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Not exactly a first try at erotic writing, but this is my first submission to this site. I’d welcome any feedback. ~A


I was walking back from the library when I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I don’t know why I was worried, this is central Pennsylvania, not downtown New York City. But I tensed slightly anyway… force of habit. What I wasn’t expecting was a huge hug from behind. “Wha…!”

“Don’t you watch out for yourself?” A voice asked from behind me, playfully gruff.

“Who the…” I pulled away, and turned to find the last person I’d have expected: my ex-boyfriend, Will. “What the hell are you doing here?” I was kinda shocked. Not only was he here, he was grinning and cheerful around me.

“I’m at Skidmore. Just testing… how long it takes to get certain places.” I had a feeling that’s not what he started to say, but I wasn’t going to press him… there were bigger things on my mind at the moment, like what the fuck he was doing here.

“And Gettysburg is one of those places? C’mon, Will, I’m not an idiot.”

“Coulda fooled me…” He grinned, but continued. “Is it really all that hard to believe that I’d come visit you?” He gave me a silly smile that somehow had a sensual undertone that made my stomach flip over. I did my best to ignore it.

Don’t do that. “Yes.”

“Aww, Chrissi…” He pouted at me, which at least deserved a smile; I gave him one. “I’m not all that far away. You’re pretty nearby… and I was in Harrisburg.” It was a lame excuse, and he seemed to know it. “You don’t think I miss you?”

“No, quite frankly, I don’t.” But that was too harsh. “Well, I guess maybe. But you made it quite obvious you didn’t miss me when we were back in New York. Why now?”

He had a twinkle in his eye, kinda like I’d seen when my father got to “play” with the insides of a computer – as ecstatic as a three-year-old with a new toy. “Maybe I’ll tell you… if you’re very very nice.”

That sounded more like the Will I knew… it made me wonder what exactly was going on behind those blue eyes of his. “Huh. What does that mean in normal English? Make out with you for awhile since you can’t get any at your own school?”

“Hey! That’s low, Chrissi.”

“But oh so true.” When he winced, I knew it was true. But I did step forward and hug him anyways, having begun to warm up to the idea of Will visiting me. “You know I had to say it…” The look in his eyes kept catching mine. What was he thinking??

“Yeah, yeah.” His answering hug was warmly affectionate, and on top of that, he decided to pick me up and twirl me around like he used to when we were dating.

“I… guess I’ve missed you too, Will,” I admitted quietly into his shoulder.

He squeezed me tighter. “I know.” He lowered me back down to the ground, looking down at me with a sly smile. “What, not going to show me your dorm room? Show me around?”

I grinned at him. “My dorm room? My roommate is away with her boyfriend for the weekend… do you honestly think I’ve been spending any time in my dorm room?”

He grinned as well. “Of course. All the guys around probably know your room by now.” I smacked at him playfully, though he caught at my wrists and stopped me rather quickly. “C’mon, is that all you’ve got?” He asked, still grinning.

“Not at all!” I leaned forwards and kissed him quickly. As I’d guessed, he instantly let go of my wrists in surprise.

He blinked once or twice, totally astounded at my gesture, then pouted, though he couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s not fair! No guy can fight a girl who kisses him…”

“Yeah, I know.” I smiled at him, then pointed over my shoulder the way I had been going before he surprised me. “My dorm is that way. You want that tour or not?” He grinned, catching me up in his arms again, and lifting me bodily.

“Do I ever.”


I led Will upstairs, earning escort bayan several strange looks from the other girls who were smoking out front. “Here we are.” My room was the first on the right of the second floor of the building. The first floor was the common room and the laundry room.

“It’s cozy,” Will said at first. “You’re lucky, it’s bigger than mine. Your roommate’s away, you said? Who’s been sleeping there?” He pointed at the second twin bed, easily picking which was mine by the totally green sheets and comforter.

“I’ve been using it as a couch, but last night my friend Caitlin came over and we were up late. She ended up staying the night instead of walking back.” I gave him my best haughty look. “Why, did you think I was having guests?”

“Yes, of course,” he replied. “But I was surprised that they were sleeping in a separate bed.” This deserved me smacking at him again, but this time it was completely playful. When he caught at my wrists this time, it was almost like he was asking me to kiss him. I wasn’t entirely sure this was somewhere I wanted to go with him… but it’s extremely hard to ignore a male’s arousal when you are body to body with him. And it’s rather arousing of itself. So I did.

He released my wrists instantly, as before, but slid his arms around my waist instead of letting me draw away. I admit it, I was caught by his desire, his need. I never would have expected to respond so strongly to my ex-boyfriend. But I was responding. Good Lord, I was. My arms went around his neck, unintentionally pulling myself towards him, our bodies pressing closer together.

When we broke the kiss, we were both shaking slightly. I didn’t open my eyes immediately, but I could feel his eyelashes brush mine as he opened his. “Please don’t tell me to leave,” he asked, and to my surprise he seemed to be almost begging. “I don’t think I can…”

I shivered slightly, shaking in his arms as I listened to my body’s response. Every muscle was straining towards him, pressing up against him. It took me a moment to respond, as my conscience was strongly objecting. “I don’t think I can let you leave,” I finally managed to respond.

His arms tightened around me, and his body pressed closer. “I hope your dorm is all outside, or they aren’t going to sleep very well…” This time when I shivered, it was from pleasured delight.

“Will…” I said, my voice some combination of a whine and a moan. Whine because I was about to plead for my sanity, moan because I was already aroused to the point of complete abandonment. “Is this a good idea?”

He bent his head to press his lips to mine, the gentlest touch I ever remembered him giving me. “What do you think?” He asked, voice very quiet. “Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea…” I know he was noticing as much as I how tightly our pelvises were pressed together, hungry for the contact. “I’ve missed you, Chrissi, in more ways than one.” He paused a moment before asking, “Have you missed me?”

Seeing as I’d already answered that question, I knew he was implying more than he had said. As much as I objected to telling him, mostly out of pride, I had missed the physical side of our relationship, just as much as the emotional part. But I wasn’t going to stay silent now. “Can’t you tell?” I asked quietly, laughing. “I’d think you already know that answer.” Since my statement didn’t require a response, he leaned in to kiss me once again, and I lost my sense of how much time had passed, giving in and allowing my body to revel in his touch.

When Jess walked down the hall on the way to her room, I could hear her gasp slightly as she peeked in my open door. She, like most of the other girls in my dorm, seemed to think I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I could. Many of them had spent every other night partying. Her gasp, however, startled me into breaking the kiss. He sighed, dikmen escort then released me, moving past me to close the door. “Better?”

I nodded, getting a chance to look at him fully in the light, instead of under the streetlamp where he’d found me. His cheeks were flushed with health and rising ardor, and I had a feeling mine were as well. “Will, tell me why you’re here.” I had to ask before I totally lost sight of reality, as I knew was likely if I kissed him again.

His eyes darkened. “It would take a long explanation, Chrissi, please don’t force me through it before I can hold you again.” I had moved half a pace backwards as he had moved forwards; ready to steel myself against possible contact.

When he gave me that look, I couldn’t say no. I opened my arms, begging, “Kiss me…” He didn’t need another word, quickly lunging the distance between us to catch me up and kiss me, giving me time to breathe every so often as he lowered his head to kiss my neck, ranging as low as he could before running into the neck of my t-shirt. Finally I pulled back slightly, taking a deep breath before moving. If I took off my shirt, as I desperately wanted to, there was no turning back. I would be sleeping with my ex-, no matter what the consequences.

Have you ever tried to ignore your body when every fiber of your being wants something? It’s utterly impossible. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it in the general direction of my pop-open hamper. He paused before embracing me again, and I could see his eyes rove down my upper body. He stepped forward, but reached gently around me with both hands, eyes locked on mine as he unclasped my bra and drew it off, sending it flying after my shirt. My chest shook with the rattling breath I took, and I could see my nipples stiffen at the mere thought of his touch. Clearly too much for him, he took one of my breasts in his hands, lightly rubbing my nipple between thumb and forefinger, kissing me quickly before steering me towards my bed. Ever so gently he lifted me to my lofty bed, eagerly jumping up beside me. I could see my chest reflected in his eyes, and lay back, smiling encouragingly at him. I wanted this just as much as he.

Instead of lying next to me, he leaned down from where he sat, lips seeking my tender nipples. My stomach jumped as a shock ran through me, and I began shivering. I was more ready for this than I had planned… if I wasn’t careful, I’d be lost, completely under his control for as long as he touched me. But I couldn’t stop him either. The feeling his lips gave me as he suckled gently at my breast…

When I shivered almost to the point of convulsion, he stopped, moving up to kiss my lips as his hand roved my chest. I was lost instantaneously, my arms going around his neck, and my leg slowly moving over his, locking his leg in between mine. As I drew his leg further between mine, it reached the point where my shorts were in the way. We broke apart reluctantly, but his hands were anything but reluctant as he unbuttoned the fly of my shorts, and ever so slowly unzipped the zipper. He drew the garment off, tossing it with the rest of my laundry as I complained, “I show this much skin, and I’m not allowed a glance of yours?”

In response, he quickly threw off his shirt, and slid off his pants immediately after. “Better?” he asked, leaning back down to kiss me. My fingers found the slit in the front of his boxers, sliding within.

“Much…” I whispered as his eyes widened considerably. It didn’t take much before he was stiff enough I feared he’d burst. He had slid down to lie beside me as I grasped him, eyes closing as all his concentration went to my fingers on his sensitive skin. I leaned down, exposing the tip of him before he noticed my movement. My lips enclosed him before he knew I’d moved, and he jumped, eyes flying open as ankara otele gelen escort I slid my mouth along him slowly.

“Chrissi…!” he whispered hoarsely as I drew back and forth, beginning to move faster, tongue tickling the sensitive underside of his cock. In a moment I tasted the first spurt of his ecstasy. He pulled me away, his chest heaving with labored breath. “My turn…” he whispered eagerly, removing my underwear rather than slip his fingers within. His hands spread my legs wide, his fingers tickling, searching as he spread wide my labia. He leaned down and touched his tongue to my clit, giving me a shiver. When he began suckling, as he had my nipple moments before, I almost lost it then. I could feel wetness, as likely he could too, within moments of his lips meeting my skin, though he did not draw back. He continued suckling until I was shaking so hard he couldn’t keep his lips on me anymore. At this point, he thrust his tongue into me instead, tasting of me as he sent a ripple of pleasure through me.

This time it was I begging. “Will…” I moaned, losing control of my voice as the name turned into a long, drawn out moan of pleasure. Since he got such a reaction, he did it again, thrusting further within me this time. I gasped, and he drew back at the wetness, though while he straightened to kiss me, his fingers took the place of his tongue, not giving our kiss much time before I was gasping at his touch within me. “Will, please…” I moaned, and he reluctantly removed his fingers.

I slid my fingers within his boxers, making him stiffen for the moment before I removed them. But as soon as I had them off, he was on top of me, eagerly locking his lips to mine. I was as eager as he, legs spreading wide to welcome the touch of his skin in every possible place. My arms were around his neck as my legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer and closer to the exact position where we could meet. He put his hands beside my head, pushing himself up so he could look me in the eye. He leaned in, kissing me tenderly, before glancing down and centering himself… and thrusting his way to my pleasure.

Each time he pressed back down and into me, I gasped. My hips rolled to meet him, and after a few moments, I rolled to put him beneath me. His eyes widened a moment, then grew hungry as he saw all of me above him. He didn’t get to examine very long, as I began rotating my hips and sliding lightly up and down. His eyes widened, going cross-eyed before falling closed. This time it was he who could lie back and just enjoy the sensations, and from the expression on his face, my desperate need gave me the skill to truly give him all the pleasure possible from our union.

Though I was awake enough to continue my gyrating motion, more forcefully bringing us together until I could feel the contact deep within me, I was about ready to go cross-eyed as well, each motion sending shockwaves through me to the point I was having trouble moving enough to continue our pleasurable pastime. But the restriction made me accent the motions even more, and at this I felt Will stiffen within me. Having the response so noticeable encouraged me to greater efforts, and he began breathing as heavily as I. His hips started thrusting upwards with each completion, knowing where we were heading. I started rolling my hips around in circles at the same time as roving forth and back, and when his eyes startled open for a moment, I knew it made a difference. He started breathing in choked gasps as I fully slid up and down his length a few times, then went back to my rotating thrusts downwards. I started shaking uncontrollably as I felt my climax coming upon me. I don’t know how I kept moving, my muscles weren’t under my control. But I felt every minute change as finally I thrust downwards upon him and felt him deeper in me than ever before. This released a flood upon him, and at the same time I swear I could feel his release within me.

I sat, gasping, upon him, until I finally gasped enough air to breathe normally, and I collapsed down upon him, my position locking him within me.


For a first try it’s alright, I suppose. Please give me feedback, and look for a better story coming soon. ~A

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