A Wild Ride

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It was a cool, rainy night. A strong breeze was blowing and the moment was captivating. Sunita felt a tingle in her skin; a tingle that suggested she should have been touched, loved before she came here. She ought not to have held herself back from him; her body ached now and complained of the tender spots at which she wanted to be touched, stroked and held.

And now she was several thousand miles away from him, in the midst of friends. A group of very close, very intimate friends, including Dileep, but that didn’t mean the same thing as a special one who she could let touch the most sensitive and deep of her body zones. She squeezed her thighs together to try arrest the growing sense of warmth between her legs but only succeeded in arousing herself some more.

“Come on, get into the car!” Ritu called out to her. Four guys and Ritu and she were out on the town, the seminar for which they had come to Mangalore having ended earlier in the evening. All of them had a few drinks, and Sunita, who normally could hold her drinks rather well, was already feeling a little heady.

She could not decide whether it was the weather, the close encounter she had had with him or just the dizzying proximity to her old friend Dileep. Whichever it was, she felt vulnerable. She had inkling that if anyone propositioned her tonight, she would be his. That scared her, and she was extra alert to make sure that she stayed within limits. But the very fact that she was extra conscious meant that things she would have normally taken in her stride were appearing to her to have overtones…

Like the fact that six of them were to cram into a taxicab that was to seat four passengers. Five would be a squeeze, but six was really overdoing it. None of them however wanted to make it a split into two vehicles; it would just take away the fun of being one big gang. Two of the guys squeezed into the single seat next to the driver. Ritu, Sunita, Dileep and the other guy got into the back.

Even though Sunita and Dileep were married to other people, the tacit understanding in the group was if there was any activity, Sunita and Dileep would be paired. Just a natural couple with a great relationship. There were no sexual overtones. Dileep had more than once told Sunita that he would have loved to marry her had he met her in time. And Sunita had routinely laughed at him, eyes sparkling, and her manner hovering between a flirtatious woman and the demure shy housewife that she was.

Today was no exception and subtly but surely, it was worked out in such a way Sunita and Dileep were going to be next to each other. Four of them in the back of the car meant some squeezing and sitting at angles. Ritu and Rahul sat quite comfortably; Rahul at the window and Ritu in the middle. Next was Sunita and Dileep was at the other window. The only difference was that while Rahul and Ritu sat next to each other, Sunita had her leg slightly resting on top of Dileep. The formal relationship between Rahul and Ritu meant they would sit square next to each other. And the intimate equation between Sunita and Dileep meant that if Sunita was half on Dileep’s lap that would be fine. In fact, Sunita was expected to do that so that Ritu would be comfortable sitting next to Rahul.

Ritu squeezed Sunita’s shoulder; a gesture that could have meant anything from thanks for making it comfortable for me, to I know what that closeness to Dileep means to you.

The taxi jolted off to a start. There were jokes and laughter, but also complaints and exclamations as the taxi bounced and bumped along.

“This is just too much!” exclaimed Ritu as the cab threw her against Rahul and she clutched at the seat in front of her to steady herself. Her breasts were pressing against his arm and she was embarrassed.

“Let me make more space for you,” said Sunita, getting half onto Dileep’s lap. She was now sitting on one leg with her legs on either side of that leg of his. This made substantial space for Ritu who spread out now with a loud “Whew!”

The road surface wasn’t getting any better but fortunately, the cabbie had brought them to their Eskort first stop; a hilltop from where they could see the rough sea stretching to the distance. It was dark and they could see distant lights. They stood at the railing as the guys reached for matchboxes and cigarettes. Sunita and Dileep wandered off a bit. Dileep didn’t smoke; another one of those things she secretly admired in him. They stood there watching the silhouette of palms swaying wildly. To Sunita it seemed those palm trees were representative of the wild swings on her inside.

Their hands touched briefly when they stood at the railings. She didn’t move her hand. He was surprised but he didn’t show it. Very gently, subtly, he moved his hand away. He gasped in surprise as the woman of his dreams allowed her own hand to catch up with his. This time he did not move off, rather he allowed himself to feel the soft warmth of her hands. Perhaps for the first time in all these years he could actually feel how she felt.

Sunita just needed the warmth and the touch. Tonight she felt the need for so much loving. She just craved touch and warmth and her Dileep was here tonight; the same Dileep who for years had hovered around her, needs unstated but obvious.

“Come on, guys!” someone called out to them. We don’t want to be late at dinner. It broke the reverie. Sunita’s hand felt alone as Dileep was quick to pull his hand back and move away. “Come let’s go,” he said to her in a voice that was barely a whisper.

This time when they climbed into the car, Sunita seated herself on Dileep’s lap, her legs straddling his one leg. As the car lurched and jumped she allowed her body to sag onto his. At one point she felt the need to spread her legs and brace herself for a big jolt. And in that movement, her pussy ground against the thigh between her legs. It was not intentional and it caught both of them by surprise. But the warmth that he felt on his thigh was unmistakable. Equally unmistakable for Sunita was the tremble of passion she felt in the grinding.

She gasped and leaned back a bit. Her hair was in his face and she rubbed the back of her head against his face, hoping the darkness in the cab would allow her this small liberty. He shuddered involuntarily and his cock shot to attention all at one go. The grinding pussy against his thigh was bad enough but the tingling sensations triggered by the hair and her head were maddening.

He let his hand rest on her hip. And just stay there. Sunita let her body rub against him more and more as the journey wore on. The dampness on his thigh was now unmistakable. Dileep did not dare make a move of his own as this woman was someone he had worshipped from a distance but never considered the possibility of touching her. She was married. And she was so much a family woman he could not have imagined anything of the sort.

She could not say for sure what made her do it, but at some point she felt she move more squarely onto his lap. She regretted it almost instantly, because her ass felt the outline of a raging erection in his lap. Dileep gripped the handle on the door of the car with his left hand. This was getting to be crazy. He shut his eyes and hoped the erection would die. But the car had other ideas. As it swayed and lurched, her ass and her pussy ground onto him mercilessly.

Dileep wanted to control her movements. His hand slid up from where it was on her hip, but under her blouse and Sunita felt a rush of heat surging up to her face when she felt his hands on her torso. He tried to hold her steady but merely ended up gripping her hard. His hand was now just below her breast and he was extremely conscious of the curve and the sumptuous flesh further up. She caught his hand through the blouse. She didn’t push it down or away. She seemed to be limiting where it wandered. A jostle of the cab jerked her hand and she ended up guiding his hand onto her breast. The motion rubbed his hand on the lace and he distinctly felt her nipple.

Dileep’s other hand went to her thigh and he rubbed her thigh. His other hand cupped her breast. Sunita froze. This was her Dileep, doing to her what she desperately needed and wanted to avoid tonight. She felt so vulnerable. She didn’t want to fuck or even let anyone other than her husband Karan touch her. She had never fantasized about anyone other than that other mysterious him. And here she was with Dileep.

Dileep was maddened with lust and Sunita’s passive response to where his hands had ended gave him a sense that he had a chance which he could well afford to take. He pulled up her skirt on the side which was towards the door. His hands felt the warmth soft flesh of her legs. It wandered to the inside of her thigh. Sunita felt her legs involuntarily open. She now shifted herself to face slightly away from the side Ritu was facing. Dileep could see her profile and her mouth was so clearly hanging open with lust.

Dileep’s hand moved to the inside of her thigh and felt the heat source. She was wet and hot as hell. He palmed her crotch. She shifted uncomfortably, and all she succeeded in doing was press down hard on his impossibly hard cock.

Sunita fucked down on the protrusion between her asscheeks and thought to herself that this was ridiculous and she needed to stop it. But the driver was driving so recklessly and the road was so bad that she was just being forced to dry fuck Dileep. She wanted to control this before her own lust got out of hand or before Dileep lost his composure. She had kept him at bay for so long and it would be a pity now to allow years of restraint to be unleashed thus.

She figured she needed to get off his lap. She held onto the seat in front of her and raised her body to start to move off him. She held herself up poised and looked down to Ritu and asked her to make space for her.

In that instant, Dileep had unzipped his pants and gave his cock a well needed massage. He let out the pillar of hot flesh as it had got snagged in his jocks and needed reorientation. But Ritu was taking too long to make the space Sunita needed and Sunita’s arm was beginning to ache. Sunita let herself down and she was shocked to feel the penis under her. Under her skirt. Dileep had his hands pulling her panties aside. It dug into her soft pussy flesh. Sunita raised herself a bit and shifted and Dileep made the most of the moment to try pull her panties down. They were now just above her knees allowing him access but not allowing her to spread enough.

But this was not what Sunita had in mind. This time she propped herself up determined to move onto Ritu’s lap if necessary. But the car had a mind of its own. The pothole into which it went with a bang had Sunita lose her grip and Dileep had his hands in the right places. He caught the momentum of Sunita’s falling hips and impaled her on his cock.

She squealed and fortunately that squeal was drowned in the chorus of protests and groans from all other passengers. Now she had another man’s cock in her. She stayed put. Enjoying the jostling and the jiggling from the ride. She ground around once on the cock in her and then raised herself off to try and move away. Just when his cockhead was nearing the outer lips, his hands on her hips prevented her from rising.

She held on to the seat and kept her body up, poised to avoid the fucking. But every light bump was a prod downward onto the waiting cockhead. She gasped and bit her lips to control the noises which seemed to her to be a full giveaway. And then when her hand ached, she just had to sink back.

Oh! That feeling was so good. She sat back and luxuriated in the warmth of the pillar embedded in her. Her hand dropped to his hip as she held him. Then her fingers felt the body under her. Of a friend, and yet of a stranger. She tried to raise herself again. But this time her own spiraling lust forced her to fall back with a sigh. Dileep’s hands were now on both her breasts clutching hard as she rode him.

Ritu looked the other way; it seemed as if she knew and wanted to ignore what was happening. Sunita timed her fucking now with the lurches and bumps of the car. She joined in the chorus of “ooohs” and “aahs” as the car jerked about. She fucked Dileep hard and furiously. She felt his cock swell as the hope of a mutual orgasm became the new goal. She held on to the seat ahead and propped herself up. Dileep fucked upward. The car took a long climb to the hotel on the top of a hill. They would be there very soon. Sunita started to bounce with a sense of urgency. She adjusted her angle so that the sensations from the upper front of her cunt could be maximized.

Just then the car reached the portico of the hotel. “We are here!” chorused the rest of the team as they spilled out of the car.

“You guys go, Dileep and I will join you,” called out Sunita, her unbridled lust allowing her to be bold in her suggestion. She patted the driver on the shoulder and asked him to take the car to the car park.

She now reached forward and gripped the passenger handle on the top of the passenger seat in the front of the car. The cock was just out of her cunt and she could not take the vacuum even for a moment. She searched desperately for a second anchor that would allow her to fuck this cock mindlessly till both of them achieved release from the build up of desire.

She could only grab the driver’s shoulder. He turned to look if he was being called and noticed the hands under her blouse kneading her breasts frantically.

“Suno,” she managed a gasp. “Bas aap gaadi le chalo”. (“Listen, just drive!”)

And she bounced up and down. Moans escaped her lips as she cared not, now also that the driver knew exactly what was happening.

“Aaaaaaaaah, Dileep my darling!” she cried out. Her hands provided her with the leverage she needed to fuck the cock and twist and turn. She felt the head nosing probing and filling her.

“Take this and this and this and this!” she mumbled. The driver was stunned as he drove quickly to the darkest corner of the parking lot. Her finger nails dug into his shoulder as she felt the cock rake her pussy lips.

Dileep was going crazy with the way the cunt was pushing back his skin. With each thrust downward his cockhead was unsheathed a bit more and got a little more swollen. He pinched and twisted Sunita’s nipples wanting to give her at least some of the pleasure he was getting.

But she was wild and driven that night. She fucked in a way that pleasured every layer of the labial lips. And she smothered her Dileep’s cock with her juices and her love sheath.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as Dileep’s cock surged with cum and signaled the end for him.

His hands slid down to her hips and she held her from there and pulled her down onto his cock. His hands guided the intensity of her thrusting and he felt his seed boil over.

“Take this my darling, my love,” he hissed as he shot upwards into her.

“Oh! That is such a lot!” she moaned as she took it all in. Her pussy clenched and snapped at his cock. She felt a surge of juices flow down from her cunt, soaking his pubic hair and his cock.

In the throes of his orgasm his hands flew around and clutched at her breasts and her thighs. His finger nails dug into her soft body as he pounded every ounce of his cum into her.

Her own nails dug into the shoulder of the driver who watched transfixed as the couple fucked each other wildly.

Sunita turned around and her wet open lips planted a full kiss on Dileep. She sucked in this tongue and kissed him with an animal vigor as the quakes subsided slowly. She let her body down. The pussy was snug against the base of his cock. She ground herself and squeezed out every ounce of pleasure that either of them was going to get in those moments.

Then she did something she could not relate to the Sunita she knew. She wiggled her hips and he shuddered and wailed a low animal moan as the last vestiges of fluid remains were squeezed from him and pooled between his legs with her own juices.

She lifted herself off only when the penis was now just a jut of over-sensitive flesh, quite useless to her.

In one jiffy she was out of the car. She pulled back the panties up in a race to catch the juices running down her legs. She ran at a trot into the brightness of the hotel, wondering how she was going to face either Dileep or the taxi driver on the way back………

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