A Week on the Lake Ch. 04

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This is the final part of a four-part story. It might make a bit more sense to start on the first chapter, but feel free to do whatever you want. We’re all adults here.

As are all the characters in this story, of course.


We had cruised by this so called Bonfire Island on our first day at the lake, but on that day it had been deserted. Now as we approached it for the second time, we could already see people moving about on the island’s small beach. Someone had managed to deliver a large pile of branches and shrubs and even an impressive stack of split logs for the fire.

Dusk was still over an hour away, but Jack had informed us that we were helping with the setup, so when Jack killed the engine, I jumped off the bow into the water on the shore and pulled the boat up onto the sand. Eva and Sophie had ridden with us, along with Katie. Becky, Todd, Felicia and Robert had all piled in with Matt and Tina on the same boat they had used to pretend to take us into custody the day before.

Neither Tina nor Matt wore their Marine Patrol “uniforms.”

“Jason and Amber have the patrol today,” Matt had said back at Jack’s cabin.

“Will they be coming to the bonfire?” Sophie had asked, concerned.

“Don’t worry,” Tina had said. “They wouldn’t miss it.”

I had assumed that Jason and Amber were just the first of several people I was going to meet tonight, and I was right. Chief Barbara was already here, directing the arrangement of the island’s donated picnic tables. Robert and I team-carried the big cooler filled with all the beers and beverages our crew would need for the evening, and Todd helped Jack and another man begin building the bonfire stack in the fire pit itself. Sophie, having said her hellos and given big hugs to the people she knew, had me carry a large plastic tote filled with blankets up onto the beach, and she introduced us to some of the people who had arrived before us.

We met Roger and Jess, a married couple in their late twenties. Hank and Donna were in their early forties. We also met friends of Matt and Tina, who were staying with the couple in their cabin. Melanie was around thirty, and Leanne was closer to our age, maybe twenty-two or three.

When Sophie introduced me to Hank and Donna, it was obvious that Donna was Kaylee’s mother. The resemblance was so strong, Eva and I traded wide-eyed glances before we shook hands. I’ll admit it was a little unnerving, shaking the hand of a man who’s daughter I had just fucked hours earlier.

Other people we met included Barbara’s husband David, who was the man managing the building of the bonfire stack, directing Jack and Todd with plenty of jokes and laughs between them. There was also a young couple without wedding bands, who introduced themselves as Katrina and Tyler.

By the time the introductions were finally done and the bonfire set up, dusk was beginning to settle in, so the fire was lit, beers and wine opened, and someone had thought to bring a battery-powered sound system hooked to an iPod.

By the time the sun had truly set, the fire was roaring, and I had already cracked open my second beer. I sat at one of the picnic tables next to Eva, chatting with new acquaintances and getting a look at some of the women I had just met. Single or attached, twenty or forty, they were all beautiful. Maybe it was my strenuous morning activities that helped me to keep my perverted thoughts at bay to begin with, but it was more likely that each and every woman was confident, conversational and funny. I was just having a good time with good people.

It wasn’t until Sophie handed me something that I remembered what the real purpose of tonight’s gathering was.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked.

Sophie grinned and nodded.

I tossed it into my mouth and drank it down with a sip of beer. Around me, I observed Robert, Todd, Jack and Matt all do the same. Apparently we were pulling out all the stops tonight.

“This is going to be interesting,” Eva said. She leaned in and whispered. “Your cock is going to be hard all night.”

Barbara was the one to gather us all around the bonfire. “Are there any single people here with us tonight?”

It was a few seconds before anyone moved or answered. Then Katie raised her hand, followed by Leanne and Melanie. Eva and I looked at each other and smiled, then we both raised our hands as well.

“Okay, guys,” Barbara said. “The five of you can go over to one of the tables.”

“What the hell?” Melanie protested, but she was smiling. I had learned over the last hour or so, that she had visited the lake many times over the years with Matt and Tina. Whatever was going on was a familiar routine for her.

“Don’t sass me, young lady,” the Chief joked. She slapped Melanie on the ass for good measure as the thirty-year-old brunette passed.

I followed the four purportedly single ladies to the picnic table closest to the fire and we watched the rest of the group. The couples were all paired off together: Jack and Sophie, Todd and Becky, Felicia and Robert, Matt and Tina, Barbara and David, Hank and Donna, uzun konulu porno Katrina and Tyler, and finally Roger and Jess.

“Now all the men,” Barbara said. “Walk around the fire clockwise until I say ‘stop.'”

I saw Jack and Todd both kiss their girlfriends before they started slowly pacing around the fire. Eight men circling eight women with the blaze in the center. The anticipation was starting to have an effect on me. A tent began to rise in my shorts, and Eva was right there to notice, rubbing a hand on the bulge and encouraging its growth.

“And stop,” Barbara said. Now Roger was standing behind her and while all the guys were in the same order, they were now five positions removed from where they had started: Roger and Barbara, Jack and Donna, Todd and Katrina, Robert and Jess, Matt and Sophie, David and Becky, Hank and Felicia, and Tyler and Tina.

“And go,” Barbara said. For several of the newly arranged couples, the switch from awkwardly standing in a circle to bodies crashing together was too fast to see. Matt and Sophie were in each other’s arms immediately, with the familiar manner of old lovers. Becky showed no hesitation gluing her lips to Barbara’s husband’s. David lifted her off her feet and pulled the tall auburn haired beauty against him. Hank smiled timidly at the much younger Felicia, but Felicia was quick to set him at ease with a kiss first on the cheek, then on the mouth. I watched her probe her tongue into Kaylee’s father’s mouth, and the man moaned into her kiss. Tina wasted no time in pushing Tyler back to another picnic table where he plopped down on his butt and stared in amazement as Tina peeled off her shirt and unhooking her bra. She climbed into Tyler’s lap and he pawed at her big tits and sucked happily on her nipples. Across from them, Tyler’s girlfriend was smiling up at Todd while she unzipped his shorts and reached in to extract his already hard cock. Jack had Donna back down on a blanket, and he was already sucking on the older woman’s pussy with gusto. Roger and Jess were looking at each other from across the circle with uncertain looks, until Jess left Robert alone, walked over to her husband and kissed him hard on the mouth. Then she turned back around and very nearly launched herself into Robert’s arms. Roger, meanwhile, took another look around the circle at the increasingly naked couples before burying his face in Barbara’s mountainous cleavage.

“Stand up,” Eva said, breaking me from my trance. I managed to tear my eyes away from the sight of Tina’s tits wiggling as she sucked Tyler’s cock. I obeyed Eva’s command and stood up beside the picnic table, and she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts. She pushed them down over my hips along with my boxers and left me standing hard-cocked in the night air. I groaned out loud when Eva closed her lips around the head of my cock, and my breath caught in my chest when Melanie and Leanne each took a place standing on either side of the kneeling Eva. Leanne pulled her t-shirt up over her head, revealing her tits encased in a green bra. Her blond hair spilled down over her bare shoulders and I ached to reach out and slip the straps of her bra down over her arms and free her tits from the frilly cups.

Melanie’s shirt was buttoned up with snaps, and when she ripped it open, she revealed her lack of any support for her obviously enhanced, gravity-defying tits.

“Oh my god,” I said as Melanie took one of my hands and placed it between her breasts.

“That’s the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen,” Katie said beside us. She was staring across to where Matt had just pulled down his shorts, releasing his enormous cock into view. Sophie was quick to get it into her mouth, sucking nearly half of it and working the rest with her hands. Katie left us at the singles table and walked over to Matt and Sophie, shedding her clothes as she went.

Holding onto one of Melanie’s big firm tits, I reached behind Leanne’s back and popped open the clasp on her bra. She shrugged out of the straps and tossed the garment behind me onto the table. I moved my hand back to cup and lift her C-cup tits one at a time. With Eva still enthusiastically sucking my cock, I reluctantly let go of the two pairs of tits in front of me long enough to take my shirt off.

Melanie knelt down next to Eva, and Eva pointed my cock at her face. Melanie quickly sucked it into her mouth, bathing me in her saliva and working her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. Then Eva stood and took off her shirt and shorts, leaving her dressed in just her panties and a bra that looked ready to pop open from the stress of holding back her big tits. Leanne took her spot, and suddenly the two had my cock trapped between their mouths, tongues massaging up and down the sides of my prick. They took turns sucking my cock while the other licked and sucked at my balls. I was so enthralled by their work that I didn’t even see Eva finish taking her clothes off.

She gave me a smile and a little wave before she moved away to join Tina and Tyler at one of the other tables. Tina was in Tyler’s lap, xhamster porno riding up and down on his cock. When Tyler noticed Eva joining them, he happily turned to start sucking on Eva’s big swinging tits.

Elsewhere around the fire, Jack and Donna had rearranged themselves into a sixty-nine, moaning in squirming while they sucked each other. Robert had his mouth glued to Jess’s pussy. The little dark-haired woman was naked and squealing with delight at Robert’s work. Todd’s head was thrown back and a look of ecstasy painted a permanent smile on his face as Katrina worked his cock in her mouth. Felicia had taken a position on all fours on one of the blankets, and Hank was thrusting his big cock in and out of her pussy.

My scan of the crowd was interrupted when Leanne directed me to climb up and lay down on the table. I did as I was told, shedding my shorts completely first. Leanne climbed up onto the table with me and squatted over my face. She still had her panties on, but I hooked a finger under them and pulled them to the side so I could lick her pussy from bottom to top. Looking up at her perky tits, I sucked on Leanne’s pussy while Melanie sucked my cock. I probed my tongue in between Leanne’s pussy lips and inside her, drinking in her juices and bringing out moans and gasps of encouragement. I moved up, exploring the folds of her soft pink flesh, until I was sucking on her hard little clit.

“Oh yeah, lick it!” Leanne gasped. “Make me cum!”

I lashed her clit with my tongue. I held her hips as she ground her pussy against my face. Her moans increased in volume and frequency as I licked and sucked hard on her clit, all the while humming with the pleasure Melanie was creating as she worked my cock in her mouth and jacked my shaft in her hand.

“Holy shit, right there!” Leanne cried. “I’m so close!”

I continued my hard flicks over her clit with my tongue until Leanne howled and shot up and fell back into Melanie, who had to catch her to stop her from just rolling off the table. Leanne’s panties had slipped back over her pussy, and now they were visibly soaked with her cum. Melanie helped Leanne safely off the table before vaulting back up to plant her pussy on my mouth instead.

With no panties in my way, I was able to suck away at Melanie’s cunt to my heart’s content. I drank up her juices, noting and relishing the ways she tasted different from Leanne, different from all of the women I’d had the good fortune to taste this week. A few seconds later I felt a mouth descend around my cock, and I moaned anew into Melanie’s pussy.

The sound of an approaching boat caught our attention, and Melanie climbed off of me to allow me to sit up and look. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t Leanne sucking my cock, rather Donna had taken her place. She popped her head off my rod and smiled up at me in a way that reminded me so much of her daughter that I almost jumped off the table, remembering that Jack and I were supposed to have gone to pick up Kaylee, Jill and Tommy.

The boat pulled up beside Jack’s and a man and woman in their early thirties climbed out, both wearing the same Marine Patrol uniforms we’d seen on Matt and Tina the day before.

“Hey guys!” the woman called out. “You horny fuckers just couldn’t wait fifteen minutes?”

Jason and Amber were already acquainted with a good number of the people here, but Jack introduced them both two those of us who were here for our first time. They wasted little time in getting their clothes off, and both of them waded into the sea of naked flesh.

Amber came up to me and extended her hand and eyed my cock. “Hi, I’m Amber,” she said, and I shook.

“Will,” I said. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Sorry, Amber,” Jack said. “Will and I have to go run an errand.”

“What?” Donna protested. “But we’re just getting all warmed up!”

“We’ll only be a few minutes,” Jack argued. “Anyone want to come along?” He hopped up onto his boat without bothering to put any of his clothes back on, his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. I followed and climbed aboard, likewise naked and hard.

“I’ll come!” Eva said. She left Tyler and Tina alone again and took off her panties before getting in the boat with us and immediately wrapping her hand around my cock.

“Me too,” Katrina said, and she stopped to give Tyler, then Tina, a kiss before joining us on the boat. She still had her bra and panties on, but I was treated to a hot little show as she brought her bra strap down one shoulder at a time, then pulled the cups down off of her big, firm tits. Turning away from me, she bent over as she pulled her panties down, giving me an unimpeded view of her pussy and her asshole. Then she moved over to Jack and started sucking his cock while he started the engine.

David and Hank pushed us off the beach, and Jack slowly took us back out onto the lake while Katrina sucked his cock and Eva slowly lowered herself down onto mine.

* * *

It was a twenty minute boat ride back to Hank and Donna’s camp, where Kaylee, Jill and Tommy were waiting on the dock.

“It’s xnxx porno about time,” Kaylee called as we approached. “My parents left over an hour ago!”

In the twenty minutes it took to get here, Katrina and Eva had traded places twice, so I had had a few long minutes of Katrina bouncing up and down on my cock while I sucked on her tits and Eva sucked Jack’s cock. Now, Katrina was back over with Jack and I was plunging my cock hard and fast into Eva’s pussy from behind. Kaylee saw us as we came into the light from her parents’ boat house and her look of annoyance turned to one of surprise.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “You guys are crazy!”

I pulled my throbbing hard cock out of Eva’s pussy so I could help hold the boat to the dock long enough for our new passengers to jump in.

“Hi guys,” I said. “This is Jack and Katrina. No clothes allowed on the boat.”

I tied off the line to the dock and climbed out to stand on the wooden boards. My cock stood out in front of me tall and proud, and glistening with the juices from both Katrina’s and Eva’s pussy.

“Holy shit,” Kaylee said, not moving. Behind her, Jill and Tommy quickly stripped off their clothes. Tommy’s big cock was already fully hard when he tossed his underwear away. With her friends now naked and on board, Kaylee finally pulled her shirt off, exposing her naked breasts to the rest of us. She didn’t have panties on under her shorts, and I was treated to a wonderful view of her naked bottom as she climbed into the boat with the others.

“So do you guys know my parents?” Kaylee asked as we motored away from the dock and back out onto the lake.

“Just met them,” I said, remembering vividly the way her mother’s lips and tongue moved on my cock just minutes ago.

Kaylee took a deep breath then, with obvious effort, blurted out, “Are my parents crazy sex freaks?”

“Yes!” Jill hooted and laughed. “They’re awesome! How do you not know this already?”

“What do you mean, Jill?”

“I mean,” Jill paused and looked at Tommy, who shrugged, then nodded. “Me and Tommy have had sex with your parents like four times this week.”

Kaylee took a moment to let that sink in. Then she nodded. “I thought that was just my ridiculous horny imagination,” she said.

“So you did hear us!” Jill threw her hands up, either a gesture of relief or exasperation, I couldn’t tell.

Kaylee nodded.

Eva put an arm around the younger woman. “Are you alright, Kaylee? We can go back if you want.”

Kaylee shook her head. “Yes! I mean, no! I’m fine! Horny as fuck, actually. No, I don’t want to go back.”

She turned back to Jill. “So you’ve actually… fucked my dad?”

“Oh my god, Kaylee,” Jill said. “He fucked me so good I almost passed out.”

“No joke,” Tommy said. “I thought I was going to have to go look for smelling salts.”

“And you’ve fucked my mom?”

Tommy nodded.

“You guys are fucking crazy,” she said. She turned to me. “Could you eat my pussy for me?”

I smiled and stood up from my seat and directed her to take my place. Kaylee sat down and spread her legs apart. I got down in front of her and licked her bald pussy, eliciting and gasp from the eighteen-year-old. Behind me I heard a few moans and the unmistakable sound of an enthusiastic blow job. But I dedicated my attention to making sure Kaylee came to a teeth-rattling orgasm before we got back to the bonfire. I drank in her juices and roamed her naked body with my hands. Kaylee squirmed on the seat, bucking her hips up and driving her pussy into my face.

I heard Jack tell Tommy to jump out onto the beach to help pull the boat up onto the sand. “Will needs a little more time to make Kaylee cum.”

With the engine now off, the sounds of the roaring fire and active orgy filled my ears along with the groans and gasps of Kaylee. She didn’t say anything, but Kaylee finally pushed my face away just as her whole body tensed up hard and she dug her nails into the seat cushions, eyes closed and mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure. I waited with her on the boat while the others climbed out and rejoined the party. When she had finally caught her breath, Kaylee pressed her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She tasted herself on my kiss and slipped the fingers of both hands around my stiff prick.

I stood up, took her hand, and helped her down off the boat. We looked around the fire, and saw different clusters of sucking and fucking on every blanket and picnic table.

Eva was just settling down on a blanket beside Tyler, who was on his back while Felicia rode his cock and Barbara humped her pussy against his face. Jess was sitting on the edge of a picnic table and Matt had just the tip of his massive member stuffed into her pussy. Jess was gasping with delight at the experience of formerly unknown girth.

On a nearby blanket, Becky was sucking Todd’s cock while David fucked her from behind. On the same blanket, Jason was making room for Katrina to settle in on Leanne’s back, so he could alternate between fucking one pussy then the other. Jason’s wife Amber meanwhile was working Hank’s big cock in her mouth while she pumped her other hand up and down on Jack’s cock. Tina was next to Amber, slamming herself up and down on Robert’s thick black cock. Jill had started sucking Roger’s cock, while her boyfriend Tommy tumbled onto an empty blanket with Katie.

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