A Weekend In The Country

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“You will be away at the weekend, won’t you?” there was silence, “Stanley I’m talking to you.” she aimed the question at the plume of cigar smoke rising from behind the newspaper. At the other side of the Victorian drawing room a voice answered, “I will be seeing Lord Sandale on Thursday before we travel to his estate for formal discussions about the India fleet, why?”

She busied herself with her embroidery, “Well Jane is staying at the school over this weekend, some exam, so I thought I would go down to my sisters, I really am worried, I haven’t heard from her for months and I would have thought she could have wrote or something, after all Desmond is away so often on his firms business.”

After a cough and a turn of a page, “Well that’s what you get when you girls used your beauty to marry older successful business men, if you wish to be kept in a manor better than accustom we have to be away a lot, but surely his two boys would be company enough, what would they be now late teens or early twenties, I know its time they joined the firm, take some of the bloody work load off their father.”

He muttered something about, “Idle little twerps”, before she carried on, “They are 18 and 19 and he told their late mother that they would join the firm at 21, that’s why she left them the legacy, some money to enjoy themselves, the trouble is Isobel has never really got on with them”.

His face appeared over the paper, “What makes you say that, she’s only 12 years older than them, she should get on, teach them a thing or two, as you well know, the art of learning is a great experience”.

She looked back at him, “Do you remember that young maid she had, pretty girl, we met her last time we were down there, she seemed to be fond of her and she confided in me by saying that her mistress thought them course and uncouth”.

As the newspaper flicked back up, “As I said, idle little twerps”.

She stood up and rang the bell for tea, “Well that’s settled then, I’ll travel down by train on Thursday, take a carriage from Birley to the hall and surprise her.”

He grunted, “Well your two years older than your sister, try and get her to get some responsibility into those boys, you’ve done well with my daughter Jane so teach them. You know their father has a very important job with the government and any whiff of scandal would ruin all of them, not to say that it would give Lloyd-George I bloody good reason to destroy our India contract.”

Arabella could still hear the little train as it left the station, she looked at the passing country side as the one horse carriage gently rounded the lake; she could see the hall in the distance and she felt a tingle of excitement at seeing her again after all it had been nearly six months since their last meeting and she did so love her pretty younger sister.

The carriage rolled up the drive and stopped at the great wooden door, the driver climbed down and opened the small carriage door, Arabella stepped down in to the warm July sunshine. To her surprise there was no one there to greet her, no servants or family.

Her bags were placed by the door; she duly paid the carriage fare then watched the horse wheel around and pull up the drive and out of sight. She was startled back to reality by the gruff voice of the gardener, “Have you business here madam?”

She turned to face him, he touched his cap, “Sorry didn’t recognise you, madam, I’ll take your things to the guest room then try and locate your sister, if you’ll be so good as to wait in the parlour.”

Arabella stood in the parlour; she busied herself by looking at the photos around the room, she saw pictures of them both together, then of her brother in law Desmond, she was surprised to see pride of place had been taken by the two boys Edward and George, she could see why her sister didn’t like them, even in the picture they had a smug look of superiority on their face’s.

All the time she waited for her sister to come bounding through the door with that infectious smile that lit up a room.

She heard the door go and a quite subdued Isobel walked in to the room, “Oh Arabella, what are you doing here, you’ve just missed Desmond?” Quiet taken back by her sisters attitude, she moved to greet her, “Hello Isobel, how wonderful to see you, I’ve been so worried, not hearing from you has caused me great concern.”

Isobel gave a faint smile as she said, “There was no need to worry, now is this just a flying visit, where’s Stanley and Jane, are you going somewhere?” Arabella took her hand, “No, no all these questions, I knew Desmond was on government business this weekend and Stanley’s away, Jane’s at school so I’ve come for the weekend just to see you, it’s a surprise”.

Before Isobel could answer Edward entered the room, “Well, well aunt Arabella, what a pleasant surprise, did I hear you are staying for the weekend that will be fun, won’t it mother?”

His surly tone echoed round the room, before any body could answer he grabbed Isobel by the arm, “Tea will be a five and we will all take ordu seks hikayeleri it together in the sun-lounge, do I make myself clear?” Isobel whinsed and looked away, “Yes Edward, it will be ready at five,” he smiled at Arabella before leaving. Isobel tried to make light of it, “Gets more like his father every day, anyway it will give you time to settle in, I’ll see you later,” and much to Arabella’s dismay she turned and left.

Arabella went upstairs to unpack more worried now than she was before.

Her clothes hung or neatly put in to draws, Arabella freshened her face before venturing down again; she went in to the kitchen and was amazed to see her sister making tea, “Where’s the maid, surely domestic staff aren’t that difficult to find, even out here?”

Isobel nearly dropped a plate, Oh Arabella you made me jump, no we haven’t got a housekeeper and the maid, she eerr left, look Arabella I have to tell you—,” the door slammed open, it was George.

“And what have you got to tell aunty Bella,” Arabella hated the way they shortened her name, “Was it how we lost the maid, oh I bet she’d been interested at that, wouldn’t you aunt Bella?”

Arabella tried not to look flustered as she said, “All in good time, now you find your brother and I’ll help lay for tea.”

Tea was eaten accompanied by small chat, the two boys lorded it over the two women, bragging to their aunt how life for them was wonderful and how well the firm was doing now that father was in charge of the governments Japanese interests, Isobel was forced to agree with them, but much more to Arabella’s concern was the way they where making remarks on her beauty and her body.

It was as they washed the tea things that Isobel quickly confided in her sister, “ You have to get out of here, go home, please I’m begging you go.” Arabella first looked shocked then sternly at her sister, “Not until you tell me why.”

Looking scared, Isobel went to the door and looked outside, then she came back, pulled her sister to her and in a low whispered voice started her story, “It all started with, eerr you remember that lovely young maid, Elsa?” Arabella nodded, “Oh this is so difficult.”

Arabella said, “Look we have very little time, just tell me, I am your sister.” “All right here goes, I was on my own so much, Desmond was away and the boys worried me, so I became friendly with Elsa, very friendly.”

“One night there was a thunder storm, she was scared, so was I and she came in to my room, I let her in to my bed. As we lay together the thunder got worse, we clung to each other, she was soft and I felt comfortable in her arms, very comfortable, we kissed and she caressed me, more and more.”

Arabella could see this was difficult so she quickly hugged her, delicately planted a kiss on her forehead then smiled as her sister continued, “We became lovers, I loved to have her in my bed, licking her most intermit parts then she would lick me, I had never felt such tenderness, she knew how to make my breast’s and virginal opening respond and we would have carried on our secret affair but for Edward and George, they saw us whispering and spied on us.”

“They caught us but at that time didn’t confront me, they were too clever for that, they arranged a robbery of some of Desmond’s government papers, the local police officer found them in her room, I had to save her from prison or scandal.”

“They forced me to sign documents to keep her from prison, they paid off the local constable making sure it looked like I had bribed an official of the law, and then forced me to admit, in writing, my infidelity, my lesbian affair, if any of this got out, Desmond would be ridiculed, ruined and the government would take reprisals for my indiscrimination.”

As she said that, the words of Stanley exploded in Arabella’s mind, ruination, outcasts, bankrupt, even homeless, no wonder she was terrified of George and Edward.

“Well if they’ve covered it all up, what do they want, why are you so afraid of them, what’s going on, why are you letting them ordering you about?”

Isobel’s eyes where filled with fear, “ Don’t ask because I don’t know, they said they would speak with me this evening, but now you’re here, you must give me time to sort this out, just stay out of the way for awhile, we will talk again tomorrow”.

Arabella sat in her room, her mind trying to make sense of her sister’s stupidity until she dozed in to an uncomfortable sleep; her sleep was broken with a bang, the door to her room opened.

She woke with a start for a moment forgetting where she was, until she saw George standing in the doorway, “I’ve come to take you for an evening stroll, don’t you think it’s a pleasant summer evening, Bella?”

She balked at the way he addressed her, “If your uncle Stanley were here you would not call me that, you should—-,” he just stood there sniggering, “Well he’s not here so why don’t we take that walk, you never now we may see you sister while we view the entertainment, come on Bella you don’t need a coat, would be shameful to hide such a generous body, you know you look lovely the way you are.”

Arabella was appalled by his brash attitude, how dare a boy of his youth talk to her that way; she got up, deliberately took time to check her appearance before sweeping past him, down the stairs heading for the garden, she heard him stamping down the stairs behind her and thought, I’ll take you to task you arrogant upstart.

He soon caught up with her and almost forced her down the path to the wooded area by the gazebo; as they approached she could see figures under the wooden structure and what looked like a pink nude statue in the middle, it was as she got closer that the full horror of the scene made her shout.

Hanging naked in the middle of the staged area was Isobel, Arabelle went to run, to scream, but a strong arm locked around her neck and another pinned her arms to her side, the loathsome voice of George growled in her ear, “See I told you we would see your sister and entertainment, but you didn’t think it would be one of the same thing did you? But you see that’s what you get for being a naughty girl.”

He started to shunt her towards the gazebo, powerless to stop him she moved; as she did the three men parted giving her an unrestricted view of her helpless sister.

Arabella chocked as she saw her naked, her mouth filled with cloth and held in to silence her, her arms held a full stretch by a thick rope that went over a ring and down to the side, held firmly by Henry the gardener. Isobel’s naked bottom was a mass of red marks obviously caused by the two belts held by Edward and Jess the handy man.

Arabella suddenly stopped struggling, she could feel George pressing against her from behind, his hard cock pushing at her bottom through the thin material, Edward stared at her, his eyes evil, his smile cruel.

George tightened his grip forcing her to look at him, Edward lent on the rail, “Hello Bella, how nice of you to join us we were just teaching Isobel the error of her ways, care to watch?”

The two of them swung their belts hard at the defenceless naked arse, Isobel screamed in to the cloth filled mouth, unable to do anything as they swung again and again, Henry dragged hard on the rope forcing her to her tiptoes, unable to escape she just swung as the belts found their mark.

Arabella’s straggled cry’s, begging them to stop just received distained laughter from all four men, until Edward stopped, lent back on the rail and quizzically asked, “Would you like to watch us do the front of your sister, her tits should colour up beautifully?”

Still in George’s iron grip she pleaded with them to stop, almost sobbing the words to a scream as she watched Jess swing the battered woman to face her, he deliberately pulled Isobel’s nipples until she pathetically moaned. Arabella watched as his hand travelled down to Isobel’s cunt before grabbing a handful of short black hair and tugged a louder moan from the battered woman.

Beaten and in fear for her sister Arabella begged him, “No.”

Edward crocked his finger, “Bring our beautiful aunt Bella up here, lets have a closer look at her.” George shoved her up the steps, Edward grinned in her face as she stood silently in front of him; he pushed her back against a post, took his belt and wrapped it round her neck twice fastening her tightly to the post.

“Now aunt Bella, or shall we ignore the pleasantries and just call you Bella, I know how much you like it, am I to take it that you wish us to desist our attentions with your sister, our dear ma-mar?” He waited for Arabella’s frightened nod, “Then we, that is Jess and myself, will take her and look after her elsewhere while you do as my brother tells you, if you don’t then we have your sister and her little secret, you do understand her predicament and now yours?”

Arabella watched as her exhausted sister was lowered, then slung over Jess’s shoulder, she shuddered as she watched the grubby handy man run his hand up the back of her thighs, caressing the naked red cheeks as he walked down the steps, turned and walked up the path towards the house followed by Edward.

A quick slap on her face returned to Georges face, “Well Bella its just you and us, when I was holding you, you felt nice, take your clothes off and show me how nice,” She almost chocked herself on the belt. “No, no that ridiculous I just—-.”

George slapped her face again, “Then we go fetch your sister, ether way we see some nice white female flesh, well what bit we leave of her white.” As he turned towards the steps her hand grabbed at his shirt, her other hand went to the top button of her dress.

Both men sat back on the rail as they watched the beautiful women start to take her clothes off; she found it relatively easy to unbutton the top of her dress, they watched as she slid the garments from her arms, then her corset revealed the true size of her tits, she tried not to look at the men as the ogled her large breasts but it was imposable to push the rest of her clothes off because of the way she was fastened to the post.

She felt sick as first George the Henry walked up to her and said, “Need a hand?” She had no option but to say, “Yes.”

George’s face was almost touching hers; “Yes what?” “Yes Please.”

George and Henry knelt at her feet as George said, “Yes please what?” She strained to look down at their leering faces, she sobbed, “Please, please will you both take the rest of my clothes off.”

She couldn’t help but let another sob come as she heard George snigger, “What ever you want, you heard the lady, Henry, lets see if the bottom, and I mean that in the literal since, is as good as the top.”

The cool of the night air caused goose pumps on the fine white delicate skin as the men pulled the dress down off her legs and her bloomers followed quickly, George stood up and admired the beautiful women stood fastened and now naked for his approval.

Henry watched as George moved forward, “How’s about a little kiss for your loving nephew?” Arabella looked at his leering face and could do nothing to stop him as he closed his mouth over hers, pushing hard he forced her mouth open, she opened it further as she felt a hand on her breast; the fingers squeezed at her firm large flesh before moving to her nipple and rolled it hard between fingers.

George pulled away and stared at her as his hand rested on her stomach and began to slide it down, she moved to stop him, “Oh no Bella, lets have your arms up.”

She lifted her arms, George smiled, “All the way,” he turned, “Henry, is the rope still handy, let’s have her tied up nice and tight just like we had her sister.” Arabella was so scared that she would be as helpless as Isobel she immediately said, “No, no I’ll put my hands up.”

As she pushed her arms as high as she could George laughed, “My, my aunty is learning, but you do realise that you have do as your told if you want life to continue as you know it, and you will have to do it all this weekend, I think you understand what I mean,” he smiled, “Now where was I?”

Arabella stood there, her arms ached as they stretched high above her head, she closed her eyes as she felt Georges hand return to her body; a slap stung her face, “Eyes open,” she stared, her eyes filled with hate as George grinned at her, his hand now stroking her stomach, his finger pushing in to her navel.

She felt Henry’s hand on her leg, the trace of his fingertips as they played over her delicate soft skin, travelling higher. Georges hand moving down, both men knowing they were humiliating her and she was unable to stop them.

Georges head slid from her view as he descended to her nipple, she bit her lip and she felt his mouth close over her large red bud, hands prized at her inner thighs forcing her to open her legs, those same fingers that had traced up her leg now tickled at the entrance to her most private part.

George pushed his hand behind her pinching and propping between the cheeks of her arse. She stood there for what seemed an age as the two men enjoyed her ample body, sucking at both nipples, biting until forced moans escaped from her lips.

Their fingers pushed up in to her dry cunt, the other fingers invaded her arse hole making her move a wiggle, allowing both digits further penetration, she could hear Georges grotesque laughter as he forced to squirm her body around almost dancing to his tune.

He stood up, his face close to hers as he licked his fingers, “Nice very nice,” he slid the wet fingers under her nose, “Maybe we’ll try that again later but as for now your sister requires your full undivided attention.”

He undid the belt from the post then looped it back around Arabella’s throat before he led her from the platform; Henry picked up her clothes and followed. The three walked slowly back to the hall, George in front pulling the helpless Arabella, her hands on her head as ordered with Henry at the rear, his eyes admiring Arabella’s rear.

Walking in to the hall George made straight for the sunlounge; he pulled Arabella through the door and swung her to view the room. She stood amongst the four men totally naked trying to move to her sister only to find herself half straggled as she was jerked back by the belt.

In the middle of the room was the table they had ate tea on, not three hours ago, it had been turned upside down, her sister Isobel was laying, still naked in the middle, her legs and arms tied tightly up each leg, her sore red arse and cunt completely exposed and defenceless, her mouth still sealed, her eyes staring wildly at Edward as he stood above her swinging his belt menacingly between her splayed thighs.

Edward smiled at George, “Bella been a good girl,” George patted her arse, “Oh yes, I think we can safely say she has an understanding of the situation.” Edward let the belt slap gently on to Isobel’s open cunt, she squealed, her head shaking wildly, Edward looked at Arabella, “It would seem dear Ma-mar has a sore arse and cunt, now my brother has assured me you have an understanding of the situation, well understand this, I can make her arse and cunt so much worse or you could make them so much better.”

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