A Warehouse Lust Story

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I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. Unfortunately, I’ve bounced around, never really finding something long-term, or something I’d call a career. I did, however, have a very long stay at this one warehouse position. I was for more than a few years, which outdid anything I’ve had before and since. This place was enormous, and there were hundreds of people employed there. Most were your typical warehouse lot: guys, older people, lower class types, etc. However, it did have a handful of sexy women that worked there. I found myself checking them out, thinking about them, even fantasizing about them. It’s hard not to do when the dress code pretty much allows them to wear whatever they want except for skirts and spaghetti string tops. I know, that eliminates a lot of sexy clothing from this place, but it allowed for pretty much anything else: very short-cut shorts, tight jeans, low-cut shirts, and even yoga pants.

This one woman in particular, let’s call her…Zoe, was one amazing masterpiece of womanhood. She had the gorgeous face, sexy blue eyes, long blonde hair, a beautiful rack, great curves all the way down, and an ass that you just want to have on your face every night. As luck would have it, I ended up having to work alongside her quite frequently. The days always seemed to go great when I had her to talk to and look at while I worked. If she only knew the things I fantasized about. I had whole scenarios in my head where we’d find a corner of the building and make out, or duck into a closet and she’d suck my hard, throbbing cock until I came down her throat. I especially liked the fantasies of getting her anywhere private, peeling off her skin-tight pants and fucking her from behind.

God, nothing beat the image of my cock drilling her sopping-wet, tight, shaved pussy from behind, as I smack her perfect ass until it’s red, and pull her gorgeous blond hair while she yelps in ecstasy. I’d often fantasized about blowing my load all over her back, or cover her perky tits with my seed. The thoughts of filling up her pussy or asshole with cum were especially nice. What I wouldn’t do to be able to grab her tight little ass and fuck her right there in the stock racks…

It was during one of these daydreams that I must’ve forgotten that she was working near me, because the next thing I know, she’s looking at me and I realize I’m pretty much salivating over her round ass in her tight pants. Shit…I’ve been caught. I decided to act casual about it and just shrug it off as being tired and needing a break or more sleep. She doesn’t really buy it, but doesn’t say much about catching me. Was that a slight smile I caught at the end too? I’m just imagining things and being hopeful.

As the weeks passed, we worked on and off together, and I failed to notice how flirtatious she was getting with me until someone pointed it out to me. Apparently, I’m quite oblivious to the whole getting hit on thing. Once I’m made aware, however, I can’t stop noticing it myself. She has been working much close to me than usual, asking for help with this, or tips with that. There are more smiles and laughs with our basic conversations. I was enjoying the attention she was giving, and simultaneously not believing my luck. This girl was way out of my league, and I’ll be the first to admit it. But I’m not just going to say no to the opportunity to be flirty with a beautiful woman.

I decided to start getting a bit bolder and more time passed, and flirted a bit back. I found excuses to touch her, making sure it seemed completely platonic and not sexual, but the feeling I felt inside when I even brushed against her made my dick twitch. I eventually grew brave enough to verbalize how I felt about her beauty, but I made Alanya Escort Bayan it sound as much like a friendly compliment as I could, which she took with a smile. I was liking the progress I was making. It was slow, but it was definitely steady.

Some time later, I’d say probably a month or so after getting caught thinking about her sitting on my face, we ended up on a discussion topic about alternate universes and alternate versions of ourselves. We laughed and joked about the possibilities. I must not have been thinking straight, because the next thing I know, I’m blabbing away about an alternate universe where her and I are lovers and I’m fulfilling her every fantasy. I notice after a few minutes of my mindless yammering that she’s no longer participating in the conversation. I stopped talking. Damn… I crossed a line. There goes all of this progress. Surprisingly, she didn’t complain or have anything negative to say about the alternate us scenario. Instead, she just smiled and laughed, telling me that doesn’t have to be an entirely different universe.

Naturally, I am oblivious to what she’s hinting at here. So we just both laugh, and finish out the day as usual. It’s not until I get home that I realize what exactly that comment entailed. Pissed off at myself, I spend that night thinking about what that could mean. Of course, I got myself all worked up and had to bust a nut thinking about how sexy she must look riding on top of me, bouncing on my rock solid dick, her tits bouncing in my face as she forces me balls deep inside of her with every bounce. Before I know it, the thought of blowing my load inside of her while I have her tits in my hands and mouth has caused me to blow my load for real, and it’s one for the record books. I fell into a deep, satisfied sleep that night.

The next day, I decided I’m taking a step and seeing how she reacts to it; I’m gonna ask for her number. The only problem is, we weren’t working near each other that day. I worked for hours, completely distracted by the thought of wanting to ask for her number. I have no idea how much work I’ve done or if it’s even enough to make the day’s productivity numbers. It was at lunch that I finally got to see her. We sat together at the end of a table, no one else near us within earshot. So I did it. I asked for her number, deciding I wanted to take the shot. She says yes! Minutes later, I’m shooting her a text so she has mine. Nothing crazy, just a “Hello, This is Marcus. This is my number!” She laughs when she reads it. I get back a “Hey, This is Zoe : )” from her.

I’m so excited that I barely pay attention for the remainder of the day as well. I’m clocking out when I hear my phone go off. It’s her. Asking where I am. I tell her I’m clocking out, heading to the parking lot in a minute. She sends back an “Okay. Watcha doing after work?” text. So I let her know I have no plans, just chilling around the place. I had to turn the phone screen off, power it back on, and double check that it was the right number when I read “Can I join you?” pop up on my screen. My heart is racing, I’m at one of those moments where I have completely forgotten how to form sentences to a woman. I manage to finally text back, “Well Yeah! Of course!”

She’s already in her car and waiting when I get out to the lot and to my car. She follows me all the way home, which isn’t far away, actually. After I park, she takes the spot next to mine. I watch her get out of the car, like a gorgeous model stepping out of a vehicle on a game show. I can’t fucking believe this absolute goddess is about to enter my home with me. I drop my keys as I go for the lock, of course. My brain has lost all function thanks to testosterone Alanya Escort and the blood that’s already finding its way down into my dick. I do my best to just laugh it off and get it unlocked. As we’re walking in, I attempt my best shot at some casual small talk.

“So I don’t have much going on. What were you thinking?” I ask her.

She shuts and locks the door behind us. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Then I’m gonna let you decide where you wanna shoot your load on…or in me.”

Holy…mother…of…God. This isn’t real. I’ve fallen asleep in the goddamn car or something. Before I know it, her tongue is in my mouth and we’re ripping each other’s clothes off. I have to hold back my mindblowing excitement when I get her tits out and they are even more perfect, perky, fuckable, and suckable that I could have ever imagined. She’s gotten me down to just my boxer-briefs, and she can already see the absolute cannon of a cock bulging through the material. Before she takes it out, I decide I wanna see her ass first. So I forcefully spin her around, causing a moan to escape her that nearly makes me cum in my underwear. I peel off her tight little stretch pants and reveal an ass that was just made to be smacked, and licked…and bitten. I can’t help but smack it hard, once on each cheek. She cries out in pleasure, I find myself fighting back my dick’s desire to blast out a load already.

She smiles, not just the work smile this time, this smile is full of lust. She is giving me a smile that tells me she is ready to fuck like an animal. She moves me over and into the big chair in my living room. I let her slide down my underwear, releasing a magnum of a rock-hard dick. She smiles and licks her lips. The moment she takes my cock in her hand, I know I’m not lasting long. She slides her hand up and down my shaft, her hand is so soft and gentle with it, I almost think it couldn’t feel any better. I was wrong. She plunged my dick deep into her mouth, the warmth of her wet tongue sliding down the underside of my cock sent me into a world of pleasure I’d never known before. A second later, she was sucking my dick up and down, as she worked her hand up and down as well, along with a nice little twisting motion that was making me twitch and jerk in pleasure. I knew it. I’m not lasting.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum already!” I practically yell out to her.

I’m expecting her to stop, or maybe be disappointed. Nope. That’s not what happens. Instead, she smiles and sucks even harder, cupping my balls as she does. The feeling that builds inside of me and in my balls is nothing short of an out of body, blissful experience. My entire body lights up with pleasure. I can feel this orgasm in my goddamn toes as I feel a torrent of cum spew out of my dick and into her mouth. She catches every drop in her mouth and moans in pleasure as she swallows it and smiles at me. I’m completely spent. I can’t move. I’m out of breath. But that look in her eye. It shows that she’s not done. She wants more. She licks my frenulum. A damn shockwave hits me. I damn near jump out of the chair.

“You fucking sexy bitch,” I say to her as I get up.

I pushed her hard onto the couch across from me, she yelps in surprise, but also in lustful pleasure. I gently pull down her perfect, tiny, purple thong and I throw it aside. I moved up and kissed her deeply, not giving a fuck that she just had a load of my cum in her mouth. I move down her body, biting, kissing, licking, and sucking every inch of her I can get. I stop at her amazing tits. I grab each one and suck on the nipples. I nibble a bit at each one. I can hear and feel her breathing harder with each touch. She’s moaning as Escort Alanya I lick her right nipple and suck it into my mouth. I decide to move down, kissing her flat stomach and around her inner thigh. She’s squirming now, breathing even heavier.

I decide not to keep her waiting too long and dove into her clean shaven pussy. It’s already soaking wet, and it’s the most delicious pussy I’ve ever tasted. I can’t get enough. I shoot my tongue deep inside her and move out to her clit, flicking that thing faster than I thought possible. She’s crying out even louder now. Grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her snatch. I tongue fuck the shit right out of her tight pussy. I can’t help myself, I move out and put my tongue into her asshole. The move must’ve taken her by surprise, because she screams out “OH FUCK!” as I tongue fuck her asshole. As I flick her clit furiously with my right thumb, I put my tongue back into her delicious pussy.

“Fuck, keep going, I’m gonna….” Is all she manages as she starts to quiver and tremble.

She spasms over and over as I keep my tongue against her pussy, each movement making it pass over her clit, intensifying her orgasm. When it finally resides, she’s completely out of breath. I move away from her pussy and watch her come down from her ecstasy. She looks at me a minute later, and sees that I’m still rock solid.

“Fuck me. Any way you want. Fuck me now!” she demands.

I don’t need another word. I’m starting with my favorite fantasy. I picked her up from the couch and led her to the kitchen table. I bent her over and looked upon a sight I thought I’d only see in my dreams. Her smooth, round ass was just waiting. I put just a little bit of spit on the tip of my cock and I waste no time pushing myself balls deep into her. She cries out and arches her back.

“Fucking shit! That’s so big.” She moans.

I grabbed her pretty blonde hair and pulled it back, forcing another cry to escape her. I pull out until only my tip is still inside her. Then I slam it back in hard. “Oh fuck!” She yells out. I begin to fuck her harder. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she begs me. I pushed her face down into the table and smacked her ass as hard as I could. I’m slamming her so hard, my table is rocking back and forth. My balls slap against her ass as I pound her over and over, her scream of ecstasy getting louder with each thrust until she starts to grab at the sides of the table and yell out.

“I’m gonna fucking cum again!” She yelps to me.

I feel her pussy start gripping my dick and pulsate as she yells in orgasmic bliss and starts to spasm once again.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she yells out repeatedly.

I let go of her hair and grab onto her tits as she arches herself back up. I’m squeezing her perfect tits in my hands as she takes over the thrusting and pushes her pussy up and down my shaft. She turns back and kisses me as her ass slams against me with each hip thrust. I start to feel it again. A mindblowing orgasm is building. Somehow she can tell.

“Fucking cum for me. Anywhere you want.” She tells me.

The words are the final nail in that coffin. I can feel her pussy squeeze my cock until it’s ready to blow. I pull out my massive dick, spin her around, force her down on her knees, and I let it go. After the first orgasm, I didn’t think I had anything left in me. I was wrong. I shoot rope after rope of hot cum at her. I cover her face, her tits, and fill her mouth. She loves every goddamn second of it. She moans in satisfaction as she takes the time to scoop it all up and swallow it all.

We decided to take a shower after that fuck fest. I couldn’t keep my damn hands off of her in there either. We fucked two more times that night. I fucked her in every way I ever dreamt about. It’s a damn good thing it was a Friday night, because that fuckfest wore us right out. We ended up sleeping in until almost noon before waking up and starting it all over again. But that’s a story for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32