want to do anything for you.”

“You’re such a good puppy!” she praised him. “You know the rules, right? Just say the word, and no one will ever touch you again, I promise. And I mean no one, ever!”

With this praise-turned-threat, Amy moved over to the bed and peeled her pants and panties off.

She spread her legs, showing them the horny-glistening reward on offer. No more encouragement was needed. The large young man might not have bothered either way about getting rough with anyone, but it was clear that she wanted some roughness, and he preferred pleasing her to worrying about Andy.

The guy yanked his pants down, uncovering beefy legs and no underwear. He pulled his shirt off, showing off the full glory of his chiseled chest. Andy yelped, sitting defenseless, locked in a prey’s fear while the inescapable mountain of muscle approached. A strong hand gripped Andy’s slender arm, causing him to cry out helplessly. Then, his arm was bent behind his back, forcing him out and onto his feet with tears of humiliation in his eyes, and he was pushed into the corner right next to the bed.

“Oohhh, fuck yes!” Amy panted out, masturbating to it all. “It’s so fucking amazing!”

Her fingers made wet, horny noises in her crotch while she watched Andy’s arm being twisted. He was forced to his knees in the corner by the much larger male, who was growing fully erect in powerful excitement, sporting a petrified, twitching hard-on that pointed almost straight up.

Andy whimpered, crawling up to a ball on the floor, and his assailant apparently lost interest, turning to climb the bed and reap his reward. The thick, rock-hard fuck ram buried itself with a swift, skilled thrust in the sopping sadistic cunt that was being offered up.

“Ooohhh fuuckk!!” Amy cried out while she was filled up completely. “Aaahhh… Aaaahhhh… Fuck me! Aaaahhhh… You’re so amazing! Mmmmhhhh, just fuck me!! Aaaaaahhhh…”

The guy jabbed his cock inside her without concern, which made it all better when she was this horny. She caressed the muscles of his arm and his back while his massive chest buried her head in the pillow. His cock was big enough to fill her completely, stretching her with each thrust, and she felt it as a neverending, intense pleasure, growing in her entire abdomen. He was brutal and unstoppable, and she found herself starting to come under his weight while he fucked her cunt the way it was supposed to be fucked.

They climaxed simultaneously. He bottomed out, stretching the depths of her cunt, while his pulsing spurts of hot cum flooded her, pushing her to her final release. You could hear squishing sounds of liquid spraying from her cunt while she gasped and moaned into the muscles that trapped her body.

“Oohh, yeaahh,” the guy panted while he finally rolled off. “I always knew I’d make a girl squirt. Fuck, that was good!”

They all spent a few moments in drowsiness, recuperating. Then the guy got up and pulled his pants back on.

“I’d better leave you to it,” he excused himself while he headed for the door, turning to Andy. “I hope you’re ok, man. Good luck with her! She’s a strange one. No hard feelings, right?”

With that, he was out the door, leaving Andy confused.

“See, it wasn’t that bad, was it?” Amy said down to him. “Now, you’ve been a good boy, and I’ll let you kiss my cunt.”

Her legs were still spread, and the cunt hole between them was messy with thick, white sperm. Horny juices smeared out everywhere, mixing with glistening piss from her loss of control during orgasm.

Andy was in his comfort zone again, alone with Amy, about to do the thing he loved most in life. He crawled up in bed, opening his mouth over her wet cunt hair.

“That’s a good little slut-mouth,” she praised him. “Aaahhh, eat that cum away! Suck it from my cunt! Mmmmhhhh, your little suck lips are so good at it!”

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