A Week with Cathy Ch. 03

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“Wakey wakey,” Gail said loudly as she began pulling the blanket slowly down my body.

Obviously this is how I’m going to be woken up for the rest of the week, I thought.

“Stop it,” I told her. “There’s nothing under here but me.”

Where was my underwear? I shook my head to clear it. I knew I’d been wearing my underwear when I went to bed. Oh my fucking god, that wasn’t just a dream: somebody had given me my first blow job in the middle of the night, and I’d licked my first pussy.

I ran my tongue across my lips. I could still taste it.

Gail and Cathy were already dressed for the day, Gail in a t-shirt cut off just above her navel and a skirt, and Cathy in a snug tank top and shorts.

“Oh, here you all are,” Vicki said, bursting into the room.

“Seriously?” I said. “Get out of here so I can get dressed, all of you.”

(Not that Cathy or Vicki would be all that shocked at the sight of my dick, though I guess they’d only seen it underwater)

Turns out the day was a scorcher: too hot even to hang out at Vicki’s pool (she had to go someplace with her family for the afternoon, but Cathy was permitted to treat it as her own), so we ended up in the air conditioned mall.

Gail and Cathy already had their swimsuits for the pool party that night, so there wouldn’t be another sexy fashion show – not that there was much of Cathy I hadn’t seen already, but guys are funny that way.

After we had lunch, Cathy suggested we see a movie. She insisted we see some crap about a Greek god who gets lost on Earth, rather than the superhero blockbuster playing on three other screens. We all knew it was all about giving Cathy and me a chance to mess around in the dark in a half-empty theatre, and I was fine with that.

And so was Gail, fortunately.

We sat in the very back row, with me in the middle. As soon as the previews ended and everybody’s attention was focused on the feature film, Cathy took my hand and used it to stroke her breast through her tank top. I got the hint and began fondling her on my own.

She put a hand on my lap, just lightly brushing against my cock with her pinky through my denim shorts.

I began to regret my decision to wear these instead of something thin, like gym shorts: but remembering our last trip to the mall, I didn’t want to wear something that would show off an erection to the world.

And right now, my mind was going back to when Cathy had jerked me off in the pool, I was getting hard.

And her nipples were getting hard, from both the theatre’s air conditioning and what I was doing.

Gail was openly watching us, turned to the side with her feet propped up against the arm rest between us, her skirt hiked dangerously high.

I slipped my hand under Cathy’s shirt, and worked it up to her breasts. She was perfectly fine with this, and even lifted up her tank top to just below her breasts to make it easier for me. I think if somebody had been watching from the row in front of us, they might have seen her naked breasts for a few moments at a time.

I couldn’t help glancing back at Gail every once in a while, and eventually her skirt had risen high enough that her panties were exposed.

Peach-colored panties, which gave me a start at first because for a moment I thought I was looking at my sister’s naked pussy.

And then I realized it was the first time I’d thought of Gail having a vulgarly-named “pussy.”

I turned my attention back to Cathy. If I kept going the way I was, in a few minutes I was going to have her topless in a movie theatre – which was tempting, but probably not wise. So I removed my hand from her breast, and moved it down to her upper leg. I wasted no time slipping it up her inner thigh until I reached her panties.

She spread her legs to make it easier for me.

I suddenly wondered, once I reached her pussy, if I tasted my hand, would I be able to tell whether she was the girl whose pussy I was licking last night?

“I’ll be right back,” Gail suddenly said. She stood up, smoothed down her skirt, and walked away from us down the aisle, presumably to the bathroom. I could guess why, but it wasn’t something I wanted to dwell on. casino oyna

I couldn’t have anyway because as soon as she was out of sight, Cathy grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled both them and my underwear to just below my balls, freeing my dick. Holy shit.

“Warn me before you cum,” she whispered, and then started pumping my dick. I tried to last, and hoped she’d assume I was cumming quickly because I was afraid Gail would return (though at this point I was beyond caring about that), and after a little more than a minute I said “Now,” and as if by magic she produced a handful of tissues and caught all my cum before I sprayed the people sitting in the front row (or so it felt at the time).

She wadded up the tissues, then used her finger to scoop up the last bit of cum from the base of my dick. She lifted up her tank top just high enough to expose one little breast, massaged the cum into her nipple, and then quickly covered herself up again.

I think at that moment I could have cum all over again.


That night, as I lay in bed, my mind was filled with many thoughts that made sleeping difficult: last night’s visitor, what had happened at the movie theatre, and the pool party at Vicki’s house I’d just got back from.

Flashback to six hours earlier: We got back to Cathy’s house, and we separated to get ready for the pool party, I heard the beep-beep-boop of an incoming Skype call as I was stepping out of the shower. I had only a towel wrapped around my waist, but I saw that it was Cathy, so I didn’t worry much about it.

Which was the right decision, because she also was wearing just a towel around her waist. And I could see a bit of my dried cum still on the right breast. “Your sister takes forever to shower,” she said.

“Don’t I know it.”

“So I don’t know how long it’ll be until I even get my turn.”

“Why don’t you come down here and shower? The shower’s free.”

She thought about it for a moment, then said “I better not. If my parents see me going down to your room to shower, they might get the wrong idea.”

“Or the right idea.”

She laughed. “Even worse. So why don’t you go ahead to Vicki’s, and we’ll meet you there.”

And that’s what I did, after waiting a few minutes for my dick to settle down enough for me to get my swim trunks on. Cathy could call me dressed like that any time she wanted.

When I got to the Conway back yard, Vicki greeted me by running over to me, giving me a hug, pulling my t-shirt over my head, and introducing me (I’m not sure to whom, because the t-shirt was over my face at the time) as “Cathy’s hot cousin Scotty.” She laughed as she said it, but it was still nice to hear.

I met her younger brother Barry, eighteen like me, who’d been out on a date last night. I couldn’t help thinking how differently our frolic in the pool would have been if he’d been around.

I also couldn’t help noticing that Mrs. Conway was wearing pretty short shorts – certainly not “mom” shorts – and since she wasn’t even forty, she looked damn hot in them.

And I couldn’t help the fleeting thought that maybe it was her who came into my room last night: she could have gotten in as easily as anybody else, of course.

Crazy thought, of course, but koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson!

I also met a few more of Cathy and Vicki’s friends, maybe half a dozen girls and three or four guys in all. More would straggle in later, and we’d probably have between twenty-five and thirty people altogether at various times.

Gail and Cathy walked over wearing long t-shirts, and they both attracted their share of attention when they took them off. Gail isn’t huge on top, probably average I guess, but she’s curvy, and her bikini top had a cutaway hole between her breasts that drew attention to her cleavage. Cathy, with her small breasts, wore a strapless bikini top that, while actually elasticized and quite secure, gave the impression of being both too narrow and too flimsy to stay in place – so that drew everybody’s attention as well.

Shorty after dinner – Mr. Conway grilled up some burgers and dogs, then the Conways took off for Cathy’s parents’ place for a party of their slot oyna own, after first reminding us not to burn the place down – some of the girls disappeared into the house and emerged wearing swimsuits they didn’t want Vicki’s parents or their own parents to know they were wearing. Not obscene, mind you, but maybe a bit risque.

It’s a girl thing, I guess: I’ve seen Gail around school wearing skirts and blouses I knew she hadn’t been wearing when she said goodbye to our parents in the morning.

Vicki had changed as well, and I don’t think her new bikini top had much more material than Cathy’s, for a much larger bust. If this had also been strapless, I don’t think it would have stood a chance.

As the evening progressed, many of the couples at the party ended up lying next to one another, snuggling, enjoying the warm night air and the relative lack of clothing. One couple disappeared into the house for a while, and everybody pretended not to notice.

Of course I didn’t know Vicki well enough for us to be a “couple,” and Cathy certainly couldn’t be my “girlfriend,” so I mostly stayed in the pool – where there was a lot of roughhousing and

“accidental” touching, as generally happens.

I noticed Barry was giving a lot of attention to Gail, very interested in that little circle of exposed cleavage, and she didn’t seem to mind his attention.

On one hand I was hoping I wouldn’t have to step in as her brother and warn Barry to behave, while on the other hand I was absolutely fixated on what was keeping Vicki’s top on, and hoping that whatever it was would suddenly fail.

During a free-form game of tag, I accidentally ended up with a handful of Vicki’s friend JoAnne’s right breast, and I kept my hand there a bit longer than appropriate and she didn’t seem to mind.

It’s probably only because I was an 18-year-old virgin, but all these little things were getting me to the point where I couldn’t have come out of the cold water if I’d wanted to: Vanessa had a very brief nip-slip when she jumped into the pool. She fixed herself immediately, but I couldn’t help noticing.

I’m not expert, but I have a feeling Susan’s bikini top wasn’t lined because when she climbed out of the pool to lie on a towel to dry, I could see a lot of nipple poking through.

I saw Joanne alone in on corner of the pool, so I walked/swam over to her and took both breasts in my hands for a moment. Then she gave my dick a quick squeeze and swam away.

Well, now I really couldn’t come out of the pool for a while (but it was well worth it).

I looked over at the other end of the pool and saw Gail and Barry kissing, their hands firmly on one another’s asses. I was about to make my way over there and… well, try to break the mood or something, even though I knew it was none of my damn business, when Vicki appeared in front of me.

“Avoiding me, stud?” she asked with a smile.

“Hell, no,” I said. She had no idea how often I’d glanced over at her dangerously-overworked bikini top. “You just seemed to be busy with hostess duties.”

She reached down to the front of my swimsuit, and closed her hand around my dick, which was seriously trying to put it’s way through. “Feels like somebody’s been taking care of some of those duties,” she said. “Unless you’re just happy to see me.”

“Um… both?”

“Well, I’m glad you’re having a good time.” Then, in a whisper, and she gave my dick a little squeeze “I never did get to play with this in the pool last night.”

And then she swam off. That seemed to be the house rule: squeeze Scotty’s dick, then swim away.

When next I looked, Barry had a girl who must have just showed up – turned out she was his girlfriend – on his shoulders, and she was trying to dislodge Penny from the shoulders of some guy whose name I hadn’t caught. Gail was lying by the side of the pool.

“Having fun?” I turned, and there was Cathy.

“Oh. Hi, yeah, yeah, I am.”

“You know I’d ask you to slip your hands under my top and fondle my nipples if you weren’t my cousin, right?

“Um… I didn’t realize Vicki’s parties were so…”

“They’re not. Maybe it’s the heat tonight, I don’t know, everybody’s canlı casino siteleri just a little… you don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell, no.”

“You don’t mind the slutty swimsuits some of the girls brought? I thought mine was going to scandalous.” I smiled, but before I could say anything she interrupted with “I’ve never seen so many people copping feels. I’d bet anything that Barry’s never seen a bare breast before, and that before we’re done here, he will have.”

And as I thought that over, Cathy reached down, gave my dick a light squeeze, and swam off.

Seriously, does my dick just scare people away? Squeeze and run?

As if to prove Cathy’s point, Anna, Barry’s girlfriend, leaned forward, crushing her breasts into the top of Barry’s head, grabbed Penny by the top of her bikini top, and pushed her backwards into the water.

Penny came to the surface, spitting out water, naked aside from some very brief bikini bottoms (she was one of the girls who’d ducked into the house earlier to change).

In the fantasy version, the next paragraph has an angry Penny attacking Anna, with the fight not ending until they were both naked. What actually happened was, Penny was laughing. She took the bikini top from Anna’s hand and, without putting it back on, made her way over to the other end of the pool.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, three or four other girls took off their tops, and another couple snuck into the house for twenty minutes or so, but if I thought Penny’s losing her top, added to the sexual tension already present at the party, would lead to widespread toplessness and a poolside orgy, well… life doesn’t happen that way.

By the end of the party, it was impossible to hide the fact that my dick was tenting through my swimsuit, and I couldn’t help noticing that the other guys were in the same shape. My dick got squeezed twice more, once by Penny who was still topless, her nipples looking a hard as my dick.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only guy who got touched, making this Tease The Guys Mercilessly Night.

So when I got back to my room, I took a cold shower. Cliche as it is.

I was tempted to jerk off in the shower because I really needed it, but I thought What if Cathy comes to my room tonight? It might not happen, of course, but she’d already made me cum several times over the past few days, and she snuck into my room last night and gave me my first experience with oral sex (or was it Vicki?? And would I ever know?”), so I wanted to make sure I stayed ready.

I tried to stay awake, but the last I remembered was the clock hitting 11:30. I was still sleeping lightly, though, then my door slowly opened at about ten after midnight.

I could just make out somebody slipping inside, closing the door behind her, and pulling a long t-shirt or nightshirt over her head.

Of course I could have switched on the lamp and seen who it was: but she obviously didn’t want me to see her, and as long as she wanted to come into my room every night, I’d be a damn fool to mess that up.

She walked over to my bed and pulled back the sheet, and I made a show of “waking up,” and acting surprised.

I knew that even in the semi-darkness, she could see my dick pointing straight up, hard and proud.

Without hesitation, she closed her hand around it. “Yesss,” I whispered.

And without hesitation she climbed onto the bed, lifted her t-shirt, straddled me, and lowered herself onto my dick.

And just like that, I was no longer a virgin.

In the back of my mind I sensed there was was something different from last night to tonight – but this was the last thing on my mind, as my dick felt the wonders of a warm, wet pussy.

She was a horny as I was, and rode me as if her life depended on it, clearly trying not to shout out. The thought that I was giving her this reaction made me feel, well, like a stud, and I could feel my dick getting harder.

I wanted to grab her, kiss her, or take her breasts in my hands, but I knew she didn’t want me to do anything that might help me identify her. I didn’t get it, but I’d play along.

I hadn’t cum since the movie theatre, and it was a struggle to hold off now. I wanted to fill her with my cum so badly. I felt as if my whole body was twitching with the sensation.

Finally, I groaned, “I’m… cumming… is it safe to cum in you?”

“Yes, do it,” Gail said..


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